The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 21

On the table were some of the important projects planned by Suyuan Group for the next six months which shouldn’t be seen by others.

However, it doesn’t matter since it was his younger sister.

“Can Xixi understand?” Seeing Su Xi staring at the documents, her brows furrowed as if extremely serious, Su Jingcheng suppressed a smile and asked softly.

Hearing Su Jingcheng’s question, Su Xi snapped back to her senses and gave a start.

Su Xi shook her head first, and then nodded immediately. “I understand.”

When Su Xi said she understand, Su Jingcheng thought she meant she could understand the words on it, but in the next second, he saw Su Xi pointing to one of the documents. She asked, “Is this project located on Xinhua Street in Beicheng?”

Su Jingcheng was taken aback and looked at Su Xi in surprise. “Xixi knows that place?”

Su Xi just came from N City so it was reasonable to think that she shouldn’t be familiar with B City, additionally Su Xi had clearly forgotten the memories of her childhood.

“Mm, I know a little bit.” Su Xi thought about it and added, “I’ve seen it on my phone.”

To be precise, Su Xi had read about it from that novel.

The land on Xinhua Street in Beicheng was an important part in the story. In the plot, this land would be sold in a little more than six months. Both the male protagonist and the villain, Su Jingcheng, value this land very much.

In order to win this land, the big villain spent more than half a year preparing for it. He thought he was bound to win, but in the end he lost to the male protagonist.

The male protagonist even used this matter to mock Su Jingcheng at the annual meeting of Suyuan Group. The battle between Su Jingcheng and the male protagonist seemed to have intensified from that day onwards.

So, all the preparations that the villain was making now were actually useless and would only end up making wedding clothes[1]working hard but not getting any benefits, instead, facilitating the good deeds of others for the male protagonist instead.

Looking at the plan on the table that was half a book behind, Su Xi frowned.

On the side, Su Jingcheng didn’t know what was going in Su Xi’s mind, but seeing her pursed lips and her troubled face, he was a little curious, so he asked, “What’s the matter, Xixi?”

“Nothing,” Su Xi shook her head. “just……”

She hesitated whether to remind Su Jingcheng about this project.

“Are you planning to build an amusement park there?” Su Xi asked.

En.” Su Jingcheng smiled and opened the plan. He pointed to one of the renderings and said to Su Xi, “If we can successfully win this land, an amusement park will appear here by this time next year.”

Su Xi couldn’t figure out why Su Jingcheng chose to build an amusement park here, but the renderings did look beautiful and dreamy.

“Does Xixi think it’s no good?” Seeing Su Xi’s unhappy face, Su Jingcheng asked.

Su Xi: “Yes.”

In the original novel, it was unknown who heard about the prices, but in the bidding for this land, the offers from Suyuan and Shenxing Group were actually similar. However, the reason why it fell into the hands of the male protagonist in the end was because the two companies had different proposals——  Su Jingcheng planned to build an amusement park, while the male protagonist planned to build a shopping mall.

The organizers decided that the male protagonist’s plan had more commercial value, so they gave him the land.

“I think it’s better to build a shopping mall or a high-rise building.” Su Xi said.

If both were building shopping malls, Su Jingcheng’s plan might not lose to the male protagonist.

Su Jingcheng was the worst villain in the novel. Her reminding him like this, she didn’t know if it’s considered aiding the evildoer.

Su Xi lowered her head, pondering inwardly.

——Uh, forget it, forget it, just think of it as repaying him for the pastries earlier.

“Don’t Xixi like amusement parks?” Su Jingcheng asked again with a hint of persistence in his eyes.

Su Xi: I like it! How can I not? Especially the theme park plan which was so beautiful!

“I think going to the mall is a bit more fun.” Su Xi lowered her head, feeling guilty.

Hearing this, Su Jingcheng seemed to be silent for a long time before finally sighing softly. “Okay, then let’s build a shopping mall.”

Su Jingcheng didn’t tell Su Xi the reason why he insisted on building an amusement park there despite the opposition of several partners.

Similarly, Su Xi wasn’t told that the land that used to be a park was where he lost her in the beginning.

“Really?” Su Xi looked at Su Jingcheng, a glimmer of light flashed in her eyes that she didn’t even notice.

En, really.” Now that his sister was already back, since Xixi said she doesn’t like amusement parks, then he wouldn’t do it.

Su Xi: “By the way, I have one more question……”

Su Jingcheng: “What does Xixi want to ask?”


Su Xi hesitated, while Su Jingcheng looked at Su Xi very patiently, not rushing her in any way.

“If someone took something important from you, will you be very angry? Would you want to take revenge on the person who snatched your things?” Su Xi asked as she looked at Su Jingcheng.

In the novel, the villain’s complete blackening seemed to have started at the annual anniversary of Suyuan Group. The blackening of villains in novels doesn’t always require reason, as if everything was reasonable as long as it serves the plot. But in reality, looking at Su Jingcheng, Su Xi felt it was strange. Su Jingcheng didn’t look like he would blacken just because of a piece of land.

