The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke
The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke Chapter 48

Chapter 48: The Ugly Duckling….? 


“I-I’m so sorry, Maricle-sama!!”

When I found out the other ‘night rose’ that Maricle-sama recommended to me was one of the best quality products in the 10% ratio, I felt immensely guilty. I could feel the tell-tale of unshed tears welling up in my eyes. 

“I don’t mind in the slightest… But, why did you choose this gemstone?”

Even to the untrained eyes, this gemstone had a very low transparency. The “second-rate” gemstones Gina-san had prepared were either 「the colour was slightly paler for this type of gemstone where the deeper the better」or 「a little smaller for this type of gemstone」… The difference between “second-rate” and “first-rate” was very slight. Especially since things like size and colour depended on someone’s preference. 

Even if 『deep blood red』was more valuable, some people still prefer『bright red』gemstone. Similarly, people sometimes didn’t like oversized gemstones in their jewellery because it might be too heavy to wear. 

Therefore, even though the gemstones were rated as “second-rate”, it wasn’t like the gemstone was of poor quality, it was just a matter of rarity and price. 

But… My choice was simply a big flunk. The difference between this “third-rate” gemstone and the other was so vast, it was like choosing a pebble out of an array of beautiful gemstones. 

“….. I’m sorry… It’s just… I feel some sort of connection with this stone… I heard that 『night rose』can become a top notch gemstone if constantly purified so… I feel like this stone is feeling… Sad…. That they end up becoming this muddy so… I want to… Make this stone beautiful again….”

“Fufufu~ Miltia-sama, please keep one thing in mind. In our store, Yuzcha & Vettera, we only accept a gemstone that has been officially purified by the saint.”

Gina-san explained about how her store chooses their products with a look that reminded me of someone reprimanding a small child. 

However, even though all of the gemstones had been purified by the saint beforehand, in some extremely rare cases, there were gemstones like this muddy night rose. This night rose had absorbed so many impurities that the saint couldn’t completely purify it. Gemstones like this ended up in their murky state until the end of time since no matter what they did, they just couldn’t purify it. 

“….I-Is that so….”

Well of course. 

This stone was located in a prime location in the royal capital. Of course they had taken extra consideration when purchasing gemstones for their stock. 

Which meant… Maricle-sama had suffered a great loss in this case… 

Uuuh… Even if I’m feeling sorry, I don’t have any money to pay for Maricle-sama’s loss…  Maybe I could earn some money if I open a food stall and sell the seafood from the fish pond? 

“Miltia, no need to feel discouraged at all. As someone who’s saved by your kindness… I know that this feeling of yours is very precious indeed.”

Maricle-sama said and as if trying to comfort me, he also put his hand on the murky night stone I had been holding on. Suddenly…


A bright, blinding light appeared from the stone before the light slowly turned into pale, blue light. As the light subsided, so did the murkiness in the stone. Before our very own eyes, the murky gemstone had transformed into a clear, deep blue gemstone. 

It was as if… A small ocean had been born inside this stone… 


T/N: Miltia really has the tendency to pick the ugly duckling and transform them into beautiful swans! We stan positive queen! ⸜(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )⸝

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