The Little Sweet Cutie Always Think That He Is a Stand-in
The Little Sweet Cutie always think that he is a stand-in Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Ran Ran, I will definitely marry you to be my wife

Xiao Shilan was stunned in place for a moment, unable to speak, she had heard Lin Ran called her ‘Mama’ clearly. It was just that when they parted this morning, he still called her ‘Auntie’, how come he had changed his form of address after just a day had passed? 

Looking at Lin Ran’s smiling face, Xiao Shilan could not say anything so she could only turn her head to look at Song Zhi Xu on the other side.

Song Zhi Xu also did not expect Lin Ran to suddenly come up with this, other things this little fool could not remember, but this matter where he only said it once in the company lounge yet he remembered it, and so quickly used it up, “He call it the wrong way. You can continue to cook.” Song Zhi Xu said indifferently.

Before Lin Ran could say anything else, Song Zhi Xu wrapped his arm around Lin Ran’s waist and lifted him upwards, directly lifting him by the waist and carrying him away, leaving a dazed Xiao Shilan standing at the kitchen door.

Song Zhi Xu put a plate of dishes in his hand on the table, then changed his position for Lin Ran, letting him sit on the crook of his arm and carried him directly upstairs, with this, Lin Ran understood when he was carried away by Song Zhi Xu that Song Zhi Xu just didn’t want him to be his wife, that was why he didn’t let him called her mother as his mother too. Lin Ran’s eyes were filled with disappointment as he hugged Song Zhi Xu’s neck without saying a word and was obediently carried away by him until he was placed on the bed in his bedroom and the door was closed, leaving only two people in the room. Lin Ran was still sitting on the edge of the bed, his head bowed quietly and didn’t utter a word. Song Zhi Xu then walked up to him and also felt Lin Ran’s depressed mood. 

He called out in a low voice, “Ran Ran?” After waiting for a while and seeing that Lin Ran did not answer, Song Zhi Xu used his fingers to pick up Lin Ran’s chin and lift his head, only to find that his eyes were already a little red and covered with a layer of moisture. Song Zhi Xu hurriedly knelt down in front of Lin Ran and looked at him levelly, using his thumb to gently rub the corners of his eyes a few times before asking in a somewhat distressed or felt heartache for him. “Ran Ran, this, what’s wrong with you?”

The tears that had been gathering in Lin Ran’s eyes for a while finally slipped down, he sniffled and asked in a small voice with a few tears in it. “Song Zhi Xu doesn’t want Ran Ran to be your wife and doesn’t want to be with Ran Ran forever, right?”

He had just called her out ‘Mama’ yet he was forcibly taken away by Song Zhi Xu, who was obviously unwilling. 

Song Zhi Xu was stunned and only after a moment did he understand, he hurriedly took Lin Ran into his arms and gently patted his back to comfort him.

Lin Ran also became a little angry and pushed Song Zhi Xu’s shoulders, not wanting him to hug him, but Song Zhi Xu wouldn’t let go, so in the end Lin Ran could only lean on his shoulders and cried out in a muffled sound. 

“Ran Ran, baby, don’t cry, don’t cry anymore, okay? I’m not unwilling. I like you so much so I’m definitely willing.” Song Zhi Xu explained to him in a soft voice.

“Huu~ Liar, you’re just not willing. You, just now, didn’t even allow Ran Ran to call Auntie ‘Mama’.” Lin Ran was so aggrieved that he cried with his shoulders shrugging while his voice carried a touch of pity.

“No, it’s not like that. I think it’s too soon, I’m afraid you’ll scare her, and I’m afraid she will scare you too.” Song Zhi Xu hurriedly explained.

After all, Song Zhi Xu was the only son in his family, moreover Lin Ran was also a man, so he was afraid that if Xiao Shilan found out, he would shock her and he was even more afraid that if Xiao Shilan became angry, she would scare Lin Ran, so this was not a good time for it. 

Beside that, he hadn’t been with Lin Ran for very long and Song Zhi Xu had always felt that Lin Ran’s feelings for him were not that strong, so he still wanted to spend some more time keeping Lin Ran firmly locked up beside him before finding an opportunity to confess to his own family.

Lin Ran didn’t understand why Song Zhi Xu would say it was too soon when he obviously already liked him so much, so Lin Ran shook his head gently and didn’t say anything.

Song Zhi Xu could only promise him again, “Ran Ran, give me some more time, when the time comes I will tell them myself, okay? I will definitely marry you as my wife, I already promise you.”

Song Zhi Xu pushed Lin Ran away a bit, kissed him on the cheek a few times and touched his cheek with his hand, comforting him. 

There were still tears hanging on his eyelashes, Lin Ran sniffled and asked in a small voice, “Really?”

Song Zhi Xu didn’t hesitate in the slightest: “Really, I never lie to you.”

“Then…then Ran Ran is Song Zhi Xu’s wife, is Ran Ran able to stay with Song Zhi Xu for the rest of our life?”

The expression on Song Zhi Xu’s face was somewhat helpless and somewhat doting as he nodded his head.

So he was kind of being proposed to by this little fool? He didn’t know who told him that they could only be together for the rest of their life if they got married, but this unexpectedly let him make a fuss about being his wife. 

Song Zhi Xu didn’t know what kind of expression he should make for a moment, Lin Ran was really simple, he did what he thought of, without any ambiguity at all.

Lin Ran’s eyes were still moist, but he immediately smiled through tears, wrapped his arms around Song Zhi Xu’s neck and wouldn’t let go.

“Then can’t I tell Auntie?”

Song Zhi Xu nodded: “For now, it’s fine that only both of us know. Don’t tell others yet, give them some time to accept it.”

