The Little Sweet Cutie Always Think That He Is a Stand-in
The Little Sweet Cutie Always Think that He is a Stand In Chapter 61

Chapter 61: 宝贝儿,你在我怀里还想别的男人

Baby, you’re in my embrace yet you’re thinking about another man. 

Song Zhi Xu had already heard this from Mu Qingting, so he wasn’t surprised at all. The man in the suit didn’t know much either, so Song Zhi Xu didn’t ask any more questions and just carefully pulled Lin Ran forward. The demolition of the building and relocation of the inhabitants had already started here; they could see the ground was full of broken or cement bits, so Lin Ran was having a hard time walking, therefore Song Zhi Xu simply picked him up.

The man in the suit looked at the two men with some surprise, but immediately turned his head back and knew not to ask any questions, so he just led them forward in a  well behaved manner. 

It was only after a few turns that they walked inside to a dilapidated building and climbed all the way to the top floor, where the man in the suit pointed     to          to a flat. “This is it.”

Song Zhi Xu glanced at the somewhat dilapidated doorway. The lock above the door had also been pried open so he just easily pushed the door open without using the key.

The man in the suit coughed lightly yet still said honestly, “I’m really sorry, because the owner could not be contacted on one side, so we forced to open the lock, but we didn’t touch anything in the room, it should have been burgled, there has been not too safe in here.”

The house was not big, a simple one room, and the things inside were in an awful mess, all covered with a thick layer of dust already. Song Zhi Xu nodded and turned his head to thank him before leaving the other party to be busy with his work. The man in the suit looked at the two of them and finally warned them, “It’s not too safe here, so you better not stay here too late and leave early when you’re done taking a look.”

“Okay, thanks a lot.” Song Zhi Xu nodded his head before the other party left. Now, there were only two people left. Lin Ran moved and slid down from Song Zhi Xu’s embrace and then stuck closely to Song Zhi Xu’s side again.

“Song Zhi Xu, where is here?”

Song Zhi Xu held Lin Ran’s hand and walked in.

“This is your house.”

“Ran Ran’s house?” Lin Ran stood in the dilapidated living room and looked at Song Zhi Xu again, “So is Ran Ran going to live here in the future?”

“No need, this apartment is about to be demolished, we’re just here to take a look,” Song Zhi Xu surveyed the not-so-large house.

The things inside were in a bit of a mess, they had been messing it up, and it wasn’t recently tossed around, so it was probably because the thieves had come to steal things in the previous ten years or so since they found out that no one had lived here. Song Zhi Xu took out a handkerchief from his pocket and asked Lin Ran to cover his mouth and nose then led him around the room again to search. From the kitchen utensils and other signs of life, it looked like only one person lived here alone, and it should be that man called Su Hexuan.

Song Zhi Xu tried to find a photo in the house. He had searched all the rooms, but nothing was there, so in the end, Song Zhi Xu could only take Lin Ran leave with nothing in result. 

In the car, on the way back, Song Zhi Xu asked Lin Ran.

“Ran Ran, do you remember a person named Su Hexuan?” Lin Ran thought seriously and then shook his head. “Ran Ran don’t remember anymore, I can’t recall it.”

Song Zhi Xu saw him beat his own head and hurriedly stopped him, telling him to stop thinking about it. 

Inexplicably, Song Zhi Xu would associate this name with that man in the photo who looked across the sky and straddled Lin Ran’s father’s shoulder. 

But even if they were the same person, Lin Ran really wouldn’t remember it, after all, since those pictures were taken when Lin Ran was only five years old, therefore Lin Ran should still be living in the Lin family at that time. Moreover, Lin Mu also had said that all the memories in the Lin family, Lin Ran had been forgotten all about it. 

The two of them went back to the hotel and washed themselves clean before ordering lunch again. After eating, Lin Ran leaned against Song Zhi Xu’s arms, a little sleepy but still remembering Lin Mu, so he raised his head again and looked at Song Zhi Xu and asked in a small voice, 

“Song Zhi Xu, are we going to look for Gege?”

