The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 19


Dong Wenqi called out unequivocally.

At this moment, Su Xi no longer dared to look up at Su Jingcheng’s face.

Su Xi winked desperately at Dong Wenqi, trying to stop this classmate’s suicidal behaviour. Unfortunately, Dong Wenqi’s eyes seemed to be glued to Su Jingcheng and she had no time to pay attention to Su Xi’s hints.

It was only when she felt her hand being pulled and shaken by Su Xi that Dong Wenqi came back to her senses. She looked at Su Xi. “Su Xi, what are you pulling me for?”

Su Xi: I’m trying to save you.

Noticing the look on Su Xi’s face, Dong Wenqi tilted her head and thought for a while before suddenly realizing, “I see, did I make a mistake? This is not your paternal uncle but your maternal uncle?”

Su Xi: “……” Who can come save this child?

“No.” Su Xi said under her breath.

“Huh? Then who is he?” Su Xi said in the morning that this was her relative, so Dong Wenqi naturally understood that he was something like Su Xi’s maternal or paternal uncle.

He can’t be her eldest uncle[1]father’s elder brother, right……?



“That’s to say, that-” Su Xi mumbled for a long time with her head buried, and finally squeezed out the word “Brother” from her mouth.

When Su Xi said this, her voice was so low that it was almost drowned out by the chirping of birds on the roadside. However, Su Jingcheng still heard it.

This was the first time Su Jingcheng heard the word “Brother” from his sister’s mouth since Su Xi was found. Although she wasn’t really calling out to him, this “Brother” was enough to make Su Jingcheng endlessly happy.

The corners of Su Jingcheng’s mouth lifted up in a smile that couldn’t be suppressed. He looked at Su Xi for a while, then his eyes turned to Dong Wenqi next to Su Xi. He introduced himself, “Hello, I am Xixi’s older brother, Su Jingcheng.”

“Ah! S-Su Xi’s Brother. Hello, that, Su Xi and I are classmates and deskmates. My name is Dong Wenqi.” At this moment, Dong Wenqi was also a little embarrassed. It turned out to be Su Xi’s brother, but she actually took him as her uncle. So humiliating.

Moreover, the name Su Jingcheng sounded familiar, as if she knew it from somewhere.

“Su Xi’s Brother, that, sorry about just now.” Apart from having a vibe of a successful person, in fact, upon closer inspection, this brother of Su Xi was quite young. It’s her fault for being blind.

“It’s okay.” Su Jingcheng said nonchalantly, clearly in a very good mood at the moment.

“Xixi is new to the school and is unfamiliar with many things, please take care of her.” Su Jingcheng said to Dong Wenqi.

Hearing this, Dong Wenqi waved her hand. “No, no, this is what I should do. Su Xi and I are good friends.”

——Oh my goodness, where the hell did Su Xi get this brother from? Forget that he had a handsome appearance, his voice was nice and quite pleasant to listen to, and he even seemed like a good person!

What to do? She’s envious of Su Xi again.

“I’m leaving, bye-bye.”

Dong Wenqi ran into her family’s car with a slight envious expression on her face.

On this side, Su Xi and Su Jingcheng were left behind, and the atmosphere was a little awkward.

Wrong, the awkwardness belonged to Su Xi, Su Jingcheng at this moment only had happiness.

“Let’s go home too.” Su Jingcheng said to Su Xi.

“Oh, okay.”

Seeing that Su Jingcheng didn’t move, Su Xi gave him a strange look. Suddenly, Su Jingcheng stretched out his hand towards her.



“I’ll hold it for you.”

Su Xi was taken aback, then shook her head in a hurry.

“No need, I’ll just carry it on my own.” How dare she let the big villain carry her bag?

“It’s not heavy.” As if to prove that she wasn’t lying, Su Xi held the shoulder straps of her bag with both hands, and jumped up and down twice in a lively manner.

Seeing his younger sister’s quirky little movements, Su Jingcheng couldn’t help but smile and raised his hand to touch Su Xi’s head, just like he did when Su Xi was a little child.

However, facing Su Jingcheng’s suddenly raised hand, Su Xi was startled and subconsciously took half a step back.

