The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife
The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife Chapter 2.1


Shen Xiuqi stared at the grinning Su Yaya for a while, who even let out a “hehe” sound, and thought: she’s foolishly smiling so happily, but what made her so happy?

Su Yaya firmly hugged her quilt on the bed while thinking about the ten million alimonies. Once she gets ahold of it, it would be as if money were raining down from the sky, enough to fill her small bed to the brim with money. She would be able to happily sleep and roll on her bed of money every day.

Hee hee hee…

The foolishly happy little rabbit failed to notice the human-shaped cheetah that had been staring at her for a long time by the door as she was completely immersed in her own beautiful fantasy.

Unaware of whether or not Shen Xiuqi was influenced by Su Yaya’s silly appearance, but the corner of his mouth soon curved into a smile and his mood suddenly became better. He walked over with large strides and reached out to rub Su Yaya’s disheveled hair. The man’s voice was deep, beautiful, mellow like a cello, “What are you thinking about that’s making you so happy? Let me hear about it, hmm?”

Ten million…

“Oh…” Su Yaya looked up and finally noticed Shen Xiuqi. She hurriedly covered her mouth with her hand and stared at him with her sparkling wide eyes, but deep down, Su Yaya secretly thanked herself for her timely reaction and didn’t blurt out her true inner thoughts.

How would Shen Xiuqi react if he finds out that she saw him as a walking ‘ten million’?

Ah, she doesn’t dare to think about it…

“Well?” Shen Xiuqi’s deep gaze swept across her face a few times and saw how her eyes sparkled with light as she stared at him with worship and admiration.

Of course, Su Yaya would like at him with eyes full of worship and admiration because to her, he was worth ten million! And every time she looked at his handsome face, she would be reminded of this. He was her automated ATM machine that would make her rich in the future and reach the peak of her life!

Being watched intently by Su Yaya’s bright and sparkling big eyes greatly satisfied Shen Xiuqi’s ego. Her cheeks were rosy and soft, and her skin was delicate and smooth, it seemed like water could be squeezed out of her cheeks with just a light pinch.

At this thought, Shen Xiuqi did just that. He reached out and gently pinched Su Yaya’s cheek. Her skin was satiny soft and glossy, not to mention very comfortable to the touch. After pinching her once, Shen Xiuqi wanted to pinch her again. 

“It hurts…” she weakly mumbled and looked at him pitifully with her bright eyes upon being pinched twice by Shen Xiuqi on the cheeks.

Her little rabbit-like gaze caused the man’s heart to inexplicably soften, and quickly let go of her cheeks and withdrew his hand. Shen Xiuqi coughed as he sternly said, “I need to go to the company in a little while, so obediently stay at home. If you get bored, go shopping.”

Su Yaya nodded and obediently replied, “Oh, okay.”

With a delicate, lovable, soft, and obedient appearance yet clever like a silk flower, she lightly clung around him, stirring his heart. He took out a wallet from his pocket and took up a card, Shen Xiuqi then hand her the card as he said, “Take it.”

Her eyes fell on the Platinum card in front of her and blinked her eyes in surprise. Su Yaya’s heart began to pound as she looked up at Shen Xiuqi with excitement and nervousness. She pointed a finger at her nose and said, “Is this card for me?”

How could her silly appearance look so cute?

His heart was about to melt.

The corners of Shen Xiuqi’s mouth curved upwards and handed her the card again, he whispered, “Use it to spend.”


She’s rich!

Su Yaya was so happy that she almost jumped up!

She was a poor person before she transmigrated into the novel in her sleep and suddenly became rich. Now, she even has a handsome and rich overbearing president husband giving her his card. He straightforwardly said, “Take it and spend as much as you want!”

Hahaha… she was happy to death! She was so happy that she was about to turn crazy!

Su Yaya took the card with both hands sincerely and with a brilliant smile on her beautiful face she said in a sweet and lovable tone, “Thank you husband, mwah~”  

Although the original owner of the body was married to Shen Xiuqi, she and Shen Xiuqi were just strangers.

Su Yaya truly admired her ability to adapt to any situation. She had obviously just transmigrated and had merely ten minutes of interaction with Shen Xiuqi. 

Of course, the deep physical interaction that occurred last night didn’t count since at that time, she had fainted and couldn’t experience it herself. Yet at this moment, the fact that she was able to calmly address Shen Xiuqi as her husband and kiss him, was quite impressive.

Who told Shen Xiuqi to be so handsome, rich, and generous? She loved him to death!

When faced with the immense temptation of money, she can abandon all morals and reservations; these things don’t exist for the poor. What’s the use of arrogance and an unyielding character for a poor person? Some of them had been persistently struggling just to barely survive!

For a person like her who was scared of being poor, being presented with a platinum card and told to use it as much as she, don’t even talk about calling Shen Xiuqi husband, she was even willing to call him Sugar Daddy.

However, her reaction made Shen Xiuqi have different thoughts about her character. He thought of her as someone different from those other women who were greedy for his money. She appeared very happy with just a card, it seemed like she was going to be very easy to raise!

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