The Little Sweet Cutie Always Think That He Is a Stand-in
The Little Sweet Cutie always think that he is a stand-in Chapter 16

Chapter 16: The Child still have some safety-awareness

Song Zhi Xu was cooking in the kitchen while Lin Ran was blindly following behind him.

Song Zhi Xu asked him to wait outside, Lin Ran shook his head and didn’t say anything, so Song Zhi Xu thought he was hungry, so he sped up his cooking process.

Although Song Zhi Xu knew how to cook, it was because he was used to living on his own since he was a child. He usually cooked for himself, so his cooking was not considered as good.

He simply fried two eggs and served them with toast milk.

The two of them sat face to face at the table and ate, with Lin Ran sneaking a glance at Song Zhi Xu every now and then, but before Song Zhi Xu raised his head, he lowered his head again and ate.

After a long time of silence it was Song Zhi Xu who spoke first.

“I’m going to the office today. Since I won’t be back at noon, I’ll ask my assistant to bring lunch over, so you can eat it by yourself.”

Lin Ran bit his lips and lowered his eyes.

After a while Song Zhi Xu asked again, “Do you have a mobile phone?”

Lin Ran shook his head this time and said, “Ran Ran doesn’t have it.”

He had never been allowed to open the door before, so he didn’t have a mobile phone.

Song Zhi Xu thought of what the man had said in the supermarket yesterday and frowned slightly. It was indeed inconvenient for Lin Ran not to have a mobile phone, it was fine if he was at home but if he was outside of the house it would be difficult to find him.

“I’ll have my assistant buy it for you at noon and send it over together. I’ll call you through the fixed-line phone before he arrives. You can also call me on the landline if you need something in the morning.”

Lin Ran agreed, so after finished eating, Song Zhi Xu wrote his phone number for him and taught him again how to make a phone call.

It wasn’t until Song Zhi Xu had changed his clothes that Lin Ran finally asked in a small voice.

“Ran Ran can’t go?”

He didn’t want to be separated from Song Zhi Xu, but he didn’t want to become a trouble for Song Zhi Xu, so he had been holding back all morning and it was only when Song Zhi Xu was about to go out that he finally asked.

Song Zhi Xu stopped his movement of changing his shoes and looked at Lin Ran who had followed him to the door, Lin Ran’s two hands tightly entwined and his gaze tinged with timidity.

In the end, he still shook his head.

It was inconvenient to take Lin Ran to the company, not to mention that Lin Ran’s kind of personality was not suitable. Song Zhi Xu did not have the energy to keep an eye on him after he start working, so it would be better to leave him at home.

Lin Ran’s eyes showed some disappointment. It was not until Song Zhi Xu left the house that he made his last struggle with a small voice.

“Ran Ran, it’s not troublesome, just…just want to follow Song Zhi Xu.”

Unfortunately, Song Zhi Xu left in too much of a hurry and didn’t hear, and all that responded to Lin Ran was the sound of the door closing.

Lin Ran’s eyes were red but he did not follow him out, instead he quickly ran to the first floor, entered his room and leaned out of the window to look at the car driving out. The door of the courtyard slowly closed automatically after the car left.

Lin Ran’s heart also seemed about to sink down all of a sudden.

Song Zhi Xu had also left, leaving him alone again.

Lin Ran slowly went downstairs again and with his back opposite to the door, he slid down slowly, leaning his back against the door.

This way he would be the first to know when Song Zhi Xu returned.

Song Zhi Xu had just said that he had to wait for him to return.

Song Zhi Xu had been to Haicheng before and he had been away from the office for several days over the weekend. Although he had done some work at home, he still had a lot of things on his hands.

When his assistant saw him arrive at the office, he came over with a pile of documents in his arms. He told him what had happened in the past few days for a moment. He was about to leave when he was stopped by Song Zhi Xu.

“You … you go out and see what mobile phone’s features are simple for little… a child to play with.” Then he simply wrote a few dishes on a slip of paper and handed it to his assistant, “At noon, order several dishes and deliver them to my villa.”

The assistant was a bit surprised, he had been with Song Zhi Xu for two years so he knew Song Zhi Xu’s situation quite well. The two of them were about the same age so he knew what to be considered as something that he could intervene and immediately asked a question as a reply after hearing Song Zhi Xu’s words.

“Boss, you have a little child at home who needs to eat? Don’t you have a nanny and a housekeeper at home?”

Song Zhi Xu nodded his head as he opened his computer.

“It’s my friend’s family child who has been entrusted to me for a while.The housekeeper is sick and the nanny is not at home these days.”

“Oh is that so, then I’ll go check it out.” The assistant nodded and walked out, then stopped at the office door and asked again, “How old is the child, boss?”

“Around teenager’s age” Song Zhi Xu replied.

Although Lin Ran was already twenty years old, he was ‘a little fool’, therefore the phone was supposedly a simpler one that he could easily use.

The assistant agreed and left first.

He was alone again in the office, Song Zhixu watched the computer screen light up, but did not move for a long time.

When he left, he saw the lonely expression on Lin Ran’s face, the little fool’s eyes were red, he was on the verge of tears so he wondered how he was doing now.

Song Zhi Xu subconsciously took his mobile phone to make a phone call, but after he thought about it, he still endured it.

He had said before that he wanted to keep a proper distance from Lin Ran. After all, he was Lin Mu’s younger brother who was temporarily placed in his care, but supposedly it wouldn’t be long before he left.

Let alone the fact that he had only been away from home for less than an hour now, so calling now would be obviously too intense.

Song Zhi Xu put his hand down, forced himself to ignore the matter before then starting to work.

He did have a lot of things to handle on his hands and when he got busy, he forgot about the time. He didn’t come back to his senses until a phone call came in and he looked at the time and it was already almost twelve o’clock.

The assistant’s name popped up on his phone and Song Zhi Xu picked up the call, and a voice immediately came from the other end.

“Boss, I’m in the courtyard of your villa but your door won’t open. I’ve been knocking on it for a while yet no one opened it.”

Thinking of Lin Ran’s situation, Song Zhi Xu immediately said, “Just leave the stuff at the door and you go. I’ll ask him to come out and take it.”

He had previously told Lin Ran that he would give him a call when someone went over there to deliver the food but this time he was so busy that he had forgotten about it. Lin Ran must have been scared.

The assistant agreed, hung up the phone before leaving the mobile phone he had just bought with the food at the door and then left.

Before leaving the entrance, he took a quick glance into the room and saw half a head peeking out of the transparent french window. After a glimpse of looking at each other face to face, the other party seemed to be frightened and shrank back at once.

This must be the boss’s friend’s family child, but he wouldn’t open the door for him.

This little child was quite aware of his own safety.

Lin Ran shrank into a ball from fear and after the person at the door left, yet it didn’t help him relax. He was just sitting at the door. He was startled by a sudden knock on the door behind him and the sound of a stranger’s voice from outside.

The phone on the cupboard rang so violently that Lin Ran was a little startled and cried in fright and shrank back, taking a moment before he could react.

He quickly went to the phone, picked it up, and without thinking called out to him, “Song Zhi Xu.”

Song Zhi Xu’s slightly cold voice soon came through from the other side.

“Ran Ran, I just sent someone to bring you lunch and I also left your phone at the door, so go out and take it yourself.”

“Song Zhi Xu, Ran Ran afraid.” Lin Ran’s voice had a hint of a choking sob in it.

The sudden knock on the door just now had really scared him.


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