The Little Sweet Cutie Always Think That He Is a Stand-in
The Little Sweet Cutie Always Think that He is a Stand In Chapter 67

Chapter 67: 肚子里有一些胀胀的

(My) stomach felt somewhat bloated (felt stuffed)

The person on the other side seemed to be a little surprised, and it took a moment before he asked. “Why do you say it like that?”

Song Zhi Xu put his line of sight out of the window, he also didn’t know how he got that kind of idea.

It could be because the Lin family’s parents did treat Lin Ran badly, throwing him out and not caring and not paying attention to him, or it could be because of the house they went to see that day; that house was not big but it could be seen from it that it was full of signs of life but yet Lin Ran was turned into the head of the household when he was only five years old, and the money inside that bank book, also could be also all the money that the owner of the house had. Indescribably, Song Zhi Xu felt that the owner of that house was the one who was more likely to be Lin Ran’s father.

After a while, Song Zhi Xu still said, “I don’t know, it’s just my intuition.”

“Lin Ran is indeed the Lin family’s child.” The person on the other side just said that after a short time. 

“Then, then that box, along with the things inside, was left to Lin Ran by Uncle Lin when he was alive?” Song Zhi Xu asked him again. The person opposite did not speak for a moment, and after a moment of silence suddenly he changed the subject and asked, “Song Zhi Xu, how long has your mother been back from your place?”

Song Zhi Xu didn’t understand why he would ask that, but still thought hard and seriously about it.

“It’s been over two months, what’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong? I’m sleeping in the guest room now. What did you say to your mother?”

The voice that suddenly had a bit more irritation made Song Zhi Xu’s body stiffen, he also remembered what he had said before Xiao Shilan left, “Dad, wasn’t it you who said for me to get my mum back? I also didn’t have any other way, ah.”

Before Song Zhi Xu could finish his words, the other party left him some words, “You figure it out by yourself.” He then hung up the phone and sighed, somehow helpless.

At that time, he only wanted to let Xiao Shilan go back, therefore he didn’t think much about it. He didn’t expect that his father would stay in the guest room for more than two months, which was really quite miserable. Luckily his Ran Ran was well behaved and obedient so he would never kick him out of the bedroom.

Thinking of Lin Ran, the corners of Song Zhi Xu’s lips unconsciously curled up into a smile. Standing by the window again for a while, he subconsciously wanted to smoke a cigarette, but when he took it, he put it back instead. 

Lin Ran doesn’t like the smell of smoke, although Lin Ran did not say it, Song Zhi Xu also saw through it, so after being together with Lin Ran, he did not smoke much anymore, but during the time when he was away on the business trip, sometimes he was too tired and would smoke a few to refresh himself, only now then did he tried to reduce it again.

But now, since he was back, Song Zhi Xu didn’t smoke again anymore, so he put the cigarettes back and went back to the bedroom. He went to bed and held Lin Ran in his arms. Song Zhi Xu also followed him to sleep. He had been away on a business trip for so long; he was indeed tired. Lin Ran was able to sleep and Song Zhi Xu was also sleepy. The two of them slept from morning until late afternoon, only then after that they woke up. 

Lin Ran opened his eyes first and looked around, he was in Song Zhi Xu’s bedroom and Song Zhi Xu was still holding him in his arms.

Lin Ran moved and climbed on top of Song Zhi Xu and stretched out his fingertips to poke at Song Zhi Xu’s cheek, Song Zhi Xu frowned slightly. Lin Ran was afraid that he would wake Song Zhi Xu up and made him angry. Song Zhi Xu then hurriedly leaned over and gave Lin Ran a kiss on his cheek.

Song Zhi Xu gave some low laughs a few times, opened his eyes and looked at Lin Ran on top of him after a while and directly rolled over and pinned him down, pinching his face, “Baby, you already woke me up, so are you going to accept my punishment?”

Lin Ran was pinned down by him, he was not afraid at all, blinking his eyes with some curiosity.

