The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke
The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Helping with The Farmwork



“What’s wrong, Madam?”

“No, I’m just wondering… This part right here, what’s….?”

We had made a ‘limestone’ out of the shellfish we gathered from the ‘fish pond’ a few days ago and now we were in the middle of scattering those limestone powder onto the farmland when I heard some sizzling, burning sound coming from the ground. 

“Hmmm?~ This is…. I wonder what is this-pe?~”

Curious, Soncho-san dug the soil and what came out between the soil was some kind of rotting and smelly food scrap. Still, the stink was on another level entirely. In a farming village such as this, manure was made by fermenting feces and animal droppings such as cow dung, bird feces and human waste. This manure then would be processed into compost to fertilize the farm. But this thing right here, it smelled more terrible than the stench of manure? 

“Somehow, this thing gives me the creeps… Madam, let’s sprinkle a lot of limestone powder on it~”


Following Soncho-san’s suggestion, I covered the rotting food scrap with plenty of limestone powder. 

“My grandfather’s grandfather said when he was a kid, there was this amazing sage-sama that told him limestone has『disinfectant』 properties and highly effective to get rid of miasma-pe~”

“I see, so limestone is effective for that too.”

After we covered the food scrap with plenty of limestone powder, we heard a strange sound, something that sounded like someone’s scream before the food scrap gradually started shrinking. Before long, the rotting scrap shriveled up and became completely dry, like it could disappear at any second.

“Huh? Where did it go-pe?~”

“It becomes this crunchy, dried up worm-like.”

“Oh, well. I will let it rot with the other manure in the slurry pit then-pe~”

Soncho-san then dug up the dried-up scrap along with the dirt around it with a shovel and threw it into the slurry pit. 

“Let’s continue sprinkling the limestone powder to the rest of the field-pe~ Now Madam, if we don’t hurry up, the young master will come to pick you up for lunch-pe!~”

“M-My apologies, I can only help around in the morning…..”

Apparently, Maricle-sama’s work was very taxing and so in order to make sure he could hold out in this long drawn out battle, Maricle-sama decided to take a short break every now and then. Therefore, Maricle-sama would be going to the royal palace in the morning and returning to the mansion in the afternoon. As for today, Maricle-sama told me we’d be going shopping too.

“It’s fine~ Today is a hot day anyway so we’re going to take a break after lunch anyway~ We’ll continue working in the evening after the sun is not as hot-pe~”

As if trying to cheer me up, Soncho-san curled his charming face upward, making a friendly smile blossoming on his face. 

“Rather, the area where madam sprinkled the limestone powder, the plant in those area will turn green faster than any other area-pe~ As I thought, a noble is so amazing-pe~”

Right. These limestones… According to Bhadra-sama, the combination of the magic in Maricle-sama’s blessing along with the magic I poured unconsciously while making it, turned these limestones into ‘super limestones’. These super limestones worked as a very strong purifier and very rich in nutrients for the soil. 

Moreover, he also told me that the effect would be doubled if I, the creator, or Maricle-sama, scattered the powder onto the ground ourselves. Since I had a somewhat flexible freetime, I  came to the farmland in order to lend them a hand. 

Although I said I wanted to help on the farm, I wasn’t doing anything strenuous at all. I just grabbed a bucket of limestone powder and scattered them on the farm as I walked. Rather, the oji-sama and oba-sama here were doing all the hard work since they still had to plow the land after we finished scattering the limestone power. 

…..And to top it all off, even the children who were younger than me were excitedly plowing the land with a hoe. 

I need to finish scattering the farm with limestone powder quickly!

After we finished with this field, Soncho-san then guided me to the next field. 


T/N: I love how unbothered Soncho and Miltia here when they see the rotting HUMAN’S HEART. (T▽T) Well granted I doubt the heart still look like a heart. 

  1. Sisca has spoken 2 years ago

    Well, based on the description, they don’t even look like human heart anymore by that point so….

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    Ignorant is a fricking bliss. XD


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