The Little Sweet Cutie Always Think That He Is a Stand-in
The Little Sweet Cutie always think that he is a stand-in Chapter 50

Chapter 50 : Ran Ran is afraid, don’t hit (Ran Ran)

Song Zhi Xu’s words worked and the three of them were at the airport an hour later.

Xiao Shilan had a sullen face all the way in the car, but she couldn’t help but look at the two of them a few more times. Before she got on the plane, she hesitated for a moment before she suddenly said, 

“Ran Ran, can I hug you?”

Lin Ran subconsciously took a step back, hiding behind Song Zhi Xu with some fear. Although they had been interacting with each other for two days and their relationship was not bad, Lin Ran was still a little scared.

Xiao Shilan sighed, a little disappointed.

Song Zhi Xu looked at Lin Ran and moved closer to Lin Ran’s ear and whispered in a voice that only two of them could hear it, 

“Isn’t Ran Ran going to be my wife? My mother, you are going to be with her for many years, start trying to accept her.” Lin Ran thought about it for a moment, it seemed to be the case. He hesitated for a moment before finally coming out from behind Song Zhi Xu tentatively. Slowly, he took the initiative to open his arms and said in a small voice, 

“Auntie, hug.”

Xiao Shilan’s eyes were filled with surprise for a moment and she slowly leaned over, she still felt Lin Ran’s body tremble a little as she hugged him but she didn’t let go.

Finally she lightly patted Lin Ran’s back, “Good boy.” When he was released, Lin Ran immediately rushed and threw himself into Song Zhi Xu’s embrace, his face all turned a little pale.

It was the first time someone other than his Gege and Song Zhi Xu had been this close to him.

His heart beat a little faster.

Xiao Shilan turned to Song Zhi Xu again, “Take good care of Ran Ran, do you hear me?”

“I know, no need for you to say it.” Song Zhi Xu quietly took Lin Ran’s hand behind his back and was interlocking his fingers with him. Xiao Shilan finally waved her hand at them and in a huff as she boarded the plane.

The two stood outside for a while longer, until the plane flew away. However, Song Zhi Xu still had no intention of leaving.

Lin Ran looked at him with some confusion and asked in a low voice, “Song Zhi Xu, why aren’t we leaving?”

“Wait for a moment, we’ll leave after a while.” Song Zhi Xu replied back and continued to stand outside with Lin Ran again.

Sure enough, it was not until the plane flew away that a man dressed in black with sunglasses walked up to them. 

“Director Song, this is something that Mr. Song instructed me to give it to you only after Madam got on the plane and left.”

Song Zhi Xu knew his father was like this, so he didn’t hurry up just now and waited here with Lin Ran.

Only after he got the box did Song Zhi Xu take Lin Ran to the car, handing over the box to Lin Ran for him to hold it on the front passenger seat.

“Song Zhi Xu, what is this?” Lin Ran was somewhat curious as he looked at it, but did not open it.

Song Zhi Xu didn’t say to open it, just that he should hold it. Song Zhi Xu glanced at the box, then at Lin Ran and finally he did not let him open it.

“We’ll see about this when we get home later.”

Although having the box, Song Zhi Xu  also knew that according to the previous attitude of the Lin family towards Lin Ran this box did not necessarily contain anything good. It was only because this was for Lin Ran that Song Zhi Xu brought it over.

“Put it aside for now and wait until night when you get home before you open it.” Song Zhi Xu said.

Lin Ran nodded in agreement, then obediently put it to one side and looked at the road outside.

Xiao Guai was still in the lounge by himself,so he also didn’t know how he was doing, and Lin Ran was somehow afraid that Xiao Guai would be scared.

When they arrived at the office, the two of them just entered Song Zhi Xu’s office, Lin Ran immediately trotted into the lounge and saw Xiao Guai still poking its head in the little fish bowl, only then Lin Ran put his mind at ease.

All morning, Song Zhi Xu was working in his office and Lin Ran was sitting by the floor-to-ceiling window while holding the fish bowl sunbathing.

The two of them had lunch at noon, cuddled up and slept together, and stayed in the office until Song Zhi Xu left work.

Lin Ran had been here for two days in a row and word had spread around the company, so generally there were not many people entering Song Zhi Xu’s office. Only his assistant went in a few times throughout the day to deliver documents.

At the end of the day, Lin Ran carefully cleaned the fish bowl and put it on the bedside table in the lounge, then put Xiao Guai in his pocket again before he left the office with Song Zhi Xu.

When he arrived home, Lin Ran put Xiao Guai into the fish bowl at home. The turtle would not have a problem leaving the water for a while, therefore Lin Ran put a fish bowl on both sides as he went back and forth bringing the little turtle in his pocket. When Song Zhi Xu went to make dinner, Lin Ran held the little turtle in his arms. He wandered back to the kitchen and revealed his head to peek at Song Zhi Xu. When Song Zhi Xu noticed this, Lin Ran turned his head to another side and retracted it, however whenever he turned his eyes away, Lin Ran secretly looked at him again.

Song Zhi Xu was amused by him and raised his voice slightly, “Ran Ran, I’m not playing hide and seek with you. If you have something on your mind, come out and say it, or I’ll pretend I didn’t see you.”

Lin Ran thought about it, but still stood out, then walked over to Song Zhi Xu’s side, hugging the fish bowl in his arms and said in a low voice, 

“Song Zhi Xu promised to buy a wife for Xiao Guai. It hasn’t been bought yet.”

