The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 69.2

Chapter 69 Part 2

Shiyi tried her own prescription, but she didn’t expect it to work. She only drank it twice, and the amount of milk she had obviously increased, but the side effect was that she herself became a big eater. In the past, she could eat at most two bowls of rice for a meal, but now she can eat four bowls of rice for a meal. The whole family stared straight at her, for fear that her stomach would burst.

Shiyi took a bite of little fatty’s meaty face and wanted to bite off a lump of meat, “Fatty, it’s all because of you. Your mother has become a big stomach king like you. What’s wrong with this? Yo~”

“Whow!” Little Fatty was drinking milk with relish. How could he be disturbed? He shouted fiercely at Shiyi, and then drank milk with intoxication.

Shiyi confessed, “Okay, Okay, you’re good, I won’t disturb you, Fine, drink your milk.”

Yang Shifeng was amused by his wife and son again.

After drinking all the milk, little fatty finally had a bulging stomach this time, and little fatty began to shout contentedly, waving his small arms around, as if his body was full of strength. Moreover, his strength was too great, which he wasn’t aware of. If he didn’t pay attention to the strength of his hands hitting Shiyi’s face, Shiyi’s face would hurt for a long time.

Shiyi was beaten several times by the little fatty. She was so angry that she took him out and dumped him on his father, “Here you are, take your son away quickly, it’s too annoying.”

“Wow Wow -” Little Fatty shouted at Shiyi.

“There’s no use in shouting. You’re just too annoying. Go with your father. “

“Oh – ah -” Little Fatty didn’t want to talk to his mother anymore. Instead, he put his arm around his father’s neck and rubbed a lot of saliva on his father’s neck.

Yang Shifeng laughed more happily and was about to play with little Fatty again. The door of the room was knocked down. Grandpa Yang said outside, “Shiyi, Shifeng, come out for a while. Your second uncle has something to look into for you two.”

Shiyi and Yang Shifeng looked at each other. They had no idea what Uncle Yang had come for. They went out with Little Fatty in their arms.

Uncle Yang first looked at them and smiled, then turned his eyes to Little Fatty and patted his hands, “Tuanzi, do you remember Second Grandpa?

Tuanzi said “Oh Oh” twice. No one knows whether it was a response to Uncle Yang.

Grandpa Yang held Xiao Tuanzi in Yang Shifeng’s hand. Then he sat on the chair and said without expression, “Tell your nephew about this, I won’t meddle.”

Uncle Yang pursed his lips and looked a little embarrassed. After a while, he said, “Shifeng, Uncle Yang is here to ask you for help this time. It’s about conscription. “

Yang Shifeng nodded, “Uncle, what do you want me to do for you?”

“Shifeng, you know that we need to send a member of our family to be a soldier, but your eldest brother is the only one in my family besides me. If I left, only orphans and widows would be left. But you know your elder brother. Since he was a child, he couldn’t lift his hands and shoulders. If he were to go to war, he would be sent to death, so my family can only spend money to buy our quota. “

Yang Shifeng glanced at Shiyi and knew in his heart what his second uncle was here for.

Shiyi didn’t say anything. She bowed her head and played with the little fatty.

Uncle Yang rubbed his hands in embarrassment. “Shifeng, uncle’s family only had enough money to feed and dress up his family for many years, and there are no 8 taels of silver I could take out. So, Uncle Yang wants to borrow some money from you, but don’t worry, I’ll return it to you after this difficult time. I’ll write you an IOU, and you will definitely not be taken advantage of. “

Seeing that Yang Shifeng didn’t speak, Uncle Yang hurriedly added, “Are you afraid that your second aunt won’t pay? Don’t worry about this. Your second aunt doesn’t dare. She doesn’t dare offend Shiyi now, and the money will be repaid. Shifeng, Uncle Yang can’t borrow any money from anyone except you. Please help your second uncle. “

Yang Shifeng was not afraid of his second uncle’s family not paying their debts, but…. he looked at Shiyi again.

Shiyi blinked and pinched Little Fatty’s fat feet.

Yang Shifeng understood and nodded at Uncle Yang, “Uncle Yang, wait for me.” Then he went into the room and took out eight taels of silver and handed it to Uncle Yang, but he also brought a debit note with him, “Uncle, please don’t mind your nephew writing it down.”

“No, I don’t. You should do this. ” Uncle Yang nodded gratefully and pressed a handprint on the IOU, “Shifeng, second uncle thanks you. Thank you for not quarreling with Uncle and still being willing to help us. Second Uncle will return this money as soon as possible.”

Yang Shifeng looked at Uncle Yang’s older face and half-white hair, and he didn’t know what to say.

After Uncle Yang left, Grandpa Yang handed the active little Tuanzi to Yang Shifeng and said with emotion, “Your uncle is really pitiful and hateful. The whole family relies on him alone, and none of the sons are very useful. Alas, if this goes on, he will be tired to death and can’t live a good life.

Yang Shifeng pursed his lips, rubbed little fatty’s bulging belly, and said, “What I’m worried about now is that someone will surely come to our house to borrow money. After all, our family in the village is living better now. People won’t believe it when we say to them that we don’t have money, but if they all come to borrow money, we can’t just let everyone borrow money from us.”

Grandpa Yang also thought of the seriousness of this matter, “Then no matter who comes again, we will not let them borrow some money. Otherwise, it’s not good to let this person borrow from us and then reject the other. Moreover, if our money is borrowed, I don’t know whether it will be collected by next year or the following year. After this recruitment, everyone can only live in poverty. How can they still have any spare money to pay for their debts? “

“But the problem is, if they were all refused by us, the villagers would certainly be dissatisfied. Whatever they will say behind our backs will also affect the business of the grocery shop. After all, everyone knows that our family has money.”


Shiyi said from the side: “Then they’ll have to pay for the interest, calculated according to time. The interest will be one and a half silver taels of silver every year. Whether they accept this condition is up to them. ” 

Grandpa Yang clapped. “I think this method is good. If there is interest, many people will consider whether to borrow or not, so that people in the whole village will not come to our house to borrow. If you still want to borrow with interest, it means that you really care. The family really has no money, so let’s do good deeds and make a fortune for our Tuanzi. “

When Little fatty heard his name, his dark eyes turned, and screamed: “ah ah” 

Shiyi hurriedly pinched Tuanzi’s little fat, “Okay, okay, we just called your name. Don’t get excited.”

“Wow, Wow -“

Yang Shifeng said: “Let’s do it that way.”


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