The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 22

The things in Uncle Fu’s box were the gifts Su Jingcheng bought for Su Xi over the years, but since Su Xi didn’t like them, Su Jingcheng had him to put it all away.

Uncle Fu didn’t want to tell Su Xi.

However, thinking of the loneliness on the young master’s face yesterday, Uncle Fu felt a little bad for him. After contemplating, he finally told Su Xi the origin of these gifts.

“These are the dolls and stuff toys in Xiao Xi’s room, they were all gifts from the young master.” Uncle Fu said.

Hearing this, Su Xi was stunned and immediately remembered the pile of dolls she saw in that room the first day she came here, which startled her.

“You’re saying these are all Su— uh, these are all gifts from him?” Su Xi looked at Uncle Fu in surprise.

“Yes.” Uncle Fu nodded and continued, “Every year when Xiao Xi’s birthday and various festivals come, the young master will buy one. Over the years, it has piled up so much.”

“Is Xiao Xi not fond of dolls?” Uncle Fu inquired.

“It’s not……” Su Xi lowered her head.

For some reason, Uncle Fu’s words made Su Xi’s heart feel blocked and inexplicably uncomfortable.

It’s not that she doesn’t like dolls, she was simply frightened by the sight of them the first time, and even wondered if this was some perverted hobby of the villain.

But if these were the gifts that Su Jingcheng gave to his sister over the years, everything seems to be logical again.

There was no mention of the villain having a younger sister in the novel. All descriptions of him were negative and terrifying. Su Xi could never have imagined that the villain would have such a side.

In other words, the two days of interacting with him made Su Xi notice a hint of difference.

Although the first time they met, the villain was indeed as cold and profound as described in the novel, but after getting in touch with him, Su Xi found that the other party wasn’t as scary.

Even though Su Jingcheng doesn’t speak much, it wasn’t to the point of being reticent. Whenever the other party talk to Su Xi, although his tone was a bit dry and sometimes even awkward, Su Xi could feel the earnestness in the other party’s voice.

Su Jingcheng didn’t treat Su Xi like the female protagonist in the novel. She was hungry at night, but he didn’t scold her and even cooked her food……

“Actually, I just feel that there are so many dolls in the room, like I’ll be watched when I’m doing my homework or even when I’m sleeping. It’s strange.” Su Xi spoke the truth in a small voice.

Hearing Su Xi’s words, Uncle Fu suddenly had a realization—— It was him and the young master who had thought wrongly. Xiao Xi didn’t dislike these gifts, she was obviously intimidated by so many dolls all at once.

Thinking of Su Xi’s reason, Uncle Fu suddenly found it funny and true.

Uncle Fu: “Then these……”

Su Xi: “Uncle Fu, give me one of those.”

After that, Su Xi made a point of adding, “One is fine.”

Putting too much in the room would really affect the quality of her sleep.


In the evening, it was almost 11 pm when Su Jingcheng returned to Jingyuan.

“Why did Young Master come back so late today?” Uncle Fu stepped forward to take the coat from Su Jingcheng’s hand and asked with concern.

“We had a meeting to adjust the plan and it took a while.” Su Jingcheng explained.

His meeting today was specifically to adjust the plan for the project on Xinhua Street in Beicheng that Su Xi mentioned yesterday.

——From the original amusement park plan to the construction of a shopping mall, almost all the research and design in the early stage have to be overthrown and restarted, which was a lot of work.

However, when Su Jingcheng announced at the meeting that the amusement park would be converted into a shopping mall, although it was sudden, those partners and company executives were very supportive, and the whole work progressed extremely smooth.

Perhaps it was really the right decision to listen to Xixi and let go of his previous stubbornness, and build a shopping mall there instead.

Thinking of this, a smile flashed across Su Jingcheng’s eyes.

“Is Xixi asleep?” Su Jingcheng asked Uncle Fu.

“She’s already gone to bed.” Uncle Fu smiled, adding, “Xiao Xi has been waiting for you to return, Young Master. But it was getting late and she has to go to school tomorrow, so I reminded her to sleep first.”

Sure enough, hearing this from Uncle Fu, Su Jingcheng’s eyes lit up. “Xiao Xi was waiting for me?”

The next second, thinking of something, Su Jingcheng became nervous. “Does Xiao Xi have any problem?”

“It seems that she wants to tell young master something, but it shouldn’t be a particularly urgent matter. Don’t worry, Young Master.”

