The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 13

The class teacher had probably spoken to the PE teacher in advance, that’s why he wasn’t too surprised to see the students suddenly rushing towards him not far away as if they had been released from prison.

“Are you from Class 7?” The PE teacher asked.

“Yes, Teacher. Our class teacher asked us to come for half of the lesson.” The class president stepped forward and said.

The PE teacher nodded. “Then are you all here? If you are, line up. The PE commissary will take the people in your class to do warm-up exercise first.”

“Yes!” At this moment, the crowd was a hundred times happier with what the PE teacher had to say.

Su Xi had never learned the warm-up exercises at school before, but at least she had a foundation in health-preserving exercises. As she watched the movements of the PE commissary in front of her, Su Xi quickly began to become proficient.

On the other hand, Dong Wenqi was amazed when she saw Su Xi doing the exercises with aplomb.

“What’s wrong?” Sensing Dong Wenqi’s gaze, Su Xi turned her head and asked.

Dong Wenqi: “Nothing, it’s just that you’re so earnest.”

In the formation, everyone had an interesting posture, especially several girls who were doing exercises with their eyes glued at the basketball court. Only, Suxi’s movements were more in place than those of the PE commissary in front, looking especially prominent among the crowd.

“Really, I think this warm-up exercise is okay.” Although it was a little less interesting than the Taijiquan[1]Tai Chi/Shadowboxing; an internal Chinese martial art practiced for defense training, health benefits and meditation taught by the old man.

Dong Wenqi: “……” Same nine-year compulsory education, but why are you so good?

Sure enough, not only Dong Wenqi, but even the PE teacher noticed their side.

“The third girl from the left in the third row is doing well.” The teacher pointed to Su Xi and said. There weren’t many people who can seriously do physical and warm-up exercises these days.

“That girl, why are you standing in the third row with your height? Come, stand in the first row.” The PE teacher beckoned to Su Xi kindly and made her stand in the middle of the first row. Then he said to the others, “You all do it seriously too. See how other students do it. This is for your own good!”


After a set of exercises, the crowd looked at the PE teacher in unison, their eyes glowing. “Teacher, can we go to do free activities?”

Hearing this, the PE teacher gave the speaker a blank stare. “What free activities? You just came and didn’t even have class. You only did warm-up exercises and now you want to have free time?”

“Give me two laps on the grounds first, 1,000 for boys and 800 for girls.” He’s a responsible PE teacher.

Everyone was dumbfounded. Nani[2]‘what’ in Japanese?! They still have to run?! Why was it different from what they had envisioned?

“800?! Please no, I won’t be able to get out of bed tomorrow after running 800.”

“1,000, holy sh*t, it sucks.”

“Teacher, I want to go back to math class.”

“I still have 6 words to say, don’t hold me back— Let me go back to study!”


The people in Class 7 wailed softly.

Someone who wasn’t afraid of death jumped out and pointed to the direction of the basketball court. “Teacher, none from Class 4 and Class 6 did it, so why did our class have to run 800?”

At that moment, Class 4 and Class 6 were playing ball together, with a circle of girls cheering from time to time.

“That’s right, Teacher, you can’t treat us differently just because we joined in the middle of the class.”

The PE teacher frowned. “What’s all the noise? How do you know that the other classes didn’t run? Before you came down, they had already finished running before they started free activities.”

“Then Teacher, since we only have half a class, can we run half of it, 400?”

“Don’t haggle. How long will it take to run 800? Now get yourselves over there and run, you can have free time afterwards.”

Everyone : “……”

After running 800, freedom was freedom, but it’s hard to say whether they could still move.

“Ugh, let’s run.”

“Run, run, let’s die early and be reborn early.”

“Off to the execution ground.”


“Su Xi, Su Xi.” Dong Wenqi came over and grabbed Su Xi with a worried expression. “What are you going to do??”

Su Xi: “?” What ‘what is she going to do’?

Before Su Xi could reply, Dong Wenqi seemed to have made some decision. She took Su Xi’s hand and said righteously, “How about this, let’s run slowly for a while and I’ll go with you. If you can’t run anymore, tell me and I’ll take you along.”

“Okay……” Faced with the enthusiasm of her deskmate, Su Xi nodded, but inwardly she was saying, Isn’t 800 fine?

The two held hands but were stopped by the PE teacher before taking two steps.

“That little girl over there.”

Su Xi turned her head. “Me?”

PE teacher: “Yes, you.”

“You don’t have to follow everyone.” Looking at her appearance like she would fall down from a gust of wind, the PE teacher really dare not let her go run 800 meters. She might end up on the track instead of exercising.

Nowadays, these students had no idea what’s wrong. All of them were losing weight leading to problems. Don’t they know that having a toned body was also beautiful?

The teacher looked at Su Xi and thought for a moment before saying, “Go and stand over the finish line. Time the people in your class and keep an eye on them so that they don’t sneak off and run somewhere in the middle to hide in order to avoid running a lap.”

Taking the stopwatch from the teacher, Su Xi was still in a bit of a daze.

On the side, there were already countless of envious little eyes.

“Wow, Su Xi doesn’t have to run. Awesome.”

“I’m so envious.”

“I can actually help Su Xi keep the time.”

“No, you can’t. I’ll do it instead.”

“It must be because we didn’t do the warm-up exercise seriously enough, that’s why we didn’t receive such privilege.”

Facing everyone’s envious eyes, Su Xi went to the finish line.

The people in their class started to run while the basketball game between Class 6 and Class 4 seemed to be coming to an end, so people started to come over to ‘watch the fun’ one after another.

Standing alone at the finish line, the thin and petite figure of a girl was very conspicuous.

Someone recognized Su Xi.

“Hey, Haozi[3]mouse, look, isn’t that girl over there the one who stepped on Brother Xing’s schoolbag?”

