The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 15

After classes.

Ye Zexing and his friends were just about to leave the school to find a place to play games when they saw Su Xi not far away.

A thin and skinny girl, neatly dressed in school uniform and carrying a schoolbag, stood upright under a big tree by the school gate. No matter how people look, she appeared harmless to humans and animals. Who could have thought that the other party was actually a dangerous person with SSS+ combat power?!

Ye Zexing gave a start as he suddenly had an ominous premonition……

He lowered his head, wanting to pretend he didn’t see her, however, the few bastards next to him had to remind him.

“Oh sh*t, is that Su Xi by the gate?”

“That’s right, that’s her! What’s she doing standing there and not leaving?”

“Haha, you idiot, you can’t even guess this? She must be waiting for our Brother Xing.”

“So is what they say in the forum true?!”

“Brother Xing, Brother Xing!” Looking at Ye Zexing who had his head down as if he didn’t notice Su Xi, the little brothers next to him told him, “Sister-in-law is waiting for you!”

Before the person could finish speaking, Ye Zexing slapped him on the back of the head. “Sister-in-law my ass! This father has nothing to do with her!”

“Huh? No way. Boss, you and Su Xi have no relationship?”

“Which d*ckhead said that this Dad and her have a relationship, huh?”

“I-it’s all being said in the forum.” The person said and then pointed to the side. “That’s also what Haozi and Old Yang said.”

“A-aren’t you?” Liu Yang and Wang Zihao, who were inexplicably scolded by Ye Zexing in PE class and then dragged away from Su Xi, felt aggrieved in their hearts.

“F*ck! Bunch of idiots. Forget it, forget it, I can’t explain it to you clearly.”

“Where are you going, Brother Xing?” Seeing Ye Zexing turn around and walked back in exasperation, several people asked.

“This Dad is going out through Gate 3! Don’t follow me!” These bastards were super conspicuous with their colorful hair. If he let them follow him, how would he be able to run away?

Ye Zexing quickened his pace, intending to get out of Su Xi’s range of vision before she noticed him.

However, at that moment, a girl’s voice came from behind. “Student Ye Zexing.”

The girl’s voice was light and soft, obviously very pleasant to hear, but it gave Ye Zexing a sense of desolation like a blizzard in June.

Ye Zexing: Did someone call me? I must be hallucinating. This Young Master didn’t hear anything.


Su Xi roared and Ye Zexing immediately stood still on his spot.

“Y-you need something?” Ye Zexing turned around and saw Su Xi standing one and a half meters away from him.

En, there’s something I would like to ask Student Ye to help me with and cooperate.” Su Xi said this with a friendly smile on her face.

“What kind of help? I’m very busy, I can’t help you if it’s too troublesome.” Ye Zexing took half a step back and looked at Su Xi warily. Despite her smiling face, Ye Zexing felt that she carried a strong sense of ill will.

Su Xi blinked. “It’s nothing big, very simple—” You just need to let me beat you up.

Before Su Xi could continue, several bodyguards suddenly came running behind her.

“Young Miss, are you okay?” The head of the bodyguard anxiously blocked Su Xi, and with a cold and sharp gaze, looked at the yellow haired Ye Zexing in front. After momentarily freezing, he quickly regained his composure.

When Butler Zhou arranged for them to come to the school to protect the young miss, he specifically instructed them that they should never allow some delinquents in school to bully the young miss, especially certain people.

Su Xi: “……” How did she forget about this?

“I’m fine.”

The bodyguard nodded. “Then, the young miss can get on the car with us, it’s right in front of the school gate.”

“All right……” Su Xi had no choice but to leave with them.

Looking at the few people walking away, Ye Zexing almost couldn’t resist the urge to shout to those bodyguards: Many thanks, Heroes! Thank you for your great kindness!

Then, a hint of doubt appeared on Ye Zexing’s face. Why does that bodyguard of Su Xi’s looked familiar? Like he had seen him somewhere before.

However, Ye Zexing quickly put this matter behind him—— Many people in this school have some business or other dealings with each other’s families, and it was normal to see one or two bodyguards once in a while.

It’s just that he didn’t expect that Su Xi, who looked like she didn’t have enough to eat, seemed to have a family with some foundation to be able to bring so many bodyguards.

“I don’t know which weird family can cultivate such a terrifying existence……”


On the other hand, Su Xi returned to the grand villa in Jingyuan, and before she could speak, she was greeted with a series of concerned words from Uncle Fu.

“Xiao Xi, don’t be afraid of those bad students. If you encounter danger, Wu Ming and the others will rush over to protect you.” Wu Ming was the captain of the bodyguards who followed Su Xi. Su Xi was almost ‘bullied’ by Ye Zexing at the school gate this afternoon and the other party immediately reported the matter to Uncle Fu.

Su Xi: “……” She buried her head slightly without any confidence.

“In the future, if Xiao Xi meets those people at school, just directly contact Wu Ming and the others with your phone, okay?”

Su Xi: “Okay……”

Uncle Fu: “Right, I still haven’t asked how Xiao Xi’s day at school is. Is everything going well?”

Su Xi: “It’s fine. Uncle Fu, doesn’t need to worry.”

Uncle Fu: “I heard that Xiao Xi helped the PE teacher keep score today?”


Uncle Fu: “That’s great!”

Su Xi: “……” Why does she feel like she’s being treated like a preschooler again?

Seeing Su Xi’s embarrassed face, Uncle Fu smiled kindly. “Xiao Xi is tired from school, go up and have a rest first. I will call you later when it’s time for dinner.”


