The Villain Has Something to Say
The Villain Has Something to Say – Chapter 14

As Xuan Lingzi’s words fell, there was no sound in the stone chamber.

Xuan Lingzi’s fingers were clasped together, and a golden sword energy pierced through the stone table in front of the cushion. Suddenly, a wavering remnant soul appeared from the stone table. His figure was vague, as if he could disperse at any moment, but his mouth continued to repeat the words “human or demon.”

If Luo Jianqing could wake up at this moment, he would probably realize that this voice was the one he had been struggling with in the sixth level for a long time. This was just a remnant soul, with little spiritual wisdom, but it contained the obsession of its original owner, lingering on.

“Human or demon, human or demon…”

Xuan Lingzi’s indifferent face showed no emotion, and the eight-petal golden lotus between his eyebrows suddenly bloomed with boundless light. The remnant soul howled in pain, then trembled and looked up at him. After staring at him for a long time, it screamed sharply, “You are a demon!”

Xuan Lingzi snorted coldly and sneered, “Why am I a demon?”

The voice seemed to have heard nothing and pounced on Xuan Lingzi with its five claws.

Xuan Lingzi pointed his sword energy, and the remnant soul screamed in pain. The color in its eyes gradually became clear. After a while, it suddenly looked up at Xuan Lingzi in surprise and asked, “A primordial spirit?!” After a moment, the remnant soul exclaimed in fear, “Half of the primordial spirit… you are a cultivator above the Mahayana period!”

Xuan Lingzi ignored the remnant soul’s words and said calmly, “Now that you have regained your consciousness, go and make amends for accusing my disciple of being a demon.”

Without waiting for the other party to attack, the remnant soul shouted hoarsely, “He’s a demon, he’s a demon, he’s a demon!”

Xuan Lingzi sneered, “Nonsense!”

The remnant soul trembled as he spoke, “He’s not accepted by the 81 avenues of heaven and the 3,000 minor paths. If he’s not a demon, then what is he?”

“Is not being accepted by the heavenly path that only humans can follow the criteria for being a demon?”


Xuan Lingzi flicked his robe, and golden light fell in the stone chamber. He asked indifferently, “Then what about me?”

The remnant soul was suddenly speechless. After a moment, he seemed to go mad again and began chanting incessantly, “A demon cultivator in the Mahayana Stage, a demon cultivator in the Mahyana Stage… Demon Lord, he’s the Demon Lord… You’re a demon, you’re a demon, you’re a demon!”

Xuan Lingzi’s narrow phoenix eyes fell on the mad remnant soul, and he looked at him impassively as he hugged his head in pain before him. The remnant soul, acting on instinct, seemed to want to attack him, but whenever he looked up at Xuan Lingzi, he timidly averted his gaze.

In the end, the remnant soul slowly flew up and kept colliding with the walls of the stone chamber. He had no physical form and was only constantly self-harming while shouting “Demon Lord” and “Is he human or demon”. Xuan Lingzi watched quietly. He did not even stop the remnant soul from colliding with Li Xiuchen, who had fainted and shuddered when struck. It was only when the remnant soul was about to hit Luo Jianqing that Xuan Lingzi’s eyes narrowed, and he swept his sleeve to bring the remnant soul back.

                                  The voice of the powerful Nascent Soul realm cultivator reverberated in the small stone chamber like thunder.

“Since you have already died, why cling to your attachments? Humans and demons have been at odds since ancient times. In this generation, I have done everything I can for the human race. The two races have lived in peace for over a hundred years. Now it’s time for you to leave, this is your fate.”

“Is he human or demon… Demon Lord… You are the Demon Lord…”

“You slandered my disciple as a demon, almost causing him to be possessed, and brought him to such a state. You must make compensation.”

“Demon Lord, you are the Demon Lord, you… Ahhhhh!!!”

With a flick of his long robe, a golden light pierced through the ghost’s body, causing him to scream in agony. After a moment of a tea’s time, the ghost’s screams abruptly stopped, and he silently lowered his head, seemingly unconscious.