Previously, Song Zhi Xu promised that he would take him to find his brother sometime. Lin Ran hadn’t seen his brother for a long time.

It was just in time when Song Zhi Xu was going to ask if Lin Mu knew this name so he nodded his head in agreement and took out his mobile phone to call Lin Mu. The phone was answered after a few rings, Lin Mu’s somewhat hoarse voice and gasped for breath voice came from the other side.

“Zhi Xu?”

Before Song Zhi Xu could say anything, Lin Ran, who had been leaning in his arms and was a little sleepy, immediately became lively as he excitedly took the phone and talked to Lin Mu on the other end of the phone and called out, “Gege.”

“Ran Ran?” Lin Mu smiled, “I called you before, but no one answered. Did you not bring your phone with you again?” Lin Ran spat out his tongue and rubbed himself into Song Zhi Xu’s arms again. “Ran Ran has Song Zhi Xu, there’s no need to bring my phone. I can lose my phone,but I can’t lose Song Zhi Xu.”

Even if it was lost, Song Zhi Xu would come back on his own. Lin Mu laughed in low voice a few times at the other end of the phone, Lin Ran was a little embarrassed as he buried his cheek in Song Zhi Xu’s embrace, and did not dare to speak again. Song Zhi Xu gently patted Lin Ran’s back before taking over the conversation: “Lin Mu, I’ve brought Ran Ran back to Hai Cheng. He said he missed you, I also happen to have something I want to ask you. Shall we go back to the Lin family’s old residence tonight?” The other side was silent for a moment, before saying again after a while, 

“The old…old mansion is recently being renovated, it’s very messy inside, there’s no way to stay here. I’m also living outside now. Why don’t we have dinner together outside tonight? I haven’t seen Ran Ran for a long time either.”

Song Zhi Xu didn’t think much of it as he agreed to it. The two of them booked a place and a time for it before hanging up the phone.

Lin Ran lifted his head from inside Song Zhi Xu’s arms again.

“Are we going to see Gege tonight?”

Song Zhi Xu nodded his head. 

Lin Ran immediately revealed a happy smile, somewhat excitedly wrapped his arms around Song Zhi Xu’s neck and pressed close to his cheek, giving him a big and hard kiss before he leaned back against his shoulder and yawned softly.

“Song Zhi Xu, Ran Ran is sleepy. We’ll go to see Gege after I wake up, is that okay?” Lin Ran already had the habit of taking a nap at noon after lunch, and it was already late when the two of them returned today, so this time, he was supposed to be sleepy after eating lunch.

Song Zhi Xu didn’t say much and carried Lin Ran back to the bedroom, lying under the quilt with him, accompanying him and sleeping together with Lin Ran.

Song Zhi Xu woke up after almost an hour of sleep, and continued to lie in bed as he accompanied Lin Ran while reading the company’s reports for some time. He put down his phone, only after Lin Ran woke up in the early hours of the morning, leaned over to take Lin Ran into his arms again. Lin Ran opened his eyes in a daze and already started looking for Song Zhi Xu, until he was held by Song Zhi Xu, only then he felt at ease, rubbing and leaning against Song Zhi Xu again. He yawned and only after being half awake for ten minutes did he open his eyes, “Song Zhi Xu, are we going to visit Gege?”

Song Zhi Xu couldn’t help it as he reached out to pinch Lin Ran’s cheek, then moved over and sucked a red spot on his cheek before letting go, pretending to be angry, “Baby, you’re in my arms, yet you’re still thinking about other men, like this, I’m going to get angry.”

“Eh.” Lin Ran didn’t understand why Song Zhi Xu was angry, but still subconsciously went up to him to coax him, gently rubbing his cheek against Song Zhi Xu’s as he patted his chest, “Song Zhi Xu, don’t be angry, Ran Ran likes Song Zhi Xu.”

