The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 20

“There should be ingredients in the kitchen. What would Xixi want to eat? I’ll make it for you.” Su Jingcheng looked at Su Xi and asked.

“I……” No need.

Su Xi instinctively wanted to refuse the other party’s kind offer, but when the words reached her lips, it became “I’ll eat anything.”

“Okay.” Su Jingcheng smiled. “Then just sit here and wait, Xixi, it will be ready soon.”

Su Xi: “……”

Watching Su Jingcheng walk into the kitchen, Su Xi still stood there in a daze with a mystified expression on her face.

——When she heard that Su Jingcheng was going to cook, the first thought that popped into Su Xi’s mind wasn’t that the villain was going to cook for her, but that the villain could cook?

Was it all right for the overbearing president in the novel to ‘drink dew[1]be like a fairy’?

Why does this big villain…… feel kind of grounded? This isn’t the same as described in the novel.

Su Xi muttered inwardly.

On the other hand, after Su Jingcheng entered the kitchen, he faced his first problem. Where’s the pot?

Over the years, Su Jingcheng had devoted almost all his energy to the company’s affairs. Where would he find time to go to the the kitchen? What’s more, Jingyuan has its own kitchen staff, so there’s no need for Su Jingcheng, the boss, to worry about it. Therefore, the kitchen was actually an unfamiliar territory to Su Jingcheng.

Fortunately, Jingyuan’s kitchen was well organized and it didn’t take Su Jingcheng much effort to find the pots in the cupboard.

There were a lot of ingredients in the freezer, but looking at it all, Su Jingcheng didn’t frown even the slightest. He took out his mobile phone and searched for recipes that he could do online.

Sichuan boiled fish?

No, this was too spicy for Xixi to eat.

Crispy sweet and sour pork slices?

This one wasn’t bad.

On the day of their first meal, Su Jingcheng found out that Su Xi’s eyes never left the sweet and sour pork on the table.

It shouldn’t be difficult.

Su Jingcheng clicked on the recipe—— Wash the tenderloin and cut it into slices…… Put it in a bowl…… Marinate for 15 minutes while preparing the batter…… Heat the oil until the temperature’s right…… Placed it on the pot, take it out, then add it back again……

Su Jingcheng: “……” Never mind, next.

Fifteen minutes later, hearing the clattering sound in the kitchen, Su Xi finally couldn’t contain her inner curiosity and her hungry belly, and carefully walked to the kitchen door.

At this time, Su Jingcheng was facing the kitchen door sideways, with his head lowered and his sleeves rolled up as he diced carrots, his was expression very focused. There were two piles of chopped celery and tofu cubes on his left.

The two piles were neatly cut, almost all evenly sized.

However, to be honest, Su Jingcheng’s movements really don’t look proficient and there was even a hint of clumsiness.

As if sensing her, Su Jingcheng raised his head and saw Su Xi at the door. At this moment, Su Xi was leaning against the kitchen door, poking her head out and looking in very curiously.

The movements of Su Jingcheng’s hands stopped. “Wait a little longer, Xixi, it will be ready soon.”

After speaking, Su Jingcheng coughed dryly, and said, “If Xixi is hungry, why don’t you eat a slice of bread first?”

Su Xi shook her head.

“That-, let me do it.” Su Xi hesitated for a moment before saying to Su Jingcheng.

She wasn’t worried that Su Jingcheng would poison the food, but that she would eat some kind of dark cuisine[2]referring to a culinary style built around foods or food combinations that sound bizarre or even disgusting but which often are tastier than anticipated in a while.

Su Xi’s words surprised Su Jingcheng. “Xixi can cook?”

“Yes.” Su Xi nodded and went over to take the position of ‘head chef’ from Su Jingcheng.

Seeing Su Xi pick up the kitchen knife, Su Jingcheng’s nerves tensed up and his temples throbbed—— He definitely wanted to support his sister’s attempt, but not such a dangerous move.

“Leave this to Brother.” Su Jingcheng said.

“It’s okay, I can do it.” While speaking, Su Xi had already held down the carrot that Su Jingcheng had previously cut in half. The knife flicked and fell, and the remaining half became a beautifully diced carrot.

