The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 18

On the way to school, Su Jingcheng sat in the front row, while Su Xi sat quietly in the back, and the atmosphere was somewhat silent.


Hearing Su Jingcheng call her, Su Xi immediately sat up straight. “Yes.”

He could see Su Xi sitting squarely through the rearview mirror, and Su Jingcheng wanted to chuckle, but he was afraid that his sister would think he was laughing at her so he held back.

“Have you brought all the books you need for school?” Su Jingcheng asked.

She didn’t expect for the other party to suddenly ask this. Su Xi was taken aback for a moment, showing some surprise in her expression, and then replied in a small voice, “I have.”

“How about stationeries and your homework? Have you brought them all?”

“Mm.” Su Xi nodded.

“Uncle Fu said he put honey tea in a tumbler for you, did you bring it?”

“Yes, it’s here.” In case Su Jingcheng wouldn’t believe it, Su Xi took out the tumbler from the small bag next to her backpack and shook it.

Seeing this, Su Jingcheng seemed to nod his head slightly, then he paused for a moment and asked again, “When you got school, do you know how to get to your classroom?”

Su Xi: “……”

“I know.”


When the driver heard Su Jingcheng’s question, he almost couldn’t hold back his laughter.

This time, he didn’t follow the chairman when he went to Y Country, so he was responsible for picking up and dropping off Su Xi to school—— Although the chairman’s inquiries could be understood as showing concern for his sister, had the chairman forgotten that the young miss had been going to school for almost a week now? Why wouldn’t she know how to get to her classroom?

Moreover, in the driver’s impression, the chairman was usually not talkative and was a rather profound person. After serving as a driver for Su Jingcheng for so many years, it was the first time he heard the chairman talk so much at once. Not only that, there was even a hint of nagging.


Su Jingcheng obviously also realized that he asked a stupid question, and a touch of embarrassment crossed his eyes, but as an older brother, he also wanted to save face.

With a light cough, Su Jingcheng maintained a straight face but couldn’t help to continue asking, “Did you feel any discomfort in school?”

“No.” Su Xi shook her head, then added, “Everything’s good.”

It wasn’t only the driver that noticed Su Jingcheng was different today. Even Su Xi found it strange.

——The villain described in the novel had a gloomy and taciturn character, and she had the same first impression of Su Jingcheng yesterday.

But today, for the first time, Su Xi discovered that this person seemed to be quite articulate, and from Su Jingcheng’s tone, Su Xi did not feel the graveness and hostility as described in the novel. On the contrary, Su Jingcheng’s tone was very calm, and although it sounded a bit businesslike, but listening carefully, it seems to be mixed with tenderness and concern.

The big villain cares for her?!

Su Xi’s brows were tangled together and there was confusion in her eyes.

The fact that the villain cares about another person was definitely not something that exists in the novel. It should be very contrary, but Su Xi didn’t feel the slightest abruptness. On the contrary, those words with caring intentions coming from Su Jingcheng’s mouth were very natural.

Su Jingcheng: “Lunch……”

“There’s lunch at school. It’s quite delicious.” By now, Su Xi has learned to answer quickly.

After she said that, she didn’t know if it was an illusion, but she seemed to see the corner of Su Jingcheng’s mouth raised.

Su Jingcheng smiled. “Since lunch is delicious, eat more and don’t be picky.”

As soon as the words fell, Su Jingcheng immediately slapped himself in the face. “Don’t force yourself if you don’t like it, eat whatever you like.”

Driver: Chairman, what about your principle?

Su Xi: “Okay……”

“Uh, we’re here.” The car stopped at the school gate. Su Xi looked at Su Jingcheng, as if waiting for him to speak.

En, go in.”

“Xixi.” When Su Xi got out of the car, Su Jingcheng called out to her again.

“What is it?”

“If there’s any problem at school, call me anytime.” After a pause, Su Jingcheng asked, “Does Xixi have my number?”

“Yes.” Before Uncle Fu gave Su Xi the phone, he had saved Su Jingcheng’s in it. It’s just that the number had been left cold in a small corner by Su Xi.

“Then I’m going in?” Su Xi asked.

“Go ahead.”

With Su Jingcheng’s words, Su Xi turned around and trotted towards the school gate—— Others ran as fast they could after school, but Su Xi ran fast to school.

“Slow down, don’t fall……” Su Jingcheng’s words fell completely behind Su Xi’s back.

Until Su Xi’s figure disappeared into the crowd, Su Jingcheng’s gaze remained uneasy as he looked in that direction.

“Chairman, it’s almost eight o’clock.” Seeing that Su Jingcheng had been looking in the direction of the school and seemed to have no intention of leaving at all, the driver reminded helplessly.

Hearing this, Su Jingcheng finally looked away. “Let’s go.”

“Am I nagging a bit?” Su Jingcheng asked suddenly.

The driver was startled. “N-no.” Not just a bit, but a lot.

“Chairman is concerned about the young miss, she will understand.”


On the other side.

As soon as Su Xi entered the school, she met Dong Wenqi, who ran over excitedly and ‘intercepted’ her.

“Su Xi! Speak up, speak up! Leniency to those who confess, severity to those who resist!”