Although Xiao Guai wasn’t in a hurry, Lin Ran still remembered this matter, and after he bought it he would have two little turtles.

Song Zhi Xu was in a daze last night, so he just said it casually, but he didn’t expect Lin Ran to remember it clearly.

But it was only one turtle, so he didn’t mind, as Lin Ran had been holding the turtle in his arms all day anyway, so there was no difference between holding one and two.

Song Zhi Xu nodded his head.

“I can’t buy it today, wait until tomorrow after work, I’ll accompany you to buy it.”

Lin Ran happily agreed to it and was again driven out of the kitchen by Song Zhi Xu. The kitchen smelled of grease and smoke when cooking,so Song Zhi Xu was afraid that the spilled oil would burn Lin Ran, so he did not allow him to be in the kitchen. In the evening, the two of them ate dinner together then sat on the sofa again before Song Zhi Xu took out the box from the daytime. Lin Ran also leaned over with some curiosity and poked his head in to look at it. Song Zhi Xu took a look at Lin Ran and still opened the box in the end.

There were not many things inside the box, a few paper bags neatly lined up and wrapped tightly.

Song Zhi Xu picked up the first one and opened it, inside was a bank book and a property certificate.

Song Zhi Xu took a closer look at the bankbook which contained 500,000 yuan, the date of deposit was fifteen years ago, the other house property was a set of property in Hai Cheng, the name of the account holder was Lin Ran.

“What is this? It has Ran Ran’s name on it.” Lin Ran suddenly said in a small voice.

Although Lin Ran had been bullied, he was still able to read. When he saw that his name was on the property deed yet he had no idea why his name was on it.

Song Zhi Xu was also a bit confused, his father had said that this was something Lin Ran’s father had left him, but fifteen years ago Lin Ran was only five years old, so had he prepared these things for him at that time?

“This is a property deed, it has your name on it, which means that this house is yours.” Song Zhi Xu explained to Lin Ran. But Lin Ran still shook his head since he didn’t understand.

Why did he have a house?

Without telling him more, Song Zhi Xu picked up a second paper bag and opened it with only a gold button with a somewhat vintage pattern, and nothing else beside that.

Lin Ran took it in his hand and looked at it, then looked at the last remaining paper bag inside the box, which contained something thick and bulging. Song Zhi Xu hesitated for a moment before picking up the last one and opening it up again to reveal a pile of photographs inside.

He started looking at the first photo, which showed a small child who had just been born, with soft hair on his scalp and a flushed red face. 

His eyes were not even open yet as he slept.

Song Zhi Xu looked at the second picture, which also showed a small child, a little older than the first one. His face was also white and tender, smiling at the camera.

The two of them continued to look at it, only after a few more pictures did Lin Ran, who was beside Song Zhi Xu suddenly speak up.

“It’s Ran Ran, Ran Ran has seen the pictures. Gege said it was Ran Ran when Ran Ran was a child.” A smile appeared on Lin Ran’s face.

“Gege said that Ran Ran was especially good looking when he was little, white and tender.” Song Zhi Xu also reacted this time, the child in this photo was Lin Ran, every single one of them was him.

The two of them continued to look at the photos, and gradually the photos changed from straight on facing each other, to side shots that avoided the camera, and then the perspective became more and more distant, and Song Zhi Xu guessed that the photos at the back should be taken from stolen angles. After flipping to the back, there were a few left, the photo suddenly turned into a man with a warm smile on his face standing in the garden, facing the camera. Song Zhi Xu was stunned, looking at the man somehow felt familiar, but after thinking about it, he still couldn’t remember it. 

The photo had some yellowing, so it should be an old photo, so the man in the photo should not be young anymore now, so he did not recognize him. Song Zhi Xu only looked at the photo, not noticing Lin Ran’s face that suddenly went white after seeing the man in the photo.

As he continued to flip through, there were pictures of the two men together at the back, one was the man from the previous single photo while the other looked a bit like Lin Ran so he must have been Lin Ran’s father when he was younger. In the photo, the two men were holding each other’s shoulders and both had smiles on their faces. Song Zhi Xu was just about to speak to Lin Ran when Lin Ran’s screams suddenly came to his ears, tinged with a strong sense of fear.

Lin Ran’s face was pale, his arms clutching his head as his body trembled, tears falling one by one. Song Zhi Xu was also startled for a moment and subconsciously tried to soothe him, but when he moved a little closer, he was dodged by Lin Ran’s violent movements. 

“Ran Ran, what’s happened?” Song Zhi Xu could only call out to him from a distance.

“Don’t, don’t, Ran Ran is afraid, don’t hit.” Lin Ran’s voice was tinged with trembling as he spoke intermittently.

“Ran Ran, don’t be afraid, I’m Song Zhi Xu. I’m here, I’ll protect you, don’t be afraid.” Song Zhi Xu softened his voice and spoke to Lin Ran. But no matter what he said, it was as if Lin Ran couldn’t hear anything, immersed in his own world, trembling, crying and muttering in a low voice that he was afraid.

Song Zhi Xu was at a loss and it took him some time to remember to call Xiao Nanyu, and as soon as the call was answered, he immediately told him what had happened in a bit of a panic.

There was also the sound of Lin Ran sobbing and crying mixed in. Xiao Nanyu did not hesitate and immediately said, 

“Give me the address, I’ll go there immediately.”

Before Song Zhi Xu had time to say anything, someone beside Xiao Nanyu already said, “I know the address, I’ll go with you.”


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