The Little Sweet Cutie Always Think That He Is a Stand-in
The Little Sweet Cutie Always Think that He is a Stand In Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Ran Ran, be obedient, don’t move

Lin Ran broke down and cried out and as soon as he saw Song Zhi Xu he wanted to go to his side without even thinking about anything anymore. 

But he was sitting on the bed, so he moved his body forward too hard and caused his head to fall off the bed. Song Zhi Xu was a bit far away, Xiao Nanyu immediately went to catch him, but he was still a little late, causing Lin Ran’s head to fall to the floor. Lin Ran looked up with tears in his eyes, when he saw Xiao Nanyu, he pushed him away in panic, only when Song Zhi Xu came over to him did he cling to Song Zhi Xu’s clothes and shrink into Song Zhi Xu’s arms, his body shaking uncontrollably.

“Work, Ran Ran had to work, don’t hit, don’t hit Ran Ran.” Lin Ran’s mouth murmured unconsciously, and after a while he said, “Please, give Ran Ran something to eat, just one bite, even if it’s already fallen to the floor.”  Song Zhi Xu listened as if a knife was cutting into his heart, it hurt so much as if his heart was dripping blood.

“Ran Ran, won’t hit you anymore, and you won’t have to be hungry anymore. Ran Ran, don’t be afraid.” Song Zhi Xu kept kissing his forehead, saying it over and over in his ear.

Xiao Nanyu stood by the side, also knowing that there was no way to proceed like this today and could only withdraw with a sigh.

He had instructed Song Zhi Xu not to enter the room no matter what he heard, but Song Zhi Xu still went in anyway.

When Lin Ran got close to him, who he thought was a safe place, he would curl up, not daring to try to think about the past again, so he could only give up. Lin Ran seemed to be able to listen to Song Zhi Xu’s words this time, leaning back in his arms and gradually calming down. He was still shedding tears silently, but the damage done to him in the past years was as if it was engraved in his bones, and the mere thought of it scared him. When Song Zhi Xu saw that Lin Ran had quieted down, he gently picked him up and put him back on the bed. Lin Ran’s voice was already hoarse from all the shouting, therefore Song Zhi Xu wanted to get up and took some water from the bedside table for Lin Ran but as soon as he moved, Lin Ran grabbed him tightly again.

“Song Zhi Xu, Song Zhi Xu, don’t go. Don’t not want Ran Ran anymore.” Lin Ran nestled into his embrace again.

Song Zhi Xu had no choice but to give up, using his arms to hold Lin Ran tightly in his embrace, comforting him in a low voice. 

“I’m here, I won’t not want you and I will never let you leave me for forever, Ran Ran, those past will never happen again.” Song Zhi Xu hugged Lin Ran for a long time. Lin Ran quieted down again, leaning into Song Zhi Xu’s arms and sobbing slightly.

Song Zhi Xu did not dare to make any more movements, so he could only hold him tightly in his arms. He didn’t know how long it had been, but when he noticed that the person in his arms was silent, he looked down and realized that Lin Ran had fallen asleep at some point. His nose and eyes were still a little red and there were beads of tears hanging on his long eyelashes, even in his sleep he was still holding onto Song Zhi Xu’s clothes with his hands, and didn’t dare to let go.

Song Zhi Xu dropped another heartfelt kiss on his forehead. Looking up, Mu Qingting’s head peeked out at the glass on the door, glanced into the room and shrank back. Obviously, he hadn’t left yet.

Song Zhi Xu slowly let go of Lin Ran and carefully removed his hands from his own clothes again, quickly taking his own overcoat and placing it in his hands before Lin Ran’s hand scratched frantically again.

Only then did Lin Ran quiet down.

Song Zhi Xu stood beside the bed and watched him for a while. He then lightened his steps, opened the door and went out where Mu Qingting and Xiao Nanyu were still standing outside. Song Zhi Xu took a deep breath, but said to Xiao Nanyu, “Sorry, I couldn’t resist going in and disturbing your treatment.” What Xiao Nanyu did first was to look at Mu Qingting beside him, before then he shook his head. 

