The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife
The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife Chapter 1


In the middle of the night, inside a beautiful and fully furnished room.

Su Yaya was feeling dizzy and couldn’t figure out where she was.

Last night, she attended a class reunion. It has been a few years since they haven’t seen each other so after the meal, they decided to go to a KTV to continue. Their old class president gathered everyone to play a game, but Su Yaya’s luck last night evades her causing her to lose several rounds and as a penalty, she had to drink five or six glasses of alcohol.

Su Yaya was drunk after drinking a few glasses of alcohol. With her head muddled and with everything becoming blurry that she couldn’t even make out the faces of people clearly she had laid on the sofa in the KTV room and slept.

While she was in a daze, she felt as if her body had been overturned and pressed down multiple times. It seemed like her whole person was rolled over by a road roller, that the bones in her body felt like they would be torn apart. Su Yaya opened her mouth like a fish that was dying of thirst and let out a weak cry for help from her dried and scorching hot throat when a white ray of light suddenly flashed in her head, but didn’t understand what was going on.

She also didn’t know how long she had slept but after hearing the sound of the running water Su Yaya was annoyed, she turned over to the other side of the bed irritatedly thinking who was the loathsome person running the water so loudly this early in the morning? Disturbing someone’s dream was a mortal sin!

The soundproofing quality of this rental room was too lacking, she could even hear the water running from the next room over. Every day in the middle of the night, she would often hear the sound from next door when that particular neighbor watched programs that weren’t suitable for children. Unable to stand it any longer, Su Yaya decided that she must quickly look for a new place to live.

But it would cost her a lot of money for her to move to a new place and she was very poor! Su Yaya was very irritated by this, so she wrapped her quilt around her and rolled around a few times on her bed.

At this time, the sound of running water finally stopped.

“Hooh”’ She let out a breath of air with her eyes closed as she flipped over on the bed, planning to continue sleeping.

Just at this moment, her chaotic brain seemed to finally react and realize that something was off.

As she was trying to recall the events of last night, she rolled several times on the bed but still hadn’t fallen off the bed, in her memory though she clearly remembered that her bed was never large enough for her roll and still did not fall off!

She abruptly opened her eyes and found herself in an unfamiliar and luxurious room. The spacious room was finely decorated and the furnishings in it were very fashionable. The size of this room was more than double the size of her 20 square meter room, and the furniture here was all high-class in quality. Even the ‘Danish Carl Hansen & Son’ curved leather sofa with a single recliner in the corner of the room was worth tens of thousands. Su Yaya was so stunned by everything in front of her. 

Was she dreaming?

Su Yaya foolishly gazed at everything in front of her, without even noticing that the quilt that was wrapped around her began to slide off her body.

Shen Xiuqi walked out of the bathroom with a white towel wrapped around his waist and as soon as he looked up, he saw Su Yaya sitting on the bed with a blank expression on her face and on top of her head were two strands of hair playfully stuck up while her eyes were wide open like a pair of big deer-like eyes and her rosy cherry-like lips were slightly apart, which was extremely attractive and alluring.

She appeared innocent, charming, and sexy all at the same time, just like a beautiful blooming flower. But she had a silly expression on her face, as if asking “who am I and what am I doing here?” as she was nibbling her lower lip, appearing foolish yet cute.

Shen Xiuqi wasn’t the type of person who would deny himself what he wanted. The corners of his mouth curved into a slight smile as he took large strides toward Su Yaya who was still immersed in her confusion.

Su Yaya was still in a state of shock.

No matter how much she thought about it, she couldn’t understand how she would end up here. She had only attended a class reunion, got drunk, and fell asleep because of dizziness. Yet how did she end up in an unfamiliar room with such a big bed when she opened her eyes?

At this moment, her brain had crashed and wasn’t able to properly process all this information. Meanwhile, a dangerous cheetah was slowly approaching the foolish little rabbit.

“Ah…” The human cheetah, Shen Xiuqi walked towards her and stretched out his hand and wrapped an arm around her neck, then he lowered his head and kissed her lips.

Su Yaya’s head suddenly felt dizzy once again as memories that didn’t belong to her began to flow into her mind like a tidal wave. The enormous amount of information that flooded her mind began to drown her like a violent storm. She wasn’t able to endure onslaught of memories, and her brain let out a buzzing noise and fainted as soon as she closed her eyes.

By the time she regained consciousness, only Su Yaya was left in the room; the human cheetah Shen Xiuqi was no longer here.

A breeze blew in from the wide, transparent French window and the sea-blue curtains gently swayed. Su Yaya turned over on the bed as she hugged the quilt and began to sort out the memories in her brain that didn’t belong to her. Thus, she gradually began to understand what this was all about.

It turns out that after she had drunk heavily and passed out on the KTV room’s sofa, but somehow Su Yaya had transmigrated to a melodrama novel called《The President’s Lovable Sweet Little Wife》.

She had read this melodrama novel about a certain CEO the night before she had passed out from drinking.

At that time, she was lying on her bed as she casually swiped through Jinjiang Literature app when her finger slipped and accidentally clicked on a book, she turned to look at the title, which read《The President’s Lovable Sweet Little Wife》. At that time, she had chuckled and thought ‘why would the author use such a dumb name?’

