The Raccoon Ate The Dragon
The Raccoon Ate The Dragon Part 6

“What’s wrong, little raccoon? Did you get scared?”

I had become somewhat nervous, and before I knew it, the handsome Oniichan, who had taken off his coat and suit jacket, was standing in front of me. 

His thick chest through his shirt came into my line of vision and suddenly made me lose all my gut instincts. No, no, no! Meiko! Your sobriety hasn’t worn off yet! You’ve got to get yourself in a better mood!

“Don’t be afraid! Tanuki Meiko, he is just taking off his clothes!”

After making this declaration to raise my spirits, I started taking off my coat at a leisurely pace. 

I glanced over to check on the handsome Oniichan progress and saw that he was sitting at the foot of the bed, looking at me.

He was still in the same outfit as before. The only thing he had taken off is his expensive-looking watch and placed it on the side table. …Is he smiling? There’s something delightful about his face.

I stopped undressing once I was down to just my bra and panties, and I moved closer to the handsome Oniichan.

No, there’s no shame since I’ve come this far, and I don’t mind being completely naked. I just want him to see me in this underwear for a minute.

After all, it’s a 60,000 yen set that I bought at a famous department store just for tonight!

A red all-lace bra that makes my breasts look fuller and sexier with a matching all-lace string panties.

The strings are a little bit stuck in around my plump waist… but overall, I would say I looked quite voluptuous.

Still, there’s a lot of stuff stuck in me… oh, my God! I hope that’s considered charming.

“You are wearing sexy underwear that doesn’t match your adorable face.”

When I sat down and stood between his widely open legs, the handsome Oniichan looked at my whole body as if he was licking it and chuckled.

“Yes, yes, this lingerie doesn’t really suit a raccoon face~.”

Even so, I’m a little glad that he got the concept that I could be sexy. I wasn’t usually someone who liked to be praised, but I guess it was worth the money, wasn’t it?

The image of the lady in the lingerie section of the famous department store giving a thumbs-up came to mind.

“That’s right – you see – this is quite expensive. Look, look, please check it out more!”

Even though I am petite, while standing, I seem taller than the handsome Oniichan who is sitting down. Or rather I should say that sexy man’s legs are phenomenally long.

Anyway, his handsome face came just above my chest so I pushed my unnecessarily big tits, decorated with lace, closer to him.

You now probably think, I’m not going to be able to look at what his doing if I get it that close, right?

It’s okay, it’s okay, that’s not the only purpose, you see, this way…


A choked voice escaped from his mouth.

That’s right; after all, I shoved my chest in his face most likely suffocating him!

Hey now, don’t you like it?

They’re the tits of every boy’s dream.

When I looked down at him, I saw that my brother’s shapely nose was perfectly fitted into my cleavage.

As I was in a good mood, I put my arms around my breasts from both sides and shook them, but I unexpectedly got a counterattack.

My breasts were grabbed from underneath by the handsome Oniichan’s hands that were idly resting by his side.

I was squeezed so hard that it hurt, along with my bra. I reflexively pulled my body back a little and was then eaten right around the nipples.

He used the right amount of strength between painful and pleasant, but… perhaps the alcohol was making me more sensitive? The pain was gradually getting stronger.

“Nn, Oniichan, it hurts… it hurts…”

“Does it hurt a lot? I’m sorry?”

Once I make him understand what I mean with my erotic sounds, the handsome Oniichan looks up from my chest and smilingly squints his eyes.

The bra, which has changed color after getting wet around the nipple area, looked really sexy, and my lips that have been gently licked were now shiny and perky.

Ugh, It looked quite fierce … right out of Hentai!!!

I was easily allowed to touch him when I brought my face close to his lips, which were like an alluring force of attraction to me.

I kissed him lightly and he pulled me to his knees so that I was sitting on his lap between his legs.

As soon as we were in that position, he started kissing me deeply.

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