The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 17

Watching Su Xi, who was eating with her head buried, Su Jingcheng fell into memories.

When his younger sister was one or two years old, it was the time where their company was on the process of development and was preparing to go on the market. During that time, their father and mother were very busy. Therefore, in addition to hiring a nanny to look after Su Xi, Su Jingcheng, as the older brother, was the one who takes care of Su Xi the most.

When Su Xi was three or four years old, Su Jingcheng was in high school.

He still remembered that it was a lab class that afternoon. Su Jingcheng finished the experiment ahead of time and went home directly.

As soon as he stepped into the garden, he saw a small figure crouching pitifully beside the flowering shrubs.

“What’s wrong, Xixi?” Su Jingcheng asked as he approached.

At the sight of Su Jingcheng, the little dumpling on the ground cried out with a “Waa”.

When little Su Xi cried like this, not to mention Su Jingcheng, even the nanny beside her became anxious.

“What’s going on?!” Su Jingcheng sternly looked at the nanny on the side.

The nanny’s face changed color. “Y-young Master, I-I’m not—, I just—”

“Chengcheng is gone……” Little Su Xi lifted her head from Su Jingcheng’s arms and said while crying.

‘Chengcheng’ was the rabbit that Su Jingcheng brought for Su Xi on Children’s Day last month. The pet shop owner gave them a small pet tag for it.

Su Xi, who was more than three years old, couldn’t write many characters yet. Su Jingcheng saw Su Xi holding a colored pen and writing the word ‘Cheng’ crookedly on the pet tag. Su Jingcheng objected, but unfortunately the objection was ineffective. The little person pointed to the word with a serious face and told him, “Little rabbit’s name is Giggle[1]咯咯 – Gē gē”. It took Su Jingcheng a long time to make Su Xi understand that the word was read ‘Cheng ‘ and not ‘Brother[2]哥哥 – Gē ge’.

Thus, the little rabbit was given the name ‘Chengcheng’.

Su Jingcheng originally thought that Su Xi’s interest in the little rabbit would last at most a day or two, but unexpectedly, Su Xi actually regarded the little rabbit as a playmate.

Su Jingcheng knew better than anyone else how precious that rabbit was to Su Xi.

“When did the rabbit run away?” Su Jingcheng asked, looking to a few servants at the side.

“No……” The servants showed embarrassment and explained, “Previously, we removed the insects in the garden. It was possible that the rabbit accidentally ate leaves with insecticide. It was ‘gone’ early this morning. The butler was afraid that the young miss will feel sad when she wakes up, so he let us take care of it.”

Over this side, little Su Xi was still tearfully describing the story of the little rabbit running away, “I got up and went to the cage to see her and she’s not there. She must have sneaked out to play. I can’t find her anywhere, wuuwuu……”

At this time, her dumpling like face was red with tears, making people feel distressed.

“Xixi, don’t cry.” Su Jingcheng wiped the tears from Su Xi’s face and gently patted her back. “Brother will take you to find it.”

“Do you know where she is?”

“Yes. It’s not at home so it must have gone to the street to play. We’ll go and pick it up now.”

“Okay.” Little Su Xi nodded obediently.

Su Jingcheng took Su Xi to the pet shop where they bought the rabbit last time.

On the way, Su Jingcheng sensed that something was off. After observing quietly for a while, he soon noticed that someone was tailing them.

Although Suyuan Group at that time wasn’t as big as it was now, it was still one of top 100 companies in B City. The Su family had many competitors in the business world, and there were also many people who wanted to cause trouble for their family.

As the successor of Suyuan Group, this wasn’t the first time Su Jingcheng has encountered such a situation. The last time Su Jingcheng went to S City to participate in a competition, he almost couldn’t come back.

Su Jingcheng led Su Xi into the crowd and he placed Su Xi next to a claw machine in the park.

“Xixi, Brother just saw a shop selling cotton candy over there. Brother will go buy it for you, okay?”

“No, I don’t want cotton candy. I want to find Chengcheng.”

“But what if Brother wants it so badly?”

