The Little Sweet Cutie Always Think That He Is a Stand-in
The Little Sweet Cutie always think that he is a stand-in Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Song Zhi Xu: Ran Ran, do you like me?

Song Zhi Xu quickly settled the bill before he pulled Lin Ran out of there. The moment they got back to the car, he then rubbed his forehead somewhat helplessly. 

He had received countless attention since he was a child, but this was the first time that he had been so embarrassed being looked at by people. 

Lin Ran didn’t feel anything instead and found a packet of fried potato chips from the things he had just bought, opened it and fed the first slice to Song Zhi Xu’s mouth.

Song Zhi Xu shook his head, “I’m driving, you eat ba!”

When Lin Ran saw that Song Zhi Xu didn’t want to eat it, he took it back and finished it by himself. 

Song Zhi Xu drove for a while, thinking that he had finally put down the matter in the supermarket. He then remembered Lin Ran’s words so he said again, 

“Ran Ran, the little box… that last time I bought back… it’s not candy inside. You mustn’t eat it.”

Lin Ran stopped eating the fried potato chips, blinked his eyes a little curiously and asked him, 

“Then, what is that?”

Song Zhi Xu paused for a moment, staring ahead, not looking at him.

“It’s for use.”

“Eh? How to use it? Ran Ran doesn’t know.” Lin Ran thought about it and shook his head, he didn’t know how to use it.

This time, Song Zhi Xu didn’t answer him again.

Lin Ran was forgetful and after a while, he  really forgot about it. He continued to eat his chips seriously, not mentioning it again.

When they returned home, Song Zhi Xu went to park the car while Lin Ran happily carried a large bag of things towards the villa.

His physical energy was originally weak and the things he bought were heavy, so he was almost half dragging it with him.

Song Zhi Xu parked the car and quickly went to his side, picking up the things with one hand and carrying it steadily forward.

“Didn’t I tell you to wait for me to carry it? What’s the hurry?”

“Ran Ran is happy ah.” Lin Ran took Song Zhi Xu’s other wrist and gently shook it as he followed him walk forward, “Ran Ran is back again.”

He returned to the house and put the things down, Song Zhi Xu looked straight at Lin Ran and gently touched his cheek. He couldn’t help but hold him into his embrace and hug him tight.

Up until now, he didn’t even dare to think back to that night when Lin Ran fainted in his arms in front of the security office. It really scared him.

“Ran Ran, do you like me? Or do you just want to rely on me?” Song Zhi Xu was almost unable to control it, so he asked without even thinking about it.

Only when the words were out of his mouth did he realize what he had said.

Lin Ran in his arms lifted his small white face to look at him and immediately answered.

“Ran Ran likes Song Zhi Xu ah, especially like.” Lin Ran stood on tiptoe, wanting to kiss Song Zhi Xu to show his fondness, but despite his efforts to stand on tiptoe, his lips could only reach Song Zhi Xu’s chin.

Lin Ran gave him a kiss on the chin yet he was not satisfied with it. In the midst of his distress, Song Zhi Xu suddenly lowered his head slightly, kissed him on the lips and quickly left again.

“Wah, do Song Zhi Xu also like Ran Ran? Song Zhi Xu also kissed Ran Ran.” Lin Ran’s eyes were filled with surprise.

Somewhat awkwardly, Song Zhi Xu coughed lightly. 

“I just saw that you couldn’t reach it and helped you out a little.” He pushed Lin Ran out of the kitchen, picking out the ingredients for the dinner as he said, “You go out and watch TV ba, I’m going to cook.”

“But Ran Ran wants to accompany Song Zhi Xu.” Lin Ran had just returned so he was reluctant to go out.

Song Zhi Xu didn’t give him a chance to talk anymore. He directly pushed him out, closing the door before letting out a long breath.

He really did care about Lin Ran now, not only Mu Qingting had said it, even he himself had realized it but he didn’t know if it was considered as ‘like’, a word he didn’t want to say easily.

Song Zhi Xu stood in front of the counter for a while before he started to cook dinner.

