The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife
The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife Chapter 8


Zhou Peiyun pondered over Su YaYa’s calm response since she wasn’t being as noisy and rowdy like before. Shouldn’t she be very happy? Did she really lose her mind because Shen Xiuqi  had become her sugar daddy?

However, she didn’t think much about it as she was quite busy and had to deal with other matters. She didn’t have time to waste on thinking of this matter. She continued to arrange the other events for the future and said, “Tomorrow morning, come to the company. I have an advertisement that is very suitable for you. Come over and take a look.”

Advertisement? She’s going to shoot an advertisement?!

Zhou Peiyun had been talking nonstop about it and Su Yaya didn’t have more time to consider this. She agreed. 

“Ok. I’ll wait for you tomorrow morning around ten at the company.” Zhou Peiyun made herself clear and hung up.

When the light on the phone screen dimmed, Su Yaya held her phone and rubbed her forehead against it. She recalled Zhou Peiyun’s words and smiled happily. Heheh. Good things are constantly happening to her! 

So delightful.

When she was young, she had the dream of becoming a celebrity. When she was a teen, she watched as the celebrities on TV were so bright and beautiful. She hoped that she could be as beautiful as the celebrities and shoot advertisements and TV shows. She wanted to go on reality shows and earn several ten millions or even 100 millions each year, living an exquisite life that normal people wouldn’t be able to. She wanted to eat food made for upper class, buy brand name clothes, bags, and cars. She wanted to live in a huge villa with three floors with a garden. She wanted her parents who had been working hard their entire lives to enjoy this happiness with her. She wanted to travel around the country and abroad with the money she spent, going everywhere she desired. 

However, it was a great dream, but a ruthless reality. 

She could dream of this but she had to wake up in the end. Every morning, she had to work from eight to six pm. Her monthly salary was just enough for her to survive. Don’t mention how tiring it was, but she had to endure her boss’s scoldings. During the New Years, she couldn’t really send much money back to her parents either. It was really bitter. 

Right now, Su Yaya was in a pleasant mood. She never thought that she would’ve transmigrated into a book due to her sleep and then become a wealthy wife. She became a wealthy woman who she had dreamed about becoming. Plus, Shen Xiuqi  pampered her a lot and satisfied all the great imagination she held for wealthy families.

Although someone else would take her position in the future and she might be kicked out anytime, thankfully she had another status  — an actress. 

Okay. She had only participated in one online drama so it was a bit reluctant to call herself an actress. Luckily, she was now part of the entertainment circle. She had fulfilled her celebrity dream that she had as a child.

As long as she worked hard, there will be a day where she changed from an ordinary celebrity into a well-known one. By then, she would’ve earned enough.

Right now, she was completely relying on Shen Xiuqi  in order to have a relaxing life. But she will be kicked out in the future. Shouldn’t she leave herself an escape route?

The first was to not offend Shen Xiuqi  and An Yutong.  Besides that, she needed to work on filming movies and becoming a famous celebrity. That way, she could earn more money and create a better life for her future. Even if she decided to go back to her hometown and raise livestock, she could find a great land for herself, right?

Plus, these two motives don’t clash. She could work on them both at the same time.

Hm. Since she wanted to do this, she will do this. Su Yaya who was an optimistic person quickly made a decision.

When Su Yaya walked back to Shen Xiuqi ’s office in a happy mood, he had already finished handling most of his work.

Watching him walking in the room with a smile on her face, he asked, “What did Zhou Peiyun want?”

“She wanted me to go to work tomorrow morning around ten. She said she has an advertisement shooting for me.” Su Yaya was happy in her heart and didn’t plan on hiding this from Shen Xiuqi . After all, he would find out sooner or later that she was going to shoot advertisement. It’s better if she told him truthfully.  

Shen Xiuqi  glanced at her and said, “You want to shoot advertisements?”   

Su Yaya paused when she heard this and looked around. Something seemed to explode in her mind. She quickly ran over to him and hugged his arms. She smiled at him and said, “You have an advertisement for me to shoot?”

“No.” Shen Xiuqi  rejected bluntly.

Su Yaya pouted her lips in displeasure and she continued, “Chen Group is a big company and it has many sub companies, having a hand in many different businesses including: housing, gaming, entertainment, clothing, etc. It seems like every season, it was inviting celebrities to shoot advertisements! How could it possibly have no advertisements to shoot?”

“You’re not like those celebrities.” Shen Xiuqi  said expressionlessly.

Su Yaya scrunched her eyebrows and was speechless.

Can he not say it in such a hurtful way? She admits that she isn’t some sort of famous celebrity right now but she was at least an online celebrity. Didn’t he see that someone was taking pictures of her? Didn’t he see that she was about to be on the hot search rankings? Didn’t he see that she will have new advertisements to shoot soon? If this continues, she will become a famous celebrity in no time. In the future, even if Chen Group begged her to shoot an advertisement for them, she will deny them. Humph! 

Shen Xiuqi  glanced at her and seeing how deeply unhappy she was, he knew what she was thinking about. He faintly said, “You’re my wife, Lady Chen.”

Even if this was a contract marriage, she was still his wife and Lady Chen. Even if they didn’t make their status public and barely anyone knew, this was not to be doubted. The other celebrities wouldn’t be able to compare against this. 

