The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke
The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke Chapter 6

Chapter 6: 《Duke’s POV》Meeting Miltia for the First Time


An absolutely odd woman had come.

While it was true that in between all of the fiancée I’ve encountered… There had been some strong-willed individuals who pretended to be unfazed when they saw my appearance, all of them wouldn’t be able to stand being touched directly by my 『curse』. Once my 『curse』touched their bare skin, their face would turned pale just as I had expected… And then a short while later, they’d ask for the engagement to be abolished. 

This was the first time I’ve ever faced a tough opponent that didn’t even falter after I plucked the 『curse』out of my body and plastered the still wriggling 『curse』onto her. 

In the first place, I had given up the notion of getting married the day I received this curse. The curse was so strong that even the 『saint』, who was in the same hero’s party as me, had given up. 

Of course my first fiancée, who was engaged to me before this curse even existed, the moment she saw my appearance, she quickly lost her mind and then asked for our engagement to be called off. 

It couldn’t be helped, she had been living a pretty secluded life after all. In fact, I actually felt sorry for her….I thought that I had to treat her family with utmost respect but then not long after that, I found out she had been married off to some other count family. 

When I found out about her marriage, I felt like cursing her family for not coming for at least a better excuse than telling us that she had gone mad.

However, not long after that, even though I hadn’t done anything to her or to her family at all, somehow her family went into financial ruin, promptly bringing her family into ruin. In the end, I was left with the label of a ‘ruthless and inhumane man who cursed and destroyed the family of his ex-fiancée who had betrayed his engagement first’. 

Nevertheless, my loyal subordinates never gave up the hope of me getting married. They said things like,”we couldn’t bear to see the family line to perish!” and went on sending marriage proposals to lower-ranked marquis families and count families. When I heard about those marriage proposals, I immediately yelled at them. 

However, with the name of a『duchal household』along with the family’s assets and the high magic talent potential running in my blood…. It seemed all those things gave me the power of attracting greedy vultures despite my grotesque appearance. 

After that, I had long since lost count of the number of noblewomen coming to become my fiancée. Most of them either cried and begged for forgiveness or tried to run away frantically the moment they saw me… While a few of them became paralyzed by fear. I admit it myself that those kinds of reactions were actually normal.

And yet, what is this?

Unconsciously, I glared at the girl who was waiting for me. 

“What is the meaning of this?”

The wrinkles etched between my eyebrows deepened as I took a glance at the array of foods lining up before me. 

“Yes. In accordance with what you’ve said to me before, I’ve cooked the 『curse』that gushed forth from your skin.”

“You cooked… The curse…”

This level of strangeness was… No, her existence herself was in a different class than an ordinary ‘strangeness’.

The steam was still piping up from these deep-fried foods that had been covered with a batter beforehand but… I could still see the sucker pad of that repulsive creature. As for the appetizers, the curse was boiled until it was red and then thinly sliced before being covered with a generous amount of onion. 

……….. Calm down first, okay? Take a deep breath….

I put my left hand on my forehead, pondering my current situations but then, I could feel my hand getting wet almost immediately. 

…… Did she really cook… The thing… That came from this body…..? My ears are not broken yet, right?

“………… Yes. That… You said you wanted to see me eat the curse so….”

Speaking of the Count Lyran house, there wasn’t anything special about that house. Well their territory was close to the sea but that was it. I never imagined a woman with an extremely lack of common sense like her would appear from that territory. 

“….. I’ve deep fried it and… Made carpaccio out of it…”

Carpaccio and deep fried food. I wonder why? Is it just my imagination or does this cuisine actually sound like some sort of new mental attack?


T/N: The duke is being hit by a mental attack just from hearing the food’s name…. Σ(゚Д゚;)

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