The time he finished cooking dinner and pushed the door open, outside Lin Ran was still wearing the same clothes he had worn during the day, but had pulled his sporty pants up to his thighs. He bend over, wiping the floor with a cloth little by little. 

Song Zhi Xu was dumbfounded and frowned slightly, putting the dishes in his hands on the table before walking over to Lin Ran again and squatting down to take his wrist.

“Ran Ran, why are you wiping the floor again? Didn’t I tell you to watch TV and wait for dinner?”

Lin Ran’s movements stopped and he looked up while panting slightly. The villa’s living room had a large space, Lin Ran had already scrubbed more than half of the area of the floor where it would have caused fine beads of sweat to seep out of his forehead.

He smiled at Song Zhi Xu and struggled free from him as he continue scrubbing the floor.

“It’s been a long time since Ran Ran come back here, so Ran Ran need to clean it up properly.” Lin Ran had been taken back and stayed in the Lin family’s house for over a week before, so the villa must be having no one to clean it up during that time. 

He had to clean it faster. He had to wipe the furniture after wiping the floor, wipe the glass and tomorrow he also need to clean up the yard, so he had to work well.

“Okay, no more work. Let’s talk about it tomorrow, let’s eat first.” Song Zhi Xu wanted to pull Lin Ran up, but Lin Ran was not willing, very stubborn and no matter what he must finish the work.

Having no other way, Song Zhi Xu thought about it before then he went to the utility room, took out the mop he had put away earlier, dipped it in water and started mopping the floor.

Song Zhi Xu was born as a young master and always had a nanny (housemaid) at home, so he had never done any housework before. To said it that he was mopping the floor, he was actually just pushing the mop back and forth twice with water, but this already made his back feel a bit sore from bending.

He looked at Lin Ran and felt distress for him as he frowned, Lin Ran was on the floor rubbing the floor. He didn’t know how many years he had been doing it. Previously, in foreign countries Lin Ran also lived in a mansion. 

After wiping, Song Zhi Xu walked over and pulled Lin Ran up somewhat forcefully.

“Allright, it’s all wiped. The rest  of it will be done tomorrow. Let’s eat first.”

Lin Ran had some surprise, but looked at the wet floor and it was indeed all wiped up.

His eyes immediately lit up and he looked at Song Zhi Xu with some admiration and let out a “Wow”.

“Song Zhi Xu is so great, Ran Ran has been wiping it for a long time.” Song Zhi Xu finished wiping in a short time, much faster than him.

Song Zhi Xu turned his eyes away, embrassed to tell Lin Ran that he had wiped it casually, so once the water stains on the floor dried, it would be revealed if it was clean or not. 

“All right, wash your hands before eat.” Song Zhi Xu pulled Lin Ran into the bathroom.

After the two of them finished eating and washing the dishes, Lin Ran got a little sleepy. 

There had been so many things happening in the past two days that he hadn’t been able to get his spirit back. Song Zhi Xu sat on the sofa for a while reading the reports sent over from the company today while Lin Ran sat on one side about to fall asleep.

Song Zhi Xu looked at Lin Ran’s sleepy head that gradually holding himself, forcing himself not to fall asleep. Song Zhi Xu put the computer from his lap to the table, moved close to Lin Ran and said, 

“Ran Ran, go to sleep, if you’re sleepy.”

Lin Ran dazedly opened his eyes to look at him.

“Then how about Song Zhi Xu?”

Song Zhi Xu thought that Lin Ran wanted to sleep together with him so he thought for a moment before nodding his head.

“Then Ran Ran also want to go to the room to sleep.” Lin Ran turned off the TV and pulled Song Zhi Xu up from the sofa, taking him to his room. 

When he reached the door of Song Zhi Xu’s room, Lin Ran did not go in, but stood at the door for a while, waved his hand to Song Zhi Xu and said “good night” before leaving.

Song Zhi Xu froze and subconsciously pulled him back.

“You… where are you going to sleep?”

Lin Ran was a little confused and pointed to his side.

“Ran Ran has a room ah.”

