The Raccoon Ate The Dragon
The Raccoon Ate The Dragon Part 2

♡♡♡ The Raccoon and the Dragon meeting ♡♡♡♡

“Meiko Tanuki, a raccoon, 26, was dumped on Christmas Eve by my boyfriend, who was two years older than me and who I was planning to marry ! Yay!”

“All you ungodly people who are turning a holy night into a sexual night, all of you must perish!”

I say that out loud as I raise my beer mug, and by the way by then I couldn’t remember how many I’ve had so far, and chug it down.

With a resounding laugh, the people around me say: “Good! ‘Yes! Yes! Perish!” and other warm cheers were sent to me.

I put my mug down on the counter and called out to the bar lady in the back: “One more mug, please!

“Oh, little girl, you better stop now.”

“That’s nice. You got a craving for a drink too, young lady. Come on, I’ll buy you a nice piece of chicken. Eat up, eat up.”

“Kyaaah! Thanks, Uncle!”

I ate the yakitori given to me by the old man who was sitting next to me with a mug in one hand that the bar lady served me.

Oh, it was delicious.

This small restaurant was occupied by men in their 50s and 60s on average who were very kind to women who are drinking alone and desperate on Christmas Eve.

Not only the man sitting next to me, but also the group of guys at the table, the guys who had to leave after a couple of drinks had bought me beers and a few knick-knacks.

And most importantly, the bar lady at the counter!

She gently listened to me as I cried woozily after taking a drink as soon as I entered the restaurant.

I had a boyfriend who was two years older than me. He was my senior at work and my mentor when I was a rookie.

He confessed his love to me when my first year as a rookie was about to end, and it was my first relationship.

We have been together for four years.

His name was Shinjo Shinjo.

He was handsome, tall, good at his job, and was called the best young man in the world… Honestly, when he confessed his love to me, I wondered if he was dared to do it as some punishment game.

I had my doubts.

See, I have never been popular.

My nickname since my childhood days has been “Tanuki-chan”, which is a combination of my habitual natural perm, chubby, childish face, droopy eyes, and my last name.

I tried to apply makeup, dress myself up and lose weight with the aim of making my debut in college, but I don’t know if it’s my constitution or my weak will, but I ended up with a chubby body that’s far from slender and it’s still growing.

He told me that I had a cute round face with droopy eyes, that my chubby body was comfortable to hold, that it was soothing and that my particularly large breasts were Shinjou-san’s favorite.

He then did this and that to me…and taught me a lot.

Yes, after I gave my virginity to him, he developed my body a lot!

I had been sweet-talking him about getting married next year, but that bastard, of all things, switched to a new girl in the same department, and one that I was in charge of supervising.

Fushimi Reiko was a beauty in her own right.

She had long, straight black hair and a slender, single-layered face as neat as a doll’s. Her breasts and hips were shaped like a model with long arms and legs. If she stands next to me, stocky and stubby, even though we are both women, the difference is obvious.

In other words, she’s the opposite of me.

If I was a raccoon, Fushimi-san was a fox…or rather; she was too godlike to be a fox.

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  1. Littlelimerence has spoken 1 year ago

    Poor Tanuki chan, I am also short and chubby.


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