The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke
The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Miltia’s Fght 1


“You’re so cruel, my dearest sister! Why did you tear me and Duke Lönnrot apart?! We are in love with each ot-”

Without even waiting for Sistana to finish her words, I immediately grabbed a handful of the limestone powder I had brought with me and threw it toward the black mass as hard as I could. 


A strong stench burst forward, the sludge was boiling and gargling. White puff of smoke began to sizzle from it.


“A-Are you alright, Sistana….? I-I, have this limestone powder with me! If I throw this limestone powder to that black… Thing… They will disappear! So please hold on for a little longer!”

If this black sludge was sticking to Sistana’s clothes and accessories like it did with Hyatoi-san’s coat, then if I throw limestone powder at it, I could bring Sistana back to her pretty form. 

But… When I threw some of the limestone powder at…. Sistana(?), she began to writhe so loudly as if she was in pain. 

Huh???? W-What should I do…? M-Maybe I didn’t throw enough limestone powder?


Panicked, I kept on throwing a handful of limestone powder at that black mass. I had used up most of my limestone powder but this was not the time to be stingy. 



Ah! But the black sludge is decreasing considerably! I knew it. This limestone powder is super effective at cleansing filth.

But the filth stuck to Sistana(?) became even more active? Especially the tentacles. The tentacles kept on squirming, wriggling violently, hitting the wall and the ceiling. Those black sludge became even more aggressive. Because of the Sistana’s (?)  violent thrashing, all of the furniture and the cosmetics she loved so dearly broke apart. The broken pieces were scattering all over the room. 


In the midst of the tentacle’s rampage, I saw something that resembled a prison key.


The moment Hyatoi-san saw the key, he immediately jumped forward, avoiding the tentacles and the black mass by a hair’s breadth away. He successfully grabbed the prison key and ran toward Sistana’s (?) back, unlocking the door to a newly made prison I had never seen before. 



From the prison, I saw a limp girl running desperately to Hyatoi-san. Hyatoi-san then immediately brought the girl into his embrace. The two of them hugged each other real tight. A father finally reunited with his daughter. This scene would definitely move anyone’s heart. 

At the same time, the other people who had been trapped inside that prison, also ran away frantically. 




All of the escaping prisoners shouted their thanks to me in unison and called for the name of their loved ones. Meanwhile, Sistana(?), who was still writhing in agony, it looked like she had shrunk. Instead of looking like a towering mass of black lump, she was at least the size of a normal girl now. 

Yes! She’s looking so much better already!! Look! You can clearly see her head! And… Hands! I can see her hands!! And another hand!! Oh, there! That must be the lower half of her body! And her legs! And another leg! And another… Leg… And… More legs… More…. Legs…. Umm….? Oh well! At least she’s now the size of a normal girl!

But she was still spasming and twitching… Maybe she needed more limestone powder….? But I had already used up most of my limestone powder. I only had a small handful left. 

“Aaah, Miltia-sama, thank you very much!! Kiddie too, she’s more or less safe now.. Come now Kiddie, say thank you to this kind onee-chan.”

With his face smeared in tears of joy, Hyatoi-san was holding a small girl in his arms.

“…. Thank you.”

But half of this smiling girl’s face was… Covered in dark brown scar. As if she had been splashed by sulphuric acid. Upon closer look, I could see similar scars covering parts of her body. 

“These scars….”

“Ah, this is what happens when you get touched by those tentacles covering Sistana-ojousama….”

“Oh no….” 

For a young girl like her… To bear these scars for the rest of her life…! It was simply too pitiful! Surely Maricle-sama or Sheila-sama could heal her in an instant. 

I gripped the last remaining limestone powder I had. 

Huh? Wait a moment… This limestone powder… They’re imbued with Maricle-sama’s magic power.. Maybe they can at least work as a first-aid for Kiddie?


T/N: Miltia this whole chapter

  1. Haru Elias has spoken 12 months ago

    Miltia throwing limestone in Sistana

  2. Sisca has spoken 1 year ago

    That’s a lot of limbs there Sistana have.

  3. Alex Speckman has spoken 2 years ago

    I lol’ed at Miltia just immediately drowning Sistana in powder when she clearly was about to go into a villain monologue. No worry/concern, just throwing more limestone on it.

    • Haru Elias has spoken 12 months ago

      I laughed a lot at that part too kkkkkkkk Miltia kills me


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