“What punishment? Is Song Zhi Xu going to wake Ran Ran up too?” 

Song Zhi Xu raised his eyebrows slightly, pretending to be fierce as he said, 

“It’s much more serious than that.”

He pulled the quilt over and covered himself and Lin Ran in it, sucking a red mark on Lin Ran’s neck.

After having the sweet taste and suddenly going on the business trip, he really wanted it badly, especially since every time he saw Lin Ran on the video call, he felt hot all over his body and wanted so much to bully the person.

Yesterday, it was fine when they were at the hospital, but today since he has come back and has had enough food and sleep, he definitely couldn’t let Lin Ran go easily.

It was only until night, when Lin Ran was bathed by Song Zhi Xu, also had his hair blow-dried then he was carried downstairs, his cheeks were still a little red and his eyes were moist, pouting his mouth, not wanting to pay attention to Song Zhi Xu. He felt so weak that his whole body had no strength. He had just tried to walk on his own, however, he had almost fallen over.

Song Zhi Xu already had his fill so now he was extremely satisfied. After putting Lin Ran on the sofa, he kissed him on the cheek in a good mood, “Baby, you must be hungry right? What do you want to eat? I’ll go and make it for you okay?” Lin Ran’s eyes were red and he was still a little angry. His voice also sounded very hoarse. He turned his head away from Song Zhi Xu, not wanting to pay attention to him.

“Darling, I’m sorry, I was wrong, I’ll be gentle next time, okay?

“I just haven’t seen you for too many days and I miss you too much.” Song Zhi Xu went up to him as he curry favor and coaxed him nicely.

When Lin Ran heard Song Zhi Xu say that he missed him, a smile unconsciously appeared on the corner of his lips, but thinking that he was still angry, he huffed and said in a small voice again. “Song Zhi Xu just came back yet bullied Ran Ran. Ran Ran won’t pay any attention to you anymore.” 

Song Zhi Xu looked at him for a moment before then he slightly raised his eyebrows, “Really ignore me?” After waiting for a while, seeing that Lin Ran still didn’t say anything, Song Zhi Xu stood up and said, 

“If you ignored me, I’ll be off then.”

When Lin Ran heard that he was leaving, he felt anxious in his heart so he immediately pulled Song Zhi Xu’s clothes.

“No, don’t go, Song Zhi Xu please pay attention to Ran Ran, you mustn’t go.” Song Zhi Xu saw that he seemed to be really frightened so he hurriedly hugged him and kissed him.

“Okay then, I won’t go, I’ll go cook some meat for you to eat.” Only then did Lin Ran agree as he nodded. Song Zhi Xu turned on the TV for him and found the cartoons he loved to watch, then brought the fish bowl over and put it where he could see it, before he went to the kitchen to cook some food. 

When the two of them returned, Song Zhi Xu specially bought fish and also spare ribs for Lin Ran to eat tonight.

Probably because he couldn’t eat it during those past years, Lin Ran had always especially been fond of meat, but because when he was first brought back here, he was given too good and nutritious food that put him in hospital. Since then, Lin Ran’s diet has always been a mixture of meat and vegetables. Song Zhi Xu also did not allow him to eat too much meat.

But since he hadn’t come back for so long, he this time let Lin Ran eat freely. Lin Ran took a cushion and plopped down on the sofa, rubbing his aching waist while watching TV, gradually the smell of food came out from the kitchen, but Lin Ran felt that he did not have any appetite.

He caressed his underbelly, it was somewhat bloated. It was all Song Zhi Xu’s fault for not letting him go even though he had said he didn’t want it anymore. 

After lying on the sofa for a while, Song Zhi Xu brought out the dinner and asked Lin Ran to go over to the table to eat. Lin Ran agreed and dragged his legs, which were a little sore and weak, over to the table.

Song Zhi Xu served him rice and put the finished spare ribs into his bowl.