Hearing Su Jingcheng’s words, the little person vividly wrinkled her small brows and seemed to be torn for a while before nodding. “Okay then, but Brother has to take me to find Chengcheng after eating cotton candy.”

“Okay, definitely.” Su Jingcheng put his phone into the small backpack behind Su Xi.

“Xixi, sit here obediently and don’t go anywhere. Wait for Brother to come back for you, alright?” Su Jingcheng didn’t have time to explain so much. He ran in another direction. For the first time, Su Jingcheng regretted that he didn’t take the bodyguards hired by Su Zhengheng when they came out.

There were quite a few people on the other side and they were even driving a car. It took Su Jingcheng a lot of effort to escape from the hands of those people.

When Su Jingcheng limped back to the claw machine, Su Xi was nowhere to be seen. The little yellow duck backpack was lying quietly on the ground, trampled to the point where it was already a bit unrecognizable.

Su Jingcheng went crazy looking for Su Xi. Later, Su Zhengheng and Lin Xueyan used a lot of connections to find Su Xi. Unfortunately, there were too few surveillance points at that time, and there were no clues at all.

That day, Su Xi lost her ‘Chengcheng’, while Su Jingcheng lost his Xixi.


The scene returned to present.

Looking at the thin and small person in front of him, Su Jingcheng’s grip on the chopsticks tightened.

It took 10 years, a whole decade, before they finally got Su Xi back.

What had Su Xi gone through out there all these years? How had she been? Had she ever been bullied?

Countless questions were stuck in Su Jingcheng’s chest. He wanted to ask, but the strong self-blame blocked Su Jingcheng from speaking.

Yan Su and the others didn’t find out anything much about Su Xi’s previous experiences, but Uncle Fu said on the phone that Su Xi might not have had a very good life before being found.

Thinking of this, Su Jingcheng felt a sudden pain in his heart.

What Su Jingcheng didn’t know was that Uncle Fu just didn’t dare tell him everything. Su Xi’s life wasn’t very good, it was obviously very bad—— When Su Xi was brought back, the clothes she was wearing were of poor quality and was already pilling. It has been washed until the original pattern could no longer be seen, not to mention that there were even holes in it.


On the other side, not hearing any movements from the villain, Su Xi raised her head slightly and took a peek across the table.

The eyes of the two collided at this moment.

Su Xi’s hand shook. She quickly shrank her head and looked away.

“Eat more.”

The villain’s voice came from the direction directly above Su Xi’s head. Hearing this, Su Xi subconsciously added a sentence in her mind: After eating, go to the small dark room.

Seeing that Su Xi buried her head and did not speak, Su Jingcheng furrowed his brows with some chagrin and secretly scolded himself for his stupid mouth.

“I mean eat until you’re full.”

Upon hearing the villain’s words, Su Xi put two more pieces of meat into her bowl.

Looking at the plate of sweet and sour pork that’s already almost cleared by Su Xi, Su Jingcheng’s eyes lit up. “You like this dish?”

Su Xi: “En.”

At her word, from an angle that Su Xi couldn’t see, Su Jingcheng smiled. “Exactly the same as when you’re little.”

Su Xi’s movements paused. Uncle Fu said before that she was lost when she was just over three years old, and that she had lived here until then. However, she couldn’t remember anything that happened before the age of four or five. She didn’t remember living here or even how she got to the orphanage.

Su Xi summoned up her courage and nodded in response to Su Jingcheng’s words.

Seeing the blank look on Su Xi’s face, Su Jingcheng changed the subject.

“How is Xixi doing at home these few days?”

“Pretty well.” It would have been better if you’re not here.

“Is there anything you’re not used to?”

“No.” What no, I’m not used to you suddenly coming back.

Su Xi didn’t know what kind of madness this villain was suddenly having to chat with her. Truthfully speaking, the voice of this big villain was actually quite nice. According to the girls in forums, this was probably the voicecon blessing. She didn’t know if it was an illusion, but Su Xi felt that the other party’s tone of voice was actually a bit warm?

Mm, it must be an illusion.

Su Xi shook her head secretly. The villain’s voice was like a death warrant to her, no matter how nice it sounded, she couldn’t appreciate it.

The two proceeded with one asking and one answering.

