The Raccoon Ate The Dragon
The Raccoon Ate The Dragon Part 7

The handsome Oniichan is a very good kisser… maybe because he uses his tongue exquisitely.

His tongue, which moves around inside my mouth, is so wet and slippery that it makes me wonder if that part of my body is also an erogenous zone.

Yeah his amazing tongue tells me that it’s indeed an erogenous zone.

I felt so relaxed.

At first, I tried my best to engage him in tongue wrestling and, in my own way, to go inside his mouth and lick his favorite spots to make him feel good, but the battle for dominance was completely lost by me!

Eventually I ended up with my mouth being violated in the best way.

I watched in a pleasant daze as my lips parted in a string of saliva, and then, with a small smile, he dropped a small kiss on the tip of my chin, and then moved back down to take a bite of my bare nipple.

Wait what? When did I have my bra removed?

I’m not sure if he’s taking into account what I said earlier about it hurting, but he’s gently squeezing my nipples.

Sometimes, as if to show me what he is doing, he uses the tip of his tongue, which extends from his lips, to play around the areola and nipples, which is too erotic of a sight.

It’s like I’m being shown a porno even though it’s my own body. I feel the direct pleasure, but I also feel that my pussy is getting wet from the visual arousal.

“Nn, ugh… Oniichan, it’s so good…”

“I already know that. I could tell since you were moving your raccoon ass a lot earlier.”

He gave me a small smile, and my face grew flushed.

It seems I unconsciously rubbed my pussy against his thigh. I couldn’t help it.

It was itching!

“Ugh… don’t… don’t, hmm, yes.”

“Great, just sucking your tits makes you this wet.”

In no time at all, the handsome Oniichan’s hand was inserted into my crotch strap. He rubbed the wet spot on my panties and then he brushed through the fabric and went inside….

I was very wet, so it didn’t hurt, although it did feel like a foreign object. But it felt good to have a long finger scratch my itching insides…

“Hmph, ah, my pussy, scratching, good, good…”

“Good? It’s overflowing. I’m going to stir it a lot.”

“Hmmm! Oh, oh, oh, oh, yes, yes, yes…”

As he had declared, his fingers were messily rubbing inside me.

When the one finger was increased to two fingers moving apart from each other, more and more love juice flowed out from the gap between them.

What should I do? My hips are moving so much.

When I move my hips in time with the movement of the brother’s fingers, my clit would feel so good against the edge of my panties which were nicely rolled up.

In addition, his lips also began to suck on my breasts, and I can’t stand it. I feel like I’m going to come just by having both my upper and lower body played with.

As I was clinging to him while moaning loudly, his fingers suddenly pulled out from inside me with a gurgling sound.

“Oh, no. Why?”

“Because, raccoon, you’re about to cum before you eat me… don’t you want to eat me?”

When I complained about my frustration at having his fingers taken out, he laughed a little and kissed my pouting lips.

He was right actually.

Even though I had challenged the dog so much, I realized that I was the only one who was disheveled, and the handsome Oniichan only had a couple of buttons on his shirt popped and wrinkled because I grabbed onto him, but nothing else was really untidy or undone.

“Ugh, I’m sorry. Tanuki Meiko will eat Oniichan’s dick.”

As I raised my right hand and declared that, I got off his lap and kneeled between his open legs.

I felt a little sorry for leaving the brother who had gone to the trouble of picking me up and making me feel good on my own.

Oh, my!! His expensive-looking slacks have changed color a bit because of what I’ve leaked.

I don’t know what to do!! Cleaning fees or…

No, no, no, I don’t have a superb technique here… but I have to give him a break by serving him.

When I touch his member from the top of his slacks, I was relieved to find that it was hard.

I mean, this feeling I have when I touch it… It’s pretty huge!! Right?

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  1. Ninanu has spoken 2 years ago

    When she lift her hand as if to salute before giving b***j*b … 😆


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