The Villain Has Something to Say
The Villain Has Something to Say – Chapter 12

As soon as the words fell, a strong spiritual power attacked Luo Jianqing.

Upon hearing the words “you are a demon”, Luo Jianqing’s eyes narrowed and he reflexively took out his bamboo umbrella from his storage ring. The surging spiritual power attack hit the bamboo umbrella and broke one of its ribs!

Seeing this, Luo Jianqing’s alarm bells rang loudly in his heart, and he immediately drew his sword to fight back.

In the dim and chaotic surroundings, Luo Jianqing closed his eyes and listened carefully, using his sword to fend off attacks coming from all directions. The opponent’s attacks all hit the bamboo umbrella, while Luo Jianqing’s attacks landed in the empty air, failing to hit the opponent.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Although these attacks were not as powerful as the first one that broke a rib of the bamboo umbrella, they could still break one of its ribs in ten moves or less. Even though Luo Jianqing was no longer attached to this umbrella, he knew that if this continued, he would be forced into a dead end sooner or later.

This kind of attack was at least made by a high-level Nascent Soul stage expert, and possibly even a late-stage great perfection !

[1]Tl’s note : kinda confused on this one but I think they meant  late stage perfect Nascent soul

His mind quickly turned, and Luo Jianqing fought back while thinking about what could be wrong. He did not believe he was a demon. Since ancient times, humans and demons have been at odds, and if even Xuan Lingzi, a Nascent Soul stage sage, couldn’t tell he was a demon and accepted him as his disciple, then no one in this relic should be able to detect that he was a demon.

So where did the problem lie?

“The demon pill?!”

Luo Jianqing stopped and held up his umbrella, ignoring the other’s attacks as he shouted loudly, “Senior! I am not a monster!”

His voice contained a hint of spiritual power, which traveled far and finally made the attacks stop. The voice still sounded hoarse and unpleasant, muttering, “It’s a monster, it’s a monster, it’s a monster…”

Luo Jianqing flipped his hand and took out a purple monster core from his storage ring, respectfully saying, “Senior, this is the sixth-grade monster core I just obtained from the Endless Wilderness. In fact, I killed hundreds of monsters before and took their cores as well. Have you misunderstood?”

There was silence in the chaos for a moment, and Luo Jianqing gradually relaxed. Unexpectedly, at this moment, the voice suddenly became sharp and screamed, “You are a monster! You are a monster! You are a monster!”

Another round of overwhelming attacks came towards Luo Jianqing. Even though he had the Bamboo Umbrella to resist these attacks, he didn’t know where his enemy was and couldn’t attack. Luo Jianqing felt that this voice was too unreasonable. How could he be determined to be a monster? If he was a monster, then wouldn’t the elders and venerables of Mount Taihua become a joke?

Seeing another umbrella bone break, Luo Jianqing gritted his teeth and threw the Bamboo Umbrella into the air. A golden and gentle light scattered from the umbrella, wrapping Luo Jianqing inside.

Luo Jianqing tapped his fingers on the Shuang Fu Sword a few times, and the long sword slowly flew out of his palm, with the tip pointing outward and suspending in mid-air. He quickly pinched a series of hand gestures with both hands, and a green light flickered between his hands, with little stars shining. The light on the Shuang Fu Sword also became more dazzling.

On this chaos, there seemed to be a faint sound of thunder.

Luo Jianqing’s speed of hand gestures increased, and the Shuang Fu Sword also spun rapidly, waiting to attack the enemy. However, at this moment, the green light in his hands seemed to dim a bit. Without hesitation, Luo Jianqing stomped his right foot on the ground and sprayed a mouthful of hot blood onto the Shuang Fu Sword.

Suddenly, a bright green light burst out!

Luo Jianqing pinched his hand gestures, a strand of blood trickling from the corner of his lips.

“One sword transforms into nine lotuses!”

A sword transformed into nine, speeding forward, Shuang Fu Sword forming a phantom. Thunderous lightning from the Nine Heavens struck down. It was only because of the Shuang Fu Sword, made of ten thousand years of mysterious iron and thousand-year-old thunder crystal, that Luo Jianqing could use this technique twice in one day. However, he was now exhausted of spiritual power and could only rely on the Bamboo Umbrella to protect himself.

Purple lightning filled the entire space, snaking like silver serpents, wildly crawling. The nine swords did not find their target and formed a sword formation, sweeping through every inch of space with unstoppable force.

Luo Jianqing had no other way. If he really couldn’t pass this test, he could only crush the jade token and leave this ruin. But then, he would not be able to assassinate Li Xiuchen again, and this time it would have been for nothing.