“What are you talking about?” Su Xi was confused.

“Just now! The man in the car that sent you here, the super handsome one! Who is it?” Dong Wenqi approached Su Xi with bright eyes and asked.

——She too had just arrived. Dong Wenqi recognized that the car over there seemed to belong to Su Xi’s family, so she waited here for a while, preparing to go in together when Su Xi came over.

And what a sight she saw!

After Su Xi got out of the car, the front window opened and Dong Wenqi saw the person sitting there. Although she couldn’t see clearly from a distance, with her one-year experience of chasing handsome boy’s, Dong Wenqi could guarantee that the guy in the car was definitely super handsome!

Su Xi: “……” Next question please.

“Hurry up and tell me, who is he?” Dong Wenqi refused to give up and asked, shaking Su Xi’s arm.

“Just, my,” Su Xi couldn’t utter the word ‘brother’.


Dong Wenqi: “Relative?”


“Your family’s genes are too good.” Dong Wenqi stared at Su Xi and sighed with emotion. “Hey, Su Xi, wait for me. So, from which side of your family is he? Does he live close to you? Does he have a girlfriend…..?.”

Su Xi halted and looked at Dong Wenqi with a half-smile. “Dear class committee, let’s talk about English language.”

Speaking of English, Dong Wenqi instantly switched from fangirl status to top student mode. “English, oh yes, how are you doing with the phrases I sorted out for you? Don’t tell me you’re done with everything again?”

“I’ve memorized it all.” Su Xi said honestly.

“All? Seriously? Do you also know how to use them?”


“Su Xi.” Dong Wenqi stared at Su Xi with a serious face. “Be honest, did your celestial master gave you some kind of pill that turned you into a genius in seconds?”

Su Xi snorted and laughed. “There’s no such thing.”

“Then how can you learn so fast? No, I want to check when we get into the classroom!”


Inside the classroom, Dong Wenqi really took out a set of pre-prepared English questions and placed it in front of Su Xi. “Hehe, how about it, I have prepared well this time, right? I spent a long time organizing this questions online yesterday. It’s all about the 50 phrases I gave you. What about it, do you want to give it a try?”

Su Xi: Just give it a try then.

Su Xi took the paper in front of her and read it carefully.

Dong Wenqi prepared this comprehensively, covering almost all the knowledge points of the phrases she learned yesterday. There were some words that Su Xi hadn’t memorized, and the other party thoughtfully marked them in Chinese.

Su Xi looked at Dong Wenqi.

Dong Wenqi raised her eyebrows. “How is it? Not bad, right?”

“Thank you.” Su Xi looked at Dong Wenqi with touched and grateful eyes.

“Why are you being so polite?” Dong Wenqi patted Su Xi’s shoulder righteously and half-jokingly said to Su Xi, “It’s fine as long as you don’t pass me in the monthly exam. Otherwise, I’ll lose my inner balance.”

There’s one thing Dong Wenqi didn’t say, according to Su Xi’s current progress, she might really get a high score in the next monthly exam.

Su Xi: “How much can you get in English?”

Dong Wenqi: “100.”

Su Xi: “……”


Su Xi began to do the questions in earnest, not too fast, but not too slow either.

At the same time, a hateful gaze fell on Su Xi from a certain corner of the classroom.

The owner of this line of sight was none other than Wang Nannan.

Although not everyone paid attention to the deletion of posts in the forum yesterday, it was impossible for Wang Nannan, who was a supporter of Ye Zexing, to miss any news about their ‘Ye Shao’.

In the forum, all the posts with Ye Zexing’s name were deleted, and most of them were naturally the posts about the gossip between him and Su Xi. Not only that, even the posts blackening Su Xi were also deleted.

Who would benefit most from all this? Of course, it was Su Xi.

Wang Nannan didn’t think that Su Xi had the ability to delete such a huge number of posts, so the only possibility was that those were deleted by Ye Zexing.

——Why does Ye Zexing want to help Su Xi?

Thinking of this, Wang Nannan secretly hated Su Xi.

Her phone vibrated a few times in the drawer. Wang Nannan took it out and tapped the page for group chats.

At the top was a chat group named 【Ye Shao’s Main Palace】 which was established by Ye Zexing’s supporters in the school, similar to a celebrity’s fan group.

At this time, the group was also discussing about the post deletions.

【I just went in and checked again, it’s true that all the posts with Ye Shao’s name have been deleted, and those posts that said that Su Xi isn’t good have also been deleted, though not all of them.】

【Isn’t it clear when you look at it this way? Ye Shao must have removed them.】

【I also think that if it’s Su Xi who have deleted them, then she would definitely delete the ones insulting her first.】

【Why is Ye Shao helping that Su Xi?】

【Ye Shao isn’t helping her. He probably just didn’t want to see posts about himself. As for those of Su Xi’s, they must have just been deleted along the way.】

【Hmph, count her lucky.】

【What lucky? Su Xi’s matter, I don’t think it will pass so easily.】

【That’s right, there are so many people in school who don’t like her now, so there will probably be more posts popping up in the future. How can she delete them if she isn’t tied to Ye Shao?】


【We can’t say for sure. What if Su Xi has the means to delete those posts herself?】

【How’s that possible.】

【It’s hard to say, we don’t know whether Su Xi is capable or not. I saw Su Xi carrying a bag that seems to be custom made by N Brand.】

Someone in the group mentioned such a sentence so the topic quickly drifted away.

