The Little Sweet Cutie Always Think That He Is a Stand-in
The Little Sweet Cutie always think that he is a stand-in Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Strawberry flavored sweet

“Song Zhi Xu, you… why are you buying this kind of stuff?”

Mu Qingting took out a small box from the shopping bag and fiddled with it a few times. His voice brought with him a laugh tone as he said, “Besides, it’s strawberry flavored one, so you like this flavour.”

Song Zhi Xu’s footsteps stopped slightly, he turned his head to look at Mu Qingting, his face gloomy as he did not say anything.

Of course he knew what Mu Qingting was holding, it was something Lin Ran had knocked off from the shelf next to the cashier’s counter at the supermarket, there were candies and some “hygiene” products.

He didn’t need to think about it to know that Mu Qingting had misunderstood him but he didn’t want to explain it now, so he turned around and went to the cloakroom to change his clothes.

As soon as Lin Ran heard the words strawberry flavored, he immediately shifted his attention to the small box in Mu Qingting’s hand.He was sitting not far away so he stretched out his hands to take the box from Mu Qingting’s hand.

After Mu Qingting gave it to him, he followed Song Zhi Xu into the cloakroom. He leaned against the door, lowered his voice and looked at Song Zhi Xu who was changing his clothes inside.

“You… you are too inhumane. Although Xiao Ran Ran’s age is not that young anymore and he is no longer an underage. However, no matter how you look at him, he looks like a child. You can’t take advantage of the circumstances that he doesn’t understand anything and take him to buy something like that.

“Mu Qingting made a small “Tsk,tsk” sound.S

till say something like ‘It was because of Lin Mu, so he was just helping him to take care of Lin Ran.

‘He had only been looking after him for a few days ah!

He already took him to buy such things!

Song Zhi Xu gave him a cold glance and finally opened his mouth to explain.

“In the supermarket, Lin Ran was pushed by someone and knocked off the things in the shelves, so I just bought it all back. You’re the one who’s thinking too much.”

“Song Zhi Xu, you … you take it easy.”

Mu Qingting also felt that Song Zhi Xu was not that kind of negligent and careless person, but he still advised him since he had already bought the things back.

Outside, Lin Ran took that one small box and looked at it left and right, it didn’t take long for him to unwrap it.

There were five small red bags inside and inside the bags were flat things.He thought it was strawberry flavoured candy so he unwrapped one and the strong smell of strawberries came out.

He swallowed hard, taking advantage of the situation before the two people inside came out, he quickly put it in his mouth and chewed.

At first, it still tasted like strawberries but after a few chews he couldn’t chew it anymore and it gave off a greasy taste which he spat out in disgust.

When Mu Qingting came out of the cloakroom, Lin Ran had just put the second one into his mouth and chewed it several times when he looked at him while tilting his head, which made Mu Qingting startled and his mouth open wide.

He ran quickly to the sofa and picked the contents out of Lin Ran’s mouth before then he put the rest back into the bag, he kept complaining as he did so.”[tn content=”Ancestor”][By saying ‘Ancestor’ here is not the literal meaning of it, but Mu Qingting is saying a phrase that as if Lin Ran is likened to his ancestor, where there’s nothing he can do about him and he does not want to mess with him and pampered him kind of meaning.][/tn] ah, that person dared to buy it and you really dared to eat it, not afraid of poisoning ah.”

Lin Ran blinked innocently and said in a low voice, “Strawberry flavoured.”

“Although it’s strawberry flavoured, you can’t eat this one.”

Mu Qingting picked out all the candy in the bag and put the rest in the cloakroom. After some time passed, only then he walked out together with Song Zhi Xu.

The moment Lin Ran saw Song Zhi Xu, his eyes shining brightly as he lay on the back of the sofa facing him with a silly smile and his forehead still red and swollen from something that had fallen on it during his time in the supermarket.

Song Zhi Xu asked Mu Qingting to rub some medicine on Lin Ran while he went to the kitchen to cook.The three of them hadn’t even eaten breakfast in the morning yet because they were in such a hurry when they went out today. Now it was already noon so all of them must be hungry.

