The Little Sweet Cutie Always Think That He Is a Stand-in
The Little Sweet Cutie Always Think that He is a Stand In Chapter 62

Chapter 62 : 然然,怎么摔了,疼不疼

Ran Ran, how can you fall? Does it hurt?

When Xiao Zhengnan saw Song Zhi Xu, it seemed like he wasn’t surprised at all, instead he glanced behind them and casually asked. “Just the two of you?”

Song Zhi Xu touched his nose and was thinking about whether he should explain to Xiao Zhengnan that he had come in a hurry this time and that was why he didn’t tell him. The two of them previously didn’t actually even see each other a few times  for a year, mainly, this time, he came over to accompany Lin Ran, so he didn’t tell Xiao Zhengnan, but when he heard Xiao Zhengnan ask him like this, he still honestly answered, 

“I just had dinner with Ran Ran’s Gege and he went straight down from the main entrance.”

It seemed that Lin Mu came over driving his own car so he hadn’t come with the two of them to the parking lot. 

Xiao Zhengnan nodded his head and returned to the car again and drove off straight away without a word.

Lin Ran had just been half hiding behind Song Zhi Xu’s back and only when he saw that the person had left, only then he pulled Song Zhi Xu’s sleeve and said in a small voice. “He’s kind of fierce.”

Song Zhi Xu took Lin Ran’s hand and led him to the car, saying at the same time, “He’s my little uncle, that means he is my mother’s younger brother. He’s an elder (generation).” Although Song Zhi Xu did not want to admit that this man, who was only six years older than him, was indeed his older generation. Lin Ran didn’t quite understand what little uncle meant, but after thinking about it, he still asked, 

“Is he greater than Ran Ran’s Gege?”

Song Zhi Xu nodded his head: “In a way, he’s… he’s one generation above your Gege.”

After all, Gege belonged to the same generation, but uncle would belong to the elder generation. Lin Ran nodded his head, probably understanding that the person was even more powerful than his Gege.

The two found the car and then drove the car out of the parking area. When they came out, Song Zhi Xu subconsciously glanced at the entrance of the restaurant yet he did not see Lin Mu. Lin Mu probably had already left.

Just now, he wanted to send Lin Mu back, but Lin Mu said it was not convenient since he had a friend who would come to pick him up, so the three of them were not going back together. Lin Mu had probably already been picked up by his friend right now. 

Lin Ran was somewhat happy to be able to see Lin Mu today, so he rambled on and on, talking to Song Zhi Xu, who spoke one minute and was quiet the next. It didn’t take long for the two of them to get back to the hotel while talking. When they went to sleep at night, Lin Ran lay on Song Zhi Xu’s chest, poking Song Zhi Xu’s Adam’s apple with his fingertips, remembering something before then he said in a low voice to Song Zhi Xu. “We need to go back tomorrow, Xiao Guai and Xiao Guai’s wife are still at home, they’ll miss Ran Ran.”

Two days have already passed since they went out, tomorrow would be the third day, he wondered if they were hungry.

Lin Ran had originally planned to bring them here secretly, but Song Zhi Xu said that the plane did not sell seats for the little turtles and they were not allowed to get on the plane, so Lin Ran could only leave them at home.

Song Zhi Xu showed some helplessness and patted the buttocks of the person who lay on him, his voice took on a touch of hoarseness as he said, 

“Baby, if you want to go back early tomorrow, then behave well right now, or you’ll have to meet those two turtles a little later.”

Lin Ran blinked, a little uncomfortable from Song Zhi Xu’s pat before then he moved a little and asking with some confusion, 

“Why is it? Then when can Ran Ran see Xiao Guai?” Song Zhi Xu’s breathing was no longer heavy anymore and he was silent for a while before he said in a hoarse voice, 

“Baby, can we change the flight tomorrow from morning to the afternoon? I’m afraid that you won’t be able to get up.”

Lin Ran didn’t know what it meant to change the flight, but he agreed to everything that Song Zhi Xu said, so he nodded again, although he still didn’t understand something, “Why is it that Ran Ran will not be able to get up? Ran is very diligent (hardworking).” He could get up very early in the morning every day.

Song Zhi Xu wrapped one of his arm around Lin Ran’s back, then rolled right over and pinned him down, sucking a smear of red on the top of his neck before he came up to his ear and said, 

“I’ll tell you soon after this why you can’t get up tomorrow.” Before Lin Ran could say anything, his mouth was covered by Song Zhi Xu, and all he could do was make a “hmm” sound.

The two of them had booked the presidential suite, and although it was not specially prepared, it was fully equipped with everything, so this time it was just the right time for Song Zhi Xu to toss and turn the person until midnight, until Lin Ran cried and went to sleep, only after that awhile did he stop satisfiedly.

He carried the sleeping Lin Ran into the bathroom and took a bath, and then took him to a different bedroom.

Fortunately, when the two of them came here, they had a suite with two bedrooms, and the two of them slept in the master bedroom and a side bedroom. Before he fell asleep, Song Zhi Xu took out his mobile phone, refunded his morning ticket and bought another one for the afternoon before then he fell asleep satisfiedly with Lin Ran in his embrace. Just like what Song Zhi Xu had said, Lin Ran really did not wake up the next morning and when he opened his eyes it was already after ten o’clock, his body was still a bit sore and weak, but not as uncomfortable as last time as he laying inside his quilt relaxed and refreshingly. 

Lin Ran rolled twice under the quilt, he only sat up on the bed when his body had gained strength. His eyes looked around the room, Song Zhi Xu had already woken up at some point however he was not in the room. Lin Ran pouted, got up on his bare feet and tried to find Song Zhi Xu.

But this was not the room where he had slept last night, none of his clothes were here and he wasn’t wearing any either.