“Except that person, give the other’s the rewards they deserve,” said Xuan Lingzi in a low voice.

The ghost glanced at Li Xiuchen in the corner and nodded softly, “Yes.”

The thunderclouds in the sky grew even thicker, rumbling as if to condemn Xuan Lingzi’s words.

However, Xuan Lingzi paid no attention to them and continued, “Make up for what you owe to my disciple.”

The remnant soul nodded: “Yes.”

Xuan Lingzi flicked his sleeve, and a blood-red light suddenly flew out from the spacious sleeve.

The thunderclouds in the sky became even more fierce and roared, and bolts of lightning struck near the Yitian Mountain Range. There was even a thick and destructive red lightning bolt that precisely struck towards Xuan Lingzi.

A golden light flashed between Xuan Lingzi’s eyebrows, and the Xuan Ling Sword appeared in his hand. He pointed the sword towards the sky, and a vast amount of spiritual energy surged upwards.

The thunder and the golden sword clashed in midair, creating a deafening sound.

At that moment, all the mountains near the North Star True Immortal’s ruins were leveled. The powerful sound waves spread outwards, causing the curious cultivators who had gathered to watch the commotion to be blown away. Cultivators below the Nascent Soul stage all spat out blood, and those in the Foundation Establishment stage were even more seriously injured and fainted.

The thunderclouds continued to roar, but they dared not strike down the thunder tribulation again. Inside the stone room, the remnant soul lowered his head and looked at the ground, while Luo Jianqing remained unconscious. No one knew that the most powerful cultivator in the world had stumbled and spat out a mouthful of blood.

There was a golden light flickering in the blood, and Xuan Lingzi propped half of his body on the Xuan Ling Sword, and looked up at the remnant soul. “This is something that belongs to my disciple.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the blood-red light flew towards the remnant soul. The remnant soul wanted to catch it, but was intimidated by the terrifying aura and could only stand there obediently. He watched as the blood-red light stopped in front of him.

The remnant soul respectfully replied, “Yes.”

Xuan Lingzi looked at the blood-red light for a long time, then finally wiped away something from the light with a flick of his hand. He then walked over to Luo Jianqing, who had a handsome and beautiful face covered in sweat but was breathing steadily, obviously already asleep.

Xuan Lingzi silently watched for a long time, let out a light sigh, and pointed his finger at Luo Jianqing’s forehead, taking away a white light just like he did with Li Xiuchen before. His movements were extremely gentle, and Luo Jianqing only groaned softly without any other response.

The next moment, Xuan Lingzi suddenly disappeared, and a golden light broke through the barrier of the ruins and flew towards Mount Taihua, finally disappearing into the mountain’s protective array.

Mount Taihua, the Cang Shuang Peak.

A magnificent and majestic palace stood on the peak of Frosty Peak, overlooking the entire mountain, emanating a righteous aura. Inside the palace, an old man with white hair sat upright on a cushion, meditating.

Before him were four levels of his life lamps, with dozens of lamps on the fourth level, six lamps on the third level, only two lamps left on the second level, and only one golden life lamp flickering on the top level.

The head of Mount Taihua, Hao Xingzi, closed his eyes and meditated. Just at this moment, the golden life lamp on the top suddenly dimmed. Hao Xingzi opened his eyes in shock and whispered, “Junior Brother Xuan Lingzi?!”

Just as the words fell, Hao Xingzi turned into a white light and flew towards the central YuXiao Peak of Mount Taihua.

Meanwhile, in the Yitian Mountain Range hundreds of miles away from Mount Taihua, disciples from both Mount Taihua and Yitian Sect were still undergoing brutal training.

The vast wilderness was filled with countless beasts, and the Mount Taihua cultivators had been sent to the Beast Mountain since childhood to fight and gain practical experience. However, the Yitian Sect disciples were different. Most of them had insufficient talent and lacked practical experience. Many of them had already given up and left the ruins.