Hearing Su Xi’s question, Su Jingcheng’s expression seemed to immediately become serious, and he said without hesitation, “Yes.”

Su Xi’s heart thumped. Was that really the case?

“So you’ll be angry too if this land is really taken away?”



Seeing Su Xi’s tilted head and confused face, Su Jingcheng couldn’t help but smile. “This land isn’t something important. If it’s gone, then it’s gone.”

In Su Jingcheng’s eyes, apart from Su Xi, nothing else mattered.

Listening to Su Jingcheng’s relaxed tone, it didn’t seem like he was lying. Su Xi became even more confused. So, in the novel, why did Su Jingcheng turned dark?

Before Su Xi could ask another question, she was interrupted by Su Jingcheng. “It’s late, go to bed quickly.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Good night, Xixi.”

Su Xi, who had already turned around and was about to go upstairs, froze when she heard Su Jingcheng’s sentence.

Finally, in a low and indistinct voice, she replied to the other party, “Mmm, good night……”

“That-, you should go to bed early too.”

Behind Su Xi, Su Jingcheng smiled. “Okay.”


The next day, it was still Su Jingcheng who sent Su Xi to school.

Looking at Su Jingcheng beside her, who had also obviously slept late but was full of energy, Su Xi really doubted if the other party wasn’t a real person. Anyway, she was still sleepy.

“No more getting up in the middle of the night to eat.” Going to bed late wasn’t good for the health, especially as Xixi was growing up right now.



After bidding farewell to Su Jingcheng, as soon as Su Xi entered the classroom, she saw a bunch of people gathered together, and they were discussing with excitement.

“What is everyone talking about?” Su Xi asked Dong Wenqi who was next to her.

Compared with most of the others who were in high spirits, Dong Wenqi at this moment was completely like a wilted plant.

“What else can there be? It’s about the sports day.” Dong Wenqi lay on the table and said listlessly. She was originally happy since there would be no classes that day, but just now the sports commissary came to tell her that there were a lot of events added this year, and that he couldn’t find anyone for the 400 meters relay because it clashed with several other individual events. Thus she was asked to join in to make up the numbers. Dong Wenqi’s mood instantly became bad.

The two were talking when a shrill girl’s voice suddenly rang out, “We all have entries, no need to assign more, isn’t Su Xi over there not participating in any event? Sports Commissary, let her take part.”

The person who spoke was none other than Wang Nannan.

Hearing Wang Nannan’s words, Dong Wenqi was the first to jump up. “This Wang Nannan must be crazy!”

This girl had been spreading rumors and speaking ill of Su Xi behind her back, but now what does she mean by deliberately ‘recommending’ Su Xi at this time?!

Not only Dong Wenqi, but also other people in class began to discuss in low voices.

“What event is the Sports Commissary talking about just now?”

“It seems to be high jump. Our class has two places and no one has signed up yet.”

“Damn, high jump, no wonder no one has signed up.” Placing last wasn’t a big deal, but if they couldn’t jump, it would be really shameful.

“Wang Nannan is doing this on purpose, right? She recommended Su Xi for the high jump.”

“It must be. Isn’t she dissatisfied with Su Xi because of that something something?”

“Tut, I simply don’t understand what’s going on in these girls’ heads. Didn’t they say that there’s nothing at all between Su Xi and that Ye Zexing?”

“Who knows……?”

A few people looked at Su Xi sympathetically.

“Say, the pole is even taller than Su Xi, can she jump over it?”

“I doubt it.”

“With Su Xi’s physical fitness, I don’t think she can even jump over the mat.”

“Damn, if you jump without even reaching the mat won’t you get a contemptuous look from the PE teacher?”

“You won’t just receive a contemptuous look, you’ll lose face in front of the whole school.”

“I think it’s not right for Wang Nannan to want to make Su Xi embarrass.”

“It’s a bit much.”


The sports commissary obviously thought so too and looked at Wang Nannan with some dissatisfaction. “I just came over to ask, if you don’t want to apply for another one, it’s fine. There’s no need to make it difficult for others.”

“When did I make it difficult for her?” Wang Nannan retorted. “What I said is the truth. Except for Xie Yunxue who has severe myopia and Zhang Kaiqi who has bad legs, everyone else in our class is participating. Or if not, they’re part of the entrance performance. She’s the only one who hasn’t joined in on anything, so isn’t it normal to let her go?”

“She has arms and legs. What, shouldn’t she help our class?” Wang Nannan sneered and muttered, “Besides, it’s not like we’re asking her to get a ranking.”

“How do you know that she can’t do it if you don’t ask her?”

“This……” The sports commissary was speechless for a while due to Wang Nannan’s words. He looked at Su Xi with some embarrassment, “That-, Classmate Su Xi—”

Before the sports commissary could speak out, Su Xi nodded. “Okay.”

