The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke
The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke Chapter 43

Chapter 43:《Count’s POV》If You Curse Other People…. 




A loud, throaty growl, something that no one would expect from a young lady, could be heard coming from Sistana’s room as she went on rampage, breaking every furniture her eyes laid upon. 

From light objects…. Like books, vanity cases, all kinds of things were being thrown all over the place. Heavy objects were not spared from Sistana’s rampage either….. Tables and shelves were being hit by the tentacles growing from Sistana’s back. 

Sistana was furious. 

“H-Hiieeee…. F-Forgive me, forgive me….!”

“Oh God, please help me! God!”

“Have mercy…! Please have mercy!”

“Shit! Because that shitty woman left the house on her own now we…! Why do we have to….!”

In one corner of the room, the servants of the Lyran family were cowering and shaking. They were on the verge of tears. Some prayed to God, some pleaded for compassion from their lady. 

This situation looked like the picture of hell itself. 

According to Duke Lönnrot, Sistana wasn’t a very bright girl but that was not the case at all. This girl had her own expertise….. Which was ‘hunting down the weak’. 

This girl didn’t have the intelligence nor the ability to oppose someone in a higher position than her but she was incredibly good at destroying the dignity of the weak. She could easily drive people down to the abyss of despair and made them question their own self. 

In fact, not only Sistana was the one who killed the sorcerer but she was also the one who ordered for those two soldiers to be executed. After the gouged hearts were stuffed with the slimy secretion from her body, she then ordered for the hearts to be buried in farmland in Lönnrot dukedom…. These series of aberrant actions were being carried on by the lowly servants who were shivering on the corner of the room. 

Of course, they didn’t have any other choice but to follow Sistana’s order. After all, their families were being held hostage in the Lyran family’s dungeon and if that wasn’t enough to convince them, Sistana didn’t have any problem in the slightest in torturing the hostage right in front of these servants. 

Especially when Sistana was stuck in her cursed form, she could easily restrain them with the tentacles growing from her back. A gentle~ caress from her tentacles was plenty effective in convincing them.  

Even before Sistana got cursed, she had bullied a viscount daughter, a family of lower standing than her, until the girl didn’t dare to step foot into high society ever again. She had also erased a timid duke daughter who was not good at magic by secretly making a deal with a thug. . 

It was rumoured that after having her chastity taken by a thug, the duke daughter ended up joining the monastery since she had no hope for her future… But no one really knew the real truth. 

But… The case where the young girl who was harassed by Sistana ended up becoming a nun, that girl wasn’t the only example of Sistana’s cruelty. 

A lot of the servants who had served the Lyran family since the previous head’s generation did their best as a brake to prevent Sistana. But ever since the previous head chef retired, those who gave Sistana their honest opinion ended up being driven out of the house after Sistana nitpicks any fault she could extort from them. 

Up until now, her stepsister, Miltia, had become a sandbag for Sistana. All of the servants would also be able to have a somewhat peaceful life if they bullied Miltia just like Sistana and Bavalein. But after Miltia, who had become the dam of Sistana’s sadistic tendency left the house, naturally Sistana began to bare her fangs to another weak prey, which was the servants. It was after coming this far the servants finally realized the importance of Miltia, who they loathed like detestable abomination.

But.. They weren’t thinking of something along the line of… “We’re sorry for everything we’ve done.” Or…. “We were the stupid one.” No… They didn’t reflect on their actions at all. Instead they resented Miltia even more, thinking that everything that was happening to them was Miltia’s fault for leaving the Lyran family’s house. 

Of course, it was Sistana and Bavalein who steered them into thinking like that. 



In the first place, it was safe to say Sistana was in a good mood recently. After she followed the method Jubak explained and 『passed the curse』, the pus, grime and mucus those uncomfortable filth that had covered her whole body, decreased considerably. She was delighted to see her wise, kind and lovely figure was beginning to return. 

However, suddenly things took a 180 degree change. 

Just what the hell is happening?!

All of a sudden, from her mouth, her eyes, her mouth…. No, from anything that could be considered as orifice in her body, a fishy black sludge began to overflow. Those black sludge sizzled and burned her from the inside. With her face full of rage, she looked around the room, finding someone to put the blame on. 

Not only from the orifice that was exposed to the air like her mouth and nose, but from her butthole as well, a smoke-like steam began to roll up to the sky. 

“Yyyyyoooouuuuuu…… Sisterrrrrr….!! Cough! Cough!!!”

Why is this happening?! 

In Sistana’s mind, when she imagined what would happen when she transferred the curse, a miasma-like substance would be spreading into the ground from the buried hearts. The withering and wilting plants were like a faceless mob running left and right in panic. That ridiculous imagination was so hilarious and really satisfied Sistana’s superiority complex. 

And then.. After the farmland was completely annihilated, Sistana would then send a letter in the pretense of helping the troubled Duke Lönnrot…. Upon receiving a letter from Sistana, Duke Lönnrot would be more than delighted to come into Sistana’s waiting embrace… Or so she thought. 

Contrary to her imaginations, the actual reality was far from hilarious. All of a sudden, the fleeing farmers returned with white powder and then they started sprinkling those powder onto the withering farmland. 

In addition, that green-haired plague, Miltia, along with some old man started to sprinkle those white powder on top of the ground where the heart was buried. And then, the moment those white powder escaped from Miltia, who was smiling ever so happily, a burning pain assaulted Sistana, making her close her eyes from the pain. She then immediately knew. 

Those white powder contained powerful 『purification』magic power, powerful enough to return the curse back to her… 

The reversed curse brought intense pain and discomfort through her whole organs. But as her last silver lining, the sludge started overflowing out from Sistana’s body before it could take her life. 

She was spitting through her nose and mouth… And yet, the amount of sludge was too much for Sistana to handle. She started to bleed black sludge from her eyes. She trashed, flailed her body in every direction, desperate to take those black sludge out. The dead Jubak must be laughing from his grave as he saw this black creature, who used to be a beautiful young lady, writhing in pain on the floor. 

And of course, the lower part of her body, which was covered in underwear and dress, was in a catastrophic state. 

Suddenly, Sistana remembered… There was… Still two hearts left. 

“H-Hey, wait… WAIT A MOMENT!!!”

On the other hand, Miltia was having a pleasant conversation with the old farmer as they continued to sprinkle those white powder all over the farmland. 

Don’t tell me… I need to experience this excruciating pain… Two more times?!

Sistana shuddered at the thought and as if waiting for the perfect moment, she saw the figure of Miltia approaching one of the remaining hearts. 


But her scream never reached Miltia, who was in a far away place from her. 


T/N: Wow. Sistana is utter trash. I’m so glad karma is biting her back in the ass. 

  1. Haru Elias has spoken 1 year ago

    “Today the day was saved, thanks to Miltia and her super powerful clams”

  2. lens has spoken 1 year ago

    save the world with shellfish

  3. Karine has spoken 1 year ago

    Biting her in the ass… quite literally!

    I know it would be graphic, but I’d pay money to see Sistana crying and shitting filth produced by her own black heart.

    • luukia has spoken 1 year ago

      Hopefully we will get to see this scene on manga adaptation! Though the release rate of the manga is excruciatingly slow 😭


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