Although he had some desire to sleep in Song Zhi Xu’s room, his Gege had told him that he was not allowed to sleep in Song Zhi Xu’s bed, since he had promise him, therefore he must be able to do it. 

“You’re going to sleep there?” Song Zhi Xu asked again. After seeing Lin Ran nod, then he released Lin Ran, “Fine, then you go!”

It was clear that he had refused when Lin Ran had come up to him before, but now that Lin Ran was finally willing to go back to his own room to sleep, yet he felt a little uncomfortable instead, unable to adapt with it.

Song Zhi Xu returned to his room and stood for a while longer feeling a little puzzled and weird. Next time he saw Xiao Nanyu, he should also go and check it out.

After taking a change of clothes, Song Zhi Xu went into the bathroom. When he came out again after taking a shower and blow-drying his hair, there was an extra mat on the floor with a quilt and a pillow on it, as well as a human figure under the quilt which moved gently a few times before the person lay down again well-behavedly.

The corners of Song Zhi Xu’s lips curled into a smile as he walked over to the mat and knelt down, ruthlessly ripping the quilt away to reveal the little face underneath with its wet head pretending to sleep.

“Don’t pretend, I know you’re not sleeping.” Song Zhi Xu’s voice unconsciously took on a bit of laughter, “Didn’t you say you were going to sleep in your own room?”

Lin Ran opened his eyes and fawned on him as he rubbed his tender cheek against his hands. 

“Ran Ran thought of a good idea, Ran Ran won’t go to bed to sleep, just sleep here.”

Sleeping on the floor would not be considered going to Song Zhi Xu’s bed, right? Like this, he could protect Song Zhi Xu too. 

“Then why don’t you blow your hair dry?” Song Zhi Xu touched the mat. The little fool was not stupid, the mat was quite thick, he would not touched the floor. 

“Ran Ran can’t afford to be late. Ran Ran afraid that Song Zhi Xu will fall asleep, so I immediately came over.” Lin Ran blinked, somehow innocent.

Song Zhi Xu was hopeless how to deal with him so he got up and went to the bathroom to get a hair dryer, plugged it in next to the bed, and blew Lin Ran’s hair attentively. 

His fingers were gently inserted in Lin Ran’s hair, rubbing Lin Ran’s soft hair into a mess and slowly drying it with the hair dryer.

Song Zhi Xu suddenly remembered that his parents had never blown his hair like this when he was a child, but now he was taking care of Lin Ran like taking care of a child.

If Mu Qingting had seen this, he would have teased him again for raising a good son.

Song Zhi Xu didn’t have any experience in blow-drying other people’s hair and by the time it was dry, Lin Ran’s hair had been rubbed like a bird’s nest by him. Song Zhi Xu didn’t comb it for him, he just gave him a new pillow before letting him sleep.

With the lights off, the room darkened and after some time, only the steady breathing sound of them was heard. 

It was clear that Lin Ran was lying on the floor, but Song Zhi Xu somehow felt as if his breathing was right next to his ears, making it impossible for him to sleep.

He wondered if it would be too hard to sleep on the floor, or if it would make him easy to catch a cold by sleeping on the floor, and what if Lin Ran rolled out of the mat since he was already a restless sleeper?

In the middle of the night, Song Zhi Xu stood up and walked over to Lin Ran. He gently picked him up, carried him to the bed and put him under his quilt.

Let him sleep in the bed tonight and tomorrow night he would definitely make him return to sleep in his own room.

“Song Zhi Xu.” In his sleep, Lin Ran seemed to feel Song Zhi Xu’s breath and turned his body around to his side, climbing on top of Song Zhi Xu’s body.

Lin Ran’s lips landed on the side of Song Zhi Xu’s neck, not knowing what he dreamed of, he bit him twice. 

Song Zhi Xu frowned slightly and said helplessly in a low voice.

“I was kind enough to let you sleep in the bed and you bite me instead.”

Song Zhi Xu thought for a moment and also dropped a kiss on Lin Ran’s forehead.

Give it back …


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