En, I’ll ask her tomorrow.” Su Jingcheng said so, but in his heart, he couldn’t help but care about this matter. He had no idea what Xixi wanted to tell him. Did she get bullied at school? Did she encountered something that made her unhappy or she couldn’t solve? Or did she saw something she wanted? Just like when she was a baby.

When Su Xi was a little child, Su Jingcheng, the older brother of the family, usually take care of her the most, and it seemed that in Su Xi’s heart he was regarded as the closest elder, moreover, this elder was as omnipotent as a certain blue chubby person.

So, Su Xi developed a habit that whenever she saw something she wanted, the first thing she would say was ‘Brother[1]Chengcheng’, because she knew that with her brother there, the things she wanted wouldn’t get away.

Su Jingcheng: “Uncle Fu, please bring a cup of tea to the study later.”

Uncle Fu: “Is Young Master still busy?”

Su Jingcheng: “En, there’s still some work left to be done.”

There were still many details that haven’t been confirmed regarding the changed plan.


Su Jingcheng went to the study and Uncle Fu soon brought a cup of tea up.

“Young Master should also rest when you’re done with your work.” Before that, Su Jingcheng basically worked overtime at the company and wouldn’t come back at the villa. The reason why Su Jingcheng returned, there’s no need for Uncle Fu to guess, it’s definitely to send Su Xi to school tomorrow. Since that was the case, Su Jingcheng should also rest earlier.

Uncle Fu put down the tea and went out without disturbing Su Jingcheng’s work.

After a while, the light footsteps outside the study caught Su Jingcheng’s attention.

The footsteps didn’t sound like Uncle Fu’s.

Su Jingcheng stopped and looked up towards the door, then saw the little person peeking at the door.


Su Jingcheng was a little surprised.

At this moment, most of Su Xi’s body was still hidden behind the door frame as her head peeked cautiously inside.

Seeing that she had been discovered by Su Jingcheng, Su Xi became slightly nervous. “That……”

What time is it? Why haven’t you slept yet?

Su Jingcheng originally wanted to ask Su Xi these questions in a more serious manner, but when the words came to his lips, his tone subconsciously lightened, “Do you need something, Xixi?”

“Yes.” Su Xi nodded slightly.

“Xixi can come in and tell me.”

“Mmm, okay.”

At that, Su Xi moved inside.

This was the same study that Su Xi entered when she was brought here on the first day. At that time, she thought it was eerie, and she was still a little nervous even now.

Su Jingcheng watched Su Xi walk in with small steps and also saw the stuff toy Su Xi was holding in her hand.

That was—!

Su Jingcheng’s eyes lit up.

——Although Su Xi had been away for the past ten years, every gift Su Jingcheng had picked out for his sister wasn’t a random purchase. He clearly remembered everything he bought for Xixi.

Su Jingcheng was sure that he bought this stuff toy for Su Xi as a birthday present when she was 9 years old.

However, didn’t he tell Uncle Fu to put it away?


“Um, this stuff toy, that-, it’s-, I think it’s quite cute.” Su Xi whispered with her head down.

Su Jingcheng: “!”

“Does Xixi like this?” Does she like the gift he bought for her?

Su Xi seemed to think about it before nodding.

Seeing this, Su Jingcheng smiled a bit foolishly which didn’t match his grand and dark study at all.

“That-, thank you.”

“As long as you like it.”

“I just think this one is pretty.” Su Xi emphasized to Su Jingcheng while holding the chocolate-colored bear wearing red and green plaid clothes in her arms.

Su Xi had an inexplicably strong premonition that if she didn’t say so, Su Jingcheng would most likely buy a carload of the same type of teddy bear tomorrow.


“There’s one more thing……” Su Xi told Su Jingcheng about going out with Dong Wenqi this weekend.

“This weekend? What day are you meeting?”

“Saturday.” According to Dong Wenqi’s words, if they got crippled from practice, they could still spend a day in bed on Sunday.

Su Xi: “Can I?”

Su Jingcheng smiled. “Yes.”

“……” Although the other party said yes, Su Xi detected a momentary hesitation on Su Jingcheng’s face just now, as if he was considering about something.

“Is there something going on on Saturday?” Su Xi opened her mouth and asked.

Seeing Su Xi’s serious expression, Su Jingcheng didn’t hide it from her. “This Saturday is Grandfather’s birthday.”

After saying that, Su Jingcheng explained again, “Grandfather is Dad’s father. Xixi hasn’t met him yet since you came back.”

“Besides grandfather, there are a few relatives over there, but they’re not important people. If Xixi isn’t use to it and don’t want to go, you don’t have to.”