【N Brand? I think all their bags are limited edition, right? They’re not that easy to buy.】

【That’s to say, the one Su Xi is carrying must be fake.】

【It doesn’t look like a fake.】

【Ha-ha, so what if it’s real? Who knows how she got it.】

【Yeah, aren’t there gold diggers who are willing to do anything just to buy a bag or a set of clothes? Maybe her bag was bought for her by a sugar daddy.】

【Eek, gross.】

【This kind of person is really disgusting. I don’t understand why the school is letting in a few scholarship student’s every year.】

【Exactly. Although we can’t judge them as a whole, haven’t there been cases before where scholarship students have tried desperately to get in just to find rich kids?】

These things did happen, so the people in the group naturally classified Su Xi into this category.

【No wonder she’s so thin and looks malnourished.】

【Money worshiper and vain. Perhaps she’s so skinny because she’s saving money by not eating, just to buy luxury goods.】

【Goodness, this kind of girl is too scary. I’ve seen on the news before that there was a girl who ate compressed biscuits for a month to buy cosmetics and ended up in the hospital. She even stole money from her family.】


The conversation in this small group became more and more outrageous, but it was irrelevant to Su Xi.

Over this side, Su Xi, who completed the questions and successfully obtained 98 points from Dong Wenqi, has already entered a state of seriously listening to class.

The things taught in the school textbooks weren’t quite the same as those taught by her master before, but the root was the same. These days, Su Xi has gradually been able to find commonalities among them.

The class teacher wrote a question on the board.

“All of you do this question first. 10 minutes. I will explain after you’re done.” The class teacher said and specially glanced at Su Xi’s side. “Try to use the knowledge we have learned in the books to solve it.”

Copying down the question on the board, Su Xi habitually did it in her own way first, and then recalled the content of the previous two days of class, before doing it again in the way instructed in the textbook.

Looking at the same answer on both sheets of paper, Su Xi smiled with satisfaction.


Su Jingcheng on the other side was not as at ease.

At this time, Su Jingcheng was listening to the reports of his employees in the conference room but his eyes kept glancing at the mobile phone on the table.

In the company, Su Jingcheng had been staring at his phone all day. He even turned all the notification alerts to maximum. Unfortunately, Su Jingcheng never received a call or message from Su Xi.

——He didn’t know how Xixi was doing at school, or whether she has encountered any troubles or unhappy things.

Was the fact that Su Xi did not call prove that nothing bad happened to her at school? Or maybe Xixi had been studying seriously and had no time to play with her phone?

This was actually a good thing, except Su Jingcheng couldn’t help being a little disappointed. It seems that he, this older brother, wasn’t needed at all.

Halfway through the meeting, Su Jingcheng looked at the time on his phone and interrupted the product manager’s report. “There are still many details to consider regarding the product. This can wait until tomorrow. Your department will come to my office to make a report.”

“Meeting adjourned.”


So on this day, the employees of Suyuan Group were surprised to find that the chairman, who worked overtime for 300 out of 365 days a year, had actually got off work on time today!

No, it was 5 minutes early!

【The chairman actually left so early today. It’s amazing!】

【What’s more, I heard from other assistants that the chairman doesn’t seem to have any meetings or events to attend to tonight.】

【I have a bold guess, do you think our chairman might be going on a date?】

【That’s impossible, right? When did the chairman have a girlfriend?】

【Then might he be going on a blind date?】

【The more you talk, the more outrageous it becomes.】

【We can’t say for sure! Didn’t you notice that the chairman is super handsome today?!】

【Yes, yes, yes! Really super handsome. Today’s suit really fits the chairman.】


On the other hand, while the company’s little assistants were gossiping, Su Jingcheng had already arrived at the entrance of Shangming Middle School.

Obviously, Su Xi didn’t expect Su Jingcheng, who seemed to have a lot of things to do, to pick her up in the afternoon after seeing her off in the morning. So much so that the moment she saw the figure not far from the school gate, Su Xi’s whole person was startled and her words began to stutter.

“Su Xi? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Su Xi looked over to the other side.

At this moment, the car that usually picked her up and dropped her off was parked not far from the school gate. Su Jingcheng was standing in front of the car, talking on the phone as if discussing some serious business, but his eyes were always looking in the direction of the school entrance.

Following Su Xi’s line of sight, Dong Wenqi also noticed Su Jingcheng over there. Wow, isn’t this the handsome relative who sent Su Xi here this morning?!

“Su Xi, Su Xi! Your family has come to pick you up, over there!”

Dong Wenqi pulled Su Xi and ran towards the car.

Su Jingcheng ended the call. He looked at Su Xi in front of him, and then at the girl next to Su Xi. Was this Xixi’s good friend at school?

Dong Wenqi: “Hello, Uncle!”

Su Xi: “!”

Su Jingcheng: “?!”


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