Next, Su Xi cut the remaining ingredients into similar pieces. Her whole movements were done in one go, a lot more skillful than Su Jingcheng’s.

Seeing Su Xi’s actions, Su Jingcheng on the side was very surprised. His sister can really cook?!

——He didn’t expect their family’s Xixi to be so powerful.

Su Jingcheng was inwardly proud. However, his heart was more distressed. The fact that Su Xi knew how to cook meant she often did it in the past. What kind of situation would require a child to cook for herself?

“Did Xixi cook for herself before?” Su Jingcheng asked, his voice a little astringent.

“Sometimes.” Her master built a small kitchen on the place where they used lived. Her master usually does the cooking, but when he’s out ‘doing business’, Su Xi would do it by herself.

“What are you planning to do?” Su Xi wasn’t sure what Su Jingcheng wanted to make.

Su Jingcheng: “Noodles.”

Su Xi: “……”

Noodles? Weren’t these ingredients too grand?

Looking at the shrimps, various mushrooms and assorted vegetables on the counter, Su Xi wanted to complain.

Su Xi selected some of these ingredients, stir-fried them first, and then boiled water on the side.

When she was about to add the noodles into the pot, Su Xi suddenly remembered that there was someone else next to her. Clutching the noodles in her hands for a while, Su Xi finally turned to look at Su Jingcheng and asked carefully, “Would…… you like a bowl too?”

Su Jingcheng wasn’t hungry, but his heart couldn’t help but jump with joy when he heard his sister asked him this.


“Xixi, take it slow.” Su Jingcheng reminded.

Although he knew that Su Xi could cook, Su Jingcheng still stared at Su Xi unblinkingly during the whole process, for fear that if Su Xi wasn’t careful, she might accidently cut or burn herself.

Su Jingcheng didn’t feel relieved until he saw that Su Xi’s movements were swift and nothing went wrong.

However, Su Jingcheng didn’t leave. Instead, he found another pot on the side. It was unknown what he’s working on.


When Su Xi’s two bowls of noodles were cooked, Su Jingcheng’s cookies were also out of the pan. Although they look a little burnt, they weren’t bad overall.

“Xixi, go sit outside while I take these out.”

Hearing Su Jingcheng’s words, Su Xi nodded and obediently went outside to wait.

Behind her, in the kitchen, Su Jingcheng stared at the two bowls of noodles filled with emotion. He could actually eat the noodles made by his sister for him? This kind of thing was impossible, at least when Su Xi was 3 years old.

What should he do if he couldn’t bear to eat it?

Su Jingcheng took out his phone and did something that Su Xi would deem ‘extremely non-domineering’ if she saw it. With a snap, he took several photos from different angles and posted them to his Moments.

【Late night warmth.】, attached were nine consecutive photos.

Su Jingcheng’s page was almost full of spider webs. His last post was an official anniversary promotion of the company that he forwarded half a year ago.

As soon as this post came out, Su Jingcheng’s circle of friends immediately exploded.

Among them, those who blew rainbow farts to Su Jingcheng were the most numerous.

【Chairman Su knows life too well.】

【Late night warmth, late night welfare.】

【It looks good and tasty, making my mouth water.】


Although he knew it was just rainbow farts from some of the partner companies, this time, Su Jingcheng was very receptive.

As for those who don’t have eyes, saying things like 【It can use some green onion.】 or 【Eating at night isn’t good for the stomach.】, they will be blocked directly.

Of course, there were also some different and authentic voices.

【Is this late night warmth? It’s clearly late night poisoning.】

【Old Su, you’re going too far.】

【Wei Dongzhou: Woc[3]Wocao – Holy sh*t; exclamation of surprise. Su Jingcheng, did your account got hacked?】

【Su Jingcheng: It’s me.】

【Two bowls, aiyo, who are you eating with?】

【Su Jingcheng: My little sister.】

After a while, as if feeling that it wasn’t enough to show off, Su Jingcheng replied again: 【My sister made it.】

After taking a look at each of the 9 photos again, Su Jingcheng put away his phone and walked out with the noodles.


At the dining table, the siblings sat facing each other.

In the middle were two bowls of noodles and a plate of small pastries.

Su Xi originally thought that if she didn’t eat any of the pastries made by Su Jingcheng, wouldn’t it be too disrespectful to the villain?

