The Moonlight
The Moonlight Chapter 4

Xu Qingyan met his gaze, and after a moment, the Second Young Master’s expression remained indifferent. “Unfortunately, those who dare to lay a knife on me never live to tell the tale.”

In other words, whether they were out to harm him or trying to rescue him, their fate ended up the same. What kind of twisted logic was this?

This man was incredibly arrogant.

“I know who wanted to harm you,” Xu Qingyan pressed on. This was her last attempt. “Don’t you want to know?”

“And you’ll tell me?” He shot her a sideways glance.

Xu Qingyan spoke earnestly, “Let everyone else leave, and I’ll share it with you alone.”

The moment she said it, a man to her left intervened sharply, “Do you know who you’re talking to?” Xu Qingyan recognized him as the man who had come to their rescue that night, the one they called “Brother Jiu.”

Unfazed, Xu Qingyan remained composed, keeping her gaze firmly fixed on the second young master, unwilling to miss even the slightest change in his demeanor.

Despite his earlier words, she knew deep down that, in this room, he was the only one with the power to spare her life. She could feel it.

Second Young Master stayed silent, those few seconds feeling like a descent into hell.

After a while, he suddenly raised his hand and waved it dismissively, “Everyone, leave.”

The faces in the room were filled with astonishment, even Ah Bao, who had been standing like a statue by the bed, showed a hint of surprise.

However, the second young master’s words carried the weight of an unquestionable command.

Big Brother was the first to leave, followed swiftly by his men. The young man hesitated, torn between loyalty to his second brother and concern for Xu Qingyan, before quietly slipping away. Even the Third Miss, though reluctant, departed, accompanied by her men.

“Ah Bao, you too,” the command was clear.

Ah Bao was taken aback. Did he also have to leave? But he dared not question and promptly complied, hurrying out of the room.

Now, the room was empty, with only Xu Qingyan and Lord Liang remaining. As they locked eyes, silence hung in the air.

Xu Qingyan had delicate features, slightly slanted eyes that projected a composed and vigilant demeanor. Her nose was straight and refined, and her lips bore a pale hue. Neatly framed by her short hair, her ears framed her face, and an air of cool detachment surrounded her.

There was a flower called the snow lotus that seemed to suit her well.

Lord Liang’s gaze didn’t linger as he casually remarked, “You may speak now.”

“If I tell you, will you let me go?” Xu Qingyan asked.

“How are they related?” he replied.

“…I need a promise,” Xu Qingyan pressed.

“I never make promises,” he replied with a faint smile. Xu Qingyan’s mind raced, and she struggled to control her increasingly heavy breath. 

The person before her seemed indifferent, but she knew he couldn’t be as harmless as he appeared.

To threaten or to plead for mercy? In just a few seconds, Xu Qingyan made a critical decision that would determine her fate – life or death.

“You mentioned that anyone who touches your body doesn’t survive. I guess it’s related to the skin graft surgery you underwent,” she ventured, knowing there was no turning back once the words left her lips.

Her heart raced in her chest, pounding like a drum.

The figure on the bed stayed impassive, not a crease on his brow. He stroked his chin and surprisingly chuckled, saying, “Dr. Xu, you certainly know how to keep things interesting.”

Cold sweat dripped down Xu Qingyan’s forehead, trickling to her chin, leaving a faint stain on the dark brown floor, then vanishing like a ghost.

“Interesting?” She couldn’t quite grasp the meaning of those words.

Lord Liang continued nonchalantly, “Most people either beg for mercy on their knees or weep uncontrollably…so boring. You, on the other hand, are quite intriguing. Well then, I’ll spare you today. But…” He shifted slightly and added calmly, “never appear in front of me again.”

Xu Qingyan’s mind briefly blanked, struggling to process the sudden turn of events.

“What? don’t want to?” The man lifted an eyelid, assessing her.

Xu Qingyan snapped back to reality and responded, “I want to.”

Her voice quivered, not out of timidity, but due to the overwhelming joy of being granted a second chance after facing death.

Xu Qingyan hesitated briefly but couldn’t resist asking, “Aren’t you curious about where the camera is now?”

Lord Liang shrugged nonchalantly, “I’ve already sent someone to retrieve it.”

Xu Qingyan was astounded. To what extent did this person have such meticulous foresight? Her supposed bargaining chip had turned out to be worthless. This realization filled her with both fear and gratitude. She was undeniably fortunate.

Ah Bao entered the room, and a few hushed words from his boss immediately changed his expression.

