The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke
The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke Chapter 50

Chapter 50:《Bhadra’s POV》Magic and The Power of Mind


“….. Which brought us here now.”

I kept on nodding slightly as I listened to the young master’s story.

“Hee~ Making three night roses, that were not even a third-rate jewel, into a trinity rose….”

“Thanks to her, we were able to seal a great deal.”

Young master said that with a wry smile. Somehow I could already imagine Eugina-dono coming with mountains of third-rate night roses, requesting our house to purify them for her store, Yuzcha & Vettera. 

Well, that girl has a keen sense of business after all. I’m sure she’s already on her way to order more night roses. 

“But Bhadra, what do you think of this?”

“First, I’m certain that ‘purification’ power belongs to Miltia-sama.”

“As I expected, you also came to the same conclusion as me.”

WIth all due respect…. Our young master had no talent for purification magic at all. Rather than a power to ‘purify’, our young master were more adept at 「blowing away all the filth」or 「annihilate the filth away」or 「sealing the filth with space-time magic」and other more… destructive stuff. 

“But still… Why… Do I need to touch it first…?”

“Ah… I think that’s because….”

To put it bluntly, it was all because of the power of Miltia’s mind.

In reality, if she wanted to ‘purify’ it herself, she should be able to do it since she had the ability for it in the first place but… At the same time, because she had been through hell when she lived in her parents’ house, she now came to strongly believe that『she couldn’t use magic at all』. This mindset had been instilled in her mind for so long and she truly believed in that. 

That girl, ever since she came here, has often said things like 「I can’t use any magic」or「I haven’t received any education regarding that」… She had a pretty deep inferiority complex. Well, all of the nobles in this country could use magic after all. It was safe to say that being a noble meant you were someone who could use magic so it was no wonder she felt inferior for not being able to use magic even though she was the daughter of a count. 

But in reality… The 『sealing operation』on her magic was already quite broken and tattered. In fact, quite a number of miraculous things had been happening around her.

For example, trapping cold, winter air in a box with cold stone. That kind of thing was simply not possible for a human who couldn’t use magic. And then the thing with her『fish pond』. That fish pond of her was wrapped with layers of advanced space magic.  

As for the 『cold box』thing, she might not realize it was actually only possible through magic because the former head chef, who practically became a parent figure for her, taught her how to do it. And as for the『fish pond』and other miraculous things, she easily accepted it all with stride because she truly believed all of the miracles happened because of our young master’s power. 

The same thing could be said about this gemstone. She truly believed 『all kind of miracles are possible if Maricle-sama touches it.』

Those faith instilled in Miltia’s mind must’ve awakened some of her powers, which was the power of 『purification』.

“I see…”

“My, she really put her faith in you, young master.”

“Y-You’re right….”

Even though you tried to avert your gaze from me by pretending to fix your glasses, I knew you were actually pretty happy about it, weren’t you, young master? I dare say, if the young master had a tail, his tail must be wagging left and right excitedly right now. 

“Young master, if Eugina-dono sent a request for purifying third-rate night roses then we should accept her request as much as possible.”

“….. I don’t mind but… Our house is not financially troubled to that extent, right?”

The job of purifying gemstones was a perfect job for the daughter of the marquis family and below to earn a little extra pocket money. There was no danger and… Most of the time one purified gems could fetch a pretty high price. Although it required a large amount of magic power, there was almost no physical burden and also, the purified gems were nice to look at. 

“It’s not because of that, young master. It’s because I think purifying gems would be perfect as a magic practice for Miltia-sama.”

Purification ability wouldn’t pose any trouble anyway if she continued to practice it. I’d say it was only a matter of time for her to be able to use her purification magic without relying on our young master. 

Since she was able to break free from the 『sealing operation』on her own then passing the examination to be officially recognized as a saint would be easy for her. 

Though the chances were slim, it might be possible for her to receive the title of a ‘great saint’ or even ‘angel’ with that level of magic power she held. Then even if her parents’ house ended up getting tangled up in disaster, she could sever her connection from her family and then register herself as an individual in the「saint’s roster」. With that, there wouldn’t be anyone voicing complaints if she were to become our young master’s legal wife. Her background would be flawless. 

Besides, I heard recently the curses affecting the farmland in our territory were thoroughly purified by limestone powder made from the leftover shell of shellfish. After hearing our young master’s story, I then went to look for the remains of the curse. From the traces, I found out there was someone using an ‘external method’ to curse the farmland. The ‘external method’ was done pretty poorly too. 

Most probably, Miltia-sama ended up completely purifying the curse or returning the curse back through the limestone powder she made…. The curse was pulverized so thoroughly that I couldn’t even follow the trace to find out who was the one behind it.  

“Well first thing first, you need to be very attentive. You need to be thorough and steady. Instill the basics so deeply into her until she becomes completely soaked with it.”

I unconsciously spoke with suspicious innuendos. 

“Yes. I understand. That’s right… It’d be better if I slowly and thoroughly teach her all the basics of magic.”

When I saw the young master nodded his head, agreeing to my suggestion without any changes in his serious expression…. One concern arose in my mind. 


The two of them…. They…. They know how to ‘make’ a heir…. Right? They should’ve known…. Right?


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    i think bhadra’s worry is very true

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      “No, young master! Don’t be that much pure!…”


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