Su Xi was already prepared to swallow it with a smile and thank the other party no matter how unpalatable it was, but unexpectedly, the pastries made by Su Jingcheng was surprisingly delicious.

The outside was crispy with a hint of caramel flavor, while the inside was fluffy and soft like a cake, sweet but not overwhelming, it tastes great!

Su Jingcheng watched Su Xi eat one. Her cheeks were puffed up like a little hamster and her eyes were shining. He couldn’t help but ask, “Is it good?”

“Uh-huh.” Su Xi nodded. It was so delicious that her eyes were squinting.

Su Xi likes to eat sweets. This pastry tasted better than any that she had when she went to certain houses with her master to enlighten other children.

Seeing this, Su Jingcheng smiled and looked at Su Xi with a heart filled with joy.

“Xixi used to like this too.”

This pastry was the first one Su Jingcheng learned to make.

At that time, Su Xi was obsessed with watching cartoons. One day she suddenly pointed to the ‘blue fat guy[4]talking about Doraemon’ on TV and said to Su Jingcheng, “I want this!”

So Su Jingcheng bought a big blue chubby doll for Su Xi to take home, and that’s when he realized that what Su Xi was talking about was instead the Dorayaki that the blue fat guy was holding.

Su Jingcheng spent a long time in the kitchen and the first generation of this pastry was born.

Later, after countless improvements, the current successful pastry came into being.


Hearing Su Jingcheng talk about the past, Su Xi felt some curiosity in her heart.

“Can I ask a question?” Su Xi looked at Su Jingcheng.

“Of course, what does Xixi want to ask?” Su Jingcheng was excited. It was the first time that his sister took the initiative to talk to him.

“Was my name Su Xi before?” This question had puzzled Su Xi for a while.

‘Xiao Xi’ was Su Xi’s name when she was in the orphanage. Children in the orphanage don’t usually have proper names so they were all called Xiao Doudou, Xiao Xia, Xiao Ming and so on.

She heard from an aunt in the orphanage that when she was sent there, there was a small pendant on her ankle with the word ‘Xi’ engraved on it, so she was called ‘Xiao Xi’.

The surname Su was given by her master. Su Xi’s master’s surname was Liao. As to why he gave her the surname ‘Su’, his explanation was that a TV drama starring Su-something-Yan happened to be airing at that time, so he just took it in passing.

“Yes, you used to be called Xixi.” To be precise, Su Xi was initially named ‘Su Jingxi’.

The character ‘Jing’ was given for their generation.

Originally, this character was only for male, but their mother said that since they were siblings, their names should be neat, so the word ‘Jing’ was added to Su Xi’s name.

As for the word ‘Xi’, it was actually Su Jingcheng who chose it.

At that time when Su Xi was just born, every time she saw his brother, she would be all smiles and giggles. Su Jingcheng joked, “Since she’s all giggly, how about we just call her Su Xi.”

Because their father thought the word ‘Xi[5]嘻 – giggle’ wasn’t good, they ended up changing it to ‘Xi[6]昔 – former times; sunset’.

Hearing Su Jingcheng explain the origin of her name, for some reason, an indefinable emotion welled up in Su Xi’s heart. In what was originally a happy family, father, mother and brother named the newborn baby together.

If so, she was actually born with anticipation.


“It’s getting late, you should go to bed now.” Seeing that Su Xi had almost finished eating, Su Jingcheng looked at his watch and reminded.

“I will.” Su Xi nodded.

Su Xi stood up and was about to habitually tidy up the dishes to bring them into the kitchen but she was stopped by Su Jingcheng.

“Leave it there, I’ll do it.” Su Jingcheng was one step ahead of Su Xi and gathered up the bowls and chopsticks. “Go to sleep.”


Su Jingcheng cleaned up briefly and thought that Su Xi have gone up to bed, but when he came out of the kitchen, he saw Su Xi still standing in the living room, staring at the documents on his desk with a troubled face.


1 be like a fairy
2 referring to a culinary style built around foods or food combinations that sound bizarre or even disgusting but which often are tastier than anticipated
3 Wocao – Holy sh*t; exclamation of surprise
4 talking about Doraemon
5 嘻 – giggle
6 昔 – former times; sunset


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