His gaze involuntarily shifted towards Xu Qingyan. 

Then, he nodded before approaching her and saying, “Dr. Xu, please come with me.”

Xu Qingyan’s legs felt numb. After the initial shock, her entire body felt weak, almost causing her to stumble. She gritted her teeth and made her way to the door.

Suddenly, Lord Liang called out to her, “Dr. Xu.”

“You promised to let me go,” Xu Qingyan replied without looking back, her back pressed against the door, fearing that he might change his mind.

Lord Liang watched her tense figure and smiled, “Don’t be nervous. I just wanted to say thank you.”

“No need,” Xu Qingyan replied curtly.

As Xu Qingyan was escorted out of the mansion by Ah Bao, Third Miss Li Zhi wore a surprised expression. She rushed back to the room and asked, “Brother, did you let that woman go?”

“Mm,” came the confirmation. Li Zhi was even more bewildered, “Why? We found the camera, didn’t we? She has no more value to us.”

Liang Jiankong leaned back slowly, closing his eyes. It was clear he had no intention of answering.

“Sister, let’s go. Second Brother is still recovering from his serious injuries and needs rest,” Youngest Brother Li Huai gestured, pulling a reluctant Li Zhi away.

Li Zhi still couldn’t understand. She went to ask Big Brother Li Tong, “Big brother, why did second brother let that woman go?”

Li Tong was feeding the fish, his stoic face reflected in the glass of the aquarium. He calmly said, “Your second brother has his own judgment, and his decisions are unwavering.”

Li Zhi narrowed her eyes. “I smell something fishy.”

Li Huai nudged her. “Are you suspecting that second brother has taken a liking to Dr. Xu?”

Li Zhi exclaimed in annoyance, “Ridiculous! I just find her feigned composure irritating.”

“What’s with your attitude? Personally, I find it rather unusual and admirable. This woman carries herself with grace,” Li Huai retorted.

The siblings playfully bickered while the eldest brother continued to feed the fish, seemingly oblivious to their conversation.

Meanwhile, Ah Bao personally drove Xu Qingyan away. Just as before, her eyes were covered with a blindfold, creating a stifling atmosphere in the car. They maintained silence throughout the journey.

Even now, Xu Qingyan continued to sweat profusely. She hadn’t even had the chance to be frightened during the gunfire, but in front of that man, she had been terrified. It seemed he deliberately tried to intimidate her, leaving her breathless. Even though she was now far from his gaze, she still felt a chill in her heart.

She wasn’t sure how long the journey had taken, but the car eventually came to a slow stop.

“We’ve arrived,” Ah Bao informed her.

He removed the blindfold, and Xu Qingyan looked out of the window to see her house just across the street. It appeared that they had thoroughly investigated her.

“Can I leave now?” she asked.

“Yes, you can.”

“You won’t come looking for me again, right?” Xu Qingyan needed a clear and definite answer to dispel her lingering fears.

“No, we won’t,” Ah Bao paused for a moment, his dark eyes locked onto Xu Qingyan. 

“No, we won’t,” Ah Bao assured her. He held her gaze, his dark eyes showing respect for her composure. While Xu Qingyan wasn’t fearless, she had an impressive ability to maintain her poise even in difficult situations. Ah Bao had witnessed her surgical skills, the steady hands that saved lives in the operating room. Even in the presence of the formidable Li family, she displayed no signs of fear. It was something he admired.

He continued, “Dr. Xu, Lord Liang has spared you this time, but there won’t be a next time. From now on, you should forget everything. It’s the best choice for your safety.”

Xu Qingyan nodded silently and stepped out of the car. The air felt damp, as if there had been recent rain. She instinctively hugged herself and hurriedly walked back home.

She sensed someone still watching her from behind, but she dared not turn around.

Once inside her house, Xu Qingyan stood still for a moment, staring into the darkness.

After a few minutes, she dashed into the bedroom, collapsing onto the bed, and wrapped herself tightly in a thin blanket.

Curled up, she buried her head in the covers, trying to block out the chaotic mess of recent events from her mind. It felt like a nightmare, and she hoped that simply sleeping would make it all go away.

The thunderous knocking at the door jolted Xu Qingyan awake. 

Slowly, she lifted her head from the covers, taking a moment to recognize that she was in her own home instead of the cramped, suffocating basement. 

Xu Qingyan couldn’t help but smile wryly; returning to her normal life felt somewhat surreal.

The person outside the door continued to knock and shout, “Xu Qingyan, are you there?”

Startled, Xu Qingyan hesitated for a moment before hurrying to answer the door.

