The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke
The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Long Time No See 


“Anyway, let’s hurry up.”


As we entered the lobby, I saw some familiar faces. 


“This pest!!”

“Because of you, this mansion is in ruin!! This bitch!!”

Sistana’s maid all grabbed and shouted at me. 

“Huh?! I- Wait- Ah….!”

Their eyes were bloodshot and they all swarmed me as they tried to rip my clothes apart with such strength that I couldn’t believe it would come from a woman like them. I was wearing work clothes given by Maricle-sama and these clothes wouldn’t tear no matter how hard a woman tried to but since the maid was coming after me in a strangely terrifying manner, I became unable to move. I just stood there, frozen as the maid tried to rip my clothes with their bare hands. 

“Hey!! Stop it!! I need to bring this girl to Sistana-ojousama!! I was ordered by Sistana-ojousama herself!!!”

Hyatoi-san pried these three maids away from me with all of his might. 


Losing their balance, all three of them fell onto the floor. 

“Come on! Quick! Over here!!”


Piiiiiip!! Piiiiip!

The sound of a whistle was echoing inside this mansion from behind us. 

“Ugh! Come out!!! Come here!!! That witch!!! Catch the whore who cursed the count’s family!!!”

I could hear one of the maids screaming with her shrill voice. 

But… There’s no way I’m able to curse anyone in the first place!

However, perhaps because of the sound of the whistle, I could hear a flurry of footsteps coming from all directions in the mansion. 

Just, what did I do?! What is happening?

Together with Hyatoi-san, I ran as fast as I could toward Sistana’s room. 

Oh, Sistana’s room should be over there but… For some reason the walls were torn and the room was covered with a black curtain. 

“Sistana-ojousama!!! I’ve brought Miltia-sama!! That’s why please, please return Kiddie back to me!!”

Without any hesitation, Hyatoi-san kept running toward the black curtain and so, I also continued to run, following in his footsteps. 

“…….. My! My! Oh my!! You’re just a trash but it turns out you can do your job well. Excellent~”

In front of me, I saw a lump of black tentacle, the mass was so great it looked like a mountain. 

“…. Umm? Huh?”

What… Is that….?


Could this be… My stepsister, Sistana, who was praised as one of the most beautiful girls in this kingdom?

No. Can you… Please wait a moment? 

Her voice did change but… It was still recognizable but what confused me the most was…

When I first saw her, instead of ‘who’, it made me thinking ‘what’ instead. 

To be fair, Hyatoi-san did say Sistana was transforming into a monster but… Let alone looking like a blond angel, she didn’t even resemble a human being. 

In between a mountain of black, slimy substance, I could see a human’s face stuck there with countless black tentacles growing forth from it. That thing… It was my stepsister, Sistana. 


T/N: Miltia during this whole chapter

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