The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke
The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Miltia’s Fight 3


“If only you weren’t alive!!”

Screaming, my stepmother was about to hit me with one of her tentacles when…



But, my stepmother’s tentacles flew back before it could reach me. 


Suddenly, the ring with the strongest economical power on my ring finger began to emit a pale, translucent blue light. 

“Ugh! …. How vexing!!”

Apparently, thanks to this ring, both my stepmother and Sistana(?) couldn’t touch me directly.

 That being the case, although I’m feeling slightly light headed, I think it’s not impossible for me to be able to escape from this place. 

With that thought in mind, I tried to regain my breath. 



“KYAHAHAHA!! For some reason, I can’t touch you directly but… I can still hit you with the help of some tools. Oh my dearest sister….”

From between my blurred field of vision, I saw Sistana and my stepmother swinging the chairs intended for guests around. Sistana was using her extra legs while my stepmother was using the tentacles growing from her back.

Uugh…. I-It hurts….

Apparently, I had been hit by the very same chair they were holding on. 

“OH… HOHOHOHO!! I was wondering what we should do since we couldn’t touch you directly when suddenly…. A BRIGHT IDEA CAME TO MY MIND!!”



They kept on hitting my body with a log. The impact was so forceful that I ended up flying toward the wall. 

“Uh-… Ugh….”

My whole body was screaming in pain. My clothes were torn. Even though this was the clothes that Maricle-sama had given to me…. Because of the repeated hits I received, this clothes was now in tatters…



A strange metallic sound rang through my ears. 



Aftering being thrown here and there from the impact of getting hit by the log…. Apparently I ended up in the prison cell where they had held Kiddie-chan and the others captive. The one making those strange metallic sounds was actually Sistana (?). Sistana(?) tried to slip her leg in between the crevice of the prison cell’s bar and ended up creating a flurry of metal sounds in the process. 

“…. Tch! If I try to get in any deeper, I’m the one who will get hurt….”

“What a cruel woman! She even dares to harm her sweet, frail little sister! Humph! She’s really the daughter of that witch!!”

“That’s right. I have a great idea. Dearest sister, you can just be the plaything of a filthy peasant! Why yes, of course. A seedy-looking trash like you… There’s no way someone would want to lay with you! …. That’s right! These things are perfect for you!”

Another weird sound could be heard. Apparently Sistana(?) was detaching(?) one of her extra legs. The detached leg began to squirm, as if it was alive. 

“I’m sure Duke Lönnrot wouldn’t want a woman whose chastity is snatched by a monster, right? That is why, I’ll be the duchess in my dearest sister’s stead!!!”

“Oh my! What a splendid idea!!”

It was at this time that I first learned that a human wouldn’t be able to speak, let alone scream when they were in a great state of shock.


T/N: Miltiaaaa 。・゚’(*/益\*) ‘゚・。 I really want to jump into the novel and put them down myself!!

  1. Haru Elias has spoken 11 months ago

    Miltia was also stupid, right? I should have asked for help

  2. Karine has spoken 1 year ago

    Ok, when did rthis story reach *tentacle sex*?!?

    Don’t even want to know where Sistana went to get such ideas…


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