The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke
The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke Chapter 59

Chapter 59: Miltia’s Fight 2


“Kiddie-chan, excuse me for a moment, okay?”

I opened my clenched hand, about to put some limestone powder on Kiddie-chan’s wound when a bright light overflowed from my palm. Upon closer look, the limestone powder, which was supposed to be white, was now glowing with rainbow coloured light and the powder itself turned pink. 


“This is… A pearl?!”

Huh? But the thing I brought is limestone powder though?? 

But true to Hyatoi-san’s words, there was one big pink baroque pearl on my palm.

“Whoa~ So pretty!”

Kiddie-chan unconsciously outstretched her fingers toward the pearl and the moment her fingertip touched the pearl, the dark red scars on her fingers disappeared before our very own eyes. 

I didn’t really understand what sort of miracle was at work right now but apparently when I brought this pearl close, the wound would disappear. 

“Okay Kiddie-chan. I will give this to you, okay? You just need to bring the pearl close to the place that feels painful, okay?”

“… This… I can have this? Thanks~ Onee-chan.”


Just as I was about to say,”It’s not a big deal.” to them, suddenly a cry of a beast came roaring from behind me. 

“Dearest sisterrrrrr…. Haaahhh… Haahh…. How dare… How dare you do this to me….”


Sistana’s (?) neck and joints were bent in a strange direction, making her look like a creepy human being but despite that, she was still slowly crawling toward me. When I saw her upcoming figure… This thing before me… I couldn’t even call it a human anymore. It was a pure, genuine monster. 


“Hyatoi-san, please run away!!”

I shouted at them and they both ran away, going for the door covered by the black curtain behind Sistana(?). Apparently, Sistana(?) was only aiming for me. Hyatoi-san took advantage of this opportunity and ran away together with Kiddie-chan. When they finally reached toward the other side of the curtain, I let out a small breath of relief. 

Apparently, this new Sistana(?) who had multiple legs and joints bent in a weird angle, was not  nimble. 

With her gaze filled with hatred, Sistana(?) approached me, accompanied by the wet squelching sound of the remaining black sludge. If I just stood here and let her come to me, I should be able to buy enough time for Hyatoi-san to run away to safety. 

But Sistana’s(?) voice, which had been coarse, rough and raspy, had now returned back to her usual bell-like voice…. The very same voice that she always used to condemn me. 

“Dearest sister… You had deceived Duke Lönnrot, who was supposed to be in love with me… Because you are jealous of my beauty and my impeccable ability at using healing magic, you took him away from me….”


???? Wasn’t Sistana the one who said “I will never ever marry that monstrous duke”….. ? 

“….. That’s why you abused me with those cursed white powder of yours….!!!”

“N-No! You’re wrong!! This limestone pow-”

“Whatever!! It won’t change anything!! This bitch!!”



Suddenly something big and hard hit my whole body from behind, making me fall toward where Sistana(?) was standing at. 

Just what is….? ….!!!

Suddenly the back of my head was repeatedly hit by something. My field of vision kept on shaking, I couldn’t even stand up. 

But… As I was laying flat on the floor, my eyes caught a sight of something. Covered in the same black sludge as Sistana, my step-mother was hitting me with a wooden club, held by one of the tentacles growing behind her back. 


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  1. Karine has spoken 1 year ago

    And where is the Slowest ML On The Face of the Earth?!?

    • Sisca has spoken 1 year ago

      He can’t be said as slow when he was notified very late.
      This MC is way more slow.


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