The Raccoon Ate The Dragon
The Raccoon Ate The Dragon Part 8

“Little raccoon just touch me directly.”

As I stroked him, a voice mixed with laughter fell from above my head.

His long fingers undid his belt with a click, and then he himself loosened the front of his pants.

I ran my fingers over the edge of his pants and thought I could see a slightly darker bush, and then, bam, there it was, towering right in front of me.

How can I say it, it’s so incredibly thick.

This is above average… right?

I’ve only seen one man’s penis, Shinjo-san’s, but compared to the handsome Oniichan thing, his was twig, isn’t it? It really looked like a twig.

Also, what is this? A rounded protrusion that surrounded the bottom of his thick umbrella-like shiitake mushroom…

I looked at it with curiosity, and when I gently touched it with my fingertip and pressed it, I found that it does indeed have protrusion, but they it doesn’t seem to be that hard.

“It’s a silicone ball. I wonder if you’ve ever seen them before Tanuki. This protrusion will hit your favorite part when it’s inserted inside of you.”

I’ve never seen or heard of them before, though the sound of it makes me swallow my spit.

The handsome Oniichan gave another small laugh and pressed his member firmly against my mouth, which throbbed with anticipation.

“Lick it; I hear it feels pretty amazing when you touch it with your tongue.”

The sweet, low voice hypnotized me, and I opened my lips and bit the spot where the protrusion was. I licked it with my tongue, and it was indeed strangely soft and interesting, stimulating my tongue just to the right level.

“How is it?”

“Mmm, it’s a little bit soft.”

When I give my honest opinion, a large palm brushed my hair. It was like I was being played nicely, and I suddenly felt like I was getting fucked.

I grabbed his cock with both hands and licked it enthusiastically. I tried my best to put it whole inside my mouth, but either my mouth was too small or his cock was too thick, so I could only suck on the crevice.

His sexy moaning that escaped his mouth and the salty liquid that oozed out of the tip of his dick are like evidence that the handsome Oniichan was feeling it, and it makes me happy.

I mean, can you eat this with your bottom mouth when you can’t even contain it with your top mouth? I was wondering, but my body is too honest. My pussy was getting wet with the anticipation of the unknown size as I was licking his dick dry.

“Mmm, okay, little raccoon. It’s time to put it in.”


After taking his mighty cock from my mouth and hand, the handsome Oniichan moved towards the head of the bed.

I kept watching him as he removed his shorts, which were wet with pre-cum and had completely changed color, and took a familiar package from a small drawer at the head of the bed.

At that moment a demon took over me.

I want to taste that protrusion, not through the condom, but in the flesh…Nah.

Can I ever just casually look at it? I asked myself. His size is in the minority. I think I can only taste it once in my life, and only now, so my desire was getting bigger and bigger.

Of course I know that it is dangerous to do it bareback, but my period just ended yesterday and it’s a super safe day for me, as I have a stable cycle.

Now that I’m drunk and my reason has been completely overwhelmed by desire, all I can think about is how much I want to taste it in the flesh.

With that in mind, I went up to the bed to jump on the handsome Oniichan.

“Oh, wow, wait, little raccoon, what are you doing?”

I pushed him, who was trying to tear open the package of condoms, down on his back.

Even if there is a difference in physique, it would seem that I could not catch him by surprise when he was completely unprepared.

I was so excited that I was huffing and puffing like an animal. I pulled down my panties and his boxers and straddled him. I then pressed my pussy against the tip of his cock, which stood tall and unshrinking.

It was getting wet easily, just a little bit of rubbing made the love juices flow down from my entrance.

“Hey, hey, little raccoon. You need to put the condom on properly.”

“It’s all right! It’s a safe day for me! Besides, I want to feel your cock in the flesh.”

I think my eyes are probably fixated right now.

I’m not going to let anything stop me from eating the handsome Oniichan’s cock in the flesh!

The situation was so surreal; the handsome Oniichan had a troubled expression on his face and me staring at him with his dick in my grasp. Finally he was the first to give in.

“You’re really funny, Tanuki. …Fine, have plenty of raw food.”

“Bon appétit!”

  1. Hell is boring has spoken 2 years ago

    Oh my what a safe way to get STD.

  2. Eli has spoken 2 years ago

    Thanks for updating haha can’t wait for the snusnu on the next chap

  3. jlucpitard has spoken 2 years ago

    Kids, don’t do this at home (or at his home!) Be safe to avoid monkey pox and other intimate diseases. Alcohol can let you do bad things, but don’t be dumb like a cute tanuki.


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