The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 14

After half of the PE class ended, the last handful of people headed by Dong Wenqi finally finished running 800 meters.

“Su Xi, I can’t do it anymore, help me.” Dong Wenqi walked over and hung half of her body on Su Xi’s shoulder. But after walking two steps, Dong Wenqi withdrew her force a little—— Although she really needed someone to hang on right now, she was really afraid of crushing someone with Su Xi’s thin and small figure.

“Let’s go, let’s go. Let’s hurry back to the classroom and sit down or I’m really going to die.” Dong Wenqi pulled Su Xi towards the direction of the classroom, muttering aloud, “It’s horrible, I’ll never go to PE class again. I’d rather take 100 math classes than come to PE class.”

Su Xi: “Then next time I’ll run with you?” Although she hasn’t formally tried it, Su Xi runs very fast. This was the standard needed in order to follow her master on hiding from the city management.

“Don’t!” Hearing Su Xi’s words, Dong Wenqi hurriedly interrupted her. “Really, Su Xi, it’s a good thing you didn’t run. You don’t know how uncomfortable I feel right now. If you can’t run, then don’t run. Don’t think about it too much.”

With her excellent physical fitness, she was almost dehydrated after running 800 meters. If Su Xi followed suit, they might have to crawl back together. No, if it was Su Xi, she might probably have to get a stretcher to carry her directly to the infirmary.

The despised Su Xi: “……”


“Hey, can you hurry up? If you’re not going to move, don’t block others!”

Su Xi and Dong Wenqi were talking when a displeased voice suddenly sounded behind them. Before the words completely fell, the speaker passed Su Xi’s side and even bumped her with an elbow.

Su Xi looked at the three girls who passed by her. The one who bumped into her and who spoke just now was called Wang Nannan, and she was also from Class 7. Su Xi had exchanged a few brief words with the other party, but wasn’t very familiar with her.

Although the collision didn’t hurt or even itch, however, the other person’s action made Su Xi confused for a while.

“Am I blocking her?” Su Xi looked at Dong Wenqi and asked.

Dong Wenqi: “The road here is so wide. Ignore her. That person is just crazy. She did that on purpose to annoy you.”

Su Xi: “Huh?”

Seeing Su Xi’s dumbfounded expression, Dong Wenqi covered her forehead. “I forgot, you just came so you don’t know the situation in our school yet.”

“See that person ahead?” Dong Wenqi pointed to Wang Nannan who was walking in front and said in a low voice, “She is Ye Zexing’s number one fangirl. For the last whole semester, she secretly stuffed Ye Zexing’s desk with breakfast, but later, Ye Zexing found out and she only stopped when he gave her a warning……”

From Dong Wenqi’s words, Su Xi understood. In short, Wang Nannan was that Yellow Hair’s brain dead fan, and according to Dong Wenqi, so were the two girls next to Wang Nannan.

However, what does this have to do with her?

Su Xi: “So?”

Dong Wenqi: “That’s why!”

Su Xi: “So what has it got to do with me?”

Dong Wenqi: “Pfft, don’t play dumb. Let me ask you, when we were running earlier, didn’t Ye Zexing’s followers come looking for you? Then Ye Zexing came too?”

Su Xi nodded.

“Hehe, that’s the problem here.” Dong Wenqi smiled with a wise expression and added, “Ye Zexing’s followers were there to trouble you, but the moment they came, Ye Zexing rushed away from the game in order to help you. Do you think Ye Zexing’s little fans won’t get angry?”

Even though she was running the whole time, she’s still concerned about the gossip in the school.

Dong Wenqi came closer to Su Xi and asked curiously, “And I heard that he even taught Liu Yang and Wang Zihao a lesson for you, is that true?”

Su Xi frowned. “Who said so?”

“Everyone’s talking about it.” Dong Wenqi took out her phone and casually browsed through the school forum to find related topics. “Look, it’s all here in the forum.”

It’s the forum again……

Su Xi shifted her gaze to Dong Wenqi’s phone, and sure enough, she saw her name on it, accompanied by Ye Zexing’s. The title of the post was 【Ye Zexing and Su Xi from Class 7 must have an issue!】

After the two previous posts, the topic of ‘Ye Zexing and Su Xi’s early love’ popped up, but since both times were just rumors with one or two photos that proved nothing and that the person concerned did not come out to ‘admit’ it, plus the fact that the two rumored protagonists didn’t have any intersection in school, the rumor automatically died down after a few lessons.

