The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife
The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife Chapter 7


When Su Yaya snapped out of her daydream, Shen Xiuqi had sat next to her, very close at that. His leg touched hers and so were his hands, they were almost on top of each other. 

Su Yaya thought that they were too close and felt a bit uncomfortable. She wanted to shift to the side but in the next second, Shen Xiuqi noticed her intentions and reached over to place his arms around her shoulders, he then stared deeply and intensely at her. 

“Where are you going?” Shen Xiuqi asked. 

She met his scrutinizing gaze making her weak heart rapidly thump. But remembered that she needed to please Shen Xiuqi right now and hopefully leave a good impression on him. That way, when they divorce in the future, it wouldn’t end badly. So it’s better if she didn’t do things that he didn’t want her to do and things that would make him unhappy.

Now that she processed this, she abandoned her decision and sat there obediently, leaning against his arms like a kitten. 

Shen Xiuqi reached for the vanilla cake on the side and placed it in front of Su Yaya. He slightly raised his chin and indicated for her to feed him.

Su Yaya was stunned and couldn’t help to criticize him. He was the one who despised the cake she bought and gave her an ugly look but now, he wanted her to feed him. His personality changes too quickly! Who said that women change quickly? Men do too! 

Even though Su Yaya had been complaining about Shen Xiuqi’s changing attitude, she didn’t show this on the surface. She obediently scooped a piece of cake into Shen Xiuqi’s mouth.

“Eat it, eat it. It’s really tasty.” Su Yaya smiled and said.

Even though he ordered her to feed him, she decided to cooperate with him to make him feel happy eating.

Shen Xiuqi took a bite of the cake, it tasted sweet but not greasy, and it was indeed not bad.

In the past, An Yutong liked to eat cakes, especially chocolate-flavored cakes, she could eat two slices at once and eat them happily. He couldn’t understand how the sweet and greasy cakes could be so delicious so every time she wanted him to eat it, he refused as he didn’t find the necessity to try it.

Therefore, when Su Yaya bought the cakes up, he despised from the bottom of his heart but after seeing how happy she was eating it and her sweet smile showing her two beautiful dimples on her cheeks, he was touched. Maybe it was because she enjoyed it, he wanted to try it after tasting her lips.

Shen Xiuqi ate several pieces of cake in a row. It was really tasty. Unaware, he already finished a slice of cake. 

“Is it tasty?” Su Yaya smiled and looked at him with her bright and sparkling eyes. 

Eating desserts placed people in a delightful mood. Maybe it was because of this, that Shen Xiuqi was in a great mood. He reached over and pinched Su Yaya’s white and delicate face, he commented, “It’s okay.”

“Right, I told you it’s delicious. Hehe.” Su Yaya automatically changed the ‘it’s okay’ to ‘it’s delicious. In her eyes, if people like Shen Xiuqi say it was okay, it means it was good.

After he finished the cake, Shen Xiuqi sat there for a while before turning to handle his work. Su Yaya had nothing to do and didn’t dare to disturb Shen Xiuqi so she sat there quietly on the sofa and scrolled through her Weibo, playing and trying to make herself invisible. 

Su Yaya scrolled through Weibo for a while before she accidentally clicked on a fashion blogger’s Weibo. The blogger just updated with a new set of pictures. 

Beautiful fashion blogger: I coincidentally met a beautiful girl today. *insert picture.jpg* *insert picture.jpg* *insert picture.jpg*

Su Yaya didn’t recognize this fashion blogger but she knew who the person in the picture was. It wasn’t anyone else, but herself.

As it turned out, someone had taken pictures of her while she was at the shopping mall and uploaded them to Weibo.

Su Yaya slightly pursed her red lips, thinking that no one would take pictures of her, who only filmed an online drama that wasn’t even popular and an ordinary celebrity. That’s why while she was shopping, she never considered wearing sunglasses and a hat.  

It was a good thing that she was born beautiful and even though she applied faint makeup and casually shopped, the blogger was still able to take a beautiful picture of her. They uploaded four photos and each of them was natural and made her look more beautiful. It was perfect and even more beautiful than the photoshopped celebrities’ photos.

Of course, the blogger wouldn’t photoshop her pictures for her. They didn’t even edit it and basically uploaded the pictures onto Weibo right then as they took it.

Su Yaya was happy at how beautiful she looked in the pictures. She didn’t think someone would’ve taken pictures of her one day and giggled at this…

The fashion blogger who took pictures of Su Yaya wasn’t that famous and they only had around one million followers or so. Not many people forwarded her post and there weren’t that many comments on her Weibo either. But after she uploaded pictures of Su Yaya, the comments below exploded. Most of the comments were about how beautiful the girl was and licking the screen. 

Up until a user named ‘I love little pig’ commented. 

I love little pig: This girl looks familiar. Why do I think she’s the female side lead to the online drama 《 Pamper after Marriage 》?

Slight love: I think so too.

Commenting happiness: +1

Trembling life: Picture. 《 Pamper after Marriage 》Female side lead.jpg 

Smiling: After comparison, the picture of the crew and the photo the blogger posted are the same person.

