The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke
The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Okay, Open Wide!~ 


“Is that so… But, if I have to eat this delicious food all by myself, the deliciousness will be reduced by half. Now then Miltia, open your mouth.”


Then Maricle-sama quickly grabbed a spoon, scooped a spoonful of uni rice bowl and brought the spoon into my mouth. 

“U-Ummm… A-Ahhnn!”

When I was opening my mouth to speak, suddenly the spoon slipped in, bringing the sweet flavour of the sea within its wake. 

The thick, delicious golden goodness melted in my mouth. The shoyu didn’t only enhance the sweetness of the sea urchin and the okome but the shoyu also tightened the flavour together. 

“Fufu~ It’s delicious, isn’t it?”

As if Maricle-sama was trying to further enhance the sweetness of this spoonful of deliciousness, he smiled ever so gently. The soft smile blossomed on his face as he slightly inclined his head to the side, asking me how it tasted.

In response to his question, I only nodded my head with all my might while munching vigorously. 

Perhaps Maricle-sama finally felt relieved after seeing my self-explanatory response, he finally scooped a spoonful of uni rice bowl to himself while still keeping the same gentle smile on his face. 

“Ah, as I expected… Eating together with Miltia really brings a different level of flavour.”

Immediately, I could feel my head flushed hot, but it was clear to see the deliciousness of this uni rice bowl wasn’t the cause. There was simply too much compassion and kindness being shown on Maricle-sama’s face. This overload of expression and feelings, made me feel like my head was about to explode…! 

I had only taken one bite but something warm started to spread from my stomach up to my heart. I was overwhelmed with this warmth, it felt like I was this close from bursting apart. 

I’m so happy! I’m filled with joy but…! Why can’t I keep my head straight?! 

“Okay, Miltia. Open your mouth again. Here, open wide.”

“A-Ah… Mmnh!”

“Open wide again.”

“Hah- Ahnn…”

“Okay, another one.”

“W-wait… Mnnnh!”

“Ahh, did I go too fast? I’m sorry, I will be slower this time so you can take your time and savour the flavour, okay?”

S-So embarrassing!!! But it’s delicious!! I’m so happy! I’m not sad but tears are starting to well up in my eyes!! What should I do?! What do I do with these feelings?! 

“Man… All things considered, I never thought I’d see the legendary 『here, open wide』right in front of my eyes.”

Suddenly, I finally realised. Ars-sama had already finished his uni rice bowl and he had been staring at us with a mischievous smile on his face. 

“Maricle, do you know? Sharing a meal with your lover is a popular magic spell used by Suzuki San, the Great Sage from Japan.”

“Of course. Suzuki San’s biography is the foundation of classical literature.”

Just like a smooth ice sculpture, Maricle-sama calmly responded to Prince Ars’ teasing banter.

Seeing how Maricle-sama’s face didn’t even falter in the slightest, Prince Ars pouted a little. 

“….. I admire your boldness, Maricle. I really do.”

“Is that so? Putting Suzuki San’s classical literature aside, sharing a meal with someone important to you is very enjoyable, you know.”

Then a moment later, Prince Ars came out with another quip.

“Welllll…. But still, Miltia-chan is really cute, huh.”

He sat down beside Maricle-sama, encircled his robust, warrior’s arm around Maricle-sama’s neck and whispered into Maricle-sama’s ear. 

“…. Just now, after the spoon entered her mouth, she started to moan from it. Her low, labored voice was so erotic…”


Wai- Wait a moment?! I, I never let out any sounds like that though?!

Both me and Maricle-sama stood up abruptly, shocked at what Ars-sama had just said. While Ars-sama on the other side, he was still sitting down while flaunting his 100 watt silver coin smile.

“I think I want Miltia-chan to be my third wife. Ah, of course, my first wife would be Sheila and my second wife would be no one but… You, Maricle~”

Is it… Just my imagination? I think I could feel there’s turbulence in the air for a split second there. 

“Your Highness, even if you’re just playing around like usual, you need to choose the right time and place to joke around. Otherwise, no one could find any amusement from your playful joke.”



I immediately turned my head when I heard the voice of someone screaming. There, I saw the beautiful maid from before standing near the door with an imposing stance. 

“Your Highness, maybe you’re trying to highlight the fact that you’re joking around by slipping Maricle-sama’s name in between my name and Miltia-sama’s but you do know you’re only making it worse by using Maricle-sama’s name? Your Highness, your face is used as the face on the money, right? Those gossipmonger nobles… They’d ridicule you by saying things like『the homosexual two side of the coin』and such.”

The homosexual two side of the coin… Even for gossip, they’re really crossing the line. 


“Ahh, Sheila… Thank you for your hard work.”

“Huh?! Sheila…?! You mean, Sheila the Saint?!”

Wait, so the one who had been speaking about that crude stuff was the saint herself?! 

And then, the air suddenly shifted. The atmosphere turned menacingly, that even a dragon would piss themselves out of fear and anyone’s flaming ambitions would immediately extinguished. The hero smiled awkwardly at the beautiful girl… Or should I say, Sheila-sama. 

“My apologies, Miltia-sama…. I was waiting for you in the kitchen just in case something were to happen to His Highness. “

I heard that the saint’s magic power could nullify most curses and poisons. Moreover, this nullifying effect had an area of effect about 180cms around the saint herself… Her area of effect was roughly the same as Maricle-sama’s height… And this nullifying effect was like a passive skill that always present beneath her subconsciousness. 

“Even if Miltia-sama didn’t have any malicious intention toward His Highness, there’s still a possibility of someone evil taking advantage of Miltia-sama to harm His Highness… I truly apologise for not introducing myself properly.”

“N-No! Considering His Highness’ position, that line of thought is perfectly natural!!”

“Sheila, can I please entrust you to discipline this… Brute who has no delicacy whatsoever?”

“Why of course, Maricle-sama. I will discipline him thoroughly until he can’t stand up and his teeth won’t stop rattling.”

Sheila-sama put her thumb up and then with her thumb still poking out between her fist, she motioned the same hand to stab her navel. 

E-Ermm….That hand sign… It’s pretty… Pretty typical between people living in the shady part of the city… It’s like… That gesture is usually used by men who’s not… Well behaved to say the least? 

“N-No. That… You misunderstood, Sheila!”

“Please only sleep-talk while you sleep. Not when you’re wide awake. Good grief! Do you even know how many times you have caused trouble for Maricle-sama?! Your Highness… I won’t let you sleep tonight!!”

“Argh! P-Please be gentle!!”


The delicate and petite girl easily dragged the hero who had participated in various battles, Ars-sama, by the scruff of his neck. 

“Oh Miltia, don’t you know? That girl, Sheila, is the saint who fought alongside us against the demon king with her enormous strength.”

“…. The saint and her enormous strength…..”

It seemed the saint had a rare blessing called 【God of Strength’s Favour】. With her fist, she smashed the demon apart. With her pale leg, she kicked the curse into shatters. Her miraculous head-butt could even stop anyone’s heart…. People all over the country would sing praise to her, calling her The Martial Artist Saint.

“Do you remember what Ars said before? There are only a few people who can defeat him. Me with my magic and the other person is… Her.”

“I-Is that so…”

It was said the sound of Sheila-sama’s training and punishing Ars-sama could be heard throughout the whole castle all through the night. 


T/N: So basically Sheila is….

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