The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 16

——Wasn’t this villain a bit too handsome?

He was handsome beyond Su Xi’s expectations.

Su Xi had never seen the giants among men male protagonist and five supporting characters yet so she didn’t know how handsome they were with their halos. However, she had to say that this big villain was definitely the best-looking person Su Xi had ever met.

His facial features were straight and chiseled, looking wise and steady, but there’s also a hint of assertiveness and sharpness—— With this appearance, he should get the male protagonist’s script, right? Wrong! It should be said that compared to the male protagonist, he looked more of the male protagonist.

If the person in front of her was someone she didn’t know, Su Xi might have a good impression of him, but just thinking of those descriptions of Su Jingcheng in the novel, Su Xi couldn’t help but shiver.

The big villain in the novel was really bad. He would use any means to achieve his goals and his methods were extremely twisted, with a vicious and distrustful personality……

Recalling the fate of those competitors in the novel who were crazily attacked and retaliated against by the big villain, and then the tactic Su Jingcheng used involving the female protagonist and her son in order to rob business from the male protagonist, Su Xi suddenly felt extremely terrified.


Just as Su Xi was looking at Su Jingcheng, Su Jingcheng downstairs was also looking up at the tiny person on the stairs.

The girl in front of him had a delicate and small face, which overlapped with the chubby little face of his younger sister in Su Jingcheng’s memory. Sure enough, it was just as he had always thought, beautiful and lovable.

The girl was still wearing her school uniform. She wasn’t tall and was a little thin. Wearing the wide school uniform on her body made her look even thinner, causing his heart to ache.

At this moment, the girl was also looking at him, her jewel-like eyes appearing agile, but her palm-sized face was somewhat confused and surprised.

Su Jingcheng’s hand on the handle of the suitcase tightened subconsciously, and he froze in place, both excited and nervous.

——This is my sister.

Su Jingcheng’s throat moved.

“Xixi?” Finally, Su Jingcheng opened his mouth and called out to Su Xi. His voice was hoarse and cautious, and when one listened carefully one could even hear a hint of a choked sound.

It’s a pity that Su Xi didn’t notice Su Jingcheng’s abnormality at this time. Hearing the other party calling her, Su Xi only felt her back stiffened and she instinctively took a small half step backwards until her heel touched the elevation of the stairs.

Su Xi: What to do? I want to run.

Seeing that both of them were gawking at each other and the atmosphere was a bit stiff, Uncle Fu, who was walking behind, silently shook his head and sighed softly with a slight smile. Xiao Xi was overwhelmed when she suddenly saw her brother, but could it be that the young master who had been talking so much for so long and had rushed back to finally saw the person, was now having ‘cold feet’?

The young master had experienced so many great storms, but Uncle Fu had never seen him like this.

Uncle Fu coughed lightly, breaking the deadlock between the brother and sister. “Young Master rushed all the way back, you haven’t had dinner yet, have you?”

Su Jingcheng nodded. “Not yet.”

At these words, Uncle Fu chuckled and said, “I thought so. I’ve already arranged dinner for Young Master and Xiao Xi tonight. You two should eat first. I will have someone bring your luggage up right away, Young Master.”

Su Jingcheng: “All right.”

Su Xi: “……” She suddenly wasn’t hungry anymore.

Seeming to see Su Xi’s nervousness, Uncle Fu smiled at her. “Xiao Xi doesn’t need to be nervous.”

Su Xi: I’m not nervous, I’m scared.


In the dining room, at the historical table, Su Jingcheng sat on the right while Su Xi sat opposite him. The brother and sister were facing each other, but there seemed to be a barrier between them.

This should be the most uncomfortable meal Su Xi has had since she was born, even worse than the meal she had on the first day she came to Jingyuan.

Sitting opposite the big villain while facing a table of her favorite food, it was the first time that Su Xi had a deep understanding of what ‘tasteless like chewing a candle’ means.

Su Xi’s body was tense and she sat on the chair unnaturally, not daring to breathe a word.

Across the table, Su Jingcheng was similarly silent.

For a moment, the entire dining room was as quiet as a hospital’s corridor at midnight, even quieter than when Su Xi was eating by herself.

One grain, two grains, three grains, four grains……

Su Xi lowered her head, quietly picking at her bowl of rice with cautious and careful movements. In this silent situation, the chopsticks would occasionally make a little noise when they touched the edge of the bowl, which appeared exceptionally prominent.

Su Xi didn’t want to stand out, let alone make the villain notice her existence.

There was a plot in the novel that Su Xi remembered particularly well.

Once, the female protagonist misunderstood that the male protagonist was having an affair with his young secretary, and the two had a big fight. Afterwards, the female protagonist was angry, so she dumped her son into the male protagonist’s company. Then she put on beautiful makeup and went to spend money in a nightclub.

Unfortunately, it was this time that gave the big villain, Su Jingcheng, an opportunity to take advantage the situation.

Su Jingcheng caught the drunk and defenseless female protagonist, and brought her to his villa.

The female protagonist was after all the female protagonist. What strong wind and big waves and powerful men had she not seen before?

The next day, when the female protagonist woke up in Su Jingcheng’s villa, she was very composed. She calmly asked the servants to prepare clothes for her, took out the cosmetics out of her bag which had not been taken away, and put on makeup. Finally, she coolly went downstairs straight to the dining room and pulled out the chair in front of Su Jingcheng. After sitting down she even asked the servants to serve her another set of bowls and chopsticks.