“It’s alright, it’s all also because I was too impatient, he still can’t accept all of these for now, so take your time later. I’m just afraid that after this time he’s going to be afraid of me.” All three fell silent, no one spoke for a while. In the end, it was Mu Qingting who spoke first, asking in a low voice, “How is Xiao Ran Ran? I saw that he fell to the floor just now.”

Song Zhi Xu shook his head, “He has gauze wrapped around his head, I didn’t see it either, go and take a look, ba.”

Mu Qingting nodded and walked into the room, going to the bed again. Song Zhi Xu also followed behind him, then he saw Mu Qingting slowly open the gauze on Lin Ran’s head.

He had already bumped his forehead on one side last night, swelling a large bag and also bleeding. This time he had bumped another on the other side and although it wasn’t bleeding, it was bulging high.

Mu Qingting watched, the corners of his lips could not help but hook up a smile, his voice had some laughter in it, 

“It’s quite symmetrical.”

Obviously there was something depressing going on, but seeing the two bulges on Lin Ran’s forehead as if he was about to grow horns, Mu Qingting was almost laughing out loud while Song Zhi Xu was not smiling at all, watching Lin Ran to become like this, he only felt pain (heartache for him). 

After applying Lin Ran some medicine, Mu Qingting and Xiao Nanyu left to buy some food for the two of them, while Song Zhi Xu stayed quietly by Lin Ran’s side. When his phone rang, he looked at it and just realized that he had to go to work today.

He picked up the phone, walked a little further away, briefly spoke to his assistant and told him to send all the important company documents over before hanging up the phone and continuing to watch over Lin Ran again.

Because he had already slept at night, Lin Ran woke up after an hour’s sleep. He opened his eyes and first looked around in shock, but only when he saw Song Zhi Xu sitting on the sofa not far away, looking down at the documents in his hand, did he relax a little.

Without even thinking it, Lin Ran lifted the blanket and slid off the bed, walking barefoot to Song Zhi Xu, pulling his arm away and sitting on his lap, leaning into his embrace, his voice still a little hoarse as he whispered. “Song Zhi Xu, go home.”

Song Zhi Xu put the document in his hand aside, hugged Lin Ran and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Ran Ran, you are not well yet and we need to observe you here for a while.”

“(Wanna) go home.” When Lin Ran heard that he couldn’t leave, his eyes reddened again, a mist appeared in his eyes and he shook his head, “Go home, Ran Ran doesn’t want to be here. Xiao Guai, Xiao Guai is at home.”

“Ran Ran, listen to me.” Song Zhi Xu had already asked before, Xiao Nanyu said that Lin Ran’s emotions had not completely stabilized yet, so going home would easily remind him of that day and cause irritation, so he was advised to stay in the hospital. 

“No, Ran Ran won’t listen.” Lin Ran impatiently and firmly grasped Song Zhi Xu.

Big tears finally slipped down past his eyes and dripped onto the back of Song Zhi Xu’s hand, as if burning on his heart, making him ache for a moment. But he still couldn’t leave the hospital for now, it was for Lin Ran’s sake, so he couldn’t be soft-hearted anymore. 

Song Zhi Xu discussed with Lin Ran again with a gentle voice, not to go home first, but to change a ward, and only then did Lin Ran reluctantly agree.

Song Zhi Xu didn’t care what people outside thought, he picked Lin Ran up directly and carried him to the counter and reopened another ward, asking for a suite on the top floor.

The suite in the hospital was expensive, so the corridor was quiet and no one would pass by. The interior was decorated like a home which made Lin Ran more relaxed.

After it was done, Song Zhi Xu let Lin Ran take his papers, carried the breakfast Mu Qingting bought for them with one hand, and carried Lin Ran upstairs with the other.

