The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke
The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke Chapter 37

Chapter 37:《Count’s POV》Lady Sistana


“No! No! Absolutely not! Why do I have to eat such disgusting things like that?! Father! You just need to eat my part and yours then it will be fine, right?!”

“Sistana, you can’t break the curse that way….. Hiii!”

Swish! Swish!

No one knew whether the tentacles growing from this girl, Sistana’s,  back were squid’s legs or octopus’ legs but the tentacles would act violently according to Sistana’s emotions. 

“Then you should find a simpler method to break the curse! Isn’t that right? Besides, the one I love is Duke Lönnrot. Nador-sama is nothing compared to him…. That’s right! A gentle kiss from him will surely return me to normal! Dear father, let’s do that, shall we? Bring him to me?”

“No… Sistana, the curse won’t ever… In the first place, Duke Lönnrot is Miltia’s…. Whoa?!”


The mere mention of Miltia’s name was enough to make the tentacles go rampage. Count Lyran immediately clammed up. Cold sweat breaking on his back. 

“Oh my? There won’t be any problem. After all, my sister is a trash, a fool, a good-for-nothing gloomy girl that couldn’t even use any magic, right? She’s a stupid woman who can only say ‘yes’, ‘my apologies’ and nothing else.”

Her voice was filled with contempt toward her sister, Miltia. Even though Sistana was reduced to this state, she was still thinking she was still winning and far better than Miltia. Her mental fortitude was admirable in one way or another. 

But then, Sistana clutched her arms, which were fully covered in sludge, tightly before then she started to flail her jiggly arms frantically. And at the same time, her melodious voice changed. Her voice took a sharp turn, becoming more intense. 

“……… And yet!!! Despite that!! That impudent woman!!! She has the audacity to tear apart the loving relationship I had with Duke Lönnrot and even took him away from me!!! Dearest father, why would you be so cruel to side with that woman?!”

…….. Or so it was supposed to be in the girl’s mind. 

“Yes, that’s right. My poor Sistana… This is all that green-haired plague’s fault!!!”

“Mother! You also understand, right?! …. I’m sure big sister is jealous of me so she this 『curse』to manipulate Duke Lönnrot! Even though I’m the one Duke Lönnrot truly loves! Ah, my poor Lönnrot-sama… I need to hurry up and save you….”

Even though just a moment ago they said Miltia was a good-for-nothing who couldn’t use any magic, somehow now Miltia had the ability to curse someone. Curse was still a part of magic and this knowledge was supposed to be a basic magic knowledge and yet, they conveniently omitted this part from their head. 

While this selfish lump of grime and mucus were busy with her own monologue, Jubak watched this whole scene with great interest. 

“I expect nothing less from Madam Bavalein… You raise her wonderfully.”

This was not sarcasm since Jubak was associated with the Dark Order. It was rare to find someone so young and yet so twisted. 

He was able to find the owner of such a dark soul that would be perfect to be used as a medium for ritual type sorcery… Though Bavalein had done so unintentionally, this was still not an easy feat to accomplish. 

But still, he didn’t expect that Sistana herself would vehemently refuse to go through with the procedure required to break the curse. 

At first, Jubak thought that since she was cursed into this stinky and grotesque form, she’d be desperate and more than willing to go through any procedure to break free from this curse. He thought Madam Bavalein and Count Lyran were the one who kept on spoiling her, preventing her from going through with the procedure properly. 

“Well…. If you’re willing to go that far, there’s actually… Another way to undo the curse without going through with the actual『key to undo the curse』, an external method so to say…”


“What is it?!”

“If you know any other way then hurry up and tell us already!!”


T/N: And the curtain to another problem rises! (╯°□°)–︻╦╤─ – – –

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