The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke
The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke Chapter 33

Chapter 33:《Duke’s POV》Talking About Miltia 


“All things considered…. It’s so disconcerting to see you being so nice to a girl.”

What a terrible thing to say. Saying it like that makes me sound like a cold-hearted person usually. 

……… To be fair, when I was still trapped in that cursed form… I could agree I did act like that…  I’m easy to irritate and can be blunt at times but….

“…… What do you mean?”

“No, I mean you… When you were surrounded by the ladies and ended up on the receiving side of their relentless assault, you would just smile and swiftly avoid any of their advances… You hardly ever give them any chance.”

He called it ‘relentless assault’ but this man, as usual, still lacked delicacy. 

Although he usually could be seen as down-to-earth, during ceremonies and other formal events, he could don on his 『a crown prince with promising future』suit but in reality, Ars was really quick witted. You could even say he was very good at politics. 

“That’s… It’s because she’s my fiancée after all.”

“Yeah. So does that Cheater-chan, right? No, but, when it came to her… It felt more business-like you know like… Practical, like you’re interacting with her only at the bare minimum.”

“Is that so?”

I’m pretty sure I never acted impolitely though? I always maintain my manner when I act as her escort though? 

“That’s right. Ah, but, it’s not like you were acting discourteously or curtly, you know? You never acted out of the proper etiquette when you escorted her but…. But still.”


“I mean, I never heard you speak fondly about Cheater-chan even though I’m your best friend.”

Ars threw me a bitter smile while speaking in an exasperated tone. 

“But it’s not like I’m speaking fondly of Miltia either though.”

“Huh?! Then what’s with those explanations that literally sugar coated to the limit?! You weren’t speaking fondly of her, you said?!”

Ars exaggerated his expression of surprise. 

“I mean, those are facts though?”

“You told her to sit next to you. You kept on smiling happily at her. I can’t even count how many times you’ve held her hand or hugged her shoulder!”

“Huh? But it’s not like those are unnatural things to do with your fiancée, right? You always act like that with Sheila too, right?”

If I wasn’t mistaken, according to what Bhadra had told me about, all those actions were necessary to create an ‘intimate’ relationship. Based on Bhadra’s past interaction with Miltia, she was insensitive regarding other’s goodwill but at the same time, she never let her guard up against others either. He said if I didn’t constantly show a more intense ‘intimacy’ compared to  what I usually did with another lady, I’d be the one who would be in trouble when she was snatched by another man. 

It was not like I was feeling restless if I didn’t touch her. I was just merely following Bhadra’s advice…. Really. There was no way I’d feel restless.

“T-That’s true but! But, you never did those things with Cheater-chan though?!”

“Ahh… When you put it that way… I guess you’re right.”

At that time, I never imagined I’d be cursed and then… Got cheated on like that. Since our relationship was decided by both of our families, I thought the people around us would never let things like that slide. There was simply no need for me to appeal to her more than necessary. 

“At that time, it’s simply because there’s no need for me to do so.”

“….. I-I see…”

“Putting this matter aside, I have a more important matter to discuss with you.”

I spread the document that I had 『copied』on the table. As soon as his eyes laid on the moderately sized 『copy』of the documents, both his face and demeanor, which had been giving him a lenient atmosphere, immediately stiffened. 

“This is… The copy of Count Lyran’s family roster… Ah, could it be a case of forgery?”

“As I expected, you’re quick on the uptake.”


T/N: Ahhhh I love how ML is like “that’s fact tho?” so easily! 

ML be like

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