Su Xi’s voice was very small and she always answered simply with one or two words each time, but Su Jingcheng listened carefully.

On the side, Uncle Fu looked at this picture of the two siblings getting along with each other and felt deeply moved. He finally saw this scene again.

Sir used to say that their family has a son and a daughter, just enough to make up the word ‘great’. Now, this family finally has both son and daughter again. Unfortunately, Sir and Madam weren’t able to see it.

Thinking of this, Uncle Fu’s eyes turned red.

Ever since Su Xi was lost, this family seemed to be covered with a layer of gloom. In the following years, Sir and Madam had been running around looking for Su Xi, until the two of them died in a traffic accident on their way to N City after hearing some news about her. But they all knew that it wasn’t a simple accident.

After Sir and Madam left, all the burden of the family fell on Su Jingcheng’s shoulders. He not only had to support the entire Suyuan Group and deal with the Su family’s competitors, but also handle those greedy shareholders and the restless members from that side of the Su family.

It hadn’t been an easy years for the young master either.

Moreover, Uncle Fu hadn’t seen such a smile on Su Jingcheng’s face for a long time. Since Su Xi was lost, Su Jingcheng became extremely gloomy, and after Sir and Madam’s accident, Su Jingcheng became even more depressed.

Especially in the past two years, looking at the increasingly broody Su Jingcheng, Uncle Fu was worried but helpless.

Fortunately, Su Xi was finally found.


“Does Xiao Xi want another bowl?” Seeing that the rice in Su Xi’s bowl had run out, Uncle Fu stepped forward and asked.

In the past few days, with the efforts of him and Mama Li in the kitchen, some meat finally grew on Su Xi’s face, which looked much better than when she first came. However, they still need to continue to work hard.

Hearing Uncle Fu’s words, Su Xi shook her head hastily. “No need, Uncle Fu, I’m already full.”

After saying that, Su Xi glanced at Su Jingcheng cautiously and whispered, “I’m done eating.”

Su Xi: “That……”

Su Jingcheng: “Hm?”

Su Xi: “Can I go upstairs to do my homework?”

At that, Su Jingcheng was taken aback and remembered that Su Xi still had homework to do. “Is there anything I can help you with?”

“No.” Su Xi reflexively replied.

Su Jingcheng: “……”

“Go ahead.”

“Xixi.” When Su Xi was about to leave the dining room, she was once again called by Su Jingcheng.

Su Xi saw Su Jingcheng take out a small but very delicate box from his front pocket.

——What’s this?

Su Xi was baffled.

A poison or pill to kill herself? A glucose solution for the small dark room? In order to survive in this home, must she abide 100 house rules?

“It’s a gift bought for you in Y Country.” Su Jingcheng explained.

When he handed the small box to Su Xi, Su Jingcheng was actually a little apprehensive. His knowledge of his sister was still when Su Xi was three or four years old. 10 years had now passed and Su Xi was already a big girl. Su Jingcheng also had no idea what girls of this age likes.

He had chosen this gift after a long time of looking up many things that girls of this age might like. He didn’t know if Xixi would like it.

Under Su Jingcheng’s apprehensive and expectant gaze, Su Xi didn’t open the gift and held the gift box like it was a hot potato.

The atmosphere was a little cold for a while.

“Go and do your homework.”


Upon hearing Su Jingcheng’s words, Su Xi was secretly relieved and turned to walk upstairs.

After taking two steps, Su Xi hesitantly stopped and said in a voice no louder than a mosquito’s, “Thank you.”

With her back to Su Jingcheng, Su Xi didn’t saw that behind her, after hearing her say thank you, Su Jingcheng grinned with undisguised excitement and a hint of silliness.


Su Xi, who returned to her temporary nest, wiped off the non-existent cold sweat on her forehead. After a long sigh, she suddenly felt like she had survived a catastrophe.

In the dining room, after Su Xi had left, Uncle Fu approached.

“What about the young master, do you want another bowl of rice?”

En, give me another bowl.”

“Okay.” Uncle Fu smiled. It seems that the young master was in a really good mood at the moment.

