The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke Chapter 7

Chapter 7: 《Duke’s POV》Meeting Miltia for the First Time 2

T/N: This is what the duke looks like in the manga if you guys are wondering about it.

Basically a Cthulhu


Unintentionally, I kept on staring at her. After I watched her closely, I realized her downcast face looked somewhat uneasy.

I was never interested in things like fiancée so when I had touched her earlier, she didn’t leave any other impression on me other than the fact that she was a ‘girl’ but on a closer inspection now, she was rather strange for a daughter from a count family. 

She was probably in her late teens but she was extremely skinny. Her body was basically skin and bones. She was wearing a cheap-looking cotton dress without any decorations. Her short hair would make me mistook her for a boy if she hadn’t been introduced as my fiancée beforehand. 

Even so, from her vivid light green hair I knew that she was overflowing with high quality magic powers. From her downcast gaze, I could see that even her eyelashes were green. I guess it was safe to assume her eyes were also deep green. 

When I was actively partaking in social events, a person with such a high magical power like her would surely become one of the topics in the conversation. 

“……. Okay then. My lady, you may take a bite first.”

As I expected, when I told her things like that, she wouldn’t be able to say anything in return…

Just when I thought I got her, suddenly….

“Yes…. Now, if you will excuse me.”

And so, that girl actually took the sucker part of the incarnation of my curse and put it into her mouth without any hesitation. She then started to chew the bite-sized tentacle. 


Inside this silent room, the quiet and faint sound of her chewing appeared to be eerily loud to my ears. 

“…… Please fret not. It is very delicious and ready for your consumption.”

The girl lowered her gaze again but she appeared to be slightly relieved at something. 

No,no,no,no,no. This is wrong. This is absolutely wrong. This is not the time for her to feel relieved and definitely not the time for her to worry about the ‘taste’ of the curse. 

In the first place, shouldn’t you feel uneasy just by the thought of eating it?

“Hmph!! Are you a witch?”

I couldn’t help but to sound a little bit harsh when I questioned her. 

“Huh? No….?”

The girl answered and inclined her head to the side. She appeared to be more confused compared to the time when she first saw my appearance. 

Are you saying that to you, my question is more confusing than my appearance?

And then, she immediately hung her head even lower before she added. 

“Things like witch…. I’m not… My apologies…. I don’t….”

She muttered those words weakly. 

The way she acted made me feel guilty for questioning her so harshly before. If, hypothetically speaking, this was just an act, she must be an extraordinary imposter to be able to pull this off…. No, maybe her true nature was actually something that had transcended the limit of extraordinary even… 

“Hmph! There’s no way I can eat something so repulsive and disgusting like this! Take it away! I will not forgive you if you dare to incur more curses on me! Hurry and leave this mansion right away!!”

I kicked off the chair in front of me and stood up to return to my own room, leaving the young girl that was still casting her eyes down to the floor. I then touched the magic stone in my room and yelled. 

“Bhadra! I know you must’ve been watching it all, right?! Just what is going on?! That girl!!”

The magic stone I had just touched, triggered the magic tool used for communication. A familiar looking face appeared on the cracked mirror in my bedroom. This man was Bhadra.

Even though my appearance had changed into this grotesque figure, this man was still willing to serve under me. This man was the only subordinate I trusted. 

He didn’t have any talent in regard to offensive or healing magic but he was good at espionage and communication…. He was also better at operating the automata that was in charge of  maintaining this residence. Most probably, he had been waiting for me to question him about her.

He grinned… And replied with a happy and joyful tone in his voice. A tone that I rarely heard ever since I had been turned into this figure. 

“Young master, please take that girl as your wife! I’m absolutely pleased with her! If it’s her, I’d call her 『madam』even!”

“Excuse meeee?!”

“I mean, she’s an interesting girl, you know? Besides, the amount of magical power she has makes her perfect to be young master’s wife. She’s from a family of count too so her status is just perfect. The disparities between you and her are not that great….”

“Her speech and conduct are far too bizarre!!”

“But still, young master….”

Bhadra, whose age remained unknown to me, had been taking care of me ever since I was a child. He lowered his gaze a little and stroked his stubble, which had recently started to grow. This was his habit when he was about to talk about something a little more serious than usual. 

“This is the first time I’ve ever met a woman who didn’t show any repulsion toward young master’s curse…. You know, I tried to ask her what if she were to get cursed just like you and do you know what she said?”

“….. How am I supposed to know that….”

“She said 『I might be happier if that was the case?』Really, it makes me wonder what kind of life she’s been living to become like that, you know?”


T/N: Now I’m reminded that MC has been abused practically her whole life… She’s so depressed that she even thinks dying won’t be a problem for her…. I feel bad for MC… I want her to get her happiness soon!!!! (╥﹏╥)

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