“Okay, Ran Ran listen to Song Zhi Xu.” Lin Ran happily leaned over and kissed the corner of Song Zhi Xu’s lips, only to have Song Zhi Xu take the opportunity to grab the back of his head and give him a hard kiss for a while. 

Downstairs, Xiao Shilan was about to finish making dinner, so Song Zhi Xu didn’t go too far, releasing Lin Ran before long, but still causing his lips red.

He went to Lin Ran’s room next door to get some clothes for Lin Ran to change into, then took Lin Ran to wash his face. The two of them tidied up before leading Lin Ran downstairs.

Xiao Shilan had already finished cooking for dinner and was just about to go up to call them when she saw them coming down so she waved at them.

“Change your clothes, yet you guys are so slow, hurry up and eat, the dinner is ready.” Xiao Shilan served rice to both of them and put it in front of them. Looking up, just in time to see Lin Ran’s lips unusually red, so she asked with some confusion, “Ran Ran, what’s wrong with your lips? They’re so red and seem to be swollen?”

Lin Ran blinked his eyes and before he could answer, Song Zhi Xu beside him immediately said, 

“He’s been drinking less water lately,so he’s been suffering from excessive internal heat. He was already like this when we came back.”

“Really?” Xiao Shilan frowned. Just now Lin Ran had shocked her too much, therefore she didn’t pay attention to how Lin Ran’s lips were, so she didn’t think much of it, she just said, “You need to drink more water. I just bought a lipstick today. I haven’t used it yet, so I’ll bring it over to Ran Ran tonight and apply it at night. It will be better tomorrow morning.”

Lin Ran did not understand the conversation between them, but he still listened to Song Zhi Xu. 

Therefore he just sat down and ate the meal that Song Zhi Xu had put in his bowl.

After dinner, Lin Ran still tidied up the table, however, this time the kitchen was almost all tidied up by Xiao Shilan, so there was no need for him to tidy up again. In the evening, the three of them sat on the sofa watching TV, Lin Ran was forced by Xiao Shilan to drink three large glasses of water. In the middle of it, he even ran to the toilet twice to pee and still felt his stomach was full.

Before he went to bed, Xiao Shilan went to his room and carefully applied his lips with a fragrant lipstick, muttering in a low voice while she did so. “Tonight, drink more glasses of water, this will do the trick, look my lips are still moist and not dry at all.”

After applying, only then Lin Ran was released and laid back under the quilt, Xiao Shilan turned off the light for him and left.

In the darkness, Lin Ran lay on his bed by himself, thinking about what Song Zhi Xu had told him in his room that afternoon and couldn’t help but smile happily. It was only when he was about to fall asleep that he suddenly realized that the fish bowl above his bed was empty tonight, he had taken Xiao Guai with him to the office in the morning therefore when he left there, he was only thinking about being Song Zhi Xu’s wife and forgot about Xiao Guai.

Lin Ran turned around in his own bed a few times, but got up as he secretly opened the door and ran to Song Zhi Xu’s room, climbing onto the bed before asking in a low voice, “Song Zhi Xu, Ran Ran forgot about Xiao Guai. What should I do then?” Song Zhi Xu was already a little sleepy, so when he heard Lin Ran’s voice, he just took him into his arms and patted his back gently after holding him.”

“It’s okay, it can’t be lost if it stays in my lounge, just go to the office tomorrow and bring the turtle back.”

Lin Ran was still a little worried and muttered again in a low voice, “But Xiao Guai will be scared on his own.”

“Let it stay there overnight and wait for the next time, buy it a wife to make up for it,” Song Zhi Xu said thoughtlessly and carelessly.

Lin Ran thought about it, like this he would be able to have two turtles, then Xiao Guai wouldn’t be lonely too, so he reluctantly agreed to it. 

He moved around, wanted to leave, but Song Zhi Xu didn’t let him go, so he honestly curled up in his embrace, quietly closed his eyes and went to sleep. The next morning, both of them tidied up and were just about to go to the office. However, before they left the house, Song Zhi Xu’s mobile phone rang. He glanced at it, put it to his ear and called out faintly to the other side of the phone, “Dad.”

Another equally indifferent voice soon came from the other side as he said, “Hn, I’ve sent a special plane to pick your mother up, take her to the airport and make her come back today.”

Song Zhi Xu didn’t even think about it when he asked, “Did you tell her? Is she agree?”

There was no sound from the other side, and it was only after a while that the other side spoke again, “No, you figure it out by yourself.”

“No way, I have to go to work. My mom is just fine being here with me.”

Song Zhi Xu wanted to hang up the phone, but was forced to stop his movement by the other party’s words. The person over there said indifferently, “Lin Ran is at your place, right? I have some things here that are the relics of Lin Ran’s father, which he purposely left for him before he died. I’ll have someone bring it to you in the same place.”

Song Zhi Xu looked at Lin Ran and agreed without the slightest hesitation. The two of them did not go to the office and waited downstairs until Xiao Shilan woke up from her sleep.

Only after she had finished eating her breakfast did Song Zhi Xu speak, “Mom, my dad said he sent a special (private) plane to pick you up. He asked me to drop you off at the airport and let you go back today.”

Xiao Shilan sized up the two people. No wonder, Song Zhi Xu didn’t take Lin Ran to the office today when she woke up this morning, so he was waiting for her here.

Without even thinking about it, Xiao Shilan shook her head.

“I’m not going back, it’s quite good here. I definitely will not go back to see that dead face and make myself angry.”

Song Zhi Xu knew that it would be like this, Xiao Shilan didn’t want to go back then no one in their whole family dared to force her.

After a short pause, he helplessly said, “My father, he’s sick and now he is in the hospital. If you don’t go back, then his first love, who is already divorced, will go and stay in the ward to accompany him.”


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