Su Yaya blinked her eyes and then again. She suddenly understood what he meant. She smiled and pounced on him, kissing his right cheek. She then raised her head and said, “Hubby, you’re so mean. You’re teasing me on purpose!”

Shen Xiuqi  smiled slightly and flicked her face with his right hand. He said in an uncertain meaning. “What do you think?”

Su Yaya giggled and held onto him. “You’re teasing me. I knew it.”

“I have never seen anyone as shameless as you.” Shen Xiuqi  pinched her face and the smile on his face became more evident. 

Su Yaya decided to risk it. Since he said that she was shameless, she’ll show him shameless! She started blurting out compliments as though it was for free. She pestered Shen Xiuqi  and said, “Hubby, hubby, you’re the best. You’re the best person in the world. You have Chen Group, such a big company, and Sheng Shi Entertainment as well. You also have a lot of resources so just pass some over to me. I just need a bit from you.”

If she was willing to slip some resources to her, she will be able to enjoy the benefits endlessly. 

Shen Xiuqi  raised his eyebrows and stared at her. “If I give you some resources, what benefits would I get out of it?”

Businessman. He is indeed a businessman. No matter what he did revolved around benefits. He even dare to bring up conditions for his own wife. She refreshed her knowledge of him again. 

However, Su Yaya only dared to complain about this in her heart. She didn’t dare to say it out loud or express this. 

She looked over at Shen Xiuqi  and thought about what she had that could move him. In the end, she had an idea and kissed his face. 

“Is this enough?” She asked gently and her eyes were bright with flickers of light. She looked passionately at him with admiration and love.

Shen Xiuqi  glanced at her and shook his head, unmoved. “Not enough.”


This wasn’t enough?

Su Yaya pursed her lips. What else could she do?

Seeing how she racked her brains to come up with an idea and how she widened her eyes and slightly pouted, she looked innocent and adorable.

Shen Xiuqi  was touched and reached over to hold her in his arms. He lowered his head and bit her lip. He smiled and reminded, “Think more.”

It was a seductive voice, pleasant to the ears like the violin notes. It enticed her to commit a crime. She felt like her ears were pregnant.

Sigh. Su Yaya’s eyes suddenly brightened. She thought of something and murmured something in his ears. 

The soft breath landed on Shen Xiuqi ’s ears and it slightly tickled him. Su Yaya was like a kitten leaning on him. The sweet fragrance attacked his nose, like a hook and controlled his emotions. 

Su Yaya observed Shen Xiuqi ’s expression and smiled sexily and charmingly. She was like a little minx and said in a gentle voice, “Hubby, what do you think?”

Shen Xiuqi ’s deep eyes swept over her face. He stared at her bright and sly smile. He was suddenly moved by her actions and he lowered his head to kiss her face. He said in her ears, “Ok.”

“Ah…” He agreed, Before she could thank him, he sucked on her earlobe. That was her sensitive part and she couldn’t help but to scream.

Shen Xiuqi  chuckled and sat her down on his thighs. His charming voice said by her hairs, “I’ll collect some interest first.”

Although he said this, Su Yaya felt like it wasn’t as simple as collecting interest as he claimed. She finally concluded something later on. That is to never make deals with a businessman. With someone who didn’t know how business works like her, she will end up being eaten alive! 

The entire night, Shen Xiuqi  claimed that he was just collecting his debt. He made her go a couple rounds with him and in the end, she ended up crying and begging for his mercy. She cried like a kitten. 

Yet, she didn’t know that the more she cried, the more Shen Xiuqi  wanted to make love with her. He finally stopped after she fainted. 

Of course, she had gotten a generous amount of benefits from this night. The next day, Shen Xiuqi  gave her a contract for a TV show’s second female lead. 

“Is this for me?” Su Yaya hugged the contract, unable to react. Yesterday, she said she just wanted an advertisement. Who knew he decided to give him a second female lead role in a TV show. She was too excited and surprised.

Shen Xiuqi  rubbed the top of her head and he chuckled. “It’s a reward.”   

He was very pleased with her performance last night.

“Thank you.” Su Yaya held onto the script and sat on the bed. She raised her head and smiled. 

Shen Xiuqi  slightly smiled and caressed the corner of her lip. She was obedient so he won’t let her suffer. 

“I’m going to work.”

“Ok.” Su Yaya answered, very sensible. “Hubby, be careful on your way and have fun. Smooches.”

Shen Xiuqi  kissed the corner of her lip and walked out. Su Yaya watched him leave. 

After he left, Su Yaya lied back on her bed and started to laugh foolishly. 

Although she was in pain due to Shen Xiuqi ’s tortures, she and Shen Xiuqi  were a married couple so she enjoyed the entire process. Shen Xiuqi  had a mouth-watering figure and was experienced at this. Now that she thought about it, it was amazing so she didn’t suffer from much. Plus, she had gotten a second female lead for a TV show. She basically earned more than expected.  

Shen Xiuqi who came back heard the laughter inside the room. He stopped the action of opening the door. Without looking, he could imagine how Su Yaya was lying on bed and rolling around happily. Why is she so adorable and easy to soothe?


The Author has something to say:  Shen Xiuqi: My wife is easy going and cute.

Su Yaya: Hee hee hee hee…


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