Luo Jianqing covered his chest with his right hand, feeling the spiritual power in his body completely exhausted. Unfortunately, his Gathering Spirit Pills had been used up when he fought against the Enchanting Fox. Therefore, looking at the Shuang Fu Sword blindly attacking at this moment, Luo Jianqing could only bitterly smile and say, “Is it true that I have come to a halt here?”

The next moment, white light shone on Luo Jianqing’s body, and when he opened his eyes again, he suddenly found himself in a stone chamber!

Luo Jianqing stood there dumbfounded. His first reaction was to check the whereabouts of the Shuang Fu Sword. When he felt the sword joyfully dancing in his spiritual consciousness, Luo Jianqing finally breathed a sigh of relief. He looked up and suddenly froze.

Li Xiuchen was also staring blankly at the disheveled Luo Jianqing.

The two of them stared at each other for a while. After a moment, Luo Jianqing joined his fingers together, and a green sword aura condensed at his fingertips.

Li Xiuchen was kneeling on a cushion. Seeing this, he quickly got up and pleaded, “Are you… are you really going to kill me? We are from the same place, we are fellow villagers! I promise, even if I should kill you in the future, I will not kill you. Spare my life, please!”

Lu Jianqing narrowed his eyes and continued forward with his sword in hand.

Li Xiuchen said, “I won’t fight with you anymore. I’ll give you the main role! You know, the seventh level is the reward level. I don’t want this inheritance, and I don’t want any treasure. I’ll give everything to you. From now on, I’ll be your follower, and everything I have is yours.”

At this moment, Lu Jianqing had already walked up to Li Xiuchen. He sneered and lifted the corner of his lips as he looked at the person in front of him. Suddenly, he remembered a long time ago, on that cliff of broken love, it was this face that looked down at him with contemptuous eyes.

At that time, Li Xiuchen said, “Senior Brother Lu, I will call you Senior Brother for the last time today. You have fallen into the demonic path and harmed Second Senior Brother and Sixth Senior Brother. It can be said that you are going against the natural order and acting recklessly. If you are willing to end yourself on this cliff of broken love today, I can plead with my fellow cultivators to leave you a complete corpse out of consideration for our past brotherhood.”

At that time, Li Xiuchen was so arrogant and unrestrained, and now he was so humble and despicable.

Tears and snot flowed on Li Xiuchen’s face. His ingratiating eyes disgusted Lu Jianqing, but he didn’t want to waste any more time. He slowly lifted the sharp sword energy and pointed it directly at Li Xiuchen, who had already turned pale with fear.

This time, Lu Jianqing took out a green bamboo umbrella to block all the external attacks around him. He looked at Li Xiuchen with an indifferent expression and then slowly raised his finger. Suddenly, he heard a silver bell-like laughter ringing in his mind, “Hehehehe, you humans can still kill each other? Little guy, you are really bad, but I like it. How about… you give yourself to me? What do you think?”

Lu Jianqing opened his eyes, and a sharp, piercing pain came from his mind.


He fell to the side, holding his head in pain, and Li Xiuchen took the opportunity to hide and ran to the corner of the wall.

A purple demonic pill flew out of Luo Jianqing’s storage ring, and purple demonic mist quickly enveloped the figure of the green-robed cultivator. Li Xiuchen looked on in shock, not understanding what was happening.

Of course, he didn’t understand what kind of pain Luo Jianqing was currently enduring.

In his spiritual sea, the Shuang Fu Sword emitted a fearful and worried sword cry, and a white light was fighting against the invading purple demonic mist. Luo Jianqing writhed in pain on the ground, his grey robe covered in dust, his hair disheveled, and one eye still clear while the other was surrounded by purple.

“Little fellow, don’t struggle. You’re at the end of your rope now. Why don’t you just give in to me?”

“Don’t even think about it!”

“Little fellow, why do you have to be so stubborn?”


Sweat covered his handsome face, and Luo Jianqing hugged his head in pain. Blood flowed from the purple eye.

No one knew how long it had passed, and Li Xiuchen had been watching from the side the whole time. He listened to the painful cries coming from the purple mist, and he even heard Luo Jianqing sobbing in pain. After waiting for a long time, Li Xiuchen suddenly saw that the purple mist had dispersed somewhat, but he still remained hidden in the corner, afraid to move.

Until he heard a suggestive low hum.

The sound was too tempting, and Li Xiuchen’s body stiffened as he curiously walked towards it. In the hazy purple mist, he saw a handsome young man leaning against the wall, breathing heavily. The man’s phoenix eyes were bright and beautiful, his lips red as if about to bleed, his features stunningly beautiful.

Li Xiuchen gasped in awe.