Originally, everyone had already believed the rumor, but as soon as this post came out, everyone became lively again.

【This time, a lot of people were watching on the side. It’s definitely not a misunderstanding!】

【I second the motion!】

【Damn! What happened? Tell it in detail.】

【Today, in our PE class, Class 7 also came for the second half. Su Xi was recording the results on the sidelines when Liu Yang and Wang Zihao came over. It’s probably because of the previous incident and they were planning to trouble Su Xi. Guess what happened?】

【Don’t tantalize us, hurry up and say it!】

【Did Ye Zexing came?】

【Yes, the basketball game between Class 4 and Class 6 weren’t even over yet, but when Ye Zexing heard that Su Xi was in trouble, he ran over to help her at once and took his two little brothers away.】

【Dang! This is full of boyfriend power!】

【I need to add! When Ye Zexing was leaving, he even looked at Su Xi for a while and said very gently, “I’m leaving”.】


【It’s real. People from all three classes are there, and everyone has basically seen it.】

【Okay, needless to say, I bet a hundred sets of textbooks that their dispute will be resolve. If these two people have no problem, remember to ask me to collect them!】


“So, is there really nothing between you and Ye Zexing?” Dong Wenqi looked at Su Xi and asked. She originally believed what Su Xi said, but when this happened today, she couldn’t help but doubt the relationship between the two.

“No!” Su Xi said firmly.

Dong Wenqi: “Then why is Ye Zexing treating you so well?” When did Ye Zexing ever speak so softly?

“Will you believe it if I said that it was because I almost beat him up so he was afraid of me?” Su Xi asked back, gnashing her teeth a bit. She was thinking if she should find that Yellow Hair one day and beat him up in front of the whole school, so everyone would believe that the rumor was false.

Sure enough, Dong Wenqi didn’t believe Su Xi’s words at all. She looked at Su Xi with a ‘don’t be funny’ expression. “I’m not joking, honestly, Ye Zexing’s little fangirls at school have strong fighting abilities. You really have to be careful.”

“What’s so scary?”

“Hehe, no need to be scared, Ye Zexing will stand up for you!”

Su Xi: “……” Speak normally and we can still be happy deskmates.


As Dong Wenqi said, Ye Zexing had many little fans in school, and among them were many secret admirers with strong fighting power. At this time, Su Xi had become a public enemy among Ye Zexing’s fan base.

Not long after the post was made on the forum, various comments with lemon, grape, and passion fruit tastes appeared below.

Due to her connection to Ye Zexing, Su Xi, a new student, once again became popular in school. What’s even more surprising was that Su Xi had actually gained fans.

Early in the morning, when Su Xi arrived at the classroom, she saw Dong Wenqi holding her mobile phone with great interest. Upon seeing her, the other party’s expression became even more excited. “Su Xi, Su Xi, come and look, there are several posts in the forum specifically about you.”

“Not looking.” Su Xi refused without even thinking. She was wondering in her mind where would it be better for her to beat Ye Zexing. The schoolyard seemed to be more crowded and the road out of school was also good.

Dong Wenqi: “Take a look, it’s not bad. Look at this, some people said that Ye Zexing has a good eye.”

Su Xi: “Not looking.”

“Then look at this one, this doesn’t have Ye Zexing. It’s just about you, hehe.” Dong Wenqi persistently pushed the phone closer to Su Xi.

This post was a thread started by one of Su Xi’s budding supporters.

Su Xi wouldn’t look so Dong Wenqi simply read it out to her.

“I don’t care about Ye Zexing, I simply kinda like this Su Xi.”

“Anyway, the leading characters didn’t admit it, so I purely believe that this two people have nothing to do with each other.”

“Haha, who took the picture? I think that Su Xi is so cute staring at the running people.”

“There’s more, there’s more, this one!” Dong Wenqi cleared her throat and continued, “Look at Su Xi carefully, she’s quite pretty.”

“She’s very delicate, my type.”


Su Xi noticed that Dong Wenqi’s voice had stopped and thought her ‘broadcast’ was over, but on the next second, she heard Dong Wenqi blurt out, “Damn it!”