“Yes! That’s her! She’s actually a second year? I always thought she’s a freshman.”

“You don’t read the forum; someone said that she’s from the Year 2 Class 7.”

“Snort. Some people on the forum also said that Brother Xing is a hero that saves the beauty, but didn’t our Brother Xing deny it?”

“Yeah, but it’s true that she’s from Class 7. I just didn’t expect that Class 7 would have PE class with us.”

One of the speakers was Wang Zihao, and the other was Liu Yang, both of whom were Ye Zexing’s followers.

“Haha, what’s this called? One can avoid something for a short while but not forever. Isn’t this still bumping into us?”

“Is it over at Brother Xing’s end?”

“It seems not yet, why don’t we go over and talk to that girl first?” Wang Zihao suggested.

“Alright.” Liu Yang nodded in agreement.

The two walked towards Su Xi. They were there to give her trouble. In the eyes of these two, a little girl like Su Xi could be scared into tears with a few harsh words, so they didn’t even need their Brother Xing to step in.


On this side, Su Xi was instructed by the PE teacher to pay attention at the people running on the field, so she did not noticed when two people moved over near her.

As a result, Wang Zihao and Liu Yang stood beside Su Xi and posed for a long time, but the other party didn’t even threw them a look.


Seeing that Su Xi still didn’t notice them, Wang Zihao simply stood in front of her, putting on a sloppy posture. “Hey! We’re talking to you! You’re Su Xi, right?”

Su Xi was taken aback. She looked at the other people. “It’s me. Do you need something?”

Liu Yang: “Haha, Haozi, she’s actually asking us if we need something?”

Wang Zihao: “What, you don’t remember us?”

Su Xi shook her head—— She really didn’t remember the two people in front of her, but their kind of eight-grader temperament was quite familiar.

Wang Zihao: “What the hell, what kind of sh*tty memory do you have?”

Liu Yang: “Fine, if you can’t remember, let’s help you recall. Yesterday outside the basketball court, right, over there, do you remember who you provoked there?”

Su Xi: “You mean that Yellow Hair?”

Wang Zihao: “That’s right, it’s that Yellow— phooey , it’s Brother Xing! I warn you not to speak nonsense! Otherwise, be careful that we don’t settle the old and new scores with you.”

Su Xi understood now. “So you’re here to get back?”


Before Wang Zihao could even finish speaking the word ‘yes’, he was interrupted by a roar, “Wang Zihao, Liu Yang, are you two stupid?!”

When Wang Zihao and Liu Yang came to trouble Su Xi, there were a lot of people from Class 6 and Class 4 watching the fun. At this moment, seeing Ye Zexing walking quickly towards this side, everyone consciously stepped aside and made way for him.

“What’s going on?”

“When that girl from Class 7 transferred here, she offended Ye Zexing because of something. It was rumored in the forum before, how do you not know?”

“Of course I know that, what I’m asking is what’s going on with Ye Zexing now? He just yelled at Wang Zihao and Liu Yang, right?”

“Holy s*t, it’s true. What kind of situation is this?”

“So does this mean that what the forum said before about Ye Zexing saving that girl is true?”

“When you said that, I also remembered something. Didn’t someone say that the two of them might know each privately or maybe even dating?”

“So what you’re saying is Ye Zexing’s actually here to help that Su Xi?”

“There’s no need to mention that it’s really possible. Look, Ye Zexing is coming over from the basketball court quite anxiously.”

“He’s in a hurry to save his girlfriend.”


Ye Zexing, who happened to be passing by at this time, heard the discussions of these girls and nearly stumbled and fell to the ground—— Anxious his ass, these morons were the ones anxious.

All right, he’s a bit anxious.

Their Class 4 had already won a solid victory. It was the last 10 minutes so Ye Zexing simply got off the court to play the ‘mascot’. But when he returned to the audience area, before he had even time to drink water, he heard someone saying that Wang Zihao and Liu Yang came to trouble Su Xi.

As a result, the still sweating Ye Zexing hurried over.

However, it wasn’t because of Su Xi that he was anxious, but because of his two moronic friends.

On the other side, Wang Zihao and Liu Yang were surprised by Ye Zexing’s sudden roar.

“Brother Xing?”

“What are you doing?!” Ye Zexing’s roar had taken the two of them aback again.

“W-we just saw this Su Xi here, so we came here to teach her a lesson. We—”

“Teach your sister a lesson!” Ye Zexing scolded, then added, “If you don’t have any other business here, get your asses back!”

Facing the baffled expression of the two, Ye Zexing felt bitter in his heart. He was trying to save them.

What kind of combat power does Su Xi have, and what kind of the combat power do these two weaklings have?

Even now recalling the scene when Su Xi beat up Xu Yangkai and his gang at noon, Ye Zexing couldn’t help but feel a chill. Fortunately, he arrived in time, otherwise these two simpletons, Wang Zihao and Liu Yang, might have been beaten to a pulp by Su Xi.

“That-, it’s all a misunderstanding……” Ye Zexing said to Su Xi. So, Great-aunt, as the bigger person, please don’t remember the smaller people’s mistakes.

Su Xi was watching the people who had completed the 800 and 1,000 meter runs, taking careful note of their time, not even paying attention to Ye Zexing’s side.

Seeing that Su Xi ignored him, Ye Zexing swallowed silently. “All right then, we’ll leave first.”

Ye Zexing: Not talking? Then it’s a tacit agreement.

“Let’s go.”

Ye Zexing successfully ‘rescued’ his two friends and left, unaware that his actions had been interpreted in a different way by others.


1 Tai Chi/Shadowboxing; an internal Chinese martial art practiced for defense training, health benefits and meditation
2 ‘what’ in Japanese
3 mouse


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