“Did I scare Xixi a little?” Su Jingcheng asked suddenly. He could feel Su Xi’s nervousness when she sat with him.

“Young Master, you forgot, you remember Xiao Xi, but Xiao Xi doesn’t remember you.” Children aged three or four years old don’t remember much in the first place, and after encountering some bad experiences, some children might even protect themselves by forgetting previous memories. It was normal for Xiao Xi not to remember what happened before.

After saying that, Uncle Fu smiled again and comforted, “Xiao Xi is still relatively unfamiliar to the young master, so she’s acting a bit restrained. It will be fine once you became acquainted again.”

En.” Su Jingcheng nodded.

After Su Jingcheng had eaten, Uncle Fu ordered someone to come and clean up.

“Young Master should rest early. I’ll arrange for someone to tidy up your luggage tomorrow.” Uncle Fu said.

Originally, Su Jingcheng planned to go work at Y Country for 15 days, but he had squeezed it into less than a week. There’s no need for Uncle Fu to think about it. He knew that their young master must be dealing with affairs all night these days.

“No, leave the luggage and I’ll unpack it later.” After a pause, Su Jingcheng added, “Besides, I still have some work to handle.”

The unfinished worked from Y Country was brought straight back by Su Jingcheng.

Knowing that he couldn’t persuade him, Uncle Fu didn’t say anything more. “Then I’ll bring the young master tea later.”

Su Jingcheng: “En.”


After some time, Uncle Fu brought up a cup of tea to the study.

At this moment, he saw Su Jingcheng staring at the computer intently with a focused expression on his face.

Uncle Fu didn’t dare to disturb Su Jingcheng. He was about to leave after putting down the things, but he was stopped by Su Jingcheng.

“Young Master?”

“How has it been at home while I’ve been away?”

“Everything is fine at home. Su Zhengqi and Xu Feng came here twice later and were stopped outside.” Speaking of this, Uncle Fu remembered another matter and simply spoke to Su Jingcheng about the birthday of the Su family’s old man.

“Two days ago, Madam Xu Feng sent a list over.”

Su Jingcheng wasn’t surprised at all and asked directly, “How much do they want?”

Uncle Fu said a number, thinking that his young master would look chilly when he heard it, but he didn’t expect Su Jingcheng to just sneer and said, “Sure, give it to them.”

“Young Master, this……” The figure Xu Feng was asking for wasn’t small, perhaps even enough to hold 10 birthday banquets for Old Sir Su.

Uncle Fu was still surprised when he heard Su Jingcheng say, “I’m going to take over Yangfan’s Hanghua project.”

As soon as this was said, Uncle Fu immediately understood. Yangfan was the company established by Su Zhengqi and Xu Feng under the name of a subsidiary of Suyuan Group when Sir Su was still alive. The land on Hanghua was also obtained from Suyuan Group. The current Hanghua project was Yangfan’s most profitable one, bar none.

Uncle Fu had no doubt that Su Jingcheng had this ability.

Uncle Fu chuckled inwardly. Su Zhengqi and Xu Feng, this husband and wife, tried every possible ways to get money from this side, however, the young master would make them bleed it all out.

“In that case, I’ll send them the money.” Uncle Fu said with a smile.

As he was about to leave, Uncle Fu swept a glance at Su Jingcheng’s computer screen and was momentarily stunned. If he hadn’t been mistaken, what was on Su Jingcheng’s computer at this time was not a project plan or a company report, but 【Overview of content and summary of important knowledge points of Grade 8 English course Volume 1】?


On the other side.

Su Xi locked the door without thinking, and just as she sat down, she received a message from Dong Wenqi.

【Dong Wenqi: ​​Here are 50 English phrases I have compiled, as well as their usage and example sentences. Take a look~】

Immediately afterwards, Dong Wenqi sent another message: 【No hurry, take your time.】

Su Xi’s learning speed was really too fast. Originally, according to her previous plan, she should now be helping Su Xi consolidate a basic foundation and distinguish between nouns, pronouns, verbs, and adjectives. As a result, Su Xi finished those contents in a day.

There were almost 300 phrases in this know-how, so she needed to use them sparingly.

