The Villain Has Something to Say
The Villain Has Something to Say – Chapter 13

A booming sound echoed in the stone chamber.

Li Xiuchen’s body collided with the wall along with the flying debris, but the wall remained undamaged. However, he was in so much pain that he couldn’t control himself. Every bone in his body seemed to have been crushed, and at least four ribs were broken. If he were an ordinary person, he would have died long ago.

Furthermore, a powerful pressure crushed Li Xiuchen to the ground, making him unable to move.

At this moment, even though Li Xiuchen’s desires were still boiling and raging inside his chest, he couldn’t pay attention to them. He struggled to lift his head and finally saw the person who had arrived.

That person was elegant and graceful, dressed in a white robe, with black hair that shone with a golden glow. A golden lotus flower with eight petals bloomed between his eyebrows, emitting a dazzling light that was too bright to look at directly.

Li Xiuchen’s teeth were chattering, and he had already recognized who this person was, but he couldn’t believe why this person would appear here.

Xuan Lingzi looked down at Li Xiuchen, who was lying on the ground in a sorry state. His eyes were neither sad nor happy, and the anger and resentment from earlier were gone. He looked at Li Xiuchen with the same eyes that he would use to look at an inanimate object, making Li Xiuchen shiver. He felt that if he made any movement, this person would kill him without hesitation.

“Just now, did you use these hands to touch my disciple’s clothes?” Xuan Lingzi’s voice was cold and emotionless as he spoke.

Li Xiuchen was already in too much pain and poisoned by desire to speak, so he couldn’t answer.

However, Xuan Lingzi did not want his answer. He just calmly raised his hand and in an instant, a golden sword light flashed, and the sword energy of spiritual power pointed directly at Li Xiuchen’s hands, instantly piercing through both of his palms.


Tears flowed from Li Xiuchen’s eyes due to the pain, and snot ran down his face. He looked at the revered elder in front of him with fear. The elder spoke in a calm voice, “Just now, did you use these eyes to look at my disciple’s body?”


Blood tears flowed from Li Xiuchen’s eyes, and even the fierce thunder in the sky could not stop Xuan Lingzi’s actions. Xuan Lingzi’s fingers were clasped together, and the golden sword energy continued to flow between them. His narrow phoenix eyes calmly focused on the broken body on the ground.

Xuan Lingzi said, “Just now, were you, Li Xiuchen, trying to lay a hand on my disciple?”

The sword energy between his fingers increased, and Xuan Lingzi squinted his eyes, pointing his finger at Li Xiuchen. Li Xiuchen was currently writhing in pain on the ground, covering his eyes. He didn’t understand why his supposed master suddenly wanted to kill him, and every word he spoke was filled with boundless hatred.

As the sword energy was about to burst out, the thunder in the sky became even more fierce. In an instant, a silver thunderbolt roared down from the sky, piercing through space and striking towards Xuan Lingzi’s body!

This thunderbolt was far beyond what Luo Jianqing had summoned before. It was thick enough to exceed the size of this stone room, and silver serpents were constantly darting around it. This kind of thunderbolt made people feel fearful at first glance. It was enough to destroy a tribulation-crossing realm powerhouse.

After a silver thunderbolt came down, Xuan Lingzi raised his hand to block it.

Then came a red thunderbolt, as if it could destroy the heavens and the earth!

Thirty-six thunderbolts relentlessly struck down, and even Xuan Lingzi’s face turned pale. He raised his hand to block a purple thunderbolt. The thunderclouds in the sky were rolling, and it seemed that more thunder calamities were about to strike. But Xuan Lingzi’s pupils contracted, and he angrily said, “I have sacrificed to such an extent, do you really think you can stop me?”

The thunderclouds fell silent for a moment, but they did not dissipate and still hovered in the sky outside the ruins.

Within a radius of three hundred miles around the Yitian Mountain Range, there were dense and dark clouds. Countless mortals knelt on the ground, praying and wishing that heaven would not send down divine punishment. Inside the Yitian Sect, all three Nascent Soul stage elders had gathered, looking at the thunderclouds spreading for hundreds of miles in shock.

The second elder exclaimed in fear, “Is there a great expert in the tribulation period crossing the thunder calamity?”

The elder shook his head and said, “Even the venerable Xuan Lingzi back then only encountered a thundercloud with a radius of eighty-one li and ninety-nine thunder calamities. Is there anyone in this world who can surpass the venerable of Mount Taihua? This should be a heavenly omen, and the demon world will be in chaos!”

The third elder suddenly thought of something and said, “Senior Brother, could it be the legacy of the North Star True Immortal…”

“Nonsense! It’s just the remnant of a Nascent Soul great power. How could it trigger such an anomaly?”

For a while, countless mortals prayed on their knees, and numerous cultivators discussed without rest. Meanwhile, inside the ruins, Xuan Lingzi’s calm and handsome face showed no expression. He silently looked up at the sky, and eventually put away his sword qi. He kicked Li Xiuchen to the corner, and then sucked out a white light from his forehead.

“Forget about these things. I’ll spare your life today.”

Li Xiuchen struggled in pain for a while, but eventually passed out. His face was flushed, and the desire toxin had transformed into a purple mist that was wildly surging in his body. However, he couldn’t wake up no matter how hard he tried, letting the toxin wreak havoc in his body.

Xuan Lingzi paid no further attention to him. He turned around, and with a calm expression, looked at his disciple, but suddenly froze when he saw him.


Xuan Lingzi hurriedly approached, grabbed Luo Jianqing’s hand, and transmitted pure spiritual power into him.