Su Jingcheng’s movements faltered.

He thought of what Uncle Fu said yesterday about how he had memories of his younger sister, but Su Xi had no memories of her childhood. He, this older brother, was like a stranger to her, so it’s normal that Su Xi would feel unfamiliar with him.

However, Su Jingcheng couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed.

Su Xi: “That……”

“It’s okay.” Su Jingcheng smiled. “Get in the car.”

This time, Su Jingcheng didn’t go to the front, but went in the back seat with Su Xi.

After getting into the car, Su Xi realized that there was another person in the front seat.

“This is Chen Fei, my assistant.” Su Jingcheng introduced to Su Xi. Looking at Chen Fei again, he said, “You can call him uncle.”

Chen Fei in the front row: “……” Although he’s a little bit older than the brother and sister, but he’s still a young man of twenty…… nine, right? Why should he be called uncle?

After thinking about it, Su Jingcheng seemed to feel that it wasn’t quite right, so he changed his words and said, “Just call him brother.”

Su Xi nodded and greeted Chen Fei, “Brother Chen, hello.”

“Hello, Miss Xiao Xi.” Chen Fei curiously studied Su Xi, then secretly glanced at the face of his family’s chairman. He couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. No wonder the chairman was in such a hurry to come back when he was in Y Country. If he had such a cute younger sister, he would also desperately rush back.

Although Chen Fei didn’t know much about the matter of Su Xi, he could clearly see that the chairman was in a very good mood these days, and some inexplicable changes had taken place in his personality.

The previous Su Jingcheng was in a dark and indifferent state most of the time. Even he, this assistant, was cautious when he was around Su Jingcheng. However, these days the chairman obviously had more of a human touch.


The car soon drove back to Jingyuan.

Chen Fei handed several documents in his hand to Su Jingcheng. “Chairman, these are the ones that need to be signed.”

These were the documents that Su Jingcheng did not finished today. Before, the chairman would definitely work overtime at the company until all the documents were finished. It wouldn’t be like today, leaving ‘homework’ for himself.

As for why.

Chen Fei stole a glance at Su Xi and secretly smiled, already having an answer in his heart.


On the other side, in the living room, Uncle Fu was already waiting at the door. Seeing the brother and sister enter together, the smile on Uncle Fu’s face widened a bit more—— A scene of Su Jingcheng taking Su Xi out to play, and then returning while holding Su Xi in one hand and a pile of toys in the other, came back to his mind.

“Young Master and Xiao Xi are back. Dinner will be ready soon. You can go up and change your clothes, and start eating when you come down.”

Su Xi responded, “Okay, thank you, Uncle Fu.”

Su Jingcheng nodded towards Uncle Fu as well.

The siblings went up the stairs one after the other. It wasn’t until they reached the second floor and Su Jingcheng saw Su Xi turned towards a room on the right that he realized she wasn’t staying in her own room, but in a guest room.

“Why isn’t Xixi staying in your room?” Su Jingcheng asked.

Su Xi halted. Her room? Was Su Jingcheng referring to the room full of dolls that Uncle Fu took her to on the first day she came?

“No……” Su Xi still had some lingering fears when she thought of the spectacular scene when she pushed the door open and all eyes were ‘looking’ at her.

“You don’t like it?” Seeing Su Xi’s unfathomable expression, Su Jingcheng asked again.

“It’s not that, it’s just a bit uncomfortable— I mean I’m not used to it.” Su Xi explained vaguely. Sleeping in that room would really make her unable to fall asleep.

Su Xi had followed her master around to ‘scam’ people these years and had seen a lot of things. Perhaps she was more experienced than children of the same age, but after all, she was still only a 14-year-old minor, and was unable to hide all her emotions.

Although Su Xi didn’t say she didn’t like it, the hint of rejection and resistance in her eyes couldn’t escape Su Jingcheng’s eyes.


In the evening, after hearing from Assistant Chen that the young master still had some work to do, Uncle Fu decided to ask the young master if he needed to make a cup of tea.

As a result when Uncle Fu went to the study room, he didn’t see Su Jingcheng there. He went around the house but still didn’t see him.