After talking about business, Dong Wenqi finally couldn’t hold back and gossip with Su Xi.

【Dong Wenqi: ​​Su Xiao Xi, have you read the forum?】

【Su Xi: Not yet. What’s happening again?】

【Dong Wenqi: ​​Hehe, good news! All the previous posts about you and Ye Zexing were deleted, and incidentally, the slandering comments against you by those stupid people were also deleted.】

【Su Xi: Really? Who did such a good deed?】

【Dong Wenqi: ​​My guess is Ye Zexing.】

After all, there weren’t many people in school who could make everyone’s posts be deleted.

【Dong Wenqi: ​​I heard that Ye Zexing warned several people not to put his name on the forum again.】

Although bad students like Ye Zexing were still not Dong Wenqi’s type, her impression of Ye Zexing has improved significantly due to this incident.

【Dong Wenqi: ​​This Ye Zexing is actually not bad.】

Su Xi: Ha-ha.

The deletion of the posts was indeed done by Ye Zexing, but it has nothing to do with him being good or not, he did it solely to save his life.

At the school gate this afternoon, Ye Zexing clearly felt that Su Xi really wanted to beat him up. If not for the timely arrival of the other party’s bodyguards, she might really have knocked him out there and then.

【Dong Wenqi: ​​Su Xi, you don’t seem pleased?】

Dong Wenqi noticed that Su Xi’s mood was quite low.

Dong Wenqi threw a shocked expression: 【No way, you’re not really with Ye Zexing……?】

【Su Xi: No!】

She was living in dire straits now, how could she have time to bother with that Yellow Hair?

【Su Xi: I want to run away from home.】

【Dong Wenqi: ​​Run away from home? Okay. Do you want us to arrange a time together?】

Seeing the message from Dong Wenqi, the corners of Su Xi’s mouth twitched slightly as she sent six dots to the other party—— Classmate, you’re at least a top student, can you stop talking about running away from home as if it’s a spring outing?

【Su Xi: I’m serious.】

This was a serious topic and there was a good chance that her little life was at stake.

【Dong Wenqi: ​​I know that. Let me tell you that I have also run away from home before, I can provide you with a lot of experience.】

Su Xi was deeply skeptical about the words of the ‘experienced person’, Dong Wenqi.

【Dong Wenqi: ​​Really. Do you know the first key point of running away from home?】

【Dong Wenqi: ​​Funds!】

Dong Wenqi then sent another paragraph: 【I’m telling you, the last time I ran away from home, I made a lot of preparations in advance. I took my mom’s two red envelopes and used my dad’s fish as collateral for money.】

【Su Xi: Then?】

【Dong Wenqi: ​​Then I took the money and went to the best and biggest hotel in B City. I asked for their best suite and ordered a bunch of delicious food! It was simply so beautiful.】

【Su Xi: Then what? You were caught?】

【Dong Wenqi: ​​How can that be?!】

【Dong Wenqi: ​​I was bored in the hotel, so I went downstairs and went window shopping. Who knew that my mother happened to be shopping in that mall as well.】

【Su Xi: Have you been taught a lesson?】

【Dong Wenqi: ​​That’s not true. My mother only asked me why I didn’t go home properly after school to do my homework but instead strolling on the streets, then she took me home.】

Su Xi: “……” From beginning to end, our sentimental classmate Dong didn’t let her family know that she had left home?

At this time, Dong Wenqi called.

“Let me ask you, why do you want to run away from home? Is there something you want to buy that your family wouldn’t let you?”


“They why? I don’t suppose you’ve been scolded by your family, have you?”

“No.” Su Xi paused, and then added, “Something similar.”

“Your family is very fierce?” Dong Wenqi asked.

Su Xi: “It’s not only fierce, it’s terrifying.”

The despair and desolation in Su Xi’s tone didn’t seem to be false at all.

“My gosh, that exaggerated?” Dong Wenqi murmured softly. No wonder Su Xi wanted to apply to live in school.

Immediately, Dong Wenqi was filled with sympathy for Su Xi. Not only was she sent to learn from a secluded master when she was a child, but now she had to face strict parents when she came back.