A dreaming dog: Woah, this girl is so beautiful. Is 《 Pamper after Marriage 》good? If it is, I’ll go watch it.

Su Yaya couldn’t follow the direction of the comments. Didn’t they were just talking about the pictures uploaded by someone on the internet? Who knew she would’ve been recognized that easily, after all, the only online drama she participated in wasn’t even popular, yet someone had found out about it. It was really the era of the internet, no one had any privacy, and the gossiping ability of netizens was too powerful. They are able to unravel everything with just one clue.

She just sighed when her phone rang. She looked at the caller on the phone and quickly turned her ringtone off. 

She looked back at Shen Xiuqi who was handling his work behind the desk, he was fully immersed in the information on his computer and didn’t detect her movement. 

To stop herself from disturbing Shen Xiuqi while he was working, Su Yaya decided to answer the call outside the office. She stood up and started to walk towards the door. 

“Where are you going?” When Su Yaya was almost at the door, Shen Xiuqi suddenly shifted his gaze from the computer screen. He wore golden rimless glasses and a tint of light flickered in his eyes. He stared straight at her through his glasses. 

Su Yaya originally thought that he was concentrating on work, but he actually paid attention to her movement as well. 

Su Yaya turned around and waved the phone in her hand, slightly smiling. She said, “I’m going out to answer a call. It’s Sister Zhou’s.”

Su Yaya meant her manager, Zhou Peiyun.

Half a year ago, because Zhou Peiyun thought Su Yaya was beautiful, she tried many ways to sign a contract with her. 

Zhou Peiyun used her connections to help Su Yaya get the female side lead character《 Pamper after Marriage 》. Su Yaya lived up to her expectation, and with her appearance and excellent performance, she obtained the role. 

The online drama, 《Pamper after Marriage 》, was actually shot under one of the filming companies, Sheng Shi Entertainment, under Shen Xiuqi’s name. The day Su Yaya went to audition, Shen Xiuqi coincidentally went to Sheng Shi Entertainment for inspection. That was how they met. 

When Shen Xiuqi first saw her, he was moved and then started to frantically pursue her. People constantly pursued her since middle school because of her beautiful appearance. There were other noblemen who pursued her during that time, but Shen Xiuqi was more generous and charming, holding more power than the others. 

Once Zhou Peiyun found out she said, “It’s true that you’re beautiful but there are many beautiful women in the entertainment circle. If you really want to make yourself known in the entertainment circle, you have to find someone to support you, like Shen Xiuqi. That would be the best.”

After Su Yaya heard this, she was moved. However, it wasn’t because of making herself known in the entertainment circle that made her moved. She thought that since she was beautiful, she was bound to be superior to others. It’s very tiring in the entertainment circle and to shoot scenes. Why must she make herself do all this work? As long as she got Shen Xiuqi to support her, she didn’t even need to do anything to enjoy everything. 

Plus, Shen Xiuqi was handsome, wealthy, charming, and powerful. There were only benefits to following him and no consequences. Therefore, she quickly accepted and dated him.

While they were dating, Shen Xiuqi pampered her like usual. He was extremely generous with her and Su Yaya enjoyed this feeling. Unconsciously, she sank into the love web that Shen Xiuqi made for her and ended up truly falling in love with him. When he mentioned a contract marriage, she agreed without hesitation.  

Shen Xiuqi knew Zhou Peiyun and that she was Su Yaya’s manager. The fact that she called Su Yaya at this time was probably because of work. Therefore, he nodded his head and said, “Go ahead.”

“Okay.” Su Yaya nodded and walked out the door with her phone.

Shen Xiuqi continued to bury himself in his work.

Once Su Yaya walked out of the office, she planned to call Zhou Peiyun back when she called again.

Su Yaya hurriedly picked up the phone and before she could greet her, her voice exploded from the other side. 

“You went shopping today? Did you know people took pictures of you? Didn’t you tell me you’re just taking a few days off? It’s been almost half a month already. Did you deal with your and President Shen’s matters? When are you coming to the company?”

“Sister Zhou, sister Zhou.” Su Yaya rushed and called her. When the other party stopped, she asked, “Which questions do you want me to answer first?”

Sister Zhou clearly paused for two seconds and then she said, “People took pictures of you and even uploaded them to Weibo. Now, it’s quickly gaining popularity. Thankfully, the comments were positive. I want to use this chance to make you even more popular.”

“I know.” Although Su Yaya responded faintly, she was inwardly ecstatic. According to Zhou Peiyun’s words, she wanted to make her even more popular, as in bringing her onto the hot search rankings?

Oh my god. She didn’t even do anything yet. People only took some pictures of her and she’s going to end up on the hot search rankings. She was practically begging for this to happen. Hahah… 


The Author has something to say: Su Yaya: The trending search is just like picking up something, it became popular all of a sudden, ahaha haha!

Shen Xiuqi: I don’t want my beautiful wife to be seen by others, and I’m not in a good mood


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