“These people are actually blackening you!”

Hearing Dong Wenqi’s words, Su Xi also took out her phone and glanced at the forum.

In fact, there weren’t many comments on the forum about the rainbow farts that Dong Wenqi read to Su Xi, but at this moment, a large number of posts scolding Su Xi suddenly popped up.

【Those who say they support Su Xi, can you stop coming out to disgust people?】

【What support? I suspect that all the posts that boast about her beauty and say they like her are made by herself, right? I just want to ask this person called Su Xi, is it fun to praise yourself?】

【This kind of appearance like she will fall when the wind blows, how dare you say it looks good?】

After questioning Su Xi’s appearance, these people began to turn on Su Xi’s family background.

【I suddenly thought of a question. This Su Xi just transferred to our school this semester, but I didn’t hear which family had their child move.】

【I haven’t heard of it either. Maybe she’s a scholarship student? She only came to our school after receiving financial aid.】

【Hmph, it’s good enough to transfer halfway in, however, I don’t think she’s here to study but rather to clamber over the dragon and follow the phoenix[1]To ingratiate oneself with powerful and influential people so as to acquire benefits; social climber. It’s not like this kind of thing hasn’t happened in school before.】

【Ye Shao can’t possibly like this kind of girl, right?】

【Ye Shao liking this kind of girl? Sorry, I can’t imagine it.】

【I can’t imagine it either. That previous incident must have been this girl deliberately making an issue to cause a misunderstanding because she wanted to stick to Ye Shao.】

【Haha, she must’ve watched too many brain dead idol dramas.】

【Ye Shao: Don’t ask.】

【That’s to say, Ye Shao didn’t even admit it.】

【How can you admit if it’s fake? Ye Shao is so busy, he’s probably too lazy to deal with such girl.】

Ye Zexing, who was scrolling through the forum, saw this and his hands shook. It’s not that he’s too lazy to respond, he just doesn’t know how to respond ah. If he says “I don’t like her”, Su Xi might lose face, but if he says “I like her”, he’s likely to get beaten up even worse.


Meanwhile, on the other side, Su Xi exited the forum and put her phone in her pocket. When should she find that Yellow Hair? It’s better to do it at present, so she might as well finish this after school today.

Downstairs, Ye Zexing in Class 4 shuddered.


Dong Wenqi, who was at the same table, saw her looking down with a frowning look, and couldn’t help worrying. The words of those people in the forum were so unpleasant that even she was pissed off reading them, let alone Su Xi herself.

“Su Xi, don’t think about what those people are saying, they’re deliberately trying to blacken you so they’re making up anything. I’ll help you fight back!”

Looking at her deskmate’s face filled with righteous indignation, Su Xi held her back and shook her head. “It’s not about that.”

The matter of Yellow Hair was easy, she could just beat him up and it would be resolved.

What’s troubling Su Xi at this moment was something else.

“Then what is it?” Dong Wenqi asked, puzzled.

“It’s…… a very troublesome matter.” Su Xi hesitated for a moment, then pulled Dong Wenqi to inquire, “Can I apply to live on campus?

“Yes you can. There’s a dormitory area just past the second cafeteria. But why do you ask? Don’t tell me you want to live on campus?” Yesterday, Dong Wenqi and Su Xi went out of school together, and from what Su Xi mentioned, her home shouldn’t be far from school, so why does she want to stay on campus?


“Why? Isn’t it nice to go home every day?” There weren’t many people in Shangming Middle School who choose to live on campus, most of them were forced by their families to do so. It’s the first time she saw someone who voluntarily wanted to stay at school.

Hearing Dong Wenqi’s question, Su Xi’s expression collapsed.

Residing in school was also a helpless move.

——Yesterday, when Su Xi heard Uncle Fu say that Su Jingcheng would be back soon, she almost choked on her food.

Frankly speaking, Su Xi wasn’t afraid of almost anything in this world, but what she’s most afraid of was Su Jingcheng, the twisted villain in the novel.

Now that the big villain was coming back, Su Xi contemplated about it, and thought it’s safer for her to find a place to hide.


1 To ingratiate oneself with powerful and influential people so as to acquire benefits; social climber


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