When she saw this passage, Su Xi couldn’t help but give the female protagonist a thumbs up for her composure.

As a result, it was unknown what kind of stimulation Su Jingcheng received or what was wrong with him, he suddenly went crazy. He swept the things on the table to the ground. The soups splashed off and there was a loud sound of porcelains breaking. Even the very calm female protagonist was startled.

Su Xi looked at the dishes and soups on the table in front of her, as well as the porcelains containing them, feeling her heart contract.

She was sitting at the same table with the villain right now, and she was also sitting opposite him. It was very likely that if she made a mistake, the villain would directly overturn the table.

Su Xi still remembered what happened to the female protagonist.

In the novel, Su Jingcheng stood up from his seat, walked over and forcefully dragged the still unresponsive female protagonist all the way to a small dark room. For the next few days, except for a bag of glucose, the female protagonist did not get anything to eat.

Five days later, when a few supporting characters came to rescue the female protagonist, she was already so hungry that only her eyelids could move.

The rice bowl covered half of Su Xi’s face. Through the rim of the bowl, Su Xi stole a glance at Su Jingcheng. At this time, the villain was expressionless and tense, looking a little scary.

Su Xi shrank back out of survival instinct, muttering to herself. The villain seems to be in a bad mood? She couldn’t be as cool as the female protagonist who had her halo. She’s just a passerby buying soy sauce. The result of angering the big villain was likely to be her cremation day.

It wasn’t mentioned in the novel that Su Jingcheng has a younger sister. Could it be that her, this younger sister, was KO’d by the villain because he’s been displeased?

The more Su Xi thought about it, the more frightened she became.

What she didn’t know was that Su Jingcheng’s tense expression wasn’t because he was in a bad mood. On the contrary, he’s mood was very great right now that he couldn’t help but want to tell everyone that he had found his sister.

Su Jingcheng’s stiffness was entirely due to nervousness.

He opened his mouth several times, wanting to say something, but when the words reached his lips, he didn’t know how to say them.

He didn’t know if Xixi would get scared if he suddenly talked. Why did he forgot to look up online what children of this age likes and what topics to talk about? What if the topic he picked won’t appeal or interest Xixi?

If Wei Dongzhou was beside him at this moment, he would probably die of laughter. Who was Su Jingcheng? When he faced those shareholders and ‘good relatives’ who tried to take away the Su family’s property, and when he faced the intrigues and verbal wars in the market, he had never hesitated.  However, facing his own sister, he didn’t even know how to speak.

Su Jingcheng looked at Su Xi, who had a small face and a pointed chin. Both sides of her cheeks were bulging while chewing, making her looked very cute.

Su Xi’s head was almost buried in the bowl and she seemed to be serious about eating. She picked up and sent small bites of food to her mouth, then chewed slowly, before swallowing quietly.

This was unlike when she was little.

Su Jingcheng still remembered that when Su Xi was a toddler, she didn’t like the children’s dining chair their father prepared for her. She would argue every time to sit on an ordinary chair just like them. And whenever she saw a dish she likes, she would jump up from the chair and reach for them with her short hands……

His little sister has really grown up.

Su Jingcheng stared at Su Xi in a daze, eyes tinged with a smile that had never appeared on his face since Su Xi got lost and his parents passed away.

At this moment, noticing that Su Xi had been only picking at her rice and not touching the other foods at all, Su Jingcheng’s brows furrowed slightly.

——Did she not like these dishes?

Su Jingcheng looked at the table. Most of the dishes were sweet and sour. Uncle Fu clearly mentioned on the phone before that Xixi still likes to eat these dishes just like when she was small.

Su Jingcheng wanted to pick up food for Su Xi but facing the large table in front of him, he didn’t know which one was better. What if Xixi doesn’t like it?


At this end, Su Xi was eating when she heard the villain calling her. She gave a start and almost let go of the chopsticks in her hand due to the shock.

In the next second, she heard the villain added in a curt voice, “Eat the dishes.”

When these words fell into Su Xi’s ears, it was almost the same thing as ‘you should behave’.

Su Xi lowered her head a little more and responded in a small voice, “Okay.”

Su Xi didn’t dare to disobey the villain so took a piece of sweet and sour pork from the nearest plate and added it to her own bowl. Thinking about it, Su Xi simply picked up a piece from each dish.

What if she was locked up in a small dark room by the villain and not given food like the female protagonist? Before the big villain went crazy, she should eat more.

Wuuwuu, the sweet and sour pork was delicious, as was the squirrel fish.

——Little glutton. As it turns out, she’s still the same as when she was small.

Watching Su Xi bury her head in her meal and eating until her cheeks bulged, Su Jingcheng chuckled to himself.

Seeing Su Xi’s way of eating, Su Jingcheng thought it was cute no matter how he looked.

Su Jingcheng suddenly thought of a phrase he had seen from a middle school forum—— cute and adorable.

Su Xi’s scalp tingled as the villain looked at her and she didn’t dare raised her head. She didn’t know if the villain was currently thinking about how to deal with her.

While on the side, he saw Su Xi lowering her head and not looking at him, but Su Jingcheng’s eyes were reluctant to move away.

He’s afraid that when he wasn’t paying attention or if he blinked, Su Xi would disappear once again.

He had already lost his younger sister before.


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