The Raccoon Ate The Dragon
The Raccoon Ate The Dragon Part 4

As I approached the man standing in the darkness, I noticed that he was giving off an unwelcoming vibe.

He was wearing a black coat, black suit, black shoes, and black gloves. Furthermore, he had a stern expression on his face as he looked at the watch around his wrist…but it didn’t matter! I am the strongest when I am drunk.

“Hey, are you alone? Let’s enjoy each other’s company tonight! Come on!”

Momentum is very important.

I ran with unsteady legs and held the arm he had raised to look at his watch. Even though I bumped into him with a powerful thud, he didn’t move an inch.

Wow, he is so strong!

However, he only glanced down at me with a blank expression as if a mosquito had perched on his face.

Up close, he was a man with a well-defined face. Not so much handsome as he was manly. His face was so outstanding that I couldn’t help but admire it for a moment!

I hit the jackpot! I wouldn’t miss this chance for the world!

Raccoons may be omnivores, but just now my carnivore blood started to boil.

“Please come with me, I don’t want to be alone.”

I tugged on his arm, but he didn’t move an inch.

He didn’t look angry or annoyed; he just looked down at me quietly with a pensive expression on his face.

If I was sober and still my usual shy self, I would have taken my hand away, apologized, and fled the scene…but now I am being honest about my desires.

Let’s go honesty! Nothing can stop me!

“Hey! Hey, hey! What’s that woman doing to my brother over there?!”

How long had I been urging the silent handsome Oniichan[1]It refers to big brother in Japanese?

A man suddenly came rushing towards us from the entrance of the building where the Oniichan was standing, sounding impatient.

What is with this guy?

He was a young man with blond hair, dark complexion and flirtatious looks.

I would say maybe in his teens or twenties…naah~pass!

He’s pretty cool, but he’s not my type!

“You’re late, Takeru.”

“Sorry, bro. It took me a while to get here… but what’s with this woman?”   

“I don’t know. She got involved with me on her own and said she wants to go somewhere nice with me.”

“Huh? Woman! How dare you be so rude to my brother! Get your hands off him and get out of here!”

Wow, what a nice voice.

I was enraptured by the bass voice I was hearing for the first time…it was like a thump in the pit of my stomach.

Takeru started barking at me.

What a nuisance. Don’t bother me, will you?

I was really urging the handsome Oniichan who was ignoring me and not moving a step. On the other hand, there was that stupid man next to me, yanking me and really pushing me to let go.

It’s like that thing. The mutt that lived in my parents’ neighborhood!

He was a dog from a house on my way to school. It was rumored to be quiet in general, but I hated him because for some reason he always barked whenever I walked by.

This situation reminded me of when I was little and it kind of pissed me off.

The dog’s[2]She meant Takeru hand reached out to take my hand off his brother’s arm, but I quickly slapped it away.

“You’re the one who needs to get the hell out of here! You’re a noisy little dog, you know that? I’m going to cut off your dick! Don’t be a bitch!”

“Wow, she stinks of booze. Who the hell is this woman?”

I tightly held the handsome Oniichan’s arm, and brought my face very close to the dog’s threatening that I will teach him a good lesson so that even a stupid dog like him could understand.

The dog stepped back as quickly as he could, but he immediately bared his teeth and glared at me menacingly.

Ha! Tonight I am not the kind of woman who would be intimidated by a dog glaring at me! If he bites me, I will bite him back with thousand times the force!

I snickered back at Takeru’s glare and held his gaze, not to be outdone. With an added menacing snarl just to be sure!

Suddenly, a black finger rested under my chin.

I lift my face with a snap, and my eyes met those of the handsome Oniichan for the first time.

He was staring intently at me. His lips were arched in a smile, and he seemed to be enjoying himself.

“You’re a funny one, aren’t you? What’s your name?”

“Tanuki…Meiko Tanuki.”

“Yes, Tanuki. That’s good. Take me to a nice place.”

He stroked my chin as if he was soothing a kitten, and I felt my head pop with pleasure…Well, I’m drunk so it goes without saying that I would act giddy all the time.

“Oh, Brother?”

I managed to capture the handsome Oniichan’s heart and successfully get him even though the dog was still acting impatient with me.

I looked up at him beside me and saw that he was still yapping and glaring at me.


1 It refers to big brother in Japanese
2 She meant Takeru
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