The Little Sweet Cutie Always Think That He Is a Stand-in
The Little Sweet Cutie Always Think that He is a Stand In Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Song Zhi Xu likes to hide things when he sleeps. 

“Eh?” Lin Ran had some doubts, not knowing what was wrong, but he was still quiet down obediently and didn’t dare to move. Song Zhi Xu seemed to be having some difficulty. Because Lin Ran was in the position of propping his elbows and lifting his body on Song Zhi Xu. He got a little tired after holding on for a long time. He couldn’t help but move his waist a little more to stretch himself out but after a few strokes, Song Zhi Xu underneath him let out another muffled grunt, scaring Lin Ran into stopping immediately.

But gradually he felt something hard poking him from Song Zhi Xu’s body. Lin Ran suddenly remembered what he had discovered that time at the old Lin family home. Song Zhi Xu liked to hide things when he slept, “Song Zhi Xu, do you hide something? You got found by Ran Ran again.”

A few smug smiles appeared on Lin Ran’s face. Immediately, he wanted to go inside the quilt to take a look, but when he had just moved a little, he was stopped by Song Zhi Xu again, not allowing him to move.

Song Zhi Xu’s voice was a little hoarse.

“Ran Ran, don’t, it’ll scare you, don’t look.”

Lin Ran frowned, 

What thing would have scared him? Is there something really scary under the quilt?

“Ran Ran is bold, Ran Ran is not afraid, scary things need to be thrown out.” Lin Ran was a little worried.

If something scary is on Song Zhi Xu’s body, isn’t that very dangerous? He had to protect Song Zhi Xu. 

So after another moment, for the first time, Lin Ran did not obediently listen to Song Zhi Xu and quickly stretched out his hand down, found the object, grasped it and pulled it out with force.

Song Zhi Xu’s body shook and he let out a cry of pain. Without thinking, he pushed Lin Ran away from the bed and ran into the bathroom. When the bathroom door closed, Lin Ran sat on the bed and was still confused. He looked at his own hand, sat frozen for a while before then he turned on the light and searched the bed. There was nothing on the bed.

Lin Ran sat on the bed and started to wait for Song Zhi Xu again, but inside the bathroom, there was no sound of activity from Song Zhi Xu.

After waiting for a long time, Lin Ran left the bed, walked to the bathroom door  without wearing sandals. He knocked the door gently a few times, calling Song Zhi Xu’s name. It didn’t take long for Song Zhi Xu’s muffled voice to come from inside, “Ran Ran, you go to sleep first.”

Lin Ran did not call him, but still stood stubbornly at the front of the bathroom door and did not leave.

After another half an hour, Lin Ran’s feet were already cold from the floor and he was about to fall asleep while standing there, only then the bathroom door was opened from the inside.

Song Zhi Xu, who was still damp, came out in his bathrobe and was a little surprised to see him.

“Why aren’t you sleeping?” Song Zhi Xu stroked the top of his hair. Lin Ran leaned over and yawned as he leaned into Song Zhi Xu’s arms, his voice tinged with sleepiness, 

“Ran Ran wait for Song Zhi Xu.”

Song Zhi Xu sighed, and instead of picking Lin Ran up, he held his hand and walked to the bed, arranging the quilt for him to lie down. This night, Song Zhi Xu himself found another quilt to sleep next to Lin Ran. Facing Lin Ran’s pitiful gaze, yet Lin Ran did not open his mouth to say he wanted to sleep together.

Although Lin Ran was still a little afraid to sleep by himself, he was afraid that Song Zhi Xu would run away again, so he could only sleep by himself, only pulling one of Song Zhi Xu’s hands under the quilt for peace of mind.

As he slept dazedly, Lin Ran muttered again in a small voice. “We’ll go home tomorrow, right?”

“Ran Ran, don’t like it here, miss Xiao Guai.”

Song Zhi Xu was still awake and gave him a sideways glance and a “Hmm” ,only then Lin Ran quieted down.

The next day Lin Ran woke up from his sleep first, and as soon as he woke up, he climbed on top of Song Zhi Xu, made fun of him.

When Song Zhi Xu woke up, Lin Ran wanted to leave immediately. Song Zhi Xu looked at the little fool whose forehead was still wrapped in a circle of gauze, but whose eyes seemed to be filled with stars, so he sighed, pulling him back and showing a trace of helplessness.

“Ran Ran, didn’t you still want to go buy a wife for Xiao Guai today?”

Lin Ran nodded, somewhat happily. 

Xiao Guai was going to have a wife and he was also going to have his second little turtle but now, it was still early and the pet shop wasn’t open yet, so he couldn’t buy one yet. 

Lin Ran froze, then stopped and was obediently pulled out by Song Zhi Xu, to make breakfast.

The two of them had just finished their breakfast when there was a knock at the door. Song Zhi Xu walked over and opened the door. He was not surprised to see the person standing outside the door, “Old Song, you really know how to enjoy yourself, I haven’t even stayed in here after working in the hospital for two years yet you’re staying here as soon as you come?” Mu Qingting surveyed his surroundings and nodded. Sure enough, it was so much better than those ordinary wards, it was simply high class. 

Song Zhi Xu ignored him and said indifferently, “You like it? When you get sick sometime, I’ll pay for you to stay.”

Mu Qingting gave a light “Humph”, this place was good, but staying in a high class hospital ward was not something to brag about. Mu Qingting took a look at the breakfast on the table, so he naturally walked over and sat down on Song Zhi Xu’s seat, picking up the breakfast and eating it. Before Song Zhi Xu could speak, he put the breakfast he was carrying in his hand on the table and spoke first, 

“You don’t lose, I’ll switch with you.”