“Eat it, today you’re already tired too, eat more.” Lin Ran looked at his favorite spare ribs, but he didn’t have much appetite. Looking at the layer of oil glistening on it, he felt somewhat uncomfortable in his stomach. But he still took it into his mouth, chewed and swallowed it. Song Zhi Xu had been watching him and was a little surprised to see that he was not eating as fast as before.

“Ran Ran? What’s the matter? You don’t like it?”

Lin Ran shook his head and smiled at Song Zhi Xu.

“It’s delicious, Ran Ran likes it.”

He had always particularly enjoyed eating spare ribs made by Song Zhi Xu before, but today it was probably because his stomach was bloated and he wasn’t that hungry too, “It’s good if you like it.” Song Zhi Xu served another bowl of stewed creamy fish soup and put it in front of Lin Ran, “Drink the soup too, I bought the fish especially for you.”

Lin Ran nodded his head obediently. He picked up the bowl and just as it came close to his nose, a fishy smell burst into his nose and ran all the way to his stomach. As his stomach churned, Lin Ran put the bowl down and ran quickly to the toilet, squatting down by the toilet and throwing up everything he had just eaten. Song Zhi Xu was startled by Lin Ran’s sudden action and quickly followed after him. 

He ran over, squatted on the floor and gently patted Lin Ran’s back, a little worried, “Ran Ran, what’s wrong with you? Are you not feeling well?” He went out and brought a glass of water to rinse Lin Ran’s mouth, then hurriedly said, “I’ll go find Mu Qingting, let’s go to the hospital.”

Lin Ran shook his head and pulled Song Zhi Xu to stop him. 

“Ran Ran is fine, just a little discomfort in the stomach, just rub it and I’ll be fine.”

He had just returned from the hospital during the day, so Lin Ran did not want to go out anymore. Song Zhi Xu looked at him for a while and knew that Lin Ran did not want to go to the hospital so he did not push him either. He rinsed his mouth, then carried him to the sofa to lie down and gently rubbed Lin Ran’s stomach.

Lin Ran’s stomach felt a bit bloated, he couldn’t explain it, how uncomfortable it was, but it was just somehow uncomfortable. 

After his stomach being rubbed by Song Zhi Xu and after smelling the smell of Song Zhi Xu’s body, Lin Ran fell asleep soon after that. 

Song Zhi Xu looked at him for a while and sighed in the end, 

These days when he was not at home, Lin Ran had been eating food from outside so he guessed that the food was too oily, plus Lin Ran sometimes forgot to eat when he fell asleep, therefore that was why his body was not well. 

After he came back, he had to help Lin Ran to recuperate for a while. Lin Ran was still asleep, but in the end, Song Zhi Xu still decided to wake him up, give him another glass of milk and rinse his mouth before letting him sleep again. Song Zhi Xu accompanied Lin Ran for today and waited until the next day to go to the office, after all, he still had a lot of things to do at the office and although he was back, he could not stay at home with Lin Ran all the time. In the morning, when Song Zhi Xu woke up, Lin Ran was still asleep.

After he had tidied up, he was still a bit hesitant whether to wake Lin Ran up or not. This time, Lin Ran must not have slept enough, but if he didn’t wake him up, he was afraid he would cry when he woke up and didn’t see him. After hesitating for a while, Song Zhi Xu still gently pinched Lin Ran’s cheek.

“Baby, I’m going to the office, are you going too?” Lin Ran was woken up, he rubbed himself on the bed and somehow dissatisfied, not wanting to get up yet.

Song Zhi Xu kissed him again for a while.

“Then if you don’t go, you stay here by yourself and continue to sleep okay? I’ll leave the breakfast for you, is that okay?” Seeing Lin Ran like this, Song Zhi Xu also couldn’t bear to let him get up from the bed. 

Song Zhi Xu covered Lin Ran with the quilt again and let him go back to sleep, but when he was just about to get up and leave, his clothes were pulled by Lin Ran. Lin Ran sat up from the bed, pouted his mouth as he didn’t say anything yet his tears fell from his eyes.


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