A question came to Dong Wenqi’s mind. “If you run away from home and got caught, won’t it end badly?”

Su Xi looked mournful. The big villain was so insane that he even took action against the female protagonist and her son. If she was caught and brought back, would she die immediately?

“Su Xi, we still have to consider this matter in the long run.”

Su Xi deeply agreed with Dong Wenqi’s statement.


After hanging up the phone, Su Xi subconsciously looked at the pink box on the table. Just now the big villain said it was a gift.

Would the villain really give her a gift?

Su Xi was a little suspicious.

After hesitating for a moment, driven by curiosity, Su Xi reached out and took the box.

When the box was opened, a light pink hair clip fell into Su Xi’s eyes.

The entire hair clip wasn’t big, but it was very exquisite. All the lace patterns were actually made of unknown metal and embellished with many pink diamonds.

One could tell at a glance that its price wasn’t cheap.

Su Xi sent a photo to Dong Wenqi: 【How much do you think this can be exchanged for?】

【Dong Wenqi: ​​Ah, it looks so good!】

【Dong Wenqi: ​​Turn it over and take a side shot.】

Su Xi snapped another picture.

【Dong Wenqi: ​​It actually belongs to Z family! And it’s even custom made! No wonder it’s so exquisite. Whoever bought it for you must be very nice to you!】

Dong Wenqi sent a bunch of 【Baby’s envious to death】 emoticon packages.

【Su Xi: Is it very expensive? How much can it sell?】

【Dong Wenqi: ​​No, no, you can’t sell this! Are you willing to sell such a good-looking clip? Moreover, this is from Z family.】

Dong Wenqi told Su Xi a bunch of information about this brand like an encyclopedia.

After exiting WeChat, Su Xi stared at the hair clip for a while. It’s pretty, but why does this style looks a bit familiar to her?


Early the next morning, thinking of the presence of the big villain, Su Xi didn’t even practice her health preserving exercise. She thought of going out early so as not to run into the villain.

As a result, she saw the two sets of bowls and chopsticks on the dining table, making Su Xi fell into a deep entanglement.

“Xiao Xi, sit down and drink a glass of juice first while waiting for the young master.” Uncle Fu said with a smile on the side.

“Su— Um, he’s coming down for breakfast too?”

“Yes, the young master will be down shortly.”

“So early.” Su Xi muttered in a small voice.

The novel’s description of the big villain, Su Jingcheng, was all about how he did all kinds of evil and other details were rarely mentioned. Su Xi thought that the villain only needed to lie in bed and count money every day.

Su Xi’s whisper did not escape Uncle Fu’s ears.

Managing a company wasn’t an easy task. If it was the usual, the young master would be earlier than today.

Thinking of the situation when he went upstairs just now, Uncle Fu secretly smiled.

——Uncle Fu went to call Su Jingcheng. He was worried that the young master was too tired recently and suddenly forgot the arrangements he made yesterday.

As a result, when he went to the young master’s room, he saw him standing inside the walk in closet with a troubled expression on his face. There were already three or four sets of clothes that he put on and changed out of.

Su Jingcheng first wore a dark suit that he usually wear when going to the company, and found it a bit too serious, so he changed into a lighter colored casual shirt.

Su Jingcheng still seemed dissatisfied. He was frowning as he muttered, “Isn’t this too informal?”

Then, Uncle Fu saw Su Jingcheng took out a suit made for an event or an important meeting, but he was still not satisfied.

“Young Master, are you uncertain on what clothes to wear?” In the end, Uncle Fu couldn’t help going over and asked.

At his words, Su Jingcheng nodded. “Wearing a suit seems too serious, but would wearing casual clothes a bit arbitrary?”

Uncle Fu secretly chuckled. Su Jingcheng usually dresses in a rigorous and staid style, he had never seen him struggle in this aspect before.

“Young Master, why not wear this set?” Uncle Fu pointed to one of the light blue suits and said to Su Jingcheng, “This one is just right. Afterwards, Young Master will have to go to the company for a meeting, right?”

Uncle Fu did think it would be better for Su Jingcheng to dress in a relaxed and casual manner, but after all, the young master had to go to the company later so it wasn’t advisable to dress too casually.