When she got back into the room, Su Xi finally realized that she seemed to have forgotten to tell Uncle Fu that she wanted to apply to live on campus!


It was almost dinner time. When Uncle Fu came to call Su Xi, she was sitting on the bed, nibbling her fingers and thinking about how to tell Uncle Fu that she wanted to stay at school.

Although Su Xi didn’t have much contact with him, but after a few days of getting along, Su Xi had a very good impression of this kind old man.

This was the second person in the world, apart from her master, who had shown such concern for her.

Su Xi even thought that she should work hard and earn more money. If the plot of the novel really happened later on and Su Jingcheng, the big villain, was really taken down by the male protagonist and the group of male supporting characters, and Uncle Fu became homeless, she would provide him with pension.

The problem at hand, however, was that in the face of the old man’s concern, Su Xi really doesn’t know what reason to tell him of why she wanted to go move to the school.


When Uncle Fu came in, he saw Su Xi sitting alone on the bed in a daze.

“Young Miss?” Uncle Fu called out.

Su Xi came back to her senses. “Uncle Fu, is it time for dinner?” She didn’t even notice the time.

Uncle Fu: “Not yet, but soon.”

After a pause, Uncle Fu asked again, “Young Miss, is there something on your mind?”

Su Xi: “There’s a thing I want to discuss with Uncle Fu.”

“Is it very important?” Seeing the seriousness on Su Xi’s young face, Uncle Fu asked.

En, it’s very important.” It’s related to whether she could live well in the future.

Uncle Fu: “Then can Young Miss wait and talk about it later?”

“Okay.” Su Xi nodded—— She was constantly thinking up reasons on why she wanted to apply to live in school. However, Su Xi failed to notice the excitement that couldn’t be hidden on Uncle Fu’s face as well as the smile creasing the corners of his eyes.

Su Xi jumped out of bed and was about to go down with Uncle Fu, but at this time, Uncle Fu stopped her. He pointed to Su Xi’s closet over the side and suggested, “Young Miss, do you want to change clothes before going down?”

Uncle Fu had someone prepare a few sets of tracksuits for Su Xi’s morning exercises and a few sets of clothes that were more convenient to wear at home.

Su Xi didn’t have time to change her clothes when she came back today. She was still wearing her school uniform at the moment.

But this seems to be quite convenient too.

Su Xi looked at herself and thought.

“No need, this is fine. I’ll change after dinner.”

“All right then.” Uncle Fu nodded. In fact, compared to the few sets of clothes in Su Xi’s closet that were thrown into the ‘cold palace’ as soon as they were delivered, Uncle Fu also felt that school uniform looked more suitable.


“Uncle Fu, I think my English is a bit bad.”

“I heard from my classmates that our school has an English corner, that is, every morning, everyone goes to a dedicated place to practice English together and have conversations.” It wasn’t a lie, Shangming Middle School does have an English corner, except that the participants were basically scholarship students living in the school dorm.

“Does Xiao Xi want to join in this English corner?”

Su Xi: No.

“Mm-mm, I want to practice with my schoolmates. It’s just that this English corner is a bit early, at 6:30 in the morning, and I might be late going to school from here.”

Su Xi was still trying to get out the reasons she had found to try and persuade Uncle Fu to agree to let her live in school, not noticing the growing smile on Uncle Fu’s face at this time.

Su Xi turned her head to look at Uncle Fu who had somehow lagged behind her and continued, “Uncle Fu, I actually want to……”

At this moment, Uncle Fu’s attention was interrupted, and he suddenly pointed to the direction of the living room entrance. With smile written all over his face, he said to Su Xi, “Xiao Xi, look who’s back.”

“Ah, who?” Su Xi froze, suddenly realizing something. She jerked her head towards the direction of Uncle Fu’s finger.

Sure enough, she saw a figure at the entrance of the living room.

Su Xi: “!”

“H-h-he—” Appearing at the villa this time, was it S-s-su—

“This is the young master, Xiao Xi’s older brother.” Uncle Fu told Su Xi with a smile.

“I-I know, but, not him, it’s not that.” Su Xi said incoherently. Didn’t they say that the big villain wouldn’t be back for another two days? She hadn’t even planned her survival path yet, so how come this guy had come back early?

She had not taken any precaution.

“It must be that the young master wanted to see Xiao Xi quickly, so he rushed back without stopping.” Uncle Fu said. In fact, it was only near dinner time that he received the news that the young master was coming back. According to the young master’s assistant, the young master originally still had some work over there but in order to return home earlier, the young master squeezed the rest of the work into one day and rushed back overnight. When the young master set out, it was still midnight in Y Country.

“Is Xiao Xi nervous?” Looking at Su Xi’s tense face, Uncle Fu asked. He paused for a bit and then said, “No need to be nervous, you’ve seen Young Master in the photo before.”

Uncle Fu indeed showed Su Xi a photo of Su Jingcheng, however, it couldn’t be considered a photo at all. It was just a picture of Su Jingcheng’s side face taken by a reporter from afar when he attended an event.

Regarding this, Uncle Fu was also very helpless. There used to be photos of Su Jingcheng at home, but since Su Xi got lost, those family photo albums seemed to have become a taboo, and the young master had also not taken any more pictures after that.

Su Xi regained her senses and stared at the man at the bottom of the stairs with wide eyes.

——He was a young man in his twenties and very tall, much taller than he looked in that photo. At this time the other party was wearing a dark gray suit, still holding his luggage that hasn’t been put down yet, looking a bit travel-worn.

So, this, this was the legendary villain?

He seemed a little different from what she had imagined, and too……


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