Not wanting Su Xi to see the unpleasantness of the world, Su Jingcheng didn’t directly tell Su Xi what kind of people those in that side of the Su family were. However, he was equally hesitant to let Su Xi meet them.

It stands to reason that when Xixi was found, she should have met with their relatives, but Su Jingcheng was afraid of contacting the people over there as some of their actions and words might leave a bad impression on Su Xi and cause a negative impact on her.

——The birthday of the Su family’s Old Master?

Hearing what Su Jingcheng said, Su Xi remembered the day Xu Feng and Su Shan came just for this matter.

“I’ll go.”

“!” Su Jingcheng thought that Su Xi wouldn’t want to go and didn’t expect her to agree.

“Does Xixi really want to go there with me?”

“I’ll…… go.” Su Xi didn’t know what just happened to her. She had a brain fart and blurted that she was going, when clearly, if she took herself out of the picture, there would be no need to meet the villain’s extreme relatives.

“I’ll go with you.”

“Okay.” Su Jingcheng responded, the corners of his mouth lifting slightly in a smile.

“Xixi can just follow Brother that day, no need to be afraid.”


Su Xi returned to the guest room and opened WeChat to tell Dong Wenqi to move the date of their appointment.

【Dong Wenqi: ​​I’ve already told my little aunt, you’re not going to wimp out, are you?】

Dong Wenqi originally wanted tell her not to be a wimp.

However, thinking of Su Xi’s small physique……

【Dong Wenqi: ​​It’s okay, just be a wimp. Don’t need to make it difficult for ourselves. Tomorrow, we’ll tell Old Yang that you can’t compete. Right, how about you pretend to have a sprain? I have a little cousin in the hospital. I’ll take you there and take a picture so we can show it to Old Yang. Anyway, Old Yang can’t tell whether it’s really sprained or not.】

Su Xi: “……”

She hadn’t even said anything, yet this Classmate Dong had already arranged it ‘clearly’ for her.

【Su Xi: I have no plan of withdrawing from the competition.】

She’s looking forward to the sports day!

【Su Xi: I’m going to attend my grandfather’s birthday banquet this Saturday, so we’ll have to train at another time.】

【Dong Wenqi: ​​Ooh, so it’s like that. Is it this Saturday? Where is it? Can I come and play with you? Hehe.】

【Su Xi: At Shengyuan Hotel.】

【Dong Wenqi: ​​Oh, Shengyuan Hotel?!】

This was the best hotel under the Suyuan Group. She heard that except for the Suyuan Group’s annual anniversary, it was generally not used for banquets.

Suddenly, a light flashed in Dong Wenqi’s mind—— The birthday banquet of the Su family’s Old Master, this Saturday at Shengyuan Hotel, and S-s-s-su Jingcheng!

She remembered. Su Jingcheng. Wasn’t that the name of the chairman of Suyuan Group?!

Su Xi didn’t see Dong Wenqi’s reply but directly received a call from her.

“Woc! Su Xi! Don’t tell me that you’re the daughter of Suyuan Group?!”

“Yeah, what’s wrong? Is there any problem?” Su Xi asked in reply.

“There’s no problem, I’m just very surprised!”

“Your brother last time— Chairman Su— is he your real brother? Your sibling?”


“Woc!” There was a real big shot sitting next to her and she didn’t even realize! What a failure.

No wonder Dong Wenqi felt familiar when she heard the name Su Jingcheng. He was the legendary chairman of Suyuan Group!

It wasn’t surprising that Dong Wenqi was uninformed. It was mainly because Su Jingcheng was too low-key. As the chairman of a conglomerate, he had no scandals, no gossip, and even news reports about him were extremely few. Using the word ‘mysterious’ wasn’t an exaggeration to describe Su Jingcheng in the eyes of ordinary people.

Compared to Su Jingcheng, the other members of the Su family were quite high-profile.

The news that they were going to celebrate the old master’s birthday at Shengyuan Hotel was released early, and even Dong Wenqi, a student who didn’t care much about it, had heard about it from her father.

“Humph! Those knuckleheads like Wang Nannan actually said bad things about you and called you a gold-digger. So ridiculous!” Thinking of this, Dong Wenqi suddenly said indignantly, “Next time they dare talk nonsense again, I’ll be the first to go up and dislike them to death!”

“Evey day they go Ye Shao this, Ye Shao that. If they know……” Halfway through the sentence, Dong Wenqi suddenly got stuck.

Dong Wenqi: “!!!”

“Wait—!” S-s-she seemed to have discovered something!


1 Chengcheng


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