However, as she glanced down, her eyes fell upon her clothes, still stained with blood, serving as an eerie reminder of the chaotic ordeal she had endured – the desperate crawls, the intense battle for her life, and the terrifying gunfire. She was a disheveled, grimy mess, and her overall appearance screamed exhaustion.

Without wasting any time, she swiftly changed into comfortable home attire, ran her fingers through her tangled hair, and put on her glasses to partially conceal her pale face.

Cao Jin’s hand, which had been poised to knock on the door, froze in mid-air. He let out a sigh of relief. “Your mother told me you were unreachable, but it turns out you were just resting at home. Did your phone run out of battery?”

“Yeah, it automatically shut down,” she replied, realizing her voice was hoarse.

Cao Jin frowned, studying her for a moment. “You look incredibly pale. Did you have such a rough trip? Were you mugged or something?” He tried to inject some humor into the conversation.

Sometimes, words have unintended effects. Although Cao Jin spoke casually, Xu Qingyan, aware of his profession as a detective, briefly considered confiding in her old friend about her recent harrowing experience. She contemplated seeking help from the police.

However, the image of that man’s cold and menacing expression flashed through her mind.

The words that escaped Xu Qingyan’s lips changed: “I’m fine, just had a bumpy journey. I need to take a shower and then head to the hospital. You can go back to your work. Sorry for making you come all this way.”

Cao Jin, with his keen eye, noticed something amiss and firmly grasped Xu Qingyan’s wrist, his playful demeanor fading away. “What’s the story behind this bloodstain?”

It wasn’t Xu Qingyan’s blood; it belonged to that man, Lord Liang. Xu Qingyan maintained her composure and replied, “It’s nothing. I scraped my skin a bit on the way back earlier.”

After contemplating for a moment and observing that Xu Qingyan didn’t seem to be lying, Cao Jin nodded. “Alright, but remember to come home for dinner tomorrow night.”

“No, thanks.”

“Why must you be like this?”


With a cold expression, Xu Qingyan closed the door. Cao Jin called out a few more times from outside before finally giving up.

Ever since the incident, she had drifted apart from her family. She refused to heed their demands to continue her studies at the music academy, opting instead for a surprising shift to the field of medicine.

Spending a full two hours cleansing herself in the bathroom, she stared at the pile of soiled, odorous clothes, and without hesitation, bundled them into a paper bag and tossed them into the trash bin on her way out.

Back on track in her normal life, Xu Qingyan’s colleagues asked about her recent travels, and she casually shared her photos with them.

She resumed her routine of examining patients, making rounds, and attending meetings, busying herself to the point of exhaustion every day. It was as if by staying occupied, she could erase the memory of those harrowing days.

Yet, for some inexplicable reason, Xu Qingyan couldn’t help but recall every detail, including the scars that adorned that man’s body and the intricate patterns they formed.

If that was the world of darkness, if he were still alive, would he too be navigating this enigmatic realm?

She had once questioned his choice to walk that perilous path, living each day as if it might be his last. He had responded with laughter, stating that life offered many paths, but he wished to tread a different one. He acknowledged his lack of talent but expressed a desire to make a name for himself, even if it meant taking risks.

Little did they know, he had embarked on an irreversible journey.

“Dr. Xu?”

Xu Qingyan snapped back to reality, realizing she had become lost in her thoughts during work hours.

“I’m sorry, what is it?” Xu Qingyan looked up and asked the nurse at the front desk.

“There’s a patient who’s requesting an immediate appointment,” the nurse explained.

Xu Qingyan glanced at the time; it was already twelve o’clock. “Let’s schedule it for the afternoon.”

“But the patient insists on being seen now, complaining of severe stomach pain,” the nurse explained.

Xu Qingyan hesitated for a moment and then decided, “Please go ahead and arrange an appointment.”

As the last patient of the morning entered the clinic, Xu Qingyan was reviewing the medical records from the earlier hours. Upon hearing the patient’s voice, she calmly instructed, “Please take a seat. Stomachache?”

“Yes, it’s been hurting since this morning,” the patient replied.

“Only today? Have you experienced this pain before?” Xu Qingyan inquired.

“Yes, it lasted for three to four days.”

“Do you have any prior history of stomach issues?”

As Xu Qingyan reviewed the patient’s medical history, she looked up and felt a sudden rush of blood from her feet to her head. Her usually composed face turned flushed with astonishment, and a sense of disbelief washed over her.

This couldn’t be possible.

Shen Yuechu?

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