The Raccoon Ate The Dragon
The Raccoon Ate The Dragon Part 5

“Wait, bro, what about your appointment with father?”

“Tell him I’ll visit tomorrow.”

“Ane-san and Ojou are waiting for you! What will they say if I go alone?”      

“I don’t care. Come on, Tanuki, let’s go.”

“Oh, Oniichan~~~” 

It seems that a story I don’t understand has finally started, but the poor dog is making some kind of sad mewing sound.

I felt a little sorry for him, but my head quickly erased his presence as I walked away with the handsome Oniichan holding me by the shoulders.

He really smells amazingly classy….

Rubbing my cheeks on his seemingly fine coat, I rushed to a neon-lit hotel to serve my purpose tonight.


Dang, that’s right!

Right, right! Yes, yes, yes! At this hour, the hotel is full of people!

Damn! Even though I can’t hear them, but I think I can almost hear their voices going “ah-ah”![1]I am assuming sounds of enjoying themselves Yeah in my mind, I can clearly see them teasing and mocking me[2]I think she meant they are laughing at her for not being able to book a room tonight!

I took the arm of the handsome Oniichan who was holding me gently by the shoulder and pulled him to me. After going to many love hotels, I was disappointed to find that all the rooms were fully occupied.

He gently patted me on the shoulder and comforted me….

“What are you going to do?”

I feel a sense of urgency in his voice mixed with a bitter smile.

What are you going to do? Stop? What kind of words I think I am going hear next?

Wait, wait a minute!

I’m willing to spend the night no matter what. If not at a hotel, I can do it at another place as much as my heart desires.

My head is already filled with the idea of sleeping with the handsome Oniichan

The only place where I can stay without hesitation now is my apartment. I just cleaned it the other day. Although the bed is a little small considering the handsome Oniichan’s size, but who cares! I certainly don’t!

“Let’s take a cab, Oniichan!”

Before he had time to object and say he was going back home, I put my arms around him again and we headed toward the main street.

It was late at night, but thankfully there were plenty of cabs in the downtown area. I shoved him into a cab that stopped right away and got in.

“Where are we going?”

“My apartment is close by!”

After answering the brother’s question I raised one hand and cheerfully gave the address to the taxi driver.

After a short pause, he told the driver that he changed his mind about where we were going…what? Where are we going then?

“My apartment is closer… you want to go somewhere nice and fast, don’t you? Tanuki-chan.”

As he unexpectedly whispered in my ear, I had no choice but to pout and agree….


1 I am assuming sounds of enjoying themselves
2 I think she meant they are laughing at her for not being able to book a room tonight

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