The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke
The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke Chapter 51

Chapter 51:《Bhadra’s POV》Young Master’s Adult Education 


First off, I confirmed with the young master himself whether he had any knowledge about it and… Well… He knew. He knew the bare minimum knowledge so… At least our family would be spared from ‘white marriage’. 

T-Thank god….Young master… Please stop replying to me so seriously when I throw some dirty jokes at you…. This is really bad for my heart….

Thankfully, the late master had done a great job educating you about ‘that’….

However, even if he had the basic knowledge and technically knew how to do it, he wasn’t educated in the『foreplay』. Back when I was young, between high-ranking nobles, it was common practice for the husband to lose their virginity prior to their first night so they could completely pleasure their wife who was still a virgin. 

In order to learn how to pleasure a woman, usually the husband would learn it directly through having an intercourse with an older woman who had given birth before and practiced their skill hands on but… Of course this method had brought forth various problems and had been stopped in the previous generation’s era. 

In return, there were three most commonly practiced methods now. 

First one, the couple would learn it by observing a married couple joining their bodies together. Of course, the married couple had to be someone the couple was cordial with. 

Second one, the couple would directly invite an instructor who would then give them real-time advice as they joined their bodies together for the first time. 

And the last one… The husband would practice beforehand with a ‘doll’ that was built to resemble an actual female’s body. The husband would use that ‘doll’ to practice the proper technique and various things to please his future wife. 

All methods had their own merits and demerits. It was pretty hard to find the most suitable method for each couple. 

“Huh? Do I need to do that?”

Young master wrinkled his eyebrows together, the look of clear disgust was evident in his face. I could feel him sending a chilling gaze to me. 

“Of course!!! Young master, you’re the one who will ‘release’ the ‘emission’ so you could get by just by having basic knowledge but Miltia-sama would be the one who had to ‘receive’ and literally having her internal organs gouged out in the process, you know?!”

“…. Is that so?”

When I retorted back and pointed out the problem to him, he finally realized we had a problem. 

“Young master, what would you do if someone were to suddenly lick your eyes?”

“…… I’ll cut their tongue off. Why did you ask that?”

“Right?! Now imagine having your internal organs accessed by somebody else! Can you even imagine how shocking it would be?!”

Hearing that, the young master flinched back. His expression was aghast. 

“If you don’t know a woman’s body well, didn’t do any foreplay, didn’t lay out the groundwork first so she could properly accept you, then in the worst case,  you might break her!!”

The thing I had just said was not an exaggeration. 

There were several cases with laughable problems like this…. A young girl brought up secludedly, protected by her family. On her first night, the husband went straight for the action without even getting her used to physical intimacy first. The young girl then immediately ran back to her parents’ house and called the wedding off. 

The ‘bare minimum knowledge’ our young master had were at the same level as the husband who 『went straight for the action without doing any foreplay with his wife first』.

“In the hometown of the Great Sage, Suzuki San, it was said that in order to get their wife used to physical intimacy, it’s better to attack the peripheral area as slowly as possible! There’s even an anecdote in Suzuki San hometown about a gentleman who ‘licked the wall’ first! Young master, even someone like you must’ve heard about the ‘wall licking’ story, right?!”

“Yes. Certainly I’ve heard about it before….”

Young master then began to ponder to himself. From looking at his expression, I knew he would never want to hurt Miltia-sama whether consciously or unconsciously. 

“The first and the second method most likely will make Miltia feel so embarrassed she’d feel like dying so I guess the third method would be our safest option….?”

“Yes, I agree. If the third method doesn’t work then we’ll need to have further discussion with Miltia-sama before we choose which method we should try next. Well, if we choose the doll method, I could give you some guidance and we will be able to have more chances to prepare before the actual wedding.”

“Yes, I understand…. Then, as for the doll… Bhadra, If you make the doll’s face to resemble Miltia or any other person’s face, I will hit you in the face, okay?”

“Fret not, young master. The law said that for a doll used as a teaching material for this kind of purposes, the doll’s face is either empty or resembles the person who’s practicing it himself. So it’s either the young master’s face or none at all.”

This law was made because of a certain case in the past. There was a family who went into great turmoil after a large number of dolls with the face of the mistress had been found in the house. There were some cases where the head of the family ended up developing a peculiar… Taste. The head of the family became obsessed with the dolls and became unable to love anyone else. 

“….. Somehow, when I hear about that kind of story, it really makes me feel the depth of human’s sin….”

“Young master, as a noble,  you are really fortunate to be able to marry out of love. Man, now that I think about it, it’s really fortunate that you ended up getting cursed. Right? Dear Cursed Duke-dono.”

Hearing me teasing him so freely like this, the young master lightly knocked my head with his book. 


T/N: So basically…

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