Seeing that Song Zhi Xu still didn’t say anything, Lin Ran kissed him on the cheek again Song Zhi Xu finally couldn’t help himself and curled his lips into a laugh. Then he sighed again and picked Lin Ran up from the bed to take him to wash up.

With this mild and easy to be bullied nature, there was really no way for Song Zhi Xu to be angry with him, he couldn’t even pretend to be one. 

When Lin Ran woke up, it was still early, so the two of them tidy up and stayed in the hotel for a while until late afternoon. Before the appointed time, they then drove the car and left early.

It was just right the time when the office workers get off of works so the road was jammed,therefoee when the two of them arrived at the private restaurant room, Lin Mu had already arrived first. 

The moment Lin Ran and Song Zhi Xu entered the door and saw Lin Mu, Lin  Ran’s eyes immediately lit up, he wanted to run over and hug him immediately, but thinking that Song Zhi Xu would be angry, he still looked at Song Zhi Xu carefully, and only when Song Zhi Xu nodded his head, did Lin Ran run over quickly and jump into Lin Mu’s arms and rub against him.

“Gege, Ran Ran misses you so much.”

Lin Mu nodded at Song Zhi Xu and teased Lin Ran again.

“I see you’re doing quite well in the capital, I’m afraid that you don’t even miss me at all.”

Lin Ran blinked his eyes with a serious look on his face. 

“Ran Ran is living well and misses Gege too.”

Lin Mu pinched his cheek and pushed him away a little, “Fine, I already know, then sit down well.”

Lin Ran sat down obediently and it didn’t take long for him to rub up against Song Zhi Xu again. The three of them talked and ate at the same time, the topic of the conversation mostly about Lin Ran.

After eating Song Zhi Xu deliberately thought about it for a while before asking Lin Mu, “Su He Xuan, this name, have you ever heard of it before?” Lin Mu thought about it and shook his head.

“Haven’t heard of it, what’s wrong?”

Lin Mu neither knew Lin Ran’s house nor Su He Xuan,this name, so Song Zhi Xu didn’t mention more about it, lest Lin Mu think more about it. When they had finished eating, they removed the things from the table and Song Zhi Xu found an excuse to go to the toilet, since the two brothers hadn’t seen each other for a long time so they should have something to talk about, that was why he consciously gave them some space. As soon as Song Zhi Xu left, Lin Ran leaned over to Lin Mu, tugged on his sleeve and admitted his fault in a small voice, 

“Gege, I’m sorry, Ran Ran didn’t listen to you and slept together with Song Zhi Xu. I even took off my clothes.” After saying that he hurriedly added, “But this time Song Zhi Xu didn’t have a nosebleed, Ran Ran had seen it.”

“Sleeping together?” Lin Mu froze and immediately thought of something yet he was afraid that Lin Ran wouldn’t understand, so he still asked again, “How did you sleep together, how did it feel?”

Lin Ran lowered his head, his cheeks a little red.

“Lying together with no clothes, then Ran Ran hurt.” Lin Mu understood it in a flash, he fell silent and just when Lin Ran thought he was angry, he looked down at Lin Ran’s stomach. “Is there any discomfort in your stomach?”

Lin Ran shook his head, afraid that his elder brother would be angry and dared not to say anything anymore. Lin Mu was a little helpless, but in his heart he had actually prepared for this a long time ago, looking at Lin Ran like this, it was obvious that he had taken a liking to Song Zhi Xu, so he didn’t stop it.

When Song Zhi Xu returned from the toilet, the two had already talked about something else.

After they finished eating, it was getting a bit dark outside, only then the three left the hotel. The lift landed in the underground car park, Song Zhi Xu had just walked out bringing Lin Ran with him, not too far from where he was, Song Zhi Xu was stunned when he see a man in a grey suit leaning against the car and smoking, therefore he called out to him, “Little uncle, why are you here?


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