“Okay.” This suit was a separate one that the previous designer had made out of a sudden inspiration when he was customizing suits for Su Jingcheng. He seldom wear it.

It would be nice to wear it today.


Su Xi naturally didn’t know that Su Jingcheng had been struggling with such matter. The moment she saw Su Jingcheng walked into the dining room in a light blue suit, Su Xi was stunned for a couple of seconds.

At this time, Su Jingcheng was wearing an immaculate suit and his hair was combed neatly. He looked completely different from the hurried look he had when he came back last night.

Moreover, Su Jingcheng, who had changed into a light-colored suit, didn’t look as dull and serious as before, and was actually so handsome.

He’s a tiny bit more good-looking than yesterday.

Su Xi thought secretly in her heart, while at the same time, she was surprised.

The villain had always been a terrifying and gloomy existence in her perception, as if the whole person was black, but she didn’t expect this person to have such a side.

However, thinking about it carefully, if Su Jingcheng was an ordinary person, he would actually be a young man in his mid-twenties, still very young.

On the other side, seeing Su Xi who was sitting quietly on the dining table, a satisfied smile flashed across Su Jingcheng’s face. It was not a dream, his sister had really returned.

Su Jingcheng sat down on the seat opposite Su Xi just like yesterday.

At this time, Su Xi suddenly shrank back out of instinct. It was unknown whether Su Jingcheng noticed Su Xi’s action, but it made her quite awkward.

Su Xi smiled sheepishly at Su Jingcheng, which was completely a way to cover up her awkwardness.

Unbeknownst to her, this smile made Su Jingcheng beside himself with joy. His younger sister actually smiled at him! Although Su Xi was still a little reserved in front of him, it was a good start, wasn’t it?

“Let’s have breakfast.” Su Jingcheng spoke. It wouldn’t be good if his sister starve.

Su Xi: “Oh.”

No, she really doesn’t want to eat with the big villain!

A meal or two was fine, but if it keeps going like this, Su Xi was worried that she’ll get indigestion.

The brother and sister at the dining table each had their own thoughts, and the atmosphere at breakfast was as profound as it had been yesterday. Of course, that’s if one ignored the occasional hint of smile in Su Jingcheng’s eyes.

Su Xi buried her head, unable to see the expression on Su Jingcheng’s face at the moment. Her eyes were fixed on the plate of custard buns.

This was also one of the things Su Xi likes to eat. But why was it placed so far away from her? What’s more, it was on the left hand side of the big villain.

Su Xi quietly measured the distance between herself and the plate of custard buns, estimated the length of her hands, and repeatedly calculated in her mind the possibility of her getting to it without disturbing the villain.

In the end, Su Xi decided to give up.

At this moment, a yellow custard bun in the shape of Pikachu was placed firmly into the bowl in front of Su Xi.

Su Xi: “?!”

Su Jingcheng: “Did you want this?”

Su Jingcheng had been paying attention to Su Xi and naturally observed her little movements—— Almost from the time when this plate of cartoon buns was served, Su Xi’s eyes had not left it.

Su Xi’s eyes would sparkle whenever she sees something she likes, just like when she was a little child, very cute.

On the other side of the dining table, looking at the bun in her bowl, Su Xi and Pikachu stared at each other for a while.

Compared to the fact that the villain would give her buns, Su Xi was more inclined to believe that Pikachu ran into the bowl by himself.


“I’m going to school.” After her meal, Su Xi stood up and said.

At the same time, Su Jingcheng also put down the tea in his hand. “Let’s go.”

Su Xi: Nani?!

Su Xi looked at Uncle Fu on the side with surprise on her face, only to see that Uncle Fu had Su Xi’s school uniform jacket and schoolbag in his hand. He walked over and smiled till his eyes crinkled as he said to Su Xi, “Today, Young Master is sending Xiao Xi to school.”

At once, Su Xi fell into despair as if she had suffered a huge blow.

No way, she thought sitting at the same table with the big villain for a dangerous breakfast was her last ordeal, but now he’s actually sending her to school?!


1 咯咯 – Gē gē
2 哥哥 – Gē ge


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