The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke
The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke Chapter 49

Chapter 49: The Ring Finger with The Strongest Economic Power 


“??!! T-This… Don’t tell me… This is a trinity rose?!”

Trinity rose was a very rare gemstone that changes colour depending on the day. Green from morning to noon, blue at noon and pink at night. It was said there were only a few of them in this world. 

“Lo-Lord Lönnrot?! Miltia-sama?! You won’t even find a trinity rose this big in the royal palace! W-What kind of magic did you use?!”

“I-I… Didn’t do anything….”

I, who couldn’t even use magic in the slightest, shook my head with all my might. And so, both me and Gina-san shifted our gaze to Maricle-sama. 

“Don’t tell me… Purification? No, but… Even though I have a high amount of magic power, I’m just a magician. I shouldn’t be able to use any purification magic…..?”

“Lo-Lord Lönnrot!! I-I-I think we still have two or three muddy night roses in stock!! P-Please wait here for a moment!!!”

The proprietress, who looked like she rarely ever lost her composure, her face was now turning red and she immediately went back into the store and returned to the room as quick with three gemstones in her hand. 

But… When Maricle-sama touched those three muddy gemstones, nothing happened. 

“W-What is the meaning of this?!”

“May I please have a moment? Miltia, can you please hold onto this for me?”

Compared to the first trinity rose, these night roses were smaller but their murky appearance was similar to the first one. And of course, when I held these stones, I didn’t see any change in them. 

“How is it? Don’t you want these stones to become as beautiful as the trinity rose from before?”

“Eh? E-Erm….?”

I don’t really understand but…. When I think of wanting to see these stones looking all pretty and shiny… Somehow I have a feeling that, if it’s Maricle-sama, then he’ll be able to do something about it. 

“Y-Yes. If Maricle-sama can then please…”

Hearing my affirmation, Maricle-sama slowly nodded his head before he touched the stones still resting on my palm. 

Then all of a sudden, the room was filled with similar blinding, pale-blue light. The murky gemstones on my hand also suddenly changed, they had a similar deep ocean blue colour like the first trinity rose. 

“!!! Th-Three legendary trinity rose!!!!”

Maricle-sama stayed silent, he seemed like he was pondering about something before he suddenly smiled triumphantly. 

“Gina… This bout… I think I’m the one who’s winning our bout this time.”

Maricle-sama said. 

……….. In the end this trinity rose… Even between the “best of the best” category, of course this trinity stone stood on the top most valuable gemstone in that category.  Which meant, for the purchase of a mere “first quality” gemstone, Maricle-sama was able to get the most superior gemstone in this store. 

Out of all four trinity roses Maricle-sama had purified, the first trinity rose I had chosen was the largest and had the most distinct colour change, making it the most expensive one between all four trinity roses. 

Gina-san should’ve suffered a great loss in the first place since she didn’t have any other choice but to dispose of these murky stones since they wouldn’t even cut it to be in the “third rate” category. But in the end, it turned out these three stones stood up and became the “best of the best” gemstones.

Moreover, unlike ‘night rose’, these evolved versions, ‘trinity rose’, had the ability to release ‘purification’ power instead of absorbing impurities. Trinity rose was much more valuable than night rose because the gemstone would retain its brilliance and didn’t need to be constantly purified. 

So although I technically had lost the match, I still ended up reaping a big harvest since I got additional three gemstones as a bonus…  The store would make a necklace or a hair ornament by using these three small trinity roses and send it to the mansion later. 

As for the first trinity rose… The gemstone was now sitting snugly on my right ring finger as my engagement ring. 

Maricle-sama also said.

“I got a good deal for them so please don’t worry about it. Rather, they’re very effective as a protective charm so you must absolutely keep them on you at all times.”

When I heard this ring on my right ring finger was enough to buy a small castle… I immediately shuddered. 

This… Rather than as a ‘protective charm’, isn’t it more effective as an ‘economy protection charm’ …….. ?! 


T/N: Once again our Miltia slam that uno reverse button 

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  1. Sisca has spoken 1 year ago

    Hmm, seems like Miltia actually have a strong saint-like holy power to me, but because she believed in Maricle it became dependant on his presence like how Mob did it to Reigen in that one episode (Mob 100)


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