Luo Jianqing’s cheeks turned red, and he was already panting heavily. Now that he suddenly gained spiritual power, he immediately had the strength to move. Unable to suppress the desire toxin in his body any longer, he suddenly grabbed the source of that cool energy, flipped over, and pressed the other person under him.

Xuan Lingzi stared in astonishment at this scene.

Lu Jianqing straddled him, with his eyes lowered and his gaze blurred, looking at him.

His lips, which used to call him “master”, were now as red as blood, tempting and seductive. His beautiful eyes sparkled with a hint of water, and his clothes were disheveled, revealing a beautiful and fragile collarbone.

Lu Jianqing slowly opened his eyes and looked at the person beneath him. Seeing the other person’s face, he wasn’t surprised at all. He just chuckled in a hoarse voice and whispered, “Another…illusion? Illusion, illusion…hm…”

An ambiguous moan came from his throat, and Lu Jianqing was overwhelmed by his emotions. He slowly leaned down and approached the person’s face under him. He looked at the person’s face with a complicated gaze, his eyes sliding down from the cold eyebrows to the thin lips, and finally, he lowered his head and kissed them!

Xuan Lingzi’s eyes narrowed.

A warm and humid breath came from the place where their lips were pressed together. Lu Jianqing closed his eyes and kissed the person under him with sincerity and devotion. His lips rubbed against the other’s, gently sucking and nibbling. He had intended to open the other’s teeth, but unexpectedly, the other person kept their teeth firmly clenched and didn’t open them at all.

After kissing for a long time, Lu Jianqing raised his head. Under him, the noble Xuan Lingzi remained unchanged in his expression and looked at him calmly. Only the swollen lips showed what had just happened.

Lu Jianqing was not ashamed. His master should be like this, never shaken by him.

The peerless and unparalleled eldest disciple of Taihua Mountain chuckled softly. He seemed to be laughing, but also seemed to be crying. In the end, he couldn’t control the lust in his body. He rubbed his hands on his own clothes, satisfying his own desires. His body was already as hard as iron and pressed firmly against Xuan Lingzi’s abdomen, but he still only entangled himself and did not take any further initiative.

As early as before, Li Xiuchen had taken off Luo Jianqing’s belt. And now, with his tearing, his robe was already disheveled, revealing large areas of snowy white skin to the air. The skin was tinged with a hint of ambiguous pink, like the most beautiful white jade in the world, so beautiful that it took one’s breath away.

Luo Jianqing sat on Xuan Lingzi’s body, unable to control himself as he touched himself.

He didn’t notice that the person beneath him was staring at him with increasingly deep and complex eyes. When he saw Luo Jianqing’s hands touch his own chest, Xuan Lingzi suddenly turned over and pressed Luo Jianqing beneath him. He looked at his disciple with a complex gaze for a long time before finally taking hold of Luo Jianqing’s hand.

Luo Jianqing looked at him dazedly, his eyes full of desire.

Xuan Lingzi’s expression was calm as he leaned down and pressed his cold lips against the hot skin that had just been touched by Luo Jianqing. He kissed every inch of skin with a bewitching redness until he finally stopped at Luo Jianqing’s left shoulder. He kissed it gently and sucked out a hint of alluring redness. Finally, he looked up at his disciple who was trapped in desire and unable to extricate himself.

While Xuan Lingzi was moving, Luo Jianqing had already been panting heavily, and now he looked at the other person with watery eyes, his voice slightly bitter as he murmured, “Master, hehe, Master… um…”

The scorching kiss poured down, silencing the words that Luo Jianqing was about to say.

Xuan Lingzi’s icy tongue penetrated the hot lips, licking every inch of the hot skin in the mouth, and sucking the plump lips with a smacking sound. Luo Jianqing couldn’t help but moan. He passionately held onto the person above him and leaned in, wanting the other person to touch him.

But Xuan Lingzi just kept kissing him.

The two of them kissed passionately, as if all the emotions that had been suppressed for years were released at once. He bit and licked his soft lips, sucking out the sweet liquid, making his normally strict disciple moan in pleasure.

Xuan Lingzi’s hand moved to Luo Jianqing’s hair, and he pulled out the green jade hairpin. In an instant, three thousand strands of black hair fell around Luo Jianqing’s face, making him even more alluring. Xuan Lingzi gazed at him with lowered eyes and kissed him even more gently.

He kissed him softly for a long time before finally stopping. Luo Jianqing trembled as he hugged Xuan Lingzi and leaned his bare upper body towards him, but Xuan Lingzi remained calm and composed.

After a moment, Xuan Lingzi lowered his head and kissed him again. This time, a faint red light appeared where their lips touched. Luo Jianqing shuddered and collapsed onto the stone floor, letting Xuan Lingzi kiss him. The red light grew brighter and brighter, and as time passed, the heat on Luo Jianqing’s skin gradually dissipated, and his fair skin returned to its jade-like color.

A red light flickered between Xuan Lingzi’s eyebrows, and as soon as the red light between their lips disappeared, Xuan Lingzi immediately released Luo Jianqing. He seemed to want nothing more than to take what he desired and then passed out on the ground.

Xuan Lingzi was dressed neatly, and even his hair was not out of place, as if nothing had happened. He carefully helped Luo Jianqing put on his clothes, his expression so cold that it seemed he was just dealing with his disciple and had no extra emotions.

After he finished dressing him, he slowly stood up and looked at the cushion in the room.

Xuan Lingzi narrowed his eyes and spoke in a cold voice, “Since you have been watching for so long, why are you still hiding? You have insulted my disciple’s reputation and slandered him as a demon. You have even caused him to almost be possessed by that fox demon. Are you ready to apologize?”

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