As the senior brother of Taihua Mountain and a Golden Core cultivator, his arrogance disappeared completely at this moment, and the beauty that belonged solely to Luo Jianqing was fully revealed. Li Xiuchen had always known that Luo Jianqing was probably the most handsome character in the book “Seeking Immortality.” Even the mermaid princess he would later marry could hardly compare to this villain.

In the past, Li Xiuchen had not paid too much attention to Luo Jianqing’s appearance because his aura was too strong, and Li Xiuchen did not have the strength to confront him. But now, Luo Jianqing was lying weakly in the purple mist, his black hair falling on his green clothes, his eyes watery, his cheeks blushing as he looked ahead.

At this moment, Li Xiuchen finally understood what it meant to be beautiful without regard to gender.

Li Xiuchen’s fingers began to tremble, and he instinctively wanted to take a step forward to see more clearly. But before he could do anything, the purple mist, which seemed familiar to him, suddenly rushed towards him with a consciousness. Luo Jianqing cried out desperately, “No!!!”

Li Xiuchen looked at Luo Jianqing in confusion, only to see the latter’s eyes wide open, bloodshot and filled with pain as he looked at Li Xiuchen and the purple mist. In the midst of his confusion, Li Xiuchen suddenly felt a surge of heat rushing down his body.

With a loud bang, his rationality seemed to have been burned to ashes.

Li Xiuchen gasped heavily, his body trembling as he looked at the handsome cultivator lying in the corner.

Luo Jianqing’s eyes were already as wide as they could be, but even the most furious expression couldn’t weaken the unparalleled beauty of his face. A drop of sweat dripped down from Luo Jianqing’s full and fair forehead, sliding down his perfect facial features and finally disappearing into his alluring clothing.

Li Xiuchen couldn’t help but swallow his saliva and murmured hoarsely, “So beautiful…”

Luo Jianqing flipped his hand and condensed a sword energy, stabbing towards Li Xiuchen. Unexpectedly, the sword energy missed slightly and left a bloody mark on Li Xiuchen’s face before disappearing into the wall.

“Heaven’s Will!!!”

 Luo Jianqing trembled, suppressing the extreme desire in his body, wishing he could immediately take out the jade talisman and flee from this place..

Just now, the fox demon had tried to take over his body when his spiritual energy was depleted. In the struggle, Lu Jianqing had almost died, killing the fox demon’s consciousness in the process. However, he had also been poisoned by the fox demon’s lustful toxin. What Lu Jianqing never expected was that, before dying, the fox demon had directed its demonic mist towards Li Xiuchen, who was now in the same stone room.

The fox demon’s dying words echoed in his ears, “Dirty and stinky humans! You shall also taste what it feels like to be dominated by a man!”

The sword aura from before had been Lu Jianqing’s last resort. His spiritual energy was now depleted and it would take at least half an hour to recover. He was now so weak that even opening his eyes required the stimulation of the lustful toxin.

If the lustful toxin in the demonic mist could make a Qi Condensation stage junior sister lose control, then the lustful toxin in the demonic pill could easily make a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator lose their mind.

At this moment, Lu Jianqing was already consumed by a frenzied desire. His body was crying out for someone else’s touch, but his remaining sanity made him watch as Li Xiuchen slowly approached him, unfastened his belt, and let his eyes roam over his face and body before lowering his head.

“Li Xiuchen… I will kill you, I will definitely kill you in this lifetime!”

A trickle of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth as Lu Jianqing used all his strength to say these words. Every time he spoke, fresh blood spilled from his mouth.

But Li Xiuchen couldn’t hear him. His greedy gaze lingered on the beautiful face before him, finally settling on the bright crimson mole between Lu Jianqing’s eyebrows. The scarlet mole was so red that it seemed as if it would burst into flames at any moment, and Li Xiuchen stared at it for a long time. After a moment, he couldn’t help but lower his head, wanting to kiss those plump lips.

Humiliation and indignation were written all over Lu Jianqing’s face as he felt Li Xiuchen’s breath on him. His eyes widened, refusing to close. He wanted to remember everything, to remember the insult this person had brought him, and to exact ten times the revenge in the future!

Their lips were only inches apart, and Li Xiuchen’s breath sprayed onto the beautiful and alluring face.

In an instant, there was a burst of golden light.


Li Xiuchen’s body was kicked against the wall, and a cold voice filled with anger and nervousness sounded in the small stone room, like a sacred voice that couldn’t be ignored: “If you dare to take another step forward, I will shatter you into a million pieces, no matter what it takes!”


1 Tl’s note : kinda confused on this one but I think they meant  late stage perfect Nascent soul

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