The hospital suite was the housing type, with two rooms and two bathrooms. The rooms couldn’t be considered as big but fully furnished with all kinds of disposable things. After looking around, Song Zhi Xu put Lin Ran on the sofa, and then took the breakfast which had already gotten a bit cold, to the kitchen to warm it up. Lin Ran had always had a good appetite, even when he was in the hospital, crying, his eyes and forehead swollen, it didn’t delay him from eating. Song Zhi Xu gave Lin Ran the microwave-warmed deep fried breadstick (you tiao) and Lin Ran took it up and ate it by himself. Song Zhi Xu was afraid that he might choke if he ate too quickly, so he took a paper cup of soya bean milk and fed him a mouthful every now and then.

Looking at Lin Ran, Song Zhi Xu remembered what Lin Ran had said in his embrace while he was crying in the morning and asked probingly, 

“Ran Ran, did you always have not enough to eat before?”

Lin Ran nodded as he chewed something in his mouth, and only after a while did he say with some vagueness.

“Auntie Nanny won’t allow Ran Ran to go to the kitchen and when Auntie was busy there was nothing to eat.” Lin Ran’s body trembled at the thought of those. There was a time when Auntie Nanny’s son was sick and hospitalized, she took care of him in the hospital for three days where Lin Ran was kept alone at home, starving for three whole days. When he was too hungry he could only drink from the water inside the tap to satisfy his hunger. Song Zhi Xu’s heart ached again; he didn’t dare to ask him questions anymore but only reached out and touched Lin Ran’s cheek.

“Ran Ran, from now on, with me, I will never let you go hungry again.” Lin Ran nodded his head vigorously and took a big bite of deep-fried breadstick, narrowing his eyes and smiling happily at Song Zhi Xu.

Song Zhi Xu waited until Lin Ran had eaten to his full before he himself ate the rest of it. 

When he finished eating, he turned on the TV and found cartoons for Lin Ran to watch, while he himself sat to the side and read hishis documents. 

When Lin Ran watched TV for a while, he had to find something to say to Song Zhi Xu, and only when he got a response did he continue watching again.

The two of them had a late breakfast so they didn’t eat lunch. In the evening, Song Zhi Xu asked his assistant to go to the villa to bring their clothes, at the same time he also told him to buy some vegetables.

The dinner was cooked by Song Zhi Xu himself and while eating Lin Ran rambled on and on asking him again.

“Song Zhi Xu, tomorrow, we are going home, right? “

“Hn.” Song Zhi Xu nodded his head. 

After a while Lin Ran asked again, “Do Xiao Guai have something to eat? Are we going to buy a wife for Xiao Guai tomorrow?”

“Xiao Guai already ate, didn’t I send you the video?” Song Zhi Xu had let his assistant feed it when he went there, and although the turtle didn’t need to eat every day, Lin Ran still fed him every day. 

“Okay.” Lin Ran agreed and ate obediently again.

After eating he still neatly packed and tidied things up. At night the two of them were lying in bed, Lin Ran didn’t dare to sleep by himself, so he climbed directly on Song Zhi Xu and lay on top of him, listening to his heartbeat, only then he could feel at ease.

Not long after, Lin Ran frowned and lifted his head from Song Zhi Xu’s arms, looking at him with some confusion.

“Song Zhi Xu, your heart is beating so fast.” Lin Ran was lying on top of him, but Song Zhi Xu’s heartbeat was so rapid and loud that he couldn’t sleep. Song Zhi Xu opened his mouth, not knowing how to explain for a moment. Lin Ran suddenly moved, his body rubbing against Song Zhi Xu as he moved upwards, trying to reach his shoulder.

Not knowing where he had rubbed against, Song Zhi Xu suddenly let out a muffled grunt. He grabbed Lin Ran’s waist, breathing heavily.

“Ran Ran, be good, don’t move.”


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