“Ah?” Now, it was the sports commissary’s turn to be confused. “I want to ask you about the sports events.”

“I know.” Su Xi nodded, then added, “I can sign up for one.”

Su Xi had never participated in a sports day before and she was actually looking forward to it.

“Then I’ll really put your name?”

“Okay.” Su Xi answered simply.

“Sports Commissary, can I ask what game is it?”

Sports Commissary: “……” After talking for a long time, how can you agree without knowing what event you’re going to participate in?!

“High jump.” The sports commissary said, then asked Su Xi again uneasily, “Are you really okay with this?”

“No problem.” Su Xi answered with a smile.

Although she had never participated in a competition, Su Xi’s jumping ability was actually quite good.


The people around also murmured at this time.

“Su Xi actually agreed?”

“Having talked about like this by Wang Nannan, won’t refusing be an admission of weakness?”

“I’d rather agree than be humiliated.”

“That makes sense.”


In fact, Dong Wenqi also looked at Su Xi with an astonished look on her face.

“Su Xi, I say, how can you just agree?”

“Not good, not good. The sports commissary assigned me to the 400 meters relay. How about we talk to him in secret later so we can swap?” The relay race could still be fine, but the high jump……

In any case, her physical fitness should be a little better than Su Xi’s, so it won’t be too embarrassing.


When the class teacher came in, everyone was still discussing this matter.

“What’s all the noise?! Even if you don’t want study, the class next door still has to study!” The class teacher slapped the table and shouted, “Why don’t I see you being so active in the monthly exam?”

“Hehe, Teacher Yang, the aims of education are morality, intelligence, physique, social skills and aesthetics. The sports day is also very important and can bring glory to our class.” Some student without fear of death said.

Sure enough, as soon as these words came out, it was met with a contemptuous look from the class teacher. “Then you should give me a chance to see!”

After saying that, the class teacher turned towards the sports commissary. “What happened? Have you done writing down all the names?”

“It’s almost done, just short for the high jump.” The sports commissary thought about it and decided to tell the class teacher the earlier matter.

At this, the class teacher also looked at Su Xi in surprise. “You want to sign up for the high jump?”

The class teacher was going to tell Su Xi that there was no need to enter an event that she wasn’t good at just because she was angry with her classmate, and that even if she didn’t enter any event, she could still contribute to the class in other ways.

As a result, before he could organize his words, Su Xi answered without hesitation, “Yes.”

Seeing Su Xi’s eyes shining brightly, looking like she was eager to try, the class teacher couldn’t persuade her anymore.

“All right.” After saying that, the class teacher looked at Su Xi’s skinny appearance and was really worried, so he emphasized, “The most important thing is to participate.”

“Sports Commissary, isn’t there still one spot left? You should sign up too.”

The sports commissary who’s already taking 5 events: “……”

The class teacher had his own considerations. Someone like Su Xi doing this event was really not good so he made the sports commissary also participate. One was to ensure their class’s result, and the other was that if Su Xi had any unexpected situation during the competition, the sports commissary could look out for her.


On the other side, watching the sports commissary write his own name and Su Xi’s name on the list, Dong Wenqi knew that there was no way back, so she simply gave up the struggle.

“Ahh……” Dong Wenqi looked at Su Xi and let out another sigh.

“Su Xi, I’m telling you, you’ve really been tricked by Wang Nannan. High jump is extremely difficult.” Especially for someone so small who had no professional skills.

That’s right! Professional skills!

Dong Wenqi’s eyes lit up as she thought of something.

“Su Xi, Su Xi, I thought of something. Anyway, there are still two weeks before the sports day. Why don’t we take advantage of the weekend and find a trainer to practice? My aunt[2]father’s female cousin via female line is a fitness trainer. She should know a professional teacher in this field!” Practice, at least there was no need to be too embarrassed.

Facing Dong Wenqi’s enthusiasm, Su Xi couldn’t turn down her offer, so she agreed to go to her cousin’s fitness center for the weekend to train.


In the evening, when Su Xi returned to Jingyuan, she was still hesitating whether to tell Su Jingcheng about her plan to go out with Dong Wenqi on the weekend, but Uncle Fu saw that she seemed to want to say something.

“Does Xiao Xi have something to talk to the young master about?” Uncle Fu asked, noticing that Su Xi’s eyes were constantly looking towards the direction of the door since returning home.

“Mm, there is.”

“There’s an important meeting at the company today and Young Master may come back later. If it got too late, Xiao Xi can let me know what it is and I’ll tell the young master, or you can tell him directly the next day.” Uncle Fu reminded.

“It’s okay, it’s not very important.”

“Uncle Fu, are you packing something up? Do you want me to help you?” Su Xi noticed the box in Uncle Fu’s hand. He seemed to be carrying things from upstairs to the warehouse below since earlier. There were several boxes but he hadn’t asked any of the other servants to help.



1 working hard but not getting any benefits, instead, facilitating the good deeds of others
2 father’s female cousin via female line


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