Lin Ran could only wrap himself with the quilt and walk out, and just as he left the bedroom door he saw Song Zhi Xu, who had his back facing him, standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window and looking outside, “Song Zhi Xu.” Lin Ran called out, somewhat excitedly wanting to run over to him and hug him, but forgetting that he was still wrapped up in the quilt and could not move his legs.

As soon as he took a step, he tripped over the quilt he was wrapped in and fell to the ground, hitting his forehead hard on the floor with a loud thud.

Lin Ran, who had fallen to the floor, as well as Song Zhi Xu, who had just turned around by the sound, both froze in the same place.

Song Zhi Xu reacted very quickly by walking over to Lin Ran’s side and hurriedly helped him up, but Lin Ran’s forehead was still red. Surprisingly, his eyes were misted with pain as he pouted his mouth, and looked as if he was about to cry.

“Ran Ran, why did you fall? Does it hurt?”

Lin Ran nodded his head, feeling wronged as he said to him, “Song Zhi Xu isn’t here. Ran Ran has no clothes to wear.”

Song Zhi Xu took Lin Ran into his embrace and looked at him. Lin Ran had wrapped himself up quite tightly, only his feet and head were exposed. He flopped down on the ground like this, however the rest of his body was fine. 

It was just that his head was on the floor, how could it not hurt? He sighed and kissed Lin Ran on his forehead where he had hit his head and took him in his embrace, coaxing him for a while before picking him up and taking him back to the master bedroom. He then searched for clothes for him to change into. 

Song Zhi Xu called and ordered lunch. He also had the hotel staff boil an egg and sent it up.

It didn’t take long for Lin Ran to be sitting in front of the table looking eagerly and impatiently at the delicious meal on the table, swallowing his saliva as Song Zhi Xu rubbed his forehead with the egg.

“Song Zhi Xu, can Ran Ran have lunch?” Lin Ran had used up too much energy last night and woke up late in the morning, so he hadn’t eaten breakfast either. By now, his stomach had already started to rumble and protest, but Song Zhi Xu still forbade him to eat, since he must rub his forehead first, “Wait a moment, rub it well, otherwise it will swell up into a ‘horn shaped’.” 

Lin Ran’s forehead had already swollen up after just bumping it, therefore Song Zhi Xu had to rub the bulge away first. 

“Ran Ran isn’t afraid, no more rubbing.” Lin Ran shook his head, somewhat uncooperatively since his stomach was already making another rumbling sound at the moment. Looking at his pitiful appearance, Song Zhi Xu couldn’t bear to starve him, so he could only stop the action in his hands first, pushing the dishes that the restaurant had just delivered, in front of Lin Ran and moved them into Lin Ran’s bowl with his chopsticks for him to eat. Lin Ran was so happy that his eyes narrowed as he looked at the food. He lowered his head as he pushed the food into his mouth with chopsticks but thinking of what Song Zhi Xu had told him that he should eat slowly and swallow what was in his mouth, only then he slowed down, eating one small bite every time. 

When Lin Ran had finished eating, only then Song Zhi Xu ate the rest of the food and stopped him from clearing the table before then taking him straight back to his room. He had booked the afternoon flight from Hai Cheng to fly back to the capital and now he was packing his luggage, after that he returned the rental car and took a taxi to the airport.

It was just about the right time. 

Lin Ran could only endure not cleaning up the table. Together with Song Zhi Xu, they packed up the luggage together and checked out of the room, before leaving the hotel.

Because Lin Ran did not take a nap at noon, once on the plane, Lin Ran fell asleep as he leaned on Song Zhi Xu’s arms and slept until the plane landed. He was then woken up by Song Zhi Xu, who then led him out of the airport in a daze. Song Zhi Xu’s car was parked at the airport, so after getting off the plane, the two of them got into the car, only then Song Zhi Xu drove back to the villa.

Lin Ran hadn’t seen his Xiao Guai for three days, so he talked endlessly to Song Zhi Xu in the car.

Song Zhi Xu listened to him, smiling for a long time.

Not knowing from where Lin Ran had learned that turtles could lay eggs, it was only a few days after he had bought a wife for Xiao Guai that he was already thinking about when the turtles would be able to lay eggs.

When he got to the point where the eggs could produce many Xiao Guai, only then Song Zhi helplessly Xu interrupted him.

“Baby, do you know that it takes a male turtle and a female turtle to lay eggs?”

Lin Ran froze, looked at Song Zhi Xu and lightly shook his head. Song Zhi Xu added, “Then do you know whether Xiao Guai and his wife we just bought for him, is a male or a female?”

Lin Ran thought about it and shook his head, his face showing a bit of distress. He seemed not to know anything about it, except that the cartoons said that turtles could lay eggs. “How can I know which is which?” Lin Ran asked

This time it was Song Zhi Xu who was at loss and couldn’t answer him, because he also didn’t know how to differentiate male from female turtles either.

Just at the time when he was about to find an excuse and say that Xiao Guai was still too young to lay eggs, then his mobile phone suddenly rang. 

Song Zhi Xu glanced at it to see that it was the company assistant, he connected the bluetooth in the car, turned on the audio through speakers and asked directly: “What is it?” 

“Boss, are you back now?” The assistant’s voice was a little anxious.

Song Zhi Xu gave a “Hn”as reply, “I just came back, what’s wrong? 

“The company recently had a problem with a multinational project, and they asked you to go over there to talk about it, so you might have to go on a business trip.” The assistant waited for Song Zhi Xu’s answer.

“Didn’t I already let the vice president go?” Song Zhi Xu knew that there was indeed some trouble with that project.

“It was the news from the vice president’s side that the business partner refused to talk to him and must ask you to go over.” The assistant helplessly but still had to say the words out.


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