The medicine in Song Zhi Xu’s house was brought over by Mu Qingting, so he remembered where it was. When he found it, he was ready to apply it to Lin Ran but Lin Ran avoided it.

Lin Ran turned his head to look at the kitchen, pursed his lips and said in a low voice, “Stranger, so no touching.”

“What kind of stranger am I? We even went to the hospital together this morning.”

Mu Qingting moved closer to him again.Lin Ran avoided him and looked at Mu Qingting with some nervousness.

Song Zhi Xu had said that Mu Qingting was a stranger. Moreover, he had given him an injection this morning and had just taken the “strawberry-flavoured candy” out of his mouth, so now he wouldn’t let Mu Qingting come near him.

Mu Qingting fought with Lin Ran for a while, both refused to budge but he finally lost the battle and threw the Yunnan Baiyao (Yunnan white medicinal powder) spray in his hand to him.

“I’m not going to apply it for you, find Song Zhi Xu yourself and ask him to spray it on you.”

Lin Ran caught it then trotted into the kitchen to find Song Zhi Xu, handing him the item in his hand and said in a small voice, “Spray.”

Song Zhi Xu had just washed the vegetables, lowering his head to look at it, shook the water off his hands and took it. He brushed the thin bangs off his forehead with one hand and gave him a few light sprays.

“Where’s Mu Qingting? Why don’t you let him spray it for you?”Lin Ran pursed his lips and shook his head, not saying anything.

Song Zhi Xu also didn’t investigate in detail, putting the washed vegetables on the counter and cutting them up.Lin Ran just kept standing beside him, watching Song Zhi Xu busy going back and forth.

He could do housework but he couldn’t cook. His nanny auntie never let him learn how to cook before so when she didn’t cook something for Lin Ran, he had to go hungry.

Song Zhi Xu thought he was hungry when he saw him standing beside him so he poured him a glass of milk from the fridge, warmed it up in the microwave before handing it to him, telling him to go out and drink it.

Lin Ran walked over to the sofa and sat down with a glass of milk in his hand, separated from Mu Qingting in some distance as the two watched TV together.

Until Song Zhi Xu finished making lunch and the three of them finished eating together, Lin Ran was a bit sleepy and went upstairs to sleep again.

Mu Qingting came back early and because his house hadn’t been cleaned yet so he slept here in Song Zhi Xu’s house yesterday.

During the day, he had found an hourly worker to clean his house for him, so he didn’t stay any longer, carrying his suitcase and went home first.

Song Zhi Xu had nothing to do therefore he went back to his study room and continued to work.In the evening, there were only two people left in the house.

Lin Ran was particularly relaxed when he was alone with Song Zhi Xu and he liked to stick to him.

Song Zhi Xu didn’t feel bothered at all. Anyway, Lin Ran didn’t speak and apart from the occasional secret glance toward Song Zhi Xu, he was almost too quiet that often made people overlook him.

When it came to time to sleep at night, Song Zhi Xu made Lin Ran drink another glass of milk before letting him go back to his room to sleep.

Song Zhi Xu was now controlling Lin Ran’s diet (food and drink); there were no purely meat dishes on the table during the day since Lin Ran’s body couldn’t take it so he had to nourish him slowly.

The next day, Song Zhi Xu had to go to the office to work, so he needed to wake up earlier, almost waking up at the same time as Lin Ran.

As soon as they left their own bedroom, they ran into each other. Lin Ran’s face immediately showed a smile as he walked up to Song Zhi Xu and tugged on his sleeve, calling out to his name in a small voice.

Song Zhi Xu tilted his head as he looked at him and because Lin Ran was shorter than him, Lin Ran would raise his head to look at him.

His face was freshly washed with water and tender and the tips of his hair on his forehead still wet.There was a smile on Lin Ran’s face that inexplicably made people feel good.

“Are you hungry?” Song Zhi Xu took the initiative to speak.

Lin Ran shook his head, tugged on Song Zhi Xu’s sleeve as he followed him downstairs and said, “Song Zhi Xu woke up early today.”

“Hmm, I’m going to work today.”

Song Zhi Xu replied casually.Lin Ran’s movements paused so, Song Zhi Xu isn’t here today?


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