When he was wondering where Su Jingcheng went, he noticed that the door of the bedroom next to the young master’s was open, and a faint light was coming through the crack of the door.

This was Xiao Xi’s original room.

Uncle Fu carefully pushed open the door, and sure enough, he saw Su Jingcheng standing in the room, staring at a pile of dolls and stuff toys in a trance.

“Young Master?” Uncle Fu called out softly.

Su Jingcheng heard Uncle Fu’s voice, but he didn’t move.

“Xixi didn’t seem to like these things very much.” Su Jingcheng murmured with lowered eyes, his emotions couldn’t be distinguished from his tone.

Uncle Fu was taken aback. Recalling the first night when Su Xi came back to this house and her reaction when he brought her here. She seemed to reject this room, or rather, the decoration of the room and these dolls?

Uncle Fu looked at the dolls in the room—— They were all gifts from the young master to Xiao Xi.

For 10 years, whether it was Children’s Day, New Year, or on Su Xi’s birthday, Su Jingcheng would always buy a gift for Su Xi without missing a single time.

It was as if it had become the only thing he held on to over the years.

Su Jingcheng also looked at these gifts. He raised his hand and gently straightened the dolls that were tilted to one side and carefully wiped a little bit of dust off their faces.

The next second, Su Jingcheng seemed to sigh. “Put them all away. Find a box and put it in the back storage room.”

“Young Master……”

Without waiting for Uncle Fu to continue, Su Jingcheng said again, “In addition, go and contact an interior designer to come over and redecorate this room with a new style.”

“As for what style, do what Xixi wants.”

Hearing Su Jingcheng’s order, Uncle Fu thought about it and nodded. “Okay, I’ll arrange it. Young Master, rest assured.”


Su Xi was unaware of what’s happening there.

It was supposed to be bedtime but Su Xi lay in bed, staring at the ceiling with her eyes wide open. She was tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep— to be precise, she was so hungry that she couldn’t sleep.

Su Xi was still not used to sitting and eating with Su Jingcheng. During dinner, Su Xi ate very little and started to get hungry late in the evening.

After a long struggle, Su Xi finally decided to go downstairs to search for food.

Moving from the bed to the door, Su Xi opened it and first poked her head out to look around. After making sure that the surroundings was silent, she cautiously stepped out of the room.

Su Xi walked slowly downstairs.

The moment her right foot landed on the last step on the first floor, Su Xi breathed a sigh of relief. However, she didn’t notice the faint light from dining room behind her.



The moment she noticed Su Jingcheng, Su Xi stood still like a pillar.

“Why aren’t you sleeping?” Su Jingcheng asked.

He still had some documents to deal with. Originally, Su Jingcheng was in the study upstairs, but since it was somewhat close to the guest room Su Xi was staying at, he was afraid of disturbing her this late, so he simply brought the papers downstairs.

Hearing the rustling noise from the other side of the stairs, Su Jingcheng almost thought that a thief had broken into the house. But thinking about it again, how could Jingyuan be broken into? Then, Su Jingcheng saw Su Xi, who was coming down from upstairs with small steps.

“That-, I……” It’s over, it’s over, how was she going to explain? Should she just pretend to be sleepwalking?

While Su Xi’s mind was turning back and forth, Su Jingcheng had already put down the document in his hand and walked over. He asked, “What’s the matter, Xixi?”

“I-it’s nothing.” But just as Su Xi’s words fell, a sudden growling sound came from her stomach, which seemed to be particularly pronounced in the quiet night.

Su Xi was instantly embarrassed—— Humiliating, too humiliating!

On the other hand, seeing Su Xi with her head down and ears red while twisting her fingers, looking as if she wanted to hide herself in a crack on the ground, Su Jingcheng couldn’t help but want to laugh. But because he was afraid that Su Xi would find out, he pretended to be calm and suppressed the expression on his face.

“Is Xixi hungry?” Su Jingcheng asked, looking at Su Xi with tenderness and doting in his eyes.

“No……” As soon as Su Xi opened her mouth to deny it, she was slapped in the face by another growling sound from her stomach.

Su Jingcheng smiled. “What do you want to eat?”

Su Xi: “Huh?”


1 father’s elder brother


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