As she scrolled down and saw the supporting the character with exactly the same name as her she couldn’t help but chuckle, Su Yaya the vicious cannon fodder!

At that time, Su Yaya was driven by a strange curiosity when she opened the novel,《The President’s Lovable Sweet Little Wife》and began reading it.

In the book, Su Yaya was the ex-wife of the overbearing president male lead, Shen Xiuqi. She looked about 70% similar to the female lead, An Yutong. In order to pursue her musical dream, An Yutong went abroad to study. The overbearing president had painstakingly chased after his white moonlight female lead, An Yutong and was heartbroken when she left, but then happened to meet Su Yaya who was a popular female on the one hundred and eighty network. 

In order to find a substitute to fill up the emptiness in his heart, he crazily pursued after Su Yaya. How could the little white rabbit that had just graduated from college resist the overbearing President Shen’s temptation? Su Yaya soon fell into the beautiful yet poisonous snare of love that Shen Xiuqi had weaved for her.

At this time, Shen Xiuqi’s grandfather was seriously ill and made a will, stating that Shen Xiuqi, who was 30 years old must marry before he can inherit his tens of billions of inheritance. In order to inherit the inheritance, Shen Xiuqi naturally asked Su Yaya to sign marriage contract and marry him.

Su Yaya was deeply immersed in his gentle doting at that time, so there was no way she would’ve rejected him. She only wanted to marry him, with or without a contract. 

Su Yaya was very happy at the prospect of marrying him, so she agreed to all the conditions he had proposed. In accordance to his request, she signed the marriage contract, the prenuptial agreement, and other documents. 

Because Grandpa Shen was still sick, the two people didn’t have a wedding reception. They issued their marriage certificate first, so Shen Xiuqi was able to successfully inherit his tens of billion dollars of inheritance.

Shen Xiuqi, who had inherited such wealth, wasn’t a harsh person. In the beginning, he treated his wife very well because she had helped him. As long as Su Yaya’s request wasn’t too much, he would always try his best to satisfy her. If she asked for money, he would give her money. If she asked for a car, he would give her a car. If she asked for a house, he would give her a house. If she asked for jewelries, he would willingly gift her jewelries. When he goes abroad for business, he would sometimes bring her along. 

Su Yaya originally thought that this happy, sweet, and rich life would last forever, but the turning point of the plot came.

Two years later, Shen Xiuqi’s first love and white moonlight, An Yutong returned. She had suffered hardship abroad, so the moment An Yutong saw Shen Xiuqi, she held him and cried bitterly. She told him how difficult it was for her to make a living outside and Shen Xiuqi naturally felt very distressed for her. He busily arranged many things for her, hoping that she would live a better life after returning.

Shen Xiuqi’s care for An Yutong at that time was merely that of friends, so he wasn’t overstepping the bounds of what was proper. 

However, Su Yaya couldn’t sit still because she felt that her position was in imminent danger now that An Yutong returned. She didn’t want to lose her position as Mrs. Shen and her rich life, so she turned evil. Su Yaya constantly created trouble for the female and male lead, putting them at odds with each other.

Perhaps the female and male lead were truly attracted to each other, because no matter how serious or deep the misunderstanding and problem was, the two people would eventually resolve these issues and their feelings for each other deepened even more.

Su Yaya became even more anxious when she saw that she couldn’t separate the female and male lead by creating trouble and misunderstandings between them. So, she had someone kidnap An Yutong.

This time, she had poked the hornet’s nest.

Shen Xiuqi safely rescued An Yutong from the kidnappers and sent someone to investigate who it was that had hired those kidnappers. After discovering that it was Su Yaya who had paid the kidnappers, he couldn’t tolerate her any longer. Shen Xiuqi was so angry that he immediately proposed a divorced with Su Yaya.

Shen Xiuqi took the divorce papers for her to sign it, but Su Yaya wasn’t willing. She made a terrible scene, crying and threatening him with suicide. 

How could Shen Xiuqi be someone who was willing to be threatened by her? Not only did he force her to sign the divorce papers, he also used all the means necessary to cut off all her paths, leaving her not far from death.

In fact, if Su Yaya had not turned evil when the female lead returned, she could’ve taken the initiative to divorce Shen Xiuqi. According to the original contract, she would have gotten ten million dollars of alimony. 

Thinking of this, the current Su Yaya wanted to scold the original owner of this body for being so foolish. Why create misunderstanding between the male and female lead? Wasn’t it great to get out of the marriage after getting ten million dollars?

If it was her, she would immediately sign the divorce papers and take off with her ten million dollars then go back to the countryside to buy a small courtyard and to farm. There she would open her farmhouse, feed the chickens, ducks and fishes while planting some flowers and other plants on the side. With this Su Yaya would pass her days joyously with such a simple life.

He he he, thinking of this Su Yaya couldn’t help but sit up while holding the quilt.

Coincidentally, Shen Xiuqi opened the door to the room and saw Su Yaya sitting on the bed with a foolishly happy expression on her face.


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