As he said this, his eyes fell on Song Zhi Xu, showing a hint of surprise, but with Lin Ran across the table, he didn’t say anything. Song Zhi Xu sat down beside Lin Ran again and wasn’t picky at all as he opened the breakfast Mu Qingting had brought and ate it.

Lin Ran had always had a good appetite and Mu Qingting was able to join him as if they were in a competition, stuffing their mouths with food. In the end, when Song Zhi Xu had finished eating, there was not even any breakfast left included with the breakfast Mu Qingting had brought with him.

Lin Ran and Mu Qingting leaned back in their chairs and rubbed their stomachs. Song Zhi Xu sighed helplessly as he naturally reached over to Lin Ran, rubbed his stomach for him, and turned to Mu Qingting across the table with some displeasure. 

He’s eating properly, why are you teasing him?

Mu Qingting was fed a mouthful of dog food, pretending to be sad, he covered his heart in pain and said, “Zhi Xu, you don’t have a heart, no matter what, I have accompany you for more than twenty years yet you hurt my heart so much for this person who only has been with you for a few months?”

Song Zhi Xu went along with him and said indifferently: “How about I ask Xiao Nanyu to come and comfort you?”

Mu Qingting gave a “tsk” and finally behaved well again. He was so tired of being pestered by Xiao Nanyu. Nowadays Xiao Nanyu would go to his office almost as soon as he got off work and stay there, causing the young girls in his department to be afraid to talk to him.

Mu Qingting didn’t say anything, but Lin Ran trembled a little and pulled Song Zhi Xu’s sleeve, shaking his head and said in small voice, 

“Don’t want him.”

The shadow that Xiao Nanyu had left on him yesterday was still blocking his heart, making him afraid.

“Okay, we won’t see him, we’ll go home after this.” Song Zhi Xu soothed Lin Ran.

Lin Ran relaxed and got up to tidy up the table, then took it to the kitchen to wash the dishes.

Only after Lin Ran had left did Mu Qingting, who had been holding his breath all morning, “Tsk, tsk.” twice and winked at Song Zhi Xu with a sense of meaning. “Old Song, you, this old beast, little Ran Ran is already hurt yet you still didn’t let him off last night.”

Song Zhi Xu was stunned, not understanding what he was talking about. He was about to ask, when he heard Mu Qingting continued to said, 

“Don’t deny it, just now your walking posture is not right, I can see it right away. What? Does it hurt?”

Song Zhi Xu’s face darkened instantly, Mu Qingting picked out what he didn’t like to hear.

Standing up, Song Zhi Xu walked straight to Mu Qingting’s side, pulled him up in one go, dragged him to the door and pushed him out. Before closing the door, he then said coldly, 

“Go back, I’ll send you the address and check that suite for me.” After saying that, the door was closed hard by him.

Mu Qingting pouted in dissatisfaction and kicked the door of the room, muttering in a small voice, 

“Bad friend, is this the kind of attitude you have when you ask someone to do something?” The person inside of course did not respond and could not hear him, after kicking he was just about to leave, but when he turned his head, he coincidentally locked eyes with Xiao Nanyu who came out of the lift… 

Lin Ran came out of the kitchen after washing the dishes and found out that Mu Qingting was no longer there, so he asked in a small voice, 


“Hm.” Song Zhi Xu responded, “He had something to do so he left. Let us also pack up and get ready to go home ba!”

Lin Ran forgot about Mu Qingting’s matter as soon as he heard that they were going home so he happily packed his things up.

Song Zhi Xu’s car had already been driven over by his assistant, so the two of them checked out of the hospital and drove straight away, ready to go home. On the way Lin Ran still kept thinking about the matter of buying a wife for Xiao Guai, so the two stopped halfway to the pet shop first to buy a small turtle. Lin Ran chose the turtle in the pet shop for quite a long time then found one about the same size as Xiao Guai and put it in a small fish bowl.

After Song Zhi Xu paid the money, the two left. It was the same place, but Lin Ran had his second turtle and was chattering non stop to Song Zhi Xu all the way inside the car. Song Zhi Xu drove while listening to Lin Ran and responding to him at the suitable time.

When they arrived at the villa, Lin Ran found Xiao Guai again and took both of the turtles out to talk to them in a small voice.

Song Zhi Xu still had some things to do in the company, so Song Zhi Xu sat next to Lin Ran, putting his laptop on his lap and listening to Lin Ran talk without feeling annoyed at all.

Although the injury on Lin Ran’s forehead was not serious, Song Zhi Xu was still afraid that he would be emotionally unstable, so he took leave from work directly from the company and worked at home.

Occasionally, when the company had something that required him to show up his face, Song Zhi Xu would only go to the company during Lin Ran’s nap time and come back immediately afterwards.

The good thing was that his company had basically stabilized, so even if he was not at the office, there would not be any problems.

A week had passed, until the injury on Lin Ran’s forehead had completely healed, the bulging bag had subsided and the wound had scabbed over, only then Song Zhi Xu received a call from Mu Qingting.

Song Zhi Xu looked at Lin Ran beside him before he went to the window, put the phone to his ear and asked, “How is it going?” 

Mu Qingting’s voice soon came from the other side.

“It’s been too long, I’ve entrusted someone to find out with great difficulty, that house in Hai Cheng, all of the previous owner before the change of ownership is not surnamed Lin, but surnamed Su.” 

“Not surnamed Lin?” Song Zhi Xu was surprised and didn’t expect it. 

Isn’t this house given to him by Lin Ran’s father?

“There’s other information.” Mu Qingting ignored him and went on and said, “That property is an old house that will be demolished soon which seems to be next month.”


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