Therefore, when they finally left the vast wilderness, there were only fifteen Mount Taihua cultivators left, while Yitian Sect only had two.

In the sixth level, the seventeen of them encountered a strange situation. They waited for a long time, but all they saw was darkness, as if nothing existed, which made them confused.

In the seventh level, Luo Jianqing’s fingers moved slightly and he slowly regained consciousness.

He had just fought with the demon fox for the body, and Luo Jianqing had already depleted his spiritual power. He didn’t even have the strength to get up, and could only open his eyes to see Li Xiuchen lying in the corner, covered in blood.

Luo Jianqing narrowed his eyes and before he could react, he suddenly felt a strange aura. He turned his head and saw a vague shadow floating in front of the meditation cushion, bowing its head in silence.

With widened eyes, Luo Jianqing was already prepared to take out the Bamboo Umbrella from his storage ring. But he heard the residual soul whisper, “The trial has ended, and you have failed.”

As soon as the voice fell, Li Xiuchen’s body flashed with white light. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared into the ruins.

Luo Jianqing was stunned, not understanding what had just happened. He had just been fighting with the Phantom Fox for a long time, and then he passed out. How did a residual soul suddenly appear, and why did Li Xiuchen seem to be seriously injured?

Luo Jianqing gathered the little spiritual power he had just recovered and remained vigilant, wary of his surroundings.

The hoarse voice of the residual soul echoed, “You have passed my trial, and now I will give you my three treasures.”

After a pause, a hint of resentment appeared on the face of the residual soul. “Humans and demons cannot coexist. I, the Beidou True Immortal, have been on the battlefield for many years, killing tens of thousands of demons alone. Between humans and demons, it is either you die or I perish. These three treasures are most sensitive to demons and can help you slay demons and exterminate evil.”

Three beams of white light appeared in front of Luo Jianqing.

Luo Jianqing was puzzled and asked, “So, what’s going on here?”

The residual soul didn’t finish speaking and continued, “There is also one of my secret techniques here, which I will also give to you.”

This time, the ghost spoke simply without any more nonsense. A blood-red light flew straight to Luo Jianqing’s face. At this moment, Luo Jianqing had recovered 30% of his spiritual power, and he reached out and caught the red light.

It was a blood-red jade plaque, only the size of a palm, but it looked like blood coagulated into a solid object. Its color was bright and dazzling. Even though it was calmly waiting for its owner to examine it, a strong pressure emanated from the jade plaque, making the air stagnant.

Luo Jianqing frowned and turned to the ghost, asking, “Senior, I don’t know what this…”

His voice stopped abruptly. In the astonished gaze of Luo Jianqing, the ghost raised his head in confusion, and his body turned into countless white dots, gradually disappearing from the stone chamber. Only a low, hoarse voice echoed for a long time–

“Is it human…or demon?”

This voice was mixed with the obsession and regret of traversing time.

Since the ghost had disappeared, Luo Jianqing had no other way but to examine the four things he had received. Among the three items in the white light, one was a land-level magic treasure, and the other two were profound-level magic treasures, all precious but something a Nascent Soul stage cultivator could possess.

Only the blood-red jade plaque left Luo Jianqing very confused.

The terrifying aura emanating from the jade tablet seemed to penetrate through ancient times and attack him.

Could it be that the North Star True Lord really had such great fortune, that he could both set up the terrifying North Star Seven Stars Formation and obtain such a dreadful jade tablet?

After hesitating for a long time, Luo Jianqing still emitted a bit of his spiritual sense and probed into the jade tablet.

In an instant, a shocking and oppressive voice rang in his ears–

“Seize the long years, seize the vast earth; seize the creatures of all things, seize the creation of heaven and earth. Seize the human, seize the demon, seize the way of heaven. This thing is called the Nine…” The voice suddenly stopped, and after a moment, the voice continued